Reflections – For Standing Rock Water Protectors

What’s to add? Carol, her daughter and granddaughter, and the video say all that needs to be said. The question before those who have read this, and watched the video must be, “In what way does this affect me, and what should I do about it?”

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

People from many tribes united to protect life, land and water
standing their ground with the power of love, peace, prayer and song
facing media lies and violence, attack dogs, poison, bulldozers and guns
The continuing story of colonial times as corporate armies march along
raping and plundering the earth and her peoples year after year, one by one



Photo Credit: Indian County Today Media Network 


Let this be the tipping point,
the time for awakening when those of good heart say “NO MORE!”
Let us stand united clothed in the power of love, flanked by the spirit of ancestors
knowing that we were all born to carry a sacred responsibility none of us can ignore


News from Standing Rock, North Dakota:


Posted with gratitude to those at the front lines, including my daughter and granddaughter


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