Does it matter now what happened on 9/11?


Does it matter now what really happened on 9/11?

by  Sha’Tara

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 The following quote is from “Sen Graham On 60 Minutes – 9/11 Hijackers Had US Help”  from the blog “Tales from the Lou” on WordPress.

[quote[ On Sunday night’s episode of 60-Minutes, former Florida governor, Democratic U.S. Senator and onetime chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Bob Graham will implicate the US ally on national television.

On Saturday, CBS News released a trailer for the episode and an accompanying article.

“I think it’s implausible to believe that 19 people, most of whom didn’t speak English, most of whom had never been in the United States before, many didn’t have a high school education, could have carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the United States,” says Graham in the clip.

Until now, anyone who questioned the highly suspect ‘official’ narrative on the 9/11 attacks has been labeled a conspiracy theorist or a kook. But when current and former members of Congress, U.S. officials, and the 9/11 Commissioners themselves call for the release of these 28-pages, which tells a different story of what happened that fateful day — people will listen. [unquote]

Read the rest of the article here:

I don’t watch TV, so I didn’t watch this interview but the following is my comment to the article, (with slight changes from the original) 

            It has been shown over and over that the buildings that collapsed on 9/11 were deliberately imploded; the planes, or whatever it was that crashed in the top levels were used as a cover, as blatant misdirection, as in a badly acted monster movie.  It has been demonstrated that the top level explosions could never, ever, bring down the buildings.  I have videos that show the implosions so clearly, anyone with two brain cells can put it together.  Subsequent events – the removal of material evidence – and the massive profits made by the building owners tell the rest of the story – which by the way hardly any bona fide member of the Church of the Holy Sheeple want to hear. 

            A massive con job that worked because of paranoia, patriotism, racism and bigotry and a national safety blanket of self-imposed denial.  “They” gambled the sheeple would go along with the scam and “They” won the jack-pot.  Of course, “They” make the House rules.  Plus, “They” know their sheeple so well, having dragged them through war after war while fleecing them at every turn and getting only praise for their efforts… well if it’s that easy, why not?  Why not carry on and have “too big to fail” next?  Why not more and more highly lucrative wars next?  Why not more surveillance, detentions, prisons?  Why not more and more tax-dodging havens?  Why not establish a combination of Orwell’s 1984 with Huxley’s Brave New World and rule without opposition while endlessly creating a pretense of opposition? Why not promote a Donald Trump and a Bernie Sanders for political misdirection?  It worked like a freshly oiled camshaft with Obama, the current “Assassin in Chief” at the White House (or should I say the “Blood House”?”).  The “rednecks” go with Trump; the “youth” and rag-tag remains of American middle class go with Sanders, Billary “wins” and business as usual follows while the pretense runs its course and “They” laugh all the way to their “too big to fail” banks. 

            The thing to remember is, all of that is after all the long and much touted “American Way” and no surprise.  “Corruption?  Corruption is what made this country great!” (from Syriana, the movie)   Indeed, without Christian-Zionist-Fascist-Capitalist hand-in-glove corruption what would America be?  Possibly another Sweden or Denmark?  Possibly a beacon of democracy and peace in the world, a stalwart example of what a nation should be? 

            But the poison that seeped into America’s veins with the systematic genocide of indigenous peoples and Mexicans (and how many American Sheeple realize that their country contains an annexed 2/3 of Mexico’s original territory?) would prevent that, and it can never be.  Americans are (mostly unaware and mostly uncaring) a cursed people living under a cursed system that only knows bloody death and global destruction as modus operandi, all propaganda to the contrary. 

            And so it shall be: those who sow the wind, must reap the whirlwind.  Even if clear evidence came to light that 9/11 was a staged coup by, say, the Illuminati, or globalists, or the banksters of Wall Street or the Military-Industrial complex using Mossad agents masquerading as Al Qaeda operatives, I predict here and now that nothing will come of it: nothing substantial will change. 

            Caesar has crossed the Rubicon.  Assassinating him now can make no difference: Rome can never again become a democracy.  Alea jacta es. 



16 thoughts on “Does it matter now what happened on 9/11?

  1. Fijay

    Wow that’s SOME post Sha Tara …and Hmmmm …well I personally feel that 9/11 will prove to be a turning point in history …I’m not sure I believe in the conspiracy theory but I guess you never know …I live in a very mixed urban area …sadly 2 of the 7/7 London suicide bombers were local lads …and I am in the thick of the community here.
    I think you’re absolutely right about a kind of Capitalist Facism going on globally …it’s corrupt as hell …and there is an ever widening divide between the rich and powerful and ordinary folk and of course the rich and powerful have a vested interest in that remaining ….although Culturally different I feel both the US ( or the west LED by the US) and Saudi Arabia are as bad as each other at the moment.
    The reason I say 9/11 was a turning point is that up to that point the US was very parochial and never believed it faced any great challenge in its socio/political ideology ….I can remember at the time myself and a very dear Muslim friend shitting ourselves the way George Bush’s reaction was IMMEDIATE war talk and Tony Blair went scurrying after him …there were mass demonstrations here in the UK against going to war in Iraq ….feelings were extremely high about it but ignored because I reckon the UK is basically a small island in the US pocket.
    EVERYONE both Muslim and non Muslim were kind of holding their breaths around here ….and it continues each time their is an incident reported around the world ….and there ARE suicide bombings going on around the world it is just there is more biased reporting when they occur in ‘the west’ ….I must have conversations with 100’s of folk across our community in a working week …by and large I feel people just want peace and to get on ..but there ARE certain people in the Islamic community espousing a skewed Islam of hatred ….some Mullahs have a lot to answer for I am afraid …yes there are bigots born of various ‘belief systems’ that feel theirs is the ‘right’ way.
    For me tho …I am tentatively hopeful with the new generation coming behind us things are changing ….around here after the 7/7 bombings there was a huge ‘community cohesion’ programme put in place involving all the local services and community groups …we have what’s called an ‘interfaith programme here’ where many ( not all) of the different religious leaders work together. My boys generation learn about many different faith and belief systems as part of the school curriculum too …they are taught both to respect and question …I personally think that’s a heck of a shift from when I was a kid ….I have also been fortunate enough to attend the Friday call to prayer at one of our local mosques and it’s usually only men who attend …there are slow but subtle shifts in understanding from all sides …well on this communities level.
    Also with today’s information technology kids are much better informed …even for me …look at blogging for example …we’re able to communicate VERY easily across the globe ….and I am finding that young people ‘the millenials’ as they are called …ARE questioning …there seems to be a move to kids wanting to keep the best bits of their cultural heritage yet break down boundaries ….I think it’s wonderful …then again …I think you’ve cottoned on to the fact that I am a little ‘romantic’ and ever the optimist:D:D:D


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ah, well, you won’t find much of the romantic in me, and my optimism is expressed thus: expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed. That’s a life-long mantra that has served me well in many situations when “the worst” was the result. Another mantra is, trust no one. Well, I can’t claim to have made that one up: it’s a biblical injunction for when the days are evil. I think we are living in evil times and evil times usually breed only more of same until some conflagration brings it all to a head. It may be true that today’s youth is questioning the motives of the System, but what seems glaringly lacking is any sort of vision that would actually challenge the Matrix. From personal interaction and internet reading, I don’t find any real challenge. Lots of talk, lots of rants but also lots more of reliance on “tried and true” ways. Where is the truly innovative process that cannot be turned back by some subterfuge of the Matrix? Where the “unto death” commitment to a new way? And if it’s going to be a collective effort (doomed before it goes under way) where’s the charismatic leadership needed to carry the day; to make it so? Certainly if I were one of those running the Matrix, the System, the Establishment, today I wouldn’t be worried in the least about losing anything. I own all the governments that matter; I own the religions; I own the money; I own the militaries; I own the resources and when push comes to shove, I have the power to annihilate any opposition when I deem the time is ripe.
      I think that is what the general populations fail to understand: the amount of power the ruling sociopaths and psychopaths have at their disposal.
      Take for example the wars in the Middle East. Could the US, never mind Europe and Israel crush all “terrorist” opposition there if they really wanted to? Of course, but that would bring about a sense of peace, and peace is dangerous to the Matrix. It lets people relax. It even creates a condition propitious to enemies wanting to live in peace with each other permanently. To counter that you have to have permanent war, and that takes careful planning: it must always be seen as countering real threats. So you create dictators, enthrone them, then when the time is ripe, you create revolutionary groups to overthrow the dictator and install a new one. Then you create “terrorists” which you train and arm, to attack your dictator, giving the excuse for a new war. With patriotism, racism, religious bigotry, and propaganda, that part’s easy. For every demonstrator against the Bush Iraq war there were thousands cheering wildly to “go get ’em.” Expensive but easy, and who cares about the money? The same dupes who want to believe you also support you with their tax money while yours is safely hidden in tax havens. It’s a win-win game… until someone invents a new game whose rules are totally different from those of any collective within the Matrix. The new game has to be “new” in every way. That’s the key.


      1. Fijay

        You’re so forthright Sha Tara …I like that about your writing gives much food for thought ….and I agree with much of what you say ….’terrorism’ and collective uprisings are evidence of frustrations with the way things seem to be. Folks beliefs being so strong they are prepared to battle ‘to death’ ….being a little wussy and ‘romantic’ I find it both frustrating and extremely sad …I think back to the lone student face ing the tanks in China …our lads( and some girls) here going off to be Jihadists and potentially ending their lives AND those of other innocent people.
        And we agree that there are a lot of youngsters questioning things …seeking a different way …but no one coming up with ideas of how?
        But I believe like you said previously …throughout history events seem to come to some kind of head ( and yes it seems to be through war sadly) and then there is a shift of some kind .
        And I feel that’s where we are now.
        I am hopeful tho Sha Tara ( and yes I can guess your probably laughing at that) …..I really feel that information technology has opened up the world and a ‘new’ way will come …(or at least the seeds be sown) …for a gradual but eventually unstoppable wave of intellect AND compassion. It will be based on a care and appreciation for the planet the soul and society and it is possibly starting with the ‘millenial’s …
        And being a ‘new’ movement …maybe it doesn’t need a charismatic leader ….it will maybe just ‘evolve’ ….a gradual shift in mindset …..on an individual level which will lead to change collectively.
        A mindset that tells us we are all unique yet connected …individual yet part of the whole ….we ALL have responsibility to maintain a healthy equilibrium.
        And how do we get there? ….well …like I said …there’s information technology as the ‘new’ ….but maybe we should look also to the ‘old’ …..the VERY old ….maybe oldest:D:D:D
        And I can think of one ‘system’ that might just fit the bill …….and I can imagine you going …’Oh …please….get real’ ….when I tell you :D:D:D
        You will probably think I am naive and stark raving bonkers:D:D:D
        And maybe I am:D:D:D
        But I can sum up this system in one simple word …..are you ready? ….it’s my turn to make YOU laugh this time:D:D:D
        The system is simply …..


  2. Fijay

    Oh …and a really SCARY part was that George Bush had never set foot off American soil prior to becoming president ….it kind of underlined the arrogance.
    Yep I feel …just like Germany has done since WW2 …APOLOGISED for Nazi ‘sm and attempted/attempts to move foreward in a different more liberal way …..So the US needs to for its aggressive Capitalism ( it needs to acknowledge it first tho:D:D:D …..and the Europeans …including the UK apologise for their ’empire building’ days and the impact of THAT on nations.
    It’s like ANY relationship …recognise and acknowledge a problem …apologise for it ….communicate and negotiate ….and hopefully move on in a different direction.
    And yep …hark at me who got divorced last week :D:D:D …BUT I still have to have a relationship with my ex ….an amicable one …different to that of man and wife …but you never know …it could work out better for all of us:)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I didn’t know that about Dubbya – incredible! Nations rarely apologize for their acts unless there’s gain of some sort in it, as for Germany: apologize but do nothing about it; ride on the “new” approach and become a financial leader. I am willing to bet German people, as a collective, are no less anti-Semitic today than they ever were… or the French either, for that matter (I was born in that country but have no love for it because I know its history, particularly it’s WWII collaboration with the Nazis). Empires NEVER apologize: they just morph into new entities. The Roman empire didn’t collapse as taught in mainline classical history, it morphed itself, through the Catholic Church, into the various European empires, then into the British Empire which then morphed itself into the American Empire so now you’re living in the old center of the “new” empire: the USK. Britain still rules the show, only it has spread it’s power base to America with the intended fake revolution of 1776 – Britain could have wiped Americans clean in a one-month campaign with one hand tied behind its back, as it demonstrated in that other “war” of 1812, but that wasn’t the Great Plan. America was to be the headquarters for a world-controlling capitalist totalitarianism by making it the real home of globalist central banking. Well, it’s history.
      Any meaningful apology, any meaningful change, can only happen at the individual level, and that can only come from a self-empowered individual, not one who still thinks that collectives can drive real change, however well-meaning jump-starting leadership may be. Here’s a challenge to anyone: show me one collective, say at least 500 years old, that began as a true compassionate charitable group, survived and remains untainted by greed or other corruption from any sort of power. Just one. With relevant proofs attached, of course.


  3. thesarahdoughty

    I think people will always try to explain how everything happened. And people will always have theories. I personally don’t believe that conspiracy either, because my husband understands engineering and has seen the way the buildings were constructed. The jet fuel caused everything to burn hotter than a normal fire, which weakened the support structure, and then, when they snapped, the buildings basically fell on top of themselves, falling straight down as the columns buckled beneath the weight.

    However, it does look as though it was an implosion because if the way they went down. I’m not sure we will ever truly know how that morning was so carefully constructed to accomplish such a successful terrorist attack. If there was inside help from allies or US citizens, I think we would have found it by now.


  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    I can understand the powerful motivation to not believe what is in essence unbelievable for Americans: that their own government could have engineered such a thing, yet the immediate actions by the Bush administration surrounding the event clearly show that to be the case. The whole point was to launch an endless war encompassing the Middle East and much of Africa. The world is now witness to this fact, and the war is indeed endless.
    The problem with the jet fuel theory is that jet fuel burns at a lower temperature than needed to melt steel, and the other problem is that heat naturally rises, it does not go down. By the time any burning residue of jet fuel not combusted on impact reached even ten floors down the heat would have barely scorched the walls. I too studied structural steel engineering in my design courses. It was pretty involved science dealing with various types of stresses likely to be encountered in designing steel structures. Hence my immediate interest in the jet fuel melt-down theory. Couldn’t happen, not the way it did, not so cleanly and straight down – never so total. At the very least you’d have had skeletons of the buildings still standing.


  5. carlalouise89

    Yeah, I’m with you, I really don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory. I think two jet planes filled with jet fuel hit the twin towers. We’re not talking normal circumstances. We’re talking fucking planes hitting a building. I’d like to see a building that COULD withstand that force, that type of fire, everything.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Carlalouise… Actually I think you missed the point. Since 9/11 happened, there have been experts who have asserted that jet planes, even with full tanks exploding in balls of fire COULD NOT bring down those buildings – simply because jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel. Now, if you want to argue that the impact force would TOPPLE the buildings then why did they simply sink into harmless rubble at their base and not fall over, like a big tree, on top of surrounding buildings? Well, they’re built to withstand high force winds, so impact wouldn’t topple them. No, the point is, the “attack” by the planes at the top of the buildings was planned as misdirection – so people wouldn’t clue in that indeed, the buildings were imploding, nor burning from the top down. They were destroyed FROM THE BOTTOM. That’s the visual evidence. Watch the videos, then watch other videos showing deliberate implosion of highrises – same effect. Also, unknown to the genera population, evidence of demolition charges were found in the wreckage. For such a catastrophe, it defies all known rules that so little investigation was done. The whole point was to create a war frenzy – and that worked just as it did for the Japanese Pearl Harbour attack.

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  6. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hi Sha’ Tara.
    I don’t agree with you for all sorts of reasons (being an avid reader/student/ponderer of military and political histories of all stripes).
    BUT….you put your case powerfully and eloquently.
    And in the spirit of the WordPress Community, I tip my hat to you.
    (I have tried to have a civilised discussion on 9/11 on other forum(s), but the name calling brigades of both sides come charging in. One caring and polite lady with similar views to you was called all sorts of unpleasant things. I meanwhile was labelled either as a Shill or in the pay of the CIA-…irony follows…hah! I wish, that would’ve have helped my bank balance to no end!! and I’ve got a pair of really cool sunglasses!).
    Keep up with the postings.
    They are full of drive/energy.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      What? The Star Wars guru? Oh, I guess not, that was Yoda. I still prefer Yogurt… the other guru… from Space Balls. Yogurt the wise; Yogurt the magnificent; Yogurt the all powerful… to which he replies, “Nah, I’m just Plain Yogurt.” Yoga, hey? What about people who can’t put their feet over their ears? All of the above – just being funny.
      Actually, you gave to answer long before you got to yoga. You said… Actually, let me quote a part of your comment with which I totally agree, in fact am actually living my life within and that’s…
      [quote] for a gradual but eventually unstoppable wave of intellect AND compassion. It will be based on a care and appreciation for the planet the soul and society and it is possibly starting with the ‘millenial’s …
      And being a ‘new’ movement …maybe it doesn’t need a charismatic leader ….it will maybe just ‘evolve’ ….a gradual shift in mindset …..on an individual level which will lead to change collectively. [unquote]
      Totally agree: 1) compassion 2) no leader 3) individual level leading to collective change. That’s it, from my point of view. Yoga (which I’ve heard a lot of but know nothing about) can probably work very well within that framework. For those who engage Yoga to still their frenzied mind, maybe it’s like lighting a candle: suddenly there’s some light, not a lot, but better than total darkness. Thanks for that insightful comment.

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    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi there, thanks for commenting. It’s not about agreement – it’s about challenging; about causing ripples in the collective mindset; make people think. One example I’ve used to “shock” people is the moon landing scenario. Did the Americans actually land people on the moon or was it all a truly elaborate psy-op? There are many great arguments that “prove” the existing 1969 technology could not get biological life safely through the Van Allen radiation belts; “weird” shadows in moon pictures, and etcetera… So there’s a huge argument, some people get quite huffy that anyone would have the gall to question the moon landings. Of course, that’s never the point. The point is, how much better is mankind today as a direct result of all that money spent on the moon thing? How much does it matter to the 50,000 innocent humans condemned to death on a daily basis because it is more profitable to murder them than to feed, clothe, and house them – which by the way both man and the planet are quite able to do. But we need to feed our wars first and foremost. We need to maintain the high level of bigotry, of exploitation and oppression, of racism, of misogyny. It’s basically the same with the 9/11 thing. What matters is how the event (accidental or planned) was used to create a murderous mindset which resulted in the deliberate killing of something like 1.4 million Iraqis who had nothing whatsoever to do with the events. When 9/11 is mentioned that’s where the thinking should go. Even if it was a “terrorist” attack, was the American public response proportional to the loss? Was there not a better way to respond than to plunge the world in an endless war still being fought with no resolve in sight, in fact with a guarantee that things can only get worse while hundreds of thousands of innocents lose their lives to the God of money? Has mankind not evolved mentally, morally and ethically in the last 10,000 years? And finally, is there not even an iota of common sense out this way that says, hey, how long before our looting and killing on a global scale turns around and really starts to bite us in the ass? At the rate the American war machine is swallowing funds and resources, how long before it implodes? How long before “the enemy” (and you can just about take your pick of most of the world now) realizes how much of American global effrontery is based on the paper tiger bluster? A last ditch (battle of the bulge) effort to stave off the inevitable defeat will result in the launch of nuclear missiles – no doubt of that. Then… a nuclear winter, billions dead, and back to the stone age. Is it worth it, just to make a point?

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        “Has mankind not evolved mentally, morally and ethically in the last 10,000 years? “…..I fear that in time of stress and danger we have not; this is why I try to live by Compassion, Respect & Tolerance- not perfect at it by any means.

        “Then… a nuclear winter, billions dead, and back to the stone age. Is it worth it, just to make a point?”
        The danger of the tipping point, Humanity has more than one of those these days. I agree with the principal of there being little room for error.

        The USA is in the position that The UK was during the 19th Century; top-dog, but in my opinion the threats come from a World MIndset- particularly the Profit Motive.

        Anyway, it was a very thought provoking post and an equally provoking response.

        Let us do what we can in our own small ways to reverse the slide.

        Best wishes


    3. Sha'Tara Post author

      I thought the sunglasses were for FBI agents… or men in black! Yes, methinks also if you were in the pay of some official Agency, that would indeed help the bank account!!! The location of these comments is weird (that’s my word this afternoon) as they don’t seem to link with who I’m commenting with (is that proper English? Ah, who cares! 🙂 ) Anyway, I already left a rather wordy comment to your post… ummm… Roger, isn’t it? Do I have that right at least?

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Yep, Roger here.
        Indeed you have that right. And that is the most important point


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