Balance and Harmony

 [observations from   ~burning woman~   ]

Quotes:  “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” —                Harlan Ellison

“To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better.” ― Victor Hugo

Quotes are good to attract attention to an idea but beyond that they really mean nothing, having necessarily been taken out of context, and what matters is the context, not the quote. 

Having said that, and following my two quotes (and you can go ahead and say, or think, they are meaningless) I wish to say this:  in a lifetime of observation of how Earthian society goes about furthering and plundering itself, I notice that all of it is based on misinformation, disinformation, belief systems based on faith or theories, none of which can be proven as being fact.  One thing I found to be true of Earthian society: nothing about it is true.   

The motions of society are like a dull over-salted sea putrid with dead and dying growth, growth that exists only to further more growth without any desire to change or better itself.  The sluggish waves pile up more flotsam and jetsam upon the shores of the world’s “great” centers of civilization, burying them under thickening mantles of propaganda and lies, the stench of corruption rising like a festering, disease-filled steam over the earth, gradually rising up the sides of remaining mountains, and covering the poles, their pristine snows and glaciers melting and crumbling, their fetid waters flowing inexorably to be absorbed by the dying sea. 

Let me then give some context to the first quote:  you are not entitled to your opinion.  You are entitled to an informed opinion, if you must have one.  No one is entitled to be ignorant.  Sadly, that is obviously not how Earthians reason.  In fact, following the recent spate of election rhetoric down south it’s obvious that ignorance is held in very high regard; a necessary factor in claiming the highest seat of power in the land. 

How did Earthian society become so devastatingly ignorant that it is able and quite willing to destroy itself by destroying its living ecosystem and maybe its home world for no valid reason?  Well, it’s called entitlement.  That doesn’t apply only to the rich, but to every sector of society.  The rich, predictably, never have enough because the more they have of their own manufactured and artificial “richness” – the more they realize how ephemeral and baseless their accumulated false wealth is.  What they chased is now chasing them and they have to get more in order to stave off the inevitable: that unavoidable collapse each generation of entitled elite hopes will not catch up to them. 

And the poor, what about the poor?  Their excuse for contributing to the demise of the planet is economic survival by having lots and lots of “kids” for support in their old age.  They need income, so killing the last elephant, or lion, or taking the last tree, the last ‘whatever,’ or serving the chemical monsters of the age by using deadly chemicals on crops for growth and protection from insect infestations is all legitimate.  After all, aren’t we all entitled to the good life, however we may find it?  If not the good life, at the very least some type of survival.  Does the long term cost matter?  Not when the immediate is so immediate.  Not when food has to be put on the table today… Not when money is needed to satisfy some addiction to drugs or alcohol. 

Rich or poor, it’s all the same.  No one but the rare few understands the need to take responsibility for the whole, and of those who actually do, all is lost when they turn their heads to the past, or the existing structure and think to tinker with it and make it change course a half-degree here, a quarter-degree there in the hope that the ship of state will avoid the string of deadly breakers they can hear in the dark; breakers that will rend and crush the hull of the ship and send it to the abyss.  But the problem is, the structures of the past have so rusted that the tiller does not respond any longer, and the ship will not be turned.  Nor is there enough power left in the engines to slow it down: entropy has set in.  Stand and watch… Listen to the billions of passengers in the hold begging for a bowl of soup, the millions in the lounges drinking and laughing, and the million more  curious with their cell phones on the upper decks clicking in the darkness for a sharper image of a deadly breaker to send to “friends” in the lower decks. “Hey look, that’s what a live mushroom cloud looks like!”

The second quote by Victor Hugo: to put everything in balance is good; to put everything in harmony is better.  That’s a good thought.  You see, with tremendous effort and much sacrifice, using a planet-friendly technology some kind of balance could possibly be gained.  Personally I do not believe man still has that option but if one believes in miracles… OK, we get rid of “polluting” fuels and replace them with wind/solar/geothermal energy.  Great costs, great upsets, great and sore trials, running and running before the flood.  We achieve a shaky temporary balance and we keep up the pressure for change and we hold back the tide.  Balance.  Good. 

We have balance, but do we have harmony?  We’ve replaced a kind of polluting energy with a less polluting one and the cities still function, though millions have died by now, deprived of cheaper, more accessible fuels.  What we haven’t done is bring in harmony.  We haven’t eliminated over population.  Nor racism.  Nor misogyny.  Nor economic disparity.  Nor poverty.  Nor slavery.  Nor the strangleholds of Religion, the State or Money.  The old gods still rule.  The wars are still going on and the “great economies” are still based on oppression and killing.  We haven’t achieved harmony and therefore our balancing act is essentially a wasted effort.  We delayed the inevitable downfall of society and the death of billions by a few decades, perhaps a couple of centuries but we haven’t solved any of man’s innate problems. 

What did we miss?


11 thoughts on “Balance and Harmony

  1. We come from dreams ~

    All day long here, the three of us have been talking (on and off) about just how fucked we all are. I’ll repeat that in C# major: we’re fucked. Oh, wait. Fucking can be a lot of fun; let me get out the iWord-Adjuster (something that Steve Jobs didn’t know about): We are being gang-raped. At random then – not in any order:
    1. Muslims / Islam. Generally Muslims are friendly and nice people. Looking closer, if you’re a man, most Muslims (men and women) assume that you agree with the 7th–century ideals of Mohammad. If you’re a woman, and a Westerner, most men will be friendly with you, but they’ll be thinking – oh, wait a minute, they don’t THINK about these things – that you’re a whore becayse you show more than your face from under your clothes. Should you encounter a Muslim woman, well; she’ll be skittish and get away quick if you’re a dude; but if you’re a Western woman, she’ll likely open up to you in ways that her father/brothers/husband will frown upon. If you’re gay – oh my NO. “People of the Tribe of Lot,” or “Luti,” oh no no no no NO! Off with their heads! Now, Islam, that’s something else again. For the first ten years after Mohammad had his revelations, for a religion, it was surprisingly open and tolerant. The Prophet even had transvestites living in his home for a while. I’ll give hm those first ten years. He and his family were dirt poor then, (and Arabia is noted for its vast expanses of dirt) as were his followers, and, by reading the Qur’an with an historian’s eye, they seemed to depend exclusively on the new god, ‘Allah, for everything. But the next ten years; Mo seemed to think that he deserved more than ‘Allah was providing, so he created a militia, which became an army, ostensibly to protect his little flock of sheep, but which quickly became the most successful conquering army in that slice of the planet since the one created by that Macedonian guy, Alexander the Very Warlike a thousand years previous. Much blood was spilled; and of course, when Mohammad left this world, his most immediate kin and followers did not sit down and talk, they set about to kill each other. While there were signs of hope over the next 300-400 years, it all went to hell with the coming of al-Ghazzali, who founded the Sufi branch of Islam and put woman into permanent slavery in one sixty-year life. We owe al-Ghazzali a lot: typhoid fever, or perhaps gangrene; although the Sufis went on to be cut-above most of the rest of the religion, it can be illustrated simply enough, that if there were no al-Ghazzali, there would likely have been no Wahabbi heresy, and no Saudi Arabia bullying the rest of the world with its oil and its ISIS terrorists. If you’ve read our blog, you’ll recall that I’ve stated often, that there are an awful lot of Muslims around here, and I’ve had some wonderfully good encounters with them. And yes, I’ve seen the gamut; the Palestinians, the Iranian poets and artists and dancers, the Moroccan hashish lovers, the Pakistani men with four wives in tow, the Afghani pederasts, the snobbish, holier-than-thou Saudi Arabian Wahhabis. One of our presidential hopefuls keeps talking about how he’s going to “take care” of the “Muslim problem;” well, Mr Dump, I know that you’d like to use our nuclear weapons; this is NOT a good idea; but if you insist, send a few to Riad. Just let us know; I wanna leave town, if not this life, if you do.

    2. ” And, ladies and gentlemen, in this kawnah, the You Ass presidential – CAN-DI-DATES!, Billhilary Cliton and Donald Duck Hump! So, you too, before you enter this match, can yew tells the audience what your plans are to end all wars, to rebuild the planet, to feed everyone and to provide them with adequate housing and sensible healthcare and education? Well, there you have it, Amerika! They’re both deaf-mutes pr faking it! This is Howard Cosell, speaking to you from the afterlife, and I sher am glad I’m here!”


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well that’s self-explanatory. Thanks for posting your view on it all. Did that answer my rhetorical question at the end? 🙂


  2. Lisa R. Palmer

    Such a lovely picture you paint for us here, Sha’Tara. Too bad it’s true…

    As for what did we miss? All of this is created from a context of group-think; it depends upon masses, and masses are impossible to control, steer, or even guide effectively. Perhaps if our focus was more personal, our responsibility more immediate, then real harmony and change could occur.

    But for however long we can point at others to blame, incite or justify our personal choices and behavior on, we will not, as a whole, change. And so some sort of mutually assured destruction may be the wisest course we could, en masse, take…

    Context, right? 😉


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Lisa, very astute… quote from your comment: “As for what did we miss? All of this is created from a context of group-think; it depends upon masses, and masses are impossible to control, steer, or even guide effectively. Perhaps if our focus was more personal, our responsibility more immediate, then real harmony and change could occur.”

      That is exactly what I was thinking when I posted that rhetorical question and last line. EXACTLY.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Hi Lisa, here’s a famous quote: “Cassius: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” (Julius Caesar, Shakespeare)

    It is better, I’ve been taught, to think as if I was alone, completely alone. It is better, I’ve been taught, to discount all three “great” virtues: faith, hope and love, and rely on myself as I expand myself and learn from my cosmic environment. There is no hope, hope is a chimera. Faith is believe whatever you want because you don’t need to have proof for your hope (or your love)!

    It may surprise you to know that people who know me call me the ultimate optimist. There is nothing that “I” can’t fix, I just need to figure it out. I may require a few (or many) more returns of lives here, but it will happen. I’ll make it happen. Pride? No, just plain old determination. That’s why sometimes I wish for a speedy crash, or crumbling of an insatiable, finite, pain and death inducing system so the task of re-building can begin. But we can’t rebuild until we’ve completely wiped out the old. There is no fixing “this” as it stands: it has to be destroyed – thinking of it as the charred remains of a house. You have to completely wipe the site clean before you can pour a new foundation, and build a new house. It’s not even rebuilding, it’s a new start.

    So to your comment: “I” (we – but individually) are absolutely (as in an absolute value) alone and all good things to come must proceed from us as individuals through nothing but self-empowerment. Add anything to that power and you will set the corruption in again. In that resides all the “hope” we ever needed and will ever need. But that “hope” is no more than going to work in the morning and settling at the task. No magic, just personal effort.



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