The Mythology of Science and Technology, Films and Review

A dose of reality never hurts. Here are a few doses, especially for those who remember being mesmerized by the promises and pronouncements of Science, many of which are still being promoted today, telling us how wonderful is a future of Artificial Intelligence-operated everything where man will be the sublimely happy observer of life, never having to think about anything, and certainly never having to get his hands dirty.

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: The Mythology of Science and Technology | The Most Revolutionary Act

Dr. Stuart Bramhall

Nov 4, 2016

Pandora’s Box: A Fable from the Age of Science

Directed by Adam Curtis (1992)

Film Review

Pandora’s Box is Curtis’s first documentary (at least that I can find on YouTube) about the history of perception management, mass indoctrination and collective thought control. His films, a treasure trove of the hidden history that is censored in our schools, offer a unique perspective on the role of government and media in manipulating the way we view ourselves and our relationship with society and the ruling elite.

First appearing on BBC television in 1992, the six-part series explores the collusion between engineers, corporate oligarchs and the public relations industry to hoodwink the industrialized world into believing science and technology would solve all the world’s problems. It was a process that granted a dangerous amount…

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