Early Morning Kayaking: Hope River


This  (low density) picture was taken on the little Hope River, a small tributary of the Fraser (which I usually refer to as “The River”) that flows just behind the house.  If I choose to use that channel to access The River, I only need to drag/carry the kayak across the back yard and across about five hundred feet of grassy park land.  Even with encroaching human “civilization” all around, there is an amazing and varied number of birds and wildlife populating its haunts. 

05-23-01-reflections of morning3

It’s still a beautiful little river especially at high water in June.  This stream is however heavily polluted with chemicals from agro-business freely-dumped effluents from loafing barns, cattle pens and run-off of chemical fertilizers and pest control used on commercial crop fields upstream.  It is sadly only too representative of the general state of a planet in decay and decadence where nature can no longer cope with man’s gross incursions.  

Sorry about the negativity here, but unless all of us wake up to the reality of what we are deliberately doing to our natural environment we won’t be leaving much of any sort of quality future to the next generations.  For my part, knowing what I now know, having observed man’s ways and current trends, I would choose not to bring children onto this world – it would be too much like condemning them to a life of hopelessness; perhaps of unavoidable horror.   But as the old saying goes, “there are none so blind as those that will not see.”

I know it is currently very politically correct to speak of “climate change” as man’s own creation but I strongly suspect that “climate change” is not man’s most serious crime against a world’s ecology, in fact it is primarily a consequence of a cyclic natural occurrence – hence why “climate change” is becoming such a popular political topic, especially intergovernmentally.  

Two things I know for sure: government-sponsored “caring” about anything or anyone is a complete contradiction – and the majority is always wrong.   

We didn’t create “climate change” as the vast majority whose eyes and ears are glued to info-media is now brainwashed to believe.  Man-made climate change is a carefully constructed psy-op designed so that people will not look at the planet’s real man-made problems.   We did create a nightmare world which is about to get much, much worse, with or without climate change.  Man’s pollution-creating technology is entirely out of control and each new political administration of those nations “that matter” militarily and economically and who could make a difference, talk more and do less about the overall problems.  For these vested interest groups the trick of propaganda is to ensure that “business as usual” proceeds according to rules invented in the 19th Century.


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