Who Am I? A Life Or A Matter In It?

From one observer to another, this had to appear on ~burning woman~ This is for those who use observation (looking out) and introspection (looking within) to define themselves, as who they are compared to who they’d rather be.

An Obvious Oblivion Blog

I observe things. The people, places, situations, nights and the words. I observe. I deduct. I react. I do my ownjudgement. I observe the way a person folds his arms, way his eyebrows bend or the lips twitch. The way a person puts on his shirt, folds the sleeves. The way a person retains the Universe, the stars and the constellation in his eyes.

I read. I learn things from them. A person whom you havecasuallymet for the first time and he holds the door open for you. I learn the kindness and courtesy from them.

A person you are interacting with, for the first time, opens up and tells you every dark and bright tales of their life. I learn honesty and trust at first sight from them.

A person who keeps calm when I am over-reacting. I learn from them the value of a relationship.

Small gestures: They…

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4 thoughts on “Who Am I? A Life Or A Matter In It?

  1. Phil Huston

    I usually have difficulty with ESL writers, but that was without contrivance. Which speaks louder than any language skill or deft word wrangling.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I know what you mean (assuming English as your mother tongue) but, as an ESL’er myself, I remember well the difficulties of translating my language into English when so much is idiomatic and does not/cannot translate directly. So I make “huge” allowances for people from the East who go to the trouble of learning to write English so they can communicate with Westerners. Wish we made the effort to reciprocate in kind. I’ve been using “The Translator” as much as I can to try to understand what is being expressed. It’s not perfect, but it’s helpful. All to say, I appreciate your acceptance of this writer’s effort. Thank you.

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