Death, Mind and Collective Brainwashing

   [thoughts from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

Let’s begin with death.  “What is death?”  Perhaps that is not quite the right question to ask.  Perhaps a better question would be, “What is it that dies?”

If you reduce any collective entity to its individual components – to its particles of light, of energy, does it still die?  What if the “memory” of the entity that “died” was now carried by its scattered particles?  Hopefully I’ll get to that when discussing the concept of mind.

Death is a coming apart of a collective.  Therefore only a collective can experience death.  Death is the scattering of the individual parts of any collective.  As long as collectives have the power to call individual particles to themselves to feed themselves, they can overcome some the effects of time, the erosion that time imposes on everything it controls.  When its individual components can no longer supply its growing needs for converted energy, it begins to disintegrate at an increasing rate.  It literally dissolves.  That’s called entropy.  It’s also called “limits to growth” where a collective has surpassed the capacity of its environment to keep it alive.  Many believe now, or can see, that man has reached this point on this planet.

Perhaps I could think of entropic process as life’s sluice gate, to flush out overgrown and destructive collectives, from universes (the largest we can “know”) and down to our own bodies and smaller so the greater (cosmic) process can develop as life intends or so individuals can regain the freedom lost to collectives.  Individuals seek freedom.  Conversely collectives seek to constrain, to gather, to bring together in order to control, then to squeeze life from individual particles.  In the great chess game played by collectives, they’re forever competing against each other and enslaving (called mergers) of other entities to “grow” the more powerful one. 

Time, the bane of collectives, cannot control individual particles.  Time cannot destroy or kill individual particles because these belong to life’s canvas of infinity.  Death is the effect, the poison, of time upon collectives.  That’s as simple as I can explain it to myself.  (I am speaking here of the “time death” which is as artificial as time itself, affecting only collectives, not of natural death which is a fusing, transferring and reshaping through what I’d call the energetic flow, or flow of free energy.  I sometimes think of it as re-formatting.  That’s not death as such, just transformation.  A collectively-minded entity will see it as death but a free entity will see it as a simple metamorphosis.) 

There is another aspect that is not affected by time, and is also infinite and that is – mind.  I believe everything is of mind and has a mind because everything through its individual members (particles) belongs to infinity, not to the realm of time.  As well, no collective can exist without a mind.  Collectives are self-aware to some degree, therefore not mindless.  But the mind of the collective does not belong to it, nor does it emerge from it.  The collective must somehow trap existing minds in order to claim legitimacy. Any collective of necessity it seems, can only have an artificial “mind” made up of individual minds it has enslaved to do its bidding.   Therefore all collectives are predatory by nature.

Speaking of collectives, let’s consider the city. What is a city?  What purpose does it serve?  How does it not only remain together but grow? What feeds it the energy it needs to function?  A city is a complete contradiction on a world such as this.  This is a lush, natural world that calls for nature to express itself in the most wonderful and luxurious ways, both exotic and erotic in its freedom.  But man for the most part has never made the effort to understand the nature of earth; never fell in love with it so as to go and live within it, unconstrained and free.  In fact man declared long ago, from the appearance of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, that nature was his enemy.  His “creator gods” commanded man to extend his rule over nature and subdue “her.” 

So a dark, destructive, hate filled, murderous mind entered man’s collective thought and one of the results was the building of fortified cities which, being fed with enough human fodder have proliferated into megalopolises.  Do these collectives serve humanity, or the elites?  Well, just look at how the buildings grow, and who lives and operates in which: there’s your answer. 

In the Hebrew sacred books we read that Cain, the first son of the first parents Adam and Eve, after murdering his brother in a fit of jealousy was “marked” by God so he would never be molested for his crime.  Follow this if you will: Cain goes off to the land of “Nod” and builds a city. 

Three things stand out:

ONE:  The very first ruler of man was a murderer. 
TWO: He becomes the first of the elites to be declared unaccountable for his crimes – by none other than God. 
THREE:  He builds a city, symbol of power over and against. 

The die for humanity’s future is cast as in a divine forge.  The pattern is set and indestructible – the forging of the ring of power that would rule all in the darkness of a dark mind, but who’s the Lord of the Ring of power?  What’s behind the collective that keeps all forces of subversion, corruption, oppression and suppression so well fed and immune from judgment regardless of the terrible conditions it causes to exist in man’s world?  

As we readily can see today, the collective mind that rules humanity on Earth, or Earthians as “my people” call them, is corrupt and evil.  It is anti-life, thus explicably misogynist, and totalitarian in nature.  How it gains its power is by ensnaring individual minds to do its bidding.  It is made up of individual enslaved minds that serve the collective in the belief that an individual “has no chance” or “can’t make change” and therefore must “belong” to some form of ruling mind collective. 

I just read an article by a blogger who rants against Donald Trump, fears him, hates him, excoriates him (which is fine by me, don’t get me wrong on that!) but closes by lambasting “third choice” voters.  She says, if you vote for Jill Stein you are giving your vote to Donald Trump and it will be your fault if he gets in the White House.  So you have to give your allegiance to one of two utterly Matrix-chosen despicable characters, by closing your own mind and believing against all evidence to the contrary that Hillary Clinton is a better choice for POTUS than the Donald.  In other words, here’s another slave of the collective that says, don’t you dare exercise a free vote – we’ll blame you if things don’t go our way; it will be your fault for exercising your “conscience” vote.  Such thinking ensures that the Matrix pawns always win when “popular” choice might just make a difference.  

Earthian minds, through fear, hatred, and brainwashing from the crib on up, have been, and are, enslaved to a murderous belief system.  Few are those left who understand the real concept of freedom of choice, decision making, and how to respond in self-empowerment to any and all conditions extant.  The first thing an Earthian mind does when confronted with a problem is seek for a problem solver, in that’s where the Matrix holds all the cards. 

Problem solvers, though a dime a dozen, as prolific as garbage, are very, very expensive.  Doctors and hospitals, lawyers, insurance companies, politicians, bankers, police, shrinks, security guards, educational systems, prisons, counsellors, egotistical academics, the military, corporate CEO’s and their research scientists, lamestream media and its herds of presstitutes in short skirts and fancy suits and the M-Billionaires who speak for God.  Got money? No? Well, we’ll mortgage your life and give you a solution to your problem.  

YOU (pointing a carefully manicured finger in your face) cannot, EVER, seek that solution without coming to us.  Any solution you try to apply on your own, whether it’s eating natural foods or smoking a joint, we’ll declare illegal.  We’ll hunt down the source of your freedom and destroy it.  We’ll search your homes and fridges for illegal substances and imprison you when we find it, and if we don’t like you, and we can’t find evidence to jail you, we’ll plant it, drug you so you won’t remember, and you WILL go to jail.  You get me, sweetheart?

Why collectives are evil, why they always die: difficult concepts to mull through.  Even more difficult to share with other intelligence.  But in these times, such thoughts could prove salutary.  Our “System” or collectives are, after all, dissolving before our very eyes…


All truths are within us and for these truths we seek within ourselves (The One Tree – Stephen Donaldson)

“The coming years will prove increasingly cynical and cruel. People will definitely not slip into oblivion while hugging each other. The final stages in the life of humanity will be marked by the monstrous war of all against all: the amount of suffering will be maximal.  Pentti LinkolaCan Life Prevail?

“Bring back normal, get our cable TV back no matter the cost, nuke whoever you have to, just give us our lives back!”  You have to see the end of all this taking shape, I know you do.  Putin attacked no one.  Muslims are not the problem.  Neither Republicanism nor Democratic stoicism will defend us from ourselves.  Mediocrity cannot rule, but in the 21st century it can obliterate us all.  I leave you with the root of our collective demise, the reason Obama or Clinton or Trump types enthrall the masses so:  “Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)  Phil Butler is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity.  In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite.  (Paul Gauguin)

I believe in the power of the imagination to remake the world, to release the truth within us, to hold back the night, to transcend death, to charm motorways, to ingratiate ourselves with birds, to enlist the confidences of madmen. ― J.G. Ballard, from “What I Believe.” Originally published in the French magazine Science Fiction, January 1984.

There is a certain clinical satisfaction in seeing just how bad things can get. —  Sylvia Plath

20 thoughts on “Death, Mind and Collective Brainwashing

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you. It was unusually challenging to put together in a semi-coherent fashion. Unlike most of my essays which are “on the spot” thoughts, this one began over a year ago and got added to bit by bit as the thoughts clarified in my mind. Glad it made sense for you.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. my valiant soul

        Really?This began over a year ago?Well a great dedication can been seen indeed!


  1. sherazade

    I tuoi articoli anche se tradotti (very bad) sono difficili da seguire!
    Credo anche io in sintesi che la memoria collettiva ci sopravviva anche negli oggetti!
    Perfetto il pensiero fi Ballard : nn di può sopravvivere senza la fantasia che ci libera da ogni catena.
    Ciao amica bella 😊


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Speravo si potesse leggere l’inglese, ma grazie mille per la lettura. Lo so, è difficile il contrario troppo! (and really hoping the translation is good enough. I thank you again.)


  2. We come from dreams ~

    Sara Jane in reply ~

    As one of the two dead people from “We come from dreams,” everything that you’ve written about collectives versus free individuals is true from where I am. In my day, the Catholic Church held supreme sway in the West, and virtually everyone on the proletarian level sincerely believed that, no matter how “good” they were, they were going to go to Hell when they died – unless, of course, one was able to persuade one of the “Higher-Ups” such as Jesus, Mary, one of the thousands of Saints to intervene on your behalf with the Old Guy with the Beard. Still, according to what we were told then (in the 14th century CE), you had no guarantee of escaping the Eternal Barbecue / Toaster in the Underworld. Like my fellow-spook Ceannt, we died quickly and there was really little time to “prepare” us for our departure. I died very quickly from the Cholera, Ceannt succumbed very quickly to Sudden Rampant Leukemia. In my case my mother put me to bed because I had a fever and had had diarrhea. Six hours later I was over here. There was no time for my parents to realize that I had the cholera and then to call the priest, who would give me Last Rites. Similarly, Ceannt told me that he’d developed a really bad migraine one afternoon and that he went to sleep waiting for his mother to pick him up from school and woke up dead. For the both of us it was an eye-opener. No God, no Devil; the ability to be anywhere instantaneously; and as a general rule, to be invisible or otherwise non-noticeable to the majority of living people. It’s the second point, non-noticeability, that I’d like to enlarge upon for a moment.

    If you’ve ever had a dog or a cat, sooner or later Fido or Tabby are going to encounter a mirror. Their reactions are nigh-universal. There’s a momentary WTF? at seeing another creature like your self RIGHT THERE, but then, they’ll invariably walk away. Why? It’s a biological difference between them and us. Human perception is ruled over by sight. “Seeing is believing.” Thus if you see another person, a UFO or an oncoming train, you have no doubt that it’s there. But for dogs, cats and quite a number of other creatures, it is their sense of smell which is the final arbitor of reality. If the dog’s nose doesn’t detect a smell from the dog in the mirror, that dog is simply not there. It’s technically not invisible, because although the nose declared “not there,” the eyes did record “it’s there.” The information from the eyes becomes irrelevant and thereby is not noticed. For the most part, dead people aren’t noticed by the living. That which remains of us is visible in the ultra-high reaches of the light spectrum, but the retinas of most living humans do not register these areas of light. There is an exception, however: we are often visible in people’s peripheral vision, because the light cones of the retina which are developed to catch the ultra-violet and higher frequencies of light are off from the center of the retina.

    There’s a lot more that I could say and would like to say. I’m going to put that off for now because I’d like to read your response. You’ve proven to be a great person with whom I can really have a CONVERSATION! ❤


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hello Sara Jane, it’s really, REALLY wonderful to have you haunt my blog… 🙂 Hope that joke doesn’t offend, I’ve done a bit of “haunting” myself over time. I appreciate, first of all, your corroboration re: collectives versus free individuals. It took me a long time to put these “remembrances” into a quasi-coherent essay, then to dare post it. But there are thinking people on Word Press and the ideas were well received. So thank you.

      As for part 2, visibility, I think it honest on my part to say I know what you are explaining is true. I’ve “seen” non-physical entities all my life, usually though not always, as a fleeting image of someone indeed from the corner of the eye, and when I turned to look at the intruder or image, I could see the image go black, then fade as if it turned and walked off stage, behind a dark curtain – then everything is back to “normal” or as the physical system senses it to be. On some occasions, as in the case of a brown dwarf (OK, no pun intended, I should say brown skinned dwarf) who appeared squatting on the front of my kayak late one afternoon, looked at me quizzically, as no doubt I was looking at him, for a few seconds, then faded off. But in the case of “the Teachers” these were able to manifest themselves fully, freely and gave me much time for interaction, getting to know them and some points on how to receive future instructions and dreams from them. Then there are the Watchers. Those have appeared to me all my life, usually disguised as clumps of tall grasses waving in the wind; particularly shaped bushes (usually willows – on of them even giving me the interesting name of “Erin, or as I learned later actually spelled Airn, Willowitch), burnt and charred remnants of trees in the higher mountains where I’ve gone on extended hikes and climbs, and on the River, an endless array of forms in driftwood. These silent, brooding characters used to frighten me as a child, and even as a teen. I didn’t want to believe they were real and alive and watching me, but I never – not ever! – challenged them. I let them be and as I got older, and maybe wiser, I realized they were part of what gave me my “prophetic” awareness. I think their purpose was to help me change from my Matrix systemic beliefs into a broader mindset that eventually pushed itself out of Earthian belief systems into a cosmic awareness – to say “understanding” would be grossly overstating it – so that I could make sense of the growing distance between my thoughts and those of my peers. I no longer have peers and for me that’s a good thing.

      About that mirror thing. Interestingly not all animals react to their mirror image as you point out. A turkey gobbler will go absolutely crazy over its mirror image – I’ve tested that, and I just saw a video (no link kept) about a young gorilla seeing itself in a mirror. He was quite confused, did the chest pounding, the “talking” to the image, walking away, turning and watching himself walking back towards himself, more chest pounding. If memory serves I think that he lost interest when another real gorilla showed up. I wonder what a truly primitive Earthian would have done when confronted with a mirror? Obviously being familiar with one’s reflection in a stream, as a turkey or gorilla would be, isn’t the same thing. Perhaps the mirror being upright? Anyway, interesting observations. I suppose there is a plethora of reasons why “dead” people would not want to be seen by the “living” – one of them being some strict rules perhaps, like a prime directive sort of thing? And if the “dead” do not wish to be seen I suppose they have the power to remain invisible? I remember some years after my mum committed suicide she finally “reached” me, calling my name and in that moment, as in an instantaneous thought-form, letting me know that she was quite alright. There was no mistaking her voice. But although I tried, I saw nothing.

      Fascinating conversation. Come and talk all you want, this is right up my alley, and if you think you have something that may surprise or shock me, I don’t care: tell it the way YOU see it, I’ll understand, or if not, I’ll accept in any case. Thank you, Sara Jane.


      1. We come from dreams ~

        Your two examples of the turkey gobbler and the gorilla make perfect sense according to what I know of ethological research. As far as is known, no bird has a “usable” sense of smell; and any primate close enough to us genetically (chimps, bonobos and gorillas) are “sight-primary,” to coin a term. Sometimes this “hierarchy” of our senses is illustrated in dreams. Most dreams have visual content, but in many casual conversations that we’ve had with people over the years there are a very few in which sight is absent, replaced most often by touch, sound and very rarely, smell or taste. Touch is important to Ceannt and myself for obvious reasons LOL!

        Many people experience the “post-mortem visitation” phenomenon. My mother did. And it was just a couple of months ago that Ceannt believes that he finally was able to say goodbye to his mother. Actually, those first minutes or hours after death can be very traumatic. Very few people actually notice the transition, the main exception being those who drown. When you are too far underwater to make the surface, there is only so long that you can hold your breath, and then the lungs explode. Very painful, according to the two guys here who did drown; but it’s immediately obvious that your dead. For the rest of us, everything seems fine until we see our bodies laying in bed (or something similar, like still stuck in a wrecked car). Then it’s OMFG I MUST BE DEAD HAAALP!! Being able to reach out to someone like I did with my mother was as comforting to me as it was to her. Afterward for me there was a “sorting-out” period. One of the people whom I visited right after my mother was our parish priest, who was quite busy with an altar boy. This was the guy who thundered about we girls remaining chaste OR ELSE expect Hellfire. I’d thought that he might be able to explain things to me. What I saw was explanation enough and I caused him to experience something quite like hot coals in his lower regions. I didn’t know that I had that ability, it just jumped out of me. Took me a while to rein it in. There are times in which we very much would like to be noticed, say, when a dead mother tries to warn her child of an impending calamity – oncoming train, guy hiding in an alley with a knife. There is enough anecdotal evidence for this in the archives of the British SPR and the ASPR. We have no real “prime directives” hardwired into our ectoplasmic DNA as far as I know. It’s business as usual, but from a different aspect. Further, I don’t buy into the older models of reality which posit “other dmensions” or “higher planes.” If there are such things, they’re part of a larger universe, shall I emphasize as “uni-verse.” The older model is actually based upon an ancient mathematical-cum-philosophical idea known as Neo-Pythagoreanism; Roy’s the expert on that sort of thing, but a prime example is a 3rd century teacher named Iamblichus, who apparently was a genuine miracle worker.

        Roy is able to experience us directly in an OOB state, which by now is second nature to him. One minute he’s going about his business and in the next we’re with each other here. I just asked him if he ever gets confused about “where” he is and he said “No!” with a laugh. I’m conjecturing that perhaps your Teachers appear / manifest in something similar?


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for the explanations. Jumping to the last lines, yes I’d say my interaction with “the Teachers” when they happened (they got done with me about 10 years ago so I could go on practicing the teachings) would be of a similar vein: all of a sudden, there he, or she, is. Sometimes when I was driving they’d just casually sit in the passenger seat and we’d have a normal conversation. It’s funny that for an avid kayaker with limited swimming abilities and never able to stand a life jacket I still shudder at the thought of drowning. Come close a few times and since I do all my paddling in wild areas, no one else around and always alone… hmm… somebody must be watching over me, or else I’m incredibly lucky or careful without being aware of it. No, drowning would not be my choice of death but it’s a high possibility nevertheless. The Fraser has powerful and wild currents, ever changing, whirlpools and eddies a constant factor. Still, it’s a kind of addiction perhaps, or a strange love. Maybe just the idea that it’s the only way to really get away from people. Suddenly you look around and you see miles of flat sand and gravel bars, water channels, trees and bushes, grasses and scouring rushes… and the calls of gulls – no Earthians!!! That’s when the mind opens up to fresh thoughts and ideas. Thanks again for dropping by, don’t mean to take up all your time. It’s so good to make friends with expanded consciousness!!!


      3. We come from dreams ~

        Meant to add, none of us are or could be offended by “ghost” jokes. Roy is the one who started calling us “spooks” and we thought it was hilarious. It got even funnier when he called me “Little Spook” because of my height. I’m 4’10.”


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Oh boy… hehehehe… you’re the same height as my mother was! But not to worry, I think short people are cute!


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