Global Capitalism: Now What? The Real Economic Issues and the New Government [NOVEMBER 2016] | Democracy at Work

This video is the best lecture I’ve ever “attended” in my life. Professor Richard Wolff (Democracy at Work) makes a one hour and twenty minute presentation seem too short. The best part isn’t the expose of the flaws inherent to capitalism, but that there are solutions to the corporate/banksters/political nightmare the world is currently crushed under; real democratic solutions, not pie in the sky stuff.

JoAnn Chateau

This video is an important lecture from Prof. Richard Wolff on the deterioration of capitalism and the opportunity it creates for Worker Self-Directed Enterprise (WSDE). In it he covers the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election from an economic perspective, global economic news updates, and how the history of capitalism predicts an imminent economic downturn.

Wolff’s lectures are always around 1.5 hours long, and are always utterly absorbing. Here’s hoping you may have the time to listen.

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7 thoughts on “Global Capitalism: Now What? The Real Economic Issues and the New Government [NOVEMBER 2016] | Democracy at Work

  1. Fijay

    Yeeeeeeey!!! …..a brilliant succinct lecture that EVERYONE should see ….thanks for sharing this ShaTara ….yep it all makes sense ….a HUGE shake up …..sounds like Bernie Sanders was the US version of JC …..the status quo just does not ‘get’ JC ….they’re SERIOUSLY out to get him …we’ll see
    Hmmmmmm am wondering whether could start a CoOp and buy back the Cadbury Cream Egg ….restore its original recipe and size AND sell in the 1/2 dozen as eggs should be ….it was a step too far ShaTara ….a STEP TOO FAR!!! ….the only positive now is that they are so small you can shove one in your mouth whole
    Joking on that one ….but yes ‘get’ it …’ops and social enterprise are the key …..there’s all the internet ‘start ups’ at the mo too ….but again …with that its what are folks motivations?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for watching. Long but worth every minute. I don’t know enough about Jeremy Corbyn to comment on that, except that his initials, JC could be quite portentous… and he may have to pull miracles… and he may also be martyred. Remember your other martyred JC – Jo Cox. But yes, this video does point to some real, positive change that can avert violent revolution, and make no mistake about this, the elites WANT REVOLUTION. It’s what keeps them in power. They are the enemies of logic and common sense. And they are always the enemies of the people, without exception. This includes your precious vampirical monarchy. You need to free yourselves from under their stinking rule: it’s not as benign as you may think.

      1. Fijay

        Yes I KNOW there IS a deliberate stirring up of division ….the classic ‘divide and rule’ …and we ALL know what happens when groups are ‘dehumanised’ …whether that be ordinary working people ( or the working class) by elites on ALL sides of the political spectrum AND media ….Muslims ….Blacks ….Mexicans ….etc

        It’s time for us all to savvy up tho me thinks

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        My personal thoughts here, again based on a life time of observation and a whole lot of reading (and I’m not even mentioning my alien Teachers 🙂 ) As a species, “man” cannot “savvy up.” Just can’t do it. Observation based on my religious experiences: billions of people believe “in” god, yet no one can exactly agree on what, or who, god is. Now to me that’s hugely telling: how can billions agree on a single concept and not understand what that concept is? Of all the “things” that people should of necessity agree on, seems to me that “god” has to be number one. If you’re going to believe IN something that important that billions are on it with you, how can you hold views different than anyone else also imbued with the same belief; a belief supported by the divinity’s own personal spirit, a spirit you say can never be false, or wrong. One spirit that is not false cannot give billions of different, or opposing, views of itself or interpretations of its intent no more than a computer would. If I believed that I’d have to be either a religious person or certifiable. Both? Of course, both. These are untenable positions and yet they are defended, fought over, funded, used and abused all over the planet as if it was totally normal. Same thing happens in politics and economics. Madness and insanity driven by the craziest mind in the universe: man’s. Sure, we can “savvy up” Fijay, but not as collectives that rely on figurehead worship of leadership. That is man’s Achilles’ heel. The leadership is the crutch that slaves rely on for their daily bread.
        The question before us isn’t what else should WE do, but what should I do? The operative world is “I” – a much maligned concept that according to every type of teaching isn’t even supposed to exist. There is no “I” – only the group. “We’re all in this together.” “We’re all team players.” Yes, and so are the pigs, the steers, the cows, the turkeys and chicken in the pens. Yes they definitely are in it together. But the one chicken who finds out she has wings, of sorts, and flops over the fence and escapes in the grass is the only one that survives by not taking the trip to the polls, I mean, to the slaughter house. She’s the stupid one, the bad one, the uncaring one, the chicken! “Run away from the team, why don’t ya! Niyah, niyah, niyah, chicken!”
        I’m talking about the individual, that clownish character that has no right to exist except as a member of a group. The self empowered. The one who can wake up in the morning and say, “Today I Choose Me” and has the courage to allow herself to feel how it feels to have that. The only one who can actually “savvy up.”

  2. polymath0

    Thank you so much for attaching this video. I’ll definitely watch it later, since I’m always attracted to videos and podcasts of this nature. I just finished an audiobook by Mohammed Yunnus, the founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace prize winner. He talks about the missing link in Capitalism, which is social business. In other words, doing some business not simply to maximize profit but also to maximize goodness. It’s a worthy read.


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