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The Case of Pat O’Byrne

The thing is, I’ve been reading until tears filled my eyes, and I’ve been clicking “Likes” and commenting as if my life depended on it.  Then I realized I’ve left you guys off the hook just too long.  So, I decided it was time to throw in another story.  But it won’t hurt much: it’s very short.  And, in my opinion, which counts for nothing for you as readers, but is the only thing that matters for me as author, this piece is entertaining.  Really… and don’t look at me like that!

The Case of Pat O’Byrne      [ short story – Sha’Tara]

[Before the magistrate of the county court on a beautiful Monday morning]

“Mr. O’Byrne, you were arrested Saturday night for drunk and disorderly conduct — how do you plead?”

“M’Lord, with all due respect, I plead not guilty, sir.”

“Very well.  What have you to say in your defense before this court?”

“Yore ‘onor, I ‘ave never been drunk in me entire life, God’s truth.  Yes, I admit that at times, I’ve left the neighbourhood pub feeling quite light.  I’ve had times when it seemed to me the whole world was one happy place, full of good things and laughter.  Times when I felt as if I could really be one with it all; when the stars moved in the skies, m’lord, and when the moon seemed brighter for the lightness of it all.

Then I’ve had those rare moments when, in the middle of this great and wonderful feeling, all things around me seemed to want to come to me and talk to me.  And that, m’lord, is what happened on the night in question.  The sidewalk, that lowly piece of cement that people trample under foot day after day, that never complains nor shirks its duty, well sir, it rose up to me to talk and got a bit too close, hitting me in the face.  Everything would have been fine had not officer Maloney happened by, arresting me for drunk and disorderly conduct… Truly, m’lord, I was havin’ meself a deeply moving spiritual experience…”

“Are you quite finished, Mr.. O’Byrne?”

“Finished, m’lord?  How can such a wonderful story every be finished?  One may as well ask God if he is finished, then!”

“Enough of this.  I fine the defendant one hundred Euro plus costs.  This case is closed.”


“What, what is it now, officer Maloney?  You got your conviction, didn’t you?”

“Well m’lord, what’s to be done about the sidewalk, then?”

“What are you on about, Maloney?” (with a definite air of deep frustration, being already late for his noon meal with judge Fergus…)

“Well m’lord, that bit o’ sidewalk that up and hit O’Byrne in the face, it’d still be standin’ up, an’ no one to put it back down to be sure.


Why Mainstream Science is a Religion

A somewhat long article, but great food for thought. Somewhere outside of mysticism as pushed by Big Religion, and materialism as pushed by Big Science, there lies the reality we are all a part of. This article may not explain that reality, but it does point to it, if at the expense of the Great Liars of Big Religion and Big Science.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Why Mainstream Science is a Religion

science is a religion

Makia Freeman

June 2, 2016

Science is a religion.

Mainstream science, despite all its claims of objectivity, and despite the fact it attempts to lay claim to the truth, is itself a religion. Scienceplaces itself on a pedestal and assures everyone it has dispassionately arrived at its conclusions. Meanwhile, however, it is full of assumptions, denials and limitations, and makes the serious mistake of presenting its theories as facts. The errors of mainstream science are gladly seized upon by technocrats, eager to use science and technology to further their own ambitions of control, and include forcing thevaccine,GMO, surveillance,manmade global warming,geoengineering,SMARTandmicrochippingagendas onto an unsuspecting public. The planned New World Order has a massivetechnocratic aspect.Materialism, the driving force behind mainstream science, has been shown again and again to lack the capacity to…

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A Reminder about those Powers, and about Choice

               [thoughts from  ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

“There my heart is; but it is not my fate to sit in peace, even in the fair house of Elrond.” (Lord of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien)

Fate properly understood, isn’t a dictate nor blind chance but a choice.  Of that choice I think and write. 

It is said by the ancients whom I have listened to that in ages past Earth was asked whether she would undertake to nurture a new species that would possess the potential to become human (humane) in time.  It is said that Earth agreed to be man’s nursemaid, and man was put here, and sent forth to be fruitful and multiply for that is what Earth is best at:  giving life and abundance.  It is her pleasure to give and her joy to see her giving reciprocated.

As we know, man indeed became fruitful and indeed multiplied.  But the direction taken by the species was not according to intent from the life givers.  Man, so full of potential, quickly became the focus of forces that tended more to evil than good.  Man’s mind was targeted by very hungry Powers and was overtaken.  I have named these Powers many times before, and they are very well known to man since he voluntarily and slavishly serves at least one, usually all of them, all the time.  They are Religion, the State, and Money.  Man’s civilizations were all built upon rules and requirements made by these Powers. 

Bluntly put, the Powers man is obedient to and believes he cannot exist without, are lies.  All of their works are misdirection and illusion and all spell death.  A condition rarely understood by man is that these Powers are inimical to each other.  Each power seeks to be the one at the top of the ruling pyramid, hence the endless wars and conflicts among the Powers’ servants.  The results are there for all to see even if the cause, or the source, is neither seen, understood, nor accepted.  For man in order to survive as a slave of his Powers learned long ago that the best way to get through life was by denial.  Deny the obvious truth, believe the lie.  This is done with the power of belief. 

Belief doesn’t require proof, in fact belief demands there be no proof because proof would invalidate the belief.  Who “believes” in what they can see?  You don’t need to believe in your car to drive it to church, but you need to believe in an non-provable entity called “God” to make that trip meaningful.  No one would worship something they know to be non existent, nor would anyone worship something manifestly in their face.  That’s where the Power called Religion comes in: to create the illusion that something non existent not only exists, but makes rules, gives laws, and is responsible for everything that happens, good and bad.  All this belief is based on faith and faith is only valid if it is directed at something that nothing can ever prove to not exist, or not exist as claimed. 

A similar faith undergirds government institutions and financial institutions.  It’s all shenanigans, has always been, and any intelligent person knows this intuitively.  But again people need to believe in these Powers; they need to have them rule over them or they feel abandoned, at risk, helpless, and possible victims of “others” who are not being restrained by the servants of the Powers.  Even those who know they are being victimized, lied to, robbed blind, by these Powers, defend their necessity.  They’ll say, “vote, no matter what because it’s your duty… or … someone worse could get into power.  Elect the lesser of evils if no other choice is available.”  They scare each other to death with fairy tales because the manipulators make it seem as if the tales are for real – so real that they can get people excited enough to harm themselves, their environment and kill for them. 

That’s where it’s at right now: people are so frightened of what the Powers have done, of the corruption they have built up, that a tiny minority of them are even talking… (shhhhh, not so loud) … revolution.  They’re TALKING about injustice, economic inequity, anthropocentric climate change, corporate designer wars, poisonous medical drugs; about how “democracy” is being threatened and “something” needs to be done.  They’re TALKING about a whole lot of “stuff” and sometimes that TALK “goes viral” on Internet social media.  Then some even tinier minority of minority takes to the street to “protest” some of the “stuff” that’s being TALKED about. 

Are these protests scary?  There are over 7 billion Earthians on the planet.  That’s billions, by the way.  When a few thousands show up for a demonstration, that’s supposed to scare Monsanto, the Pentagon, or Exxon, or whatever “government” is being called down or mocked?  It’s not even a dust storm.  But to give their over-armoured police something fun to do, sometimes they set them loose to attack, whack, arrest or beat up the demonstrators.  That way both sides win: the cops are protecting democracy, and the victimized protesters are protecting democracy.  Lame stream media writes reports favourable to the government decision to “arrest” the demonstrators; the “free” internet media sides with the protesters and a couple of days later nobody, except those hurt, or those who lost friends, lovers or relatives in the protests, remember anything happened at all. 

Then, even for the protesters, it’s business as usual.  Jobs need doing, bills need be paid, kids taken to school, vacations planned, cars fuelled, trucks traded in, mortgages renewed, houses sold and bought, and those grocery carts pushed through the aisles and filled.  Some hamsters may resent the idea they have to take their turn running the treadmill, but when you’re a hamster in a cage, what else can you do for exercise?  You can’t live off protests, or social media.

One of the saddest sights I’ve come across lately is watching bumble bees fall to the ground and slowly die.  This is an agricultural dairy and truck produce area.  Everywhere, especially in spring, chemicals are sprayed and sprayed.  They don’t do it with bi-planes anymore but the new ways are no better than the old.  The chemicals float through the air and spread.  Others penetrate into the ground and spread.  There’s poison everywhere and the hamsters, some of whom are vaguely aware that something’s not quite right, accept this because… well, because it’s necessary.  Have to keep that treadmill going or we will lose our… (fill in the blanks)

The bees are all dead here – not a one to be seen.  Now the bumblebees are falling and even the wasp population is way down.  So let’s give three rousing cheers for man: after thousands of years of fighting a losing battle against those annoying insects, MAN IS WINNING THE BATTLE.

Perhaps too bad, perhaps great news, but I would remind the creature that he’s LOSING THE WAR, just like Vietnam, just like the war on drugs and the war on terror and the final war on resources to keep an unsustainable system going.  

I began by writing about choice.  I conclude with, “Man, thou hast made an erroneous, unforgivable and deadly choice and because of it, thou shalt die.”