What now World? a poem by ~burning woman~



Basically, I have three piggy banks.  One, the biggest one, contains a haphazard (emphasis on hap, not hazard) collection of essays or pseudo-essays, depending on the definition.  The other, only half the size, contains another haphazard collection of short stories and the third one contains a dog’s breakfast collection of poetry, or as some generously label it, truncated-lined prose.  So, by turning upside down and vigorously shaking my truncated line poetry piggy bank, this fell out:

What now, World?
Well here I am, world.
Yes, I have returned to you
because you begged me —
and I must certainly be a fool
for listening to your pleading
and trusting you again —
but who knows the ways of the heart?
What now, my great lover?
Will you bare my soft shoulders;
caress them with your calloused hands?
Run your fingers over my skin
and drag your straggly beard
over my slender arms
to make me tremble and shiver?
Or will you take your whip
and rip my flesh open
as you did the very last time?
Will you despise me for what I am;
be jealous of my beauty,
despise my kindness
and give me no chance
to defend myself?
Will you walk me to your bed,
lay me gently upon silken sheets
and make love to me under the moon?
Or will you tie my wrists
and beat me black and blue
as in every other time
since neither of us can remember?
I haven’t changed you know.
(And I do wish I had —
though I do not know which way)
I’m still the same old me
though in a different body.
And you — how have you changed
beyond your tearful promises?
Ah well, I’m here now
once more in your power —
whether by choice,
foolishness or ignorance —
and how well we both know
you may do with me
absolutely as you wish.



6 thoughts on “What now World? a poem by ~burning woman~

  1. Lisa R. Palmer

    Sha’Tara, this is wonderful!! It is so you, and the rhythm and meter create the poetry of it; casual, but with a deeper twist. I’ve read it three times, and each time I sense a hint of something else I’m missing; like it’s so obvious, but not… I love it!! 🙂



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