What is Intelligence, Exactly?

  What is “Intelligence” exactly?
[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]

 That’s a very good question for today because with the tidal wave movement of science and technology, the concept is being both cornered and trivialized. Science and its believers – I can see now that “Science” has become more a religion than a discipline – would have people believe that they are nothing more than machines; some machines working better than others. So we have entered into the age of technocracy. A person’s worth, value, capabilities and capacities can be measured and tested by mechanical means. There is no need to interject anything else to muddy this clean black and white equation.

This is nothing new, of course, but now it’s become endemic and the “testing” never seems to end. Each move a person makes, from kindergarten to applying for positions in the work place or office space requires some sort of test. Even TV and computer games are tests of choices made based on rote learned moves, preferences, emotional reactions and of course tactile abilities.   And it’s all highly competitive and combative. That’s man’s brave new world – endless competition when no need exists to practice such; endless war to satisfy the Earthian’s most basic lust to kill, a lust that even surpasses his sexual appetite much of the time.  

Yes, the technocrats know just where the pressure points are located within society and they are pressing those for all they’re worth at this time.   Justification: there’s money and power in it, what else matters?

Since time immemorial there have always been those ruling classes who believed – and therefore made it truth – that their class was obviously and of necessity more intelligent and superior to the intelligence of those over whom they ruled.   Many “civilized” societies had serious punishments for any member of a lower class who dared teach itself, or another, to read or write. History preserves this fact. In today’s politically correct environment it wouldn’t do to be so crass in stating one’s class is mentally and morally superior to other classes. That however doesn’t mean anything has changed. What Technocracy has done is shift the focus slightly, from blatant class distinction to mental abilities, or measurement of some chosen people’s IQ. They simply created another “ruling” class using certain innate abilities in a small percentage of the population. One of many establishments created and developed for this purpose is called Mensa, a group that essentially “measures “intelligence” and makes it look not only fun, but a legitimate enterprise. They even get charitable status – how about that?

And this brings up the point: how do you measure intelligence? With a piece of paper and a bunch of trick questions, a timer and a scoreboard? With a pre-programmed computer? If that is the case then pretty soon Mensa will be peopled with computers. Computers of course have practically unlimited “memory” and instant recall; they can now “read” and “talk” as well as add and subtract. As far as technocrats are concerned, that, plus speed and an unwavering propensity to follow the lab-designed mental blueprint defines intelligence.

Could that be why the world is increasingly flirting on the edge of economic and environmental disaster? A computer, or measured brains, doesn’t rely on common sense or good old horse sense to solve problems. It has no experience to deal with problematic situations that express a whole gamut of mental approaches to problem solving, not to mention technocracy’s bug-bear: morality. How does a computer make a moral or ethical decision?

So the question shifts in emphasis from describing intelligence to first determining if “man” is an intelligent or moral being… or both? If both, how are these reconciled in problem solving?

Your company has just successfully bid on 50,000 acres of rainforest to be logged, then planted with GMO crops. As head of R&D you put your bean-counters with computers to work on how best to approach the problem of clearing the land of unwanted population, logging the land, then draining it and planting it. This is your cost-benefit scenario. Will your bean counters and computers refuse to proceed until you have given them a clear moral-based assurance that it’s socially and environmentally, not only proper but advantageous to society in general, and to the planet, to proceed in destroying 50,000 acres of rain forest and its indigenous populations, people and others, to plant toxic crops?

“Measured” intelligence has no moral qualms about such things. It deals in numbers because it sees itself as a number, being itself a measured item. It’s a machine dealing with numbers. And it follows Science’s own boast that all of life can be explained mathematically; that mathematics is the “universal language.”

Technocracy’s approach to “measuring” all of life is either a bald-faced lie… or abysmal ignorance. It knows nothing of what an intelligent being actually consists of, mainly because it denies consciousness. Intelligence isn’t about how fast you can add 2.8955 to the square root of 86. If it is, then computers are intelligent, the vast majority of mankind isn’t. So how did man get “here” from “there” if intelligence only appeared with the ability to do simple arithmetic?

The only reason technocrats have bastardized the concept of intelligence is because real intelligence makes their simplistic and idiotic concepts look, well, simplistic and idiotic. It’s difficult to make yourself taken seriously if you tell the truth about this, so you eliminate all the annoying non-conforming evidence, all that doesn’t fit your concept, and write up new rules that exactly fit your new evidence.   And who’s going to see through this?   Certainly not someone with an i-phone stuck to the palm of their hand or eyes glazed from computer gaming. 

15 thoughts on “What is Intelligence, Exactly?

  1. OlafN

    I see your point. Modern science has become the latest religion in our society and any attempt on disregarding it will be damned as blasphemous. Science however, does not need to be as we know the modern sciences. Chinese traditional sciences or other cultures’ sciences are similar descriptive but much more efficient and precise. Only that modern science has produced and invented luxury goods which temporarily feeds our greed until we want more. The only way to overcome this is to find the true science of nature which can be found in your heart.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that additional input. The problem with “modern” science is its blatant prostitution to big money, particularly serving the military, big oil, big chemical and big pharma. Scientists have joined the ranks of politicians, all basically bought and paid for – they’ll say and do anything for position and money.

      1. OlafN

        True, unfortunate but true. Thank you for your thoughts, they are very precious to me. Good to know you Sha’Tara.

  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Very good points. You should see ‘them’ in an office when the ‘tech’ goes bye-byes

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Based on my 40+ years in the UK Civil Service- Imagine Alice in Wonderland merging with Catch-22…..and that’s the diluted version! (sound of unhinged cackle)

  3. We come from dreams ~

    Hello, Sha’Tara. This is my first visit to your page; my name is Roy and I have been here at WordPress for about a week. Yup! I’m a newbie! I got here from OlafN’s page and will be playing catch-up on your writing as I can over the while. By what little I’ve seen here at WordPress, there seems to be a healthy respect between posters of similar feeling and expression. Yours is an example and I thank you.
    Reflecting briefly on your thoughts, materialist scientists are now starting to worry about what they’ve unleashed over the last four years. Those whose passions seem directed towards an AI are now seriously having their doubts. Some seem to feel that this is not going to be good: although a fully-cognizant, independent AI is a long way off, I now read doom-sayings from those who not so long ago were shouting about our coming digital liberation. I will not trivialize them; they are humans like us, with hopes and dreams. They took a wrong turn somewhere; Aldous Huxley would say they are busily worshiping the Biblical Moloch, a “deity” who consumed babies when their parents tossed them into “his” red-hot bronze mouth. (As a sidebar, I don’t consider Moloch’s main competitor in the Bible to be one wit better) These days, parents toss their children into places like Iraq, Afghanistan. Some things never change.
    In my humble opinion – to which anyone is entitle to disagree – it really is up to us. Not through an organization, not through a religious group, but through individuals who are outside of the power structure that you so eloquently described in fourth paragraph of this post. Knowing then that our hearts are infinite and that there really is no fear in love, we will simply be here after they’re gone. Will Blake wrote, “yE Imagination is yE Christ of God; he earned the condemnation of “good” Christians (as opposed to the few real ones) ever after. Those who imagine are the Maitreyas, the Coming Christs, the holy Ajjils, the Spirit in the flesh and beyond.

    I’m pleased to meet You!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Likewise am I pleased to meet you here. Great comment, I love philosophical ramblings, and feel entirely free to comment and add to whatever. The space is yours to use as needed. I tend to be pretty ‘long winded’ on comments myself, and I prefer long ones, giving me a better chance to say what I mean, and to realize what’s being meant, less chance of ambiguity (big word… hmmm!) or misunderstanding. Enjoy while learning the ropes. I sat on the sidelines after starting this blog for about a year, debating whether I wanted to participate here, or somewhere else. Looks like this is my tent for now. Check out some of the blogs who comment on my posts – some would probably be up your alley. Welcome!

    2. Lisa R. Palmer

      Welcome to WordPress, Roy! I trust you will find many bloggers here with whom you can interact happily, no matter how varied your interests and inclinations…

      Looking forward to hearing what you have to say… 🙂

  4. Lisa R. Palmer

    Ahh… Sha’Tara… Well written, on point, and devastatingly true. As usual. 🙂

    But I have to admit this post makes me feel better about “failing” my first IQ test. Lol! I only scored in the upper 70’s-low 80’s, and was told that college was not recommended for someone in that bracket. They suggested trade school or some service job.

    So I went to college to prove them wrong. Got all the way to my Master’s degree with a 4.0 average, graduated Summa cum Laude with all sorts of honors and promises about the future…. And then got a job in the service industry, followed by many more…

    Not sure who I proved “right” by doing so, of course, but it might explain why I did so poorly on the test itself… 😉

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      There you go… “They” are always wrong is the first and likely correct assumption. And why are “They” always wrong? Because “They” invent “systems” and then close themselves off within those systems and refuse to look outside because by then they can’t afford to be shown wrong. (I was reminded again this morning that Richard Dawkins is one of those – in case that seems a non sequitur, he’s the shining light English ethologist and evolutionary biologist who keeps repeating the meme that humans are nothing more than machines – no consciousness needed, no individuality allowed.) Hence why the world is in the truly awful mess it’s in. “They” run the world and “They” are the same ones who told you, you couldn’t do it. Because their system said so, case closed. You proved yourself right; “They” wrong and now you know it to be so. So… flip them the birdie and carry on – “They” don’t exist, you do.


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