Is Technology just a Local Phenomenon in the Realm of Magic?


          [thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

Despite the proliferation of fantasy writing and in movies, magic it would appear is long gone from the realm of mainstream teaching and belief.  People still go through some of the motions of ancient rituals based on magic (or call it mythology) but those rituals have been rendered quite mindless, being but tools in the hands of money grabbers to fool and despoil the public.  We (well, some) celebrate “special” days like Christmas, Valentine’s Day,  St Patrick’s Day, Easter, just to name a very few, the names changing from language to language but all based on myths whose sources go back into an unremembered prehistory.  These modern celebrations aren’t about magic; they’re about feel good and pleasure.  They’re about getting stuff, eating stuff, partying, families getting together to fight, get drunk or get stoned, and generally have a rip-roaring good time. 

These celebrations’ sources and power has been excised; that having been done deliberately and “with malice aforethought.”

Which brings me to the theme point: technology in the realm of magic.  Earthians may have been stripped of their sense of the magical; it may have been crushed under the jack-booted “Crusaders” of male-dominated Religions; it may have been denigrated by the new official religion called Science, but it wasn’t destroyed.  “Magic is the lifeblood of the universe” as quoted from the movie “Willow” and it doesn’t go away just because a group of pathetic priests and madmen in white robes armed with crosses, scimitars, test tubes and hypodermic needles decide to do away with it so they can wield all the power and render billions of people powerless within their blood-soaked hands.  Magic morphs into any number of forms, either to survive on a world, or to exercise some control without being unmasked and its purveyors being seen as “witches” of the past and in today’s parlance, “conspiracy theorists” or worse, traitors or “terrorists.” 

Magic is alive and well on planet earth, only it has become black magic, and its magicians and mages are students and workers of the blackest of arts.  Magic has morphed and ensconced itself in man’s Powers of Religion, the totalitarian State, Money and their frightfully obedient servant, technology. 

Like magic, technology isn’t evil (or necessarily a black art) in itself.  That is entirely dependent upon the wielders of the magic cum technology.  Greedy, sociopathic, narcissist, hate-filled people designing and using technology will spread mayhem and destruction in its wake.  Of that there can be no doubt. 

Here’s a question: can well-meaning magicians wield this magic to do good?  I suppose it depends on individual power and motive.  Medical science has gone to the dark side: can a doctor do good when working within that reality or established  order (or should I say disorder)?  Can he prescribe poisonous or addictive drugs, or give profit-motivated advice to  grind more “patients” through his clinic in one day, and still claim to be a healer?  Some will say yes, some no.  And that’s the problem: where’s the needed assurance?  

So, if technology is a form of morphed magic, what can we deduce from that knowledge?

We know, or certainly we should know, that magic requires balance.  When magic is thrown out of balance, as we’ve seen time and again through history, we’ve reaped plagues, wars, famines, revolutions, bloody religious intolerance, pogroms, genocides and even natural catastrophes.  Put simply, magic has consequences.   

Therefore, since our technology is completely out of sync with the natural order of things, and man (the species) itself gone off the rails in choosing to live an artificial lifestyle totally dependent upon this out-of-balance technology, what else can we expect but consequences to follow?  Life magic will go as far as nature or the environment allows and it will suddenly and inexorably sweep back its arm and nothing that man does (or doesn’t do) will matter an iota.

I think we are now seeing the beginning of that sweep-back through climate change.  It’s interesting how two forces have synced to create this condition.  At first it was called global warming and it was unilaterally blamed on man’s use of fossil fuels.  As it was analyzed by scientists and observers globally, the consensus swung and it was believed then that the phenomenon had two causes: natural, as in a cyclical planetary climate change combined with anthropocentric pollution.  No longer just global warming but global climate upset.  Whatever it’s called, what is experienced world-wide is an upset in climate patterns we had become used to.  We have entered the crucible of a pull-back state of change: black magic on its way to changing back into white magic. 

Man’s use of black magic though technology (and in that let’s be sure we include all the black arts of war from the days of the sword, spear, bow and arrow to nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction, as we must include the black arts of soil control technology, from ox-drawn plows to pesticides, herbicides and GMO crops) has had countless effects on the environment.  Some of that black magic, beyond extraction and burning of fuels includes radiation from nuclear power plants, nuclear powered ships, submarines and dirty nukes in war, and from their ubiquitous wastes.  Some take the form of destruction of forests as they are stripped for lumber to expose thin soils that can only grow crops with liberal doses of chemicals: fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  Coal mining.  Crude and tar sands oil; fracking.  Deadly side effects of these are poisonous run offs into open and underground water systems which eventually poison all the waters of the planet, not just some: all of them.  No one is immune from this systematic poisoning of the world’s waters.  One disaster alone, Fukushima, may result in the death of the Pacific ocean, and check this out:

Then there’s the hardly-ever mentioned toll of pollution from endless warring. That’s a level of pollution that carries such a high level of moral and spiritual destruction the obdurate homo sapiens species may well terminate itself upon its altar.  

Black magic, all of that.  Black magic brings entropy and chaos.  As the pressure of chaos from change is increasingly felt, will the black magicians stop and allow nature to balance itself?  Not a chance.  Black mages never “come back” once they’re trapped by their own evil powers.  They can only push that much harder to maintain their own version of balance of terror, which is no balance at all. 

We think we understand “balance of terror.”   We’ve felt it during the so-called Cold War between the two empires: the USA versus the USSR or if you prefer, Fascist Capitalism versus Communist Capitalism.  When the USSR magicians lowered their shields it wasn’t to end the terror but to confuse; to blind the black mages of America into believing they were the last remaining ones on the planet; that they had all the magic; that they could roam the planet, oppress, extort, kill at will with no one left to oppose them.  But that USSR black magic only morphed from a mighty single empire or head into many lesser bodies, many lesser heads like the legendary Hydra.  By now USA black mages know they were outfoxed because of their blind greed but they can no longer back out of their relentlessly expanding wars. They’ve gone to the mattresses in a last-ditch effort to hold on to a power they can no longer either control or pay for.   

Thanks to modern thinking: the denial of magic and denigration of mythology as having any “real” significance in history, there is no Hercules to slay the Hydra.  That modern day Hydra will defeat the last black magic empire, and only after the necessary destruction has taken place will a hero arise to finally crush the Hydra’s power and cleanse the world with her passing.  Only then, after billions have died in horrible conditions; after all this modern black arts technology is destroyed, will Magic re-awaken on earth and balance the scales, as it is meant to be. 

Then… “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6 – the Hebrew scriptures)

You might be tempted to ask: who will be that hero?  And to that there can only be one answer: you, of course.


11 thoughts on “Is Technology just a Local Phenomenon in the Realm of Magic?

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  2. We come from dreams ~

    It occurred to me many years ago that we substituted “atoms” for “gods” in attempting to explain the universe to ourselves.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      That makes so much sense… and they’re still at it, searching for that ultimate source of power, now more alchemy than science, and the wheel, it turns and turns and before we know it they’ll be wearing the black robes again…


  3. The Burning Blogger Of Bedlam

    Really good article – it’s got me thinking. It’s also made me want to dig out my Willow VHS tape and watch it again – I’ve never heard anyone reference that film in my whole life until now.


  4. adamspiritualwarrior

    Very interesting: is he saying there are different dimensions between different American states?
    Mar C‏
    Follow Follow @MarC46706930
    @aug_tellez I travel between CA and AZ quite often. The border is weird, the sky and desert change, the mountains are crazy, and the vibes between the two are palpably different. You’ve mentioned, briefly, in the past about why this is so. I’m hoping it is time to share more. 7:31 PM – 14 Feb 2018

    Aug Tellez
    Feb 14
    Replying to @MarC46706930
    Different dimension timeshares. Run by secret groups with advanced technology.


  5. adamspiritualwarrior

    I’m truly astounded here! What could be the implications of this? Which side is healthier to be in?
    The right hand side seems more yang compressed, the left seems more expanded yin
    But I’m truly astounded by this today. Ive taken another Red Pill.
    This is no optical illusion. No camera tricks. Visitors shrink and grow as they change places on a level platform. Fun at Montana Vortex!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey Adam, you might want to ease off on the red pills; you might start seeing several rabbit holes shooting off ever which way! You’ll be hearing “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date” then go chasing off looking for a date tree… 😀


      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        True! I want a calm happy peaceful life Too many Red Pills aren’t good for health Shatara I realise this now.


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