~burning woman~  and the Great Evils

I’ve been doing this for a while now.  It’s called “blogging” and that has many descriptions but for me it means sharing “stuff” with others, and learning from the stuff they share on their own pages.  So I maintain a “blog” on which I post personal thoughts, ideas, pictures, stories and sometimes I’ll re-blog someone else’s article because I feel it deserves to get more “publicity” so to speak, or it contains ideas that help us understand ourselves and the world we live in. 

I guess that makes me a blogger.  So I blog to learn and to share.  But I have an agenda here.  I’m not looking for “stats” in numbers of “followers” or “likes” – though these indicate that what I am sharing provides some appeal to certain individuals and that’s great, but my long-term purpose in blogging is finding a way to create conversations around the really tough issues, subjects, ideas. 

I’m not here to discuss “religion, politics, global warming, misogyny… or anything else” for that matter.  Of course these topics will be engaged.  News, statistics, opinions, articles and rants will come into play.  That’s our background: expressing what we see as “wrong” and talking about solutions to such wrongs, and sometimes even talking about positive developments and how they make us feel good, or make us feel that we are finally accomplishing something “humane” somewhere in the world.  There’s an endless game going on and we like to see the “home” team score once in a while, though the home team always remains the underdog.   

But for me, that’s just the opening salvo.  I don’t want solutions, I want answers.  I’ve been building this blog under the title  ~burning woman~  which has raised a few eyebrows though for most I suppose it’s just one of those titles people make up to stand out from the crowd. 

~burning woman~ is the author of this blog.  She is me: the perennially denied, powerless, oppressed member of – get this – 50% of the human population of planet earth.  Any normal person would stop in absolute shock right there and think, how is it possible that 50% of the adult population of this world has little or no social power, legal status, physical safety and gets no recognition for playing a role without which society and civilization would not be possible! 

This isn’t a feminist blog.  I just want to point out that misogyny is one of the few truly great evils that gnaw at the roots of society.  Misogyny lies athwart the path of mankind’s evolution and blocks it completely.  As long as such an evil is countenanced among “men” that is how long all other evils will continue to plague man and destroy his civilizations, one after the other. 

~burning woman~  is a reminder that the greatest pollution on this world is the stench that comes from her permanently burning dying flesh.  No part of this world is free of that poison.  But she is also a reminder that she is, in herself, very much aware of this terrible condition – and how could she not be?  It’s her living flesh that is being burned in the public square for all “male” gawkers to jeer at.  The 19 year old Joan of Arc, and millions upon millions of others burned on the altars of the patriarchy and although the methods have slightly changed, the same thing goes on day after day and it’s business as usual.

This blog is meant to expose the great evils that plague the human race of earth and to seek answers by asking the troubling “WHY” question.  Why misogyny?  Can any sane Earthian give just one good reason why men should hate, fear, oppress, disempower, rape, torture and kill women?  And their children?  One single good reason that could explain – and justify – it all? 

Here’s another great evil, and make no mistake, it’s completely tied to the previous evil: predation.  Can anyone give one good reason why earth must exist under such a life-destroying concept?  There is no doubt that man is a violent predator and that he revels in this role.  We see it in sports, in hunting and fishing, in extraction of natural resources from the planet, in enslaving certain groups and races to serve elites, and certainly in man’s endless and spreading wars.  Man is so addicted to being a predator that even knowing he has far surpassed his limits to growth, he continues his business as usual as if nothing mattered but the kill.  But in this case, the evil runs even deeper, down into the roots of the planet itself, running amok among all of it’s life-forms.

There are those who believe in karma.  In the “Chrisrael” holy book it’s reaping what you sow.  Man is so utterly alien and unnatural that even when faced with his own extinction from his predatory mindset, he will not turn.  It’s as if he cannot break his programming.

So, this blog is about questioning the programming.  It’s about looking over history – official or not; accepted or not; real or fictitious (for who can sort it out and keep a straight face about it?) and looking for answers to the great evils that plague the species and are about to plunge it into quasi-oblivion.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not concerned or worried about man’s quasi extinction in the near future – I have been shown this to take place before the next 500 years – that to me isn’t the problem since it is inevitable.  My problem is, I’ve begun to develop a sense of empathy and to be an empath on a world driven by fear, hate, predation and misogyny is, put bluntly, unbearable.  I “sense” the level of horror, terror, agony; the screams of those now being crushed and the billions about to be crushed, by the man-made engines of destruction.  In my heart I join in the screams and want no part of this coming world, and often I want no part of this one, even now.

But if I’m going to remain a part of it for a while yet, I need to engage my mind looking for answers to the “WHY?” question.  And I’m hoping to do this on this blog, bit by bit with probably more false leads and wrong tangents that can be imagined.  Those answers are well hidden and man’s “masters” fear their discoveries and the development of fail-safe antidotes.

I may have written this before, but it bears repeating, for comparison.  I often queried the Teachers about the state of planet earth and the Earthian mindset about the oh, so casual killing if innocents.  There is a world they call “Altaria” which by way of avoiding giving it a location they say exists in what they call “the Nexus” – the non-space-place they say, that exists between all universes.  Altaria is what some would probably call a fifth dimensional world.  El Issa, one of the Teachers, said to me: “If a single child died of preventable causes on our world, the entire world would come to a horrified stand-still and slip into universal mourning.  Nothing would happen on the world: no teaching, no business, no sleeping or eating or even talking until as one body the people had worked out the reason for this unthinkable anomaly and resolved it.  Now compare that to your world where some 40,000 children and their mothers die of completely preventable causes, i.e., deliberately condemned to death… each and every day.  This crime is of such unthinkable proportion that your Earthian mind cannot even engage it.  You live within this murderous horror day after day and you believe that by living in denial of it you can give yourself a “normal” life.  You cannot, you never will, until you put an end to this.  And before you question me on the possible: yes, you can.  We know because we had the very same problem and we ended it.  We stopped it.  That’s what you need to do: you need to stop.” 

You know this is the case, but do you know WHY men oppress women?  You know this is the case, but do you know WHY predation is a ruling force on your world?




17 thoughts on “~burning woman~  and the Great Evils

  1. Rosaliene Bacchus

    You’ve raised a three important issues in this post: misogyny, predation, and our self-destructive behavior. I cannot claim to know the answers to the questions you have raised. I believe that we are a species still in the process of spiritual evolution. Some years ago, I came to the conclusion that an evil force or evil forces control our planet; that we, in fact, live in Hell.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank goodness this is on “my” blog, so I can get a bit wordy. Hell is a good description if we understand it to be a controlled experiment in sentient dysfunctionality, and not the pit of burning sulfur of Christian ghoulish invention. If we agree on basically total dysfunctionality, then the next step is to ask the WHY question. That means looking back, or out, depending on our level of awareness of space/time, both of which are illusions necessary to the operation of this oppressive system, i.e., space/time are limiting concepts upon what is essentially a limitless concept we call life. Misogyny is a programmed response against what gives life. As is predation. Killing is a programmed response against a living environment: if it is alive, kill it or enslave it if it can be used, subjugated, eaten, tortured and forced to provide pleasure it cannot enjoy. Frank Herbert wrote about pain amplifiers, instruments of torture that manifestly increased the “normal” level of pain that could be inflicted upon an individual yet keeping it alive. You could not die when in a pain amplifier, you could only experience the pain: the wet dream of all torturers.

      Earth, as are ALL sentient worlds in this universe is a conquered world. It belongs, by right of might to ancient alien forces that the Teachers call the Time Lords. These are murderous, brutal megalomaniacal forces that conquered every sentient world, one after another as they established their dystopian dictatorships across this universe. They are the great fallen entities that would control the free flow of life and take its energies to feed themselves. Tolkien created his evil entities, Morgoth Bauglir and Sauron on deep memories of the Time Lords.

      Hard to believe? The Teachers taught me this: as below, so above. “If you want to know how it is in the greater universe, study your own world: it’s a micro image of the macro. You’re not smart enough to invent the evils and the methods of inflicting evil that you have and must experience. If you want to know why things are as they are on your world, believe your senses when you’ve looked at the greater universe and wonder no more.”

      We know that the basic “greater EVILS” are not from nature, nor could they have originated from the life flow, for life gives birth to life and in life, all of life is sacred. We’ve been programmed to believe in scarcity and diminishing space so we would accept that predation is a necessary process to control over-abundance of certain types of life that would overrun the land and cause famines, etc. But that problem resulted from predation, it didn’t cause predation! In a pure living world, a balanced environment, overpopulation does not happen. Opposite predation (control by evil forces through death and destruction) stands life and constant balance. Proof? Look at how quickly the balance of gender returns however the killers destroy more of one gender than another in wars for example. That’s life’s work. Life, the benign force, balances. Evil comes in and creates chaos. In closing, and an important awareness: all of man’s “gods” are representatives of the dystopian Time Lords. Compare Jehovah or Allah, for example, to Bernie Sanders. All fifth columnists, traitors, spies, accomplished liars and without any conscience. They are all agents of the Time Lords. They come with an agenda, a programming, to enslave a group of sentients to do the bidding of the greater “Lord” – Hillary Clinton, for example. As below, so above… and vice-versa.

      Ever wonder how they can be so effective in instilling their programming even in those who no longer follow the ridiculous rituals of religion? Look to your soul, the “gift” of the Time Lords; the implant by which they read your feelings and manipulate your emotions. With the soul they control our empathic senses so we cannot use them, so we hardly feel any incongruity when we hear of massive deaths here and there. A passing sad feeling, and back to normal. There is an antidote to this control, Rosaliene. Care to comment on what that is?

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, well… forwarned is forearmed. It’s time Earthians dropped their silly illusions and face the facts of their strange and chaotic existence. It’s time that as a species they choose to express wisdom in lieu of their knee-jerk emotional social interaction that served when there was enough planet to absorb their stupidity but can no longer serve, having surpassed the ability of their world to cushion their fall. What Margot Kidder said about America can actually be said about the entire species.


  2. my valiant soul

    You have truely made us cognizant of actual burning issues here on planet earth.I agree with all of your perception and truely believe in the ”self destruction” part also.Time to think all this and execute the proper steps!

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your powerful response, valiant soul. This is meant to be a discussion, if possible, so let me ask (and you certainly are under no obligation to respond) what is your idea of executing the proper steps?

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  3. my valiant soul

    Ah,well for sure all these years I have tried to raise my voice against female opression, for instance.My steps include when we actually rather than judging others for once just take a step for woman rights,I am sure the self confidence of that particular woman would be raised.I beleive in taking baby steps,because after that the whole crowd will join you and sure this misogyny is the greatest evil,I can’t support it!
    I myself have taken such step in the case of my maiden servant who was asked not to study as her family thought it is improper for her to be literate,I raised my voice against it and myself imparted the best knowledge I could have.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I think you’ve hit on the dichotomy of doing, and knowing. In our own sphere of influence we can “do” certain things that show we oppose a certain evil, but in our mind we can seek the answers (not the solutions!) to our problems. These quests are what will cause real change, not our localized acts though we are usually, and “of course” taught erroneously that change comes from action. If we care to look over our history we readily see that all previous successful acts “against” some evil eventually complete their circle and the Status Quo reasserts itself. At this juncture, when faced with so much that can go seriously wrong we need to raise our level of awareness and inner wisdom because we can no longer afford to experiment with piecemeal solutions. Yes, we certainly need to become compassionate and help those in need as a first law, but we need to reach into the cosmos for those answers that will make our personal efforts irreversible. I’m not sure I’m making sense with my words though I know what I mean to say. 🙂 Thanks for commenting back.

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      1. my valiant soul

        Yes,I totally agree with you here,those were simply my ways of knowing the evil and fighting for it.I am sure I may sound queer,but different evils require different ways of enactment..the procedure.We need to be aware,agreed but then again actions and solutions both are required to fight back and sometimes things may have answers not solutions and vice versa.It was nice to know your perception,have reverance for it!

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  4. We come from dreams ~

    I don’t know the “WHY” but I’m fairly certain that I know the “WHAT” of the control system. You likely been to some public auditorium or theatre where there are microphones; and likely experienced that ear-burning screech when the microphone is too sensitive or the sound system is set too loud. The physical explanation being, that the microphone is picking up the faint resonances of the room’s ambient noises and quickly amplifying them up off the charts. This is called a “feedback loop,” where the present is amplified exponentially into the future. Put in other basic terms, I’ve just described karma as it is here. However, it has long been proposed, and successfully modeled mathematically, that there exist “feedforward loops,” wherein the future is amplifying exponentially into the present. There are enough monist scientists and philosophers to pooh-pooh the idea, but it cannot be proved wrong. Again, from here, the work of the Time Lords was to locally change our world from the normative feed-forward existence of the Teachers to the blistering feedback of their Matrix-evil.

    Rock on, Sha’Tara!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      An enlightened and very – VERY – helpful comment. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have to re-read your other comment carefully before I comment on it.



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