Children are the Future

                      Children are the Future
[thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

This is about children.  That’s right: children.  Think: your own children.  Then your children’s children.  Generations of children.  Good?  Bad? Indifferent?  I’m willing to bet it’s all good.  Children, wow, a totally sacred concept.  How we love children.  Children, after all, are the future.

Commonly said, commonly believed, and just as commonly misunderstood: “children are the future.”  Can anything more ignorant, more stupid, have ever been thought up?  Children are the future?  

Children are not the future, they are the helpless inheritors of our legacy of a tortured world.  In straight talk: *we are our children’s future*  What we do now is what determines our children’s future.  We pollute the planet, it’s our children who will have to deal with it and die on it.  We demonstrate truly bad examples of stewardship; of racism; of war-mongering; of class distinction; of gender inequality; of abuse; of love of violence and it’s the children who will be ground up into that pattern; who will suffer and die because of it.  Not us, them.  Our thoughts, ideas, words and acts totally determine their future. 

Let’s repeat it again: *we are the children’s future.*   

Everyday we deliberately contribute to the murder *yes, murder, pure and simple* of tens of thousands of children because their deaths equal monetary profits, political power and sexual pleasure to our elites which in turn provide us with the little tidbits of luxuries we so enjoy: fast foods, overpriced sports events, 3-D movies, parties, make-overs, trips, gambling, cars, fashionable clothes, hobbies.  We know how sick and morally depraved these thieving elites are and we possess the collective power to end their rule but we choose not to, mostly out of apathy but also because it would be rather inconvenient.  So they keep murdering children in our name and we say, well, it’s sad but necessary. It’s not our fault they are born in the “wrong” part of the world, is it?

Certainly for those innocent murdered children, we are all their future could have been because after giving them a promise of life we stole it from them to offer their little bodies on the luxury altars of the gods of money, political power and religious expediency.  We are definitely the future because we, not the children, determine in which direction it is going to go, and what it is going to do to the planet and it’s life on the way there.  Since we don’t allow children to have decision-making power then that leaves us as the responsible party for the state of civilization and guilty of mass murder on a daily basis.

So, let’s stop parroting Matrix mission statements to hide our social, political, economic and religious crimes.  Let’s stop saying “children are the future” while doing everything in our power to use, abuse and kill them off… or apathetically brushing off their cries for some sort of life; some sort of “future.”

I am tired of man’s bullshit.  I’ve spent most of this life of seventy years watching. Sometimes even engaging man’s ways if only to assure myself that none of them are actually worth a damn.  While I’ve been watching, I’ve been learning.  Figuring out ways to beat man’s house of cards.  I have been very politically incorrect: I have dared criticize, not only the management of the house but the habits of those who play in it.  Consequently I haven’t made many friends in the house and I prefer it that way.  

I learned this: as a collective, people are gamblers.  They don’t try to avoid the house, or better, to bring it down; they try to find a game in the house that pays higher dividends, either in this life or in the one to come.  They choose a church to worship in; a corporation to invest in; a bank to hold the pay for five minutes; a charge card company to be an accountant for endless bills; a town to live in that has a hockey or football team; a boat to fish from; a truck to drive up and down the street in and make as much noise as possible; a trophy somebody to snag in a marriage of convenience or necessity. 

Then the gamblers fully expect those choices to work out despite billions having already made similar choices that at best earned a break-even point, at worst saw them on the street or dead.  And who knows about eternal life?  That’s just another con, another crap shoot.  Where’s the upside?

When we play by the rules of the Matrix, the house always wins.  Of course.  If the house lost, there wouldn’t be any house, would there, because unlike us, the house is incapable of producing anything worth anything.  Everything the house is, is what it steals from us when we play, and the game is rigged so we must play and on the long run, lose.  The corollary is obvious: if the house always wins, we must always lose.  Simple math.  Of course we can choose not to play by the rules, in which case we’ll be in jail or bankrupt, sooner or later.  But the house doesn’t go to jail and never goes bankrupt because the house makes the rules and the house can always take more from the players: it owns the players.

That’s how it actually works. That’s man’s “present” to his children’s future.  Imagine how grateful the children and grand children will be when they discover the kind of future they’ve been given; when they stand starving and crying on the shores of a dead ocean among the dead bodies of gannets, dolphins and their own siblings and the sand sifting through their emaciated fingers leaves burn marks. 

I wouldn’t expect them to erect statues to their parentage.

13 thoughts on “Children are the Future

    1. Rosaliene Bacchus

      Regis, if you are following events in the Middle East, Europe, Northern Africa, Central America, Brazil, and other areas of the world under distress, you will have cause to be alarmed and become depressed.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ah Regis, it isn’t meant to be depressing, it’s meant to be a mirror. What is depression? It’s fear, a deep, dark, bottomless fear of the bogey man. Simple philosophy says that once we know the truth, the truth sets us free. But that freedom has a price which few indeed are willing to pay in order to secure their freedom. Imagine standing at the top of a hill and your road splits in two. There’s a sign post at the Y junction, with two arms, one pointing right saying: “Same Old” and one pointing left saying: “Unknown Lands.” The truth says that “Same Old” country won’t bring change so how can it be depressing to be shown that “Unknown Lands” is a better choice? Modern man has become a sated, artificial creature totally lacking in daring, stripped of all courage and heroism; a spectator; a self-satisfied, often smug couch potato. He’s about to discover that potatoes have a use: the get sliced, chopped, hashed and mashed. History says that’s what happens in “Same Old” country. So taking the way through “Unknown Lands” surely cannot be any worse, can it?

  1. Rosaliene Bacchus

    “Children are the future.”
    ~ Last night, I used those exact words in the chapter of my novel in progress. Now, thanks to you (!), I have to rethink my vision and revise that chapter.

    “We are our children’s future.”
    ~ Expressed in this way, we are forced to accept our responsibility as the adults in the room for the future we are preparing for them. I can find no flaw in your reasoning:

    “We are definitely the future because we, not the children, determine in which direction it is going to go, and what it is going to do to the planet and it’s life on the way there. Since we don’t allow children to have decision-making power then that leaves us as the responsible party for the state of civilization and guilty of mass murder on a daily basis.”

    In an article I wrote some years ago about the children who lost their lives in the Jonestown massacre in my native land, Guyana, I had intuitively realized that “we are our children’s future,” but didn’t know how to define it. Hope you don’t mind if I start using your expression: WE ARE OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE.

    You can check out my Jonestown article at:

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Dear Rosaliene, particularly for you, but indeed for all, as I’ve stated in “About” all the work done by myself presented on ~burning woman~ is de facto public domain, and there to be copied and used in whatever way anyone wants. I don’t need to be asked permission, it is always granted. And I neither need, nor desire, “credits” or acknowledgments. All my expressions, ideas, thoughts, that can be used to plug holes in that collapsing dam of human civilizations should be used. Thanks for reading, pondering and commenting. Glad to be on the same page with someone like yourself. If I did pride, I’d be proud… 🙂

  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    I don’t follow the connection between my article and your comment, sorry. The article was not about love. Care to explain further?

  3. A writer from the East

    Very poignant post, makes us all think internally on life and children of today’s times.
    I think Imran shared Rumi’s quote in response to all the points you raised that affect children.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you very much for that warm comment. I accept your words on Imran’s meaning as I obviously did not “get it” when he presented it. Thank you for that also.

      1. A writer from the East

        Its a pleasure and am sure you might have come across or read the work of Rumi, its for people like us with souls and Imran included 🙂

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