What it means to be an Individual – essay


[thoughts from  ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

What are the 4 most dangerous words ever voiced at a corporate board meeting?  You’ve probably heard it many times.  It’s, “I have an idea!”

Why are those words dangerous?  Whatever the idea may be, that’s not the danger.  The danger is that the words expose the thinking of an individual, and an individual in today’s world is THE ENEMY.  “No, you, as an individual, cannot have an idea.  You cannot have an opinion unless it’s already part of the consensus.  We have the idea and we supply the opinion – we being the Power of Religion, Politics or Money, pick one, pick all three, there are no individuals anywhere within those hallowed halls, only zombies, ghosts, skeletons and puppets.

But what if you insist on being “an individual” and you know your ideas are as valid as consensual ideas?  Then you leave the board room.  You leave the collective.  You stop believing that power is in numbers and you walk alone.  The problem I see is that, while many people really believe that walking alone is best, they can’t make up their minds whether they should always walk alone, or just sometimes.  This brings me to the subject of voting. 

Prime example is the current political farce being entertained down south.  You have a duopoly with two miscreants running for the highest office in the land.  Yes, there are alternatives, like the Greens or Libertarians but everybody is pre-wired and brainwashed to believe that no matter how many people turn on the duopoly and vote for the alternative, they can never “win.”  So they bleat their discontent and dutifully vote for one of two morally and psychologically bankrupt puppets of the status quo when either choice is a disaster in the making, guaranteed.  The point, says the programming, is that you have to “win; you have to get that gold medal.  It doesn’t matter that all around you is abject poverty and complete social chaos and it’s going to get worse: this is the Olympfix and you are there to win the gold, not to worry about social, environmental or economic conditions.  You can take care of that in a fifteen minute acceptance speech but to get that chance you have to win – at any cost.”

“If you don’t vote, don’t complain later” is the common “wisdom” but I beg to differ.  If I don’t vote for a George Bush and the sick psychopath engineers a war that kills hundreds of thousands of innocent unarmed civilians, and I don’t support it, I’m the one who’s got something to complain about.  I’m the one who abstained, in conscience, from supporting the status quo.  I’m also the one intelligent, and observant enough to know that however I vote within the status quo, the results will be more of what I’d want less of, and vice-versa.  The collective under any banner is a herd of blind sheep.

As an individual however, I never have to win anything.  I am complete in myself and I sustain myself with my own thoughts, by my own philosophy and I prove myself by my words and my acts.  I speak, and I act; I live and I die, without belonging; without a pre-written speech; without funding from some charitable organization; without sponsors or supporters. 

A free individual feels no need to become a leader or even a way shower.  She needs no one to push her on, or to praise her.  If she is reviled, she won’t care about that either because, as I said above, her words and her acts are who she is, not opinions or brainwashing.

If I lived across the line, would I vote?  The answer is an unequivocal “no.”  Voting is for sheep, for people, or sheeple, who have yet to learn to reason the simplest concepts for themselves; who have yet to awaken themselves to the delusion that is their collective (un)reality.   


5 thoughts on “What it means to be an Individual – essay

  1. We come from dreams ~

    The choice in Amerika (again, thank you Franz Kafka) is between the Devil and Satan. “Oh but, Roy! The Devil and Satan are the same thing!” Exactly.

    I have been hearing that “if you don’t vote, you have no say” nonsense since I was a kid. I have consistently asked the self-righteous people who utter such foolishness to prove it; all I’ve ever gotten in response is a louder repetition; kind of like the very Amerikan, “If a furriner don’t unnerstan you, yell at em, they’ll unnerstan.” Recently when I went to the market, a fellow my age asked me if I “supported the troops.” “What do you mean?” Slowly: “Do-you-support-our-troops?” “What-do-you-mean?” He snorted, then brayed, but then I got going: “The government supports our troops, not me. I don’t pay taxes because they go toward the wars we have going on – all nine of them. I feel sorry for them because many of them are black people who had a choice between a long prison term or five years’ active military duty; but there are enough black men and women with dignity who chose prison.” He shouted back, “You’re not an American!” I smiled and replied, “I was born here, motherf****r!”

    I’ve learned to use my rage as a weapon: use it only when necessary. There are days when I feel that it IS necessary, even at so pedestrian a level. It changes no-one’s mind; minds that are closed can’t change. To me, I’m a American. The others are imposters. Even though America doesn’t exist – there’s only Amerika.



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