[thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]
“Being human is the struggle to bring meaning into a universe where order and chaos normally create meaningless patterns that resemble a balance.” (The Chaos Balance – L. Modesitt Jr.)

Perhaps that is why the “human spirit” has spread so rapidly throughout this universe, why we find so many “humanoid” type beings everywhere. Fulfilling a need to quickly put meaning where none existed.
Despite the claims of the Bible (many have no use for that book, but it is not the book’s fault, but those who misuse, misquote and totally misinterpret it) it seems logical that “creation” came on a whim and that much of what we now take for granted is simply the result of intelligence dis-incarnate, then incarnate, riding the wild winds of creation, inventing the concepts of time and space to mold this effusion of madness into some form of order.

And there’s the rub, for all of us. How much order can we infuse in the cosmos before it is destroyed? Certainly, in its wild chaotic form it is of little use for the likes of us. It does require some taming. But when and where do we stop taming it? How do we recognize the point of no return; the death factor known as entropy?

We are order-makers. That is what we are, and we do what we are. What happened to those who were supposed to channel our energy and keep us from “over-ordering” the created realms? Possibly they were seduced by our inordinate success and became enamored of order as well. Now indistinguishable from us, and equally powerless to change. We are, therefore, alone, having absorbed our creators within our innate selfishness. 
By endlessly seeking to put order into everything, we limit everything, including our own thinking, particularly that part we call imagination. We see the future as the faceless enemy to be conquered. Conditioned as we are to face the forces of chaos and tame them, we expect nothing but chaos to flow to us from the future. And we stand ready to tame it. By whatever means.

Those of earth are as trapped warriors who have conquered every known land and are sweeping over the world looking for some enclave, some valley, some mountain top that they haven’t yet subdued and brought under their rule. When they do not find it, they fear that their purpose may be at an end. In desperation, they turn upon their own works and re-create chaos so they will have something to do. But the chaos they create is artificial: it is mayhem, not purposeful chaos.  Its nature is entropic and entropy is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. 
By some twist of “fate” (I do not believe in fate, but what better way to put this?) Earthian humanity has evolved to this point of despair without the means to leave this planet. Billions of beings all over this world basically unable to fulfill their mandate and no one around to re-program them to do something else.
It seems that “God” (whomever that be) has abandoned man to his own devices after he so dedicatedly fulfilled his Genesis mandate to “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every creature that moves on the ground.” (Gen. 1:28)

Earthian humanity has arrived where it has because of an old covenant, a programming in their DNA that gave them their single-minded devotion to conquer and subdue. But what happens after that is done? If the program keeps running, if the switch isn’t turned “off” inevitably exploitation and oppression must follow.  Endless warfare. 
Perhaps it had been hoped that Earthian humanity would be able to change itself. But as long as resources were plentiful and there was no one to give account to for criminal activity, there was no reason to change. Thus the prayer of the Possum Lodge came into being: “We are men. We can change. If we have to.”  And… they did not have to, so instead of changing, the rulers of man chose to become increasingly conservative (order-driven – not the same as orderly) in their thinking. Which led to more oppression and internecine warfare. Men against women. Brothers against brothers. Children against parents. Race against race. Rich against poor.  Man against nature. 
Despite these moral and mental disabilities Earthians increase in numbers against all odds. Thanks to technology, though it is strictly speaking but a convenience that speeds oppression and feeds greed, most Earthians are kept alive because large numbers still serve some purpose. But obviously and increasing technology is being controlled to serve the elites. Costs are rising. Resources dwindling. Soon we will repeat the mistakes of the Dwarves of Moria (cf., Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien) delving too deep and too greedily. We will awaken the fire demon, the Balrog, the black soul of man. With no Gandalf to defeat it, it will come out in the open and lay the surface to ashes.  
Predictably, back to primordial chaos. And the earth human “experiment” will end. Will any survive? Perhaps, but not as we know them today. Everything will change. Everything. The old will not even be remembered by the remnants who will be neither human nor animal but a re-combination of both—the humanimal. Will that be an evolution, or a plunge into horror beyond anything writers of horror fiction have been able to imagine?  


  1. Phil Huston

    “Actual life is full of false clues and signposts that lead nowhere.”
    EM Forster
    So even as we write we seek to impose order on the chaos of our experience….


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Phil. Yes, I suppose, like sorting through stuff, what to keep, what to give away, what to send to the dump! 🙂


  2. Maria Wind Talker

    Powerful post!
    I love how you seem to echo my thinking a lot of the time. I just had a conversation with my friend in Canada about who will survive if anyone and would they have to be evolved humans, i.e. beyond our current version.

    Whatever happens, I hope the end is quick as we have suffered through life enough without the end being painfully dragged out too.

    Blessings to you ❤


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Time’s a funny thing. As Einstein observed, an hour spent sitting on a bench with one’s lover will seem like a minute; a second with your hand pressed to a hot stove burner will seem like an hour… all relative. To an earth-bound person, painful times last a long time; to a mind/spirit being walking between worlds and living cosmically, an Earthian lifetime is short – precious but short. A cosmic being passes through its various “lives” developing its consciousness by setting purposes for a life time. Best of course is the unattainable, that way life becomes focused and fascinating. Every moment has to count, it’s in a sense a mental “Olympic” training. “Death” ends a training session, brings on a break, then on to the next level. What will man’s future be like? That is entirely dependent upon what “man” wants, because what such a numerous and powerful grouping collectively pushes for, it will bring it about – inevitable.

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  3. Robert A. Vella

    >>> “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every creature that moves on the ground.” (Gen. 1:28)

    I can think of no other credo so arrogantly wrongheaded, but it should serve well as our epitaph.


  4. We come from dreams ~

    Our turn, I guess. Although by nature we here are optimists (surviving death does that to ya) we’re not all that optimistic about the future of this poor ole planet of ours. No Jesus or Mohammad or Buddha or Kalki to set things right at the last minute, no friendly aliens to rescue us from our own stupidity. Hell, any sensible aliens would see as a a potential crop of slaves. (there’s a short sci-fi on You Tube about just that)

    There’s one thing that may be in our favor. Order, by nature, emerges from chaos. Of course, for those who embrace chaos as the natural order of things – where order doesn’t emerge from chaos – would be in for a rude shock. To be transformed means to be destroyed as what a thing (or person) is and to be organized into something totally Other. Physical death is one such re-organization. The trick here is – will you remember who and what you were? Not for nothing, the ancient Greeks believed that at death, we were plunged into the river Lethe, where our memories of our Earth lives were washed clean away. Was there a work-around? Sure thing. If you were innocent, you’d remember. Innocent? Yeah. Meaning, if you didn’t embrace the evil of the Matrix as the true and only reality. In your terms, Sha’Tara, if you were compassion.

    This is fine for the innocent. But we doubt very much that there would be an Earth upon which to live.


  5. Woebegone but Hopeful

    You are quite right about the overview of The Bible. Folk in their arrogant urge to prove themselves superior on either side of the argument will insist on taking the literal English interpretation of a collection of works that stretch over centuries and are written in numerous styles for numerous reasons and which have undergone many translations. The meanings are to be reached after a long study, much thought AND an honest evaluation of oneself…. but maybe that’s too much work for some folk (on either side of the argument)…OK first rant of the morning done….

    The universe is 14 billion light year old/sized….at least by current scientific perceptions. As I see it (there might be a pun there, sorry ’bout that), that’s a lot to take in, particularly when you have to take into account the Massive in the form of Galaxies to the magnificently Small in the Quark.
    And thus there is the great quote from H G Wells Shape of Things To Come (well the film anyway)….
    “But for Man, no rest and no ending. He must go on, conquest beyond conquest. First this little planet with its winds and ways, and then all the laws of mind and matter that restrain him. Then the planets about him and at last out across immensity to the stars. And when he has conquered all the deeps of space and all the mysteries of time, still he will be beginning.”

    Time, Space, and the aspects we don’t understand….I just love the whole thing!!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Great comment. Space, that “final frontier” is quite fascinating. Makes a great backdrop against which to project one little planet’s woes. (Off the cuff remark to myself: does God even remember ever having created earth? Would that be like remembering a particularly annoying pebble in one’s shoe while walking to the bus stop twenty years ago?)

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I find the Quantum approach fascinating….wish I could understand it.
        On the question of does God know, I believe…’Yes’, and then we get into the whole concept of trying to even come close to explaining God….Anndddd we’re back with Quantum again!
        All fits together quite neatly for me, but we are all trying to try come to grips with concepts so massive and embracing.
        Kind of puts the ego-trips of some folk in the media into perspective doesn’t it? 😉
        Take care Sha’Tara..keep the posts coming


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