No One is the Only One – the Song of Madness


No One is the Only One
  The Song of Madness

No! Insists Mauroy of the Mauroy.
I will not do as I am bid
For of No One do I come
And to No One do I go.
Therefore and as before
No One is the Only One
I answer Only to No One

To No One, to No One
Do we not answer to No One,
One and all to No One?

And all the little Ones
Tossed their green-mopped heads
From long spindly stalks of necks,
Every four head in unison of One
Nodding agreement to No One.

The Others sit silent in the meadow
Under pale starlit moonlight.
They wait, as always and as before
They wait for No One to not appear

For the Toulie always know
And the Mauroy always decide.

Therefore as always and as before
To No One must they all answer
And the answer predictably as before:
I will not do as I am bid – and
There in moonlit glade they remain

To One by One
Fall into the Nillness .


3 thoughts on “No One is the Only One – the Song of Madness

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

    For those who look for meaning in the names, Mauroy and Toulie, these entities represent leadership – the Mauroy, government, and the Toulie, religion. Hence, the Toulie “always know” and the Mauroy “always decide.” And predictably this results in the “Others” (the rest, the sheeple, the non-questioning, the flocks, the nine-to-five’ers, the consumers) in their ever-falling into the illness of nothingness, or the “Nillness.” A simple little allegory but for some reason I felt compelled to explain it a bit. Hope that doesn’t spoil your own interpretative enjoyment.


    1. Lisa R. Palmer

      I was actually going to ask, so thank you! I love this poem on so many levels, because it reads well on so many levels, and remains true. It is a shining example of what I refer to as multidimensional writing; each “level” an entirely different story and message… But all equally important and valid!

      Nope! No trouble adding my own interpretation at all…lol! 🙂



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