The Differences between a Mind Being and a Soul Being

                          [thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

How does a mind being differ from a soul being?  Both are *ISSA type beings.  Both can exist side by side on the same world, in the same dimension, be of the same species.  Both can think, reason, analyze, learn.  Both experience feelings and emotions, engage in what appears to be similar relationships with others.  Both can perform similar tasks, are interchangeable in what they can do.  Where’s the all-important difference? 

There exists a fundamental difference.  The mind being operates on a vibrational or power level not accessible to the soul being.  An evolved mind being is totally self empowered while a soul being can only function in a controlled and controlling environment; as a sycophant, follower, believer, basically as a slave of something it acknowledges and needs to be above itself.  The mind being is perfectly comfortable living in as an individual, without companionship, i.e., friends, lovers, family, groupies, “fellow” members of any number of collectives; without belonging to, or being an associate of.  Conversely the soul being cannot exist without these appurtenances and societal paraphernalia. 

Going deeper into this, the mind being is a free agent.  It doesn’t need to cling to any teaching or doctrine; rule or law.  It “believes all things, believes in nothing.”  Again, and conversely, the life of the soul being is totally circumscribed by what it has been taught.  It operates on the basis of doctrines.  It cannot function without some superior entity making rules and laws for it to follow and obey. 

Perhaps the greatest difference between these two entities is that the mind being, while going along with rules and laws imposed by the rulers of society will do so strictly to fulfill its obligations to that society or to satisfy the physical laws that bind that society together and allow it to function.  Conversely the soul being will obey the rules and laws only if they benefit it as an individual or if it is afraid of getting caught and punished if it does not obey.  Freedom drives the mind being; force and fear drive the soul being.

Let’s use a simple example: the mind being will drive to but seldom exceed the speed limit, not because it couldn’t easily go much faster but because of foremost importance it sets itself up as an example to others.  It also knows the limitations and pitfalls of vehicular states of repair, road conditions, and the vagaries of driver skills in traffic.  The mind being is constantly aware that life in material conditions is a crap shoot but more importantly, being at least partially empathetic it would never be the source of harm or danger for others, nor would it want to be saddled with grief or guilt, two debilitating conditions it could not avoid should it ever be the cause of harm, hurt, pain or loss to another.  Conversely the soul being has no such restraints.  If it causes pain or harm to another it will take a number of possible paths to avoid punishment or prosecution.  It carries insurance and relies on it.  If it is found at fault it will try to deny responsibility by lying and casting blame.  It will play the sympathy card and if that doesn’t work it will seek legal help to “get off.”

The mind being lives in a state of detachment, something the soul being simply cannot comprehend.  The mind being does not entertain special, emotional relationships such as a lover or special partner or special children who must take precedence over the needs of someone else not special.  The mind being chooses not to make that distinction.  This is incomprehensible to the soul being whose entire life is bound up in creating, maintaining, belonging to or denigrating, despising, abusing and breaking  up special relationships of lovers, husband or wife, parents, children, extended family, special groups, fellowships, tribe, race, country, gender.   

Basically it comes down to personal empowerment and integrity.  The mind being lives for, and by, integrity.  It has that personal power allowing it to look at any situation and by applying compassion to it, knowing exactly what is the right thing to do.  Having that built-in integrity, it has no problem following through and doing the right thing.  Further, the mind being is not body centered and exists in a state of willing and chosen servanthood and self-sacrifice.  Conversely such a state of beingness is considered weak or stupid by the average soul being whose modus operandi is primarily predatory self-protection, self-aggrandizement and personal profit at someone or something else’s expense.

Some important questions:  based on the above, which category best exemplifies an evolved human being?  Which do you think your parents, teachers, political and/or religious leaders and superiors, belong to?  Which category of human being would you choose to belong to?  

*ISSA: acronym for Intelligent, Sentient, Self Aware 


15 thoughts on “The Differences between a Mind Being and a Soul Being

  1. sophiaalisaali

    This was an interesting read, I really enjoyed it, it really did make me think deeper , especially with you describing the mind being and soul being, if I was to guess without any explanation I would have assumed the mind definition was what the soul level represented and vice versa. It actually makes a lot of sense now that you’ve explained it. And it perfectly describes people as we are and it does seem like your either one or the other, do you think there’s an in between or possible to change from one to the other?
    Sophia 🙂


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hello Sophia… my blog is as much as possible a “no bullshit” place and my personal writings (apart from fiction and poems) are from personal experiences. I was a soul being and I became a mind being. To once more explain, the “soul” which Earth people (Earthians) generally believe to be their center is an implant all people of earth are given during gestation – so it has been explained to me by “the Teachers” who come from what they call ‘the Nexus’ – from a hidden world. How I became a mind being was by exercising my ISSA (intelligent, sentient, self aware) rights and demanding that my soul implant be removed. As crazy as this appears to Earthians, this is quite within our rights once we know what a soul is. Mine was removed. If you watched the movie, “The Matrix” you saw a somewhat similar operation taking place on the character Neo. If an Earthian discovers the truth of this and does not have the contacts necessary to effect a removal, the programming can be cancelled out. It’s not easy because the “temptation” to revert is always there, but it can be done. Method to mind freedom: choosing to be a self-empowered person in all things. Choosing to live in total integrity. Choosing to interact with all others (people, animals, the world) only through compassion: key-always compassion. Choosing to become a giver, never a taker. Choosing to live as if one’s own physical life was a lesser thing, something that can be given (sacrificed) in service of one’s world because the mind being only needs a physical presence to experience a 3-D (this dimension) life, and to serve others in the 3-D. Some really neat “mantras” my Teachers taught me: “Believe all things, believe in nothing.” Self-explanatory, I think. “Nothing is impossible” which I take in two ways: one, it is impossible to experience nothing, and two, through self-empowerment I can do whatever I set out to do (self-empowerment of course guides me into common sense, so I don’t set out to try ridiculous things…!)
      Going back to the soul being, it’s easy to see why people have so much trouble breaking out of negative patterns in their lives: they are operating under the influence of a very powerful programming that is controlled by entities people don’t even know exist (the Teachers call them “Time Lords” and described their nature to me), but three of them we can easily deduce if we think of the following “trinity” as gods, or powers: Religion, the State or government and of course Money. The programming is such that people are forced to serve one or all three of these powers and people unwittingly give their lives to them, worshiping them, serving them, believing in them to their own detriment and that of their world and all those “others” who share that world with them.
      Is there an in-between place for an individual? I suppose the period of transition, or learning and testing could be called that? I never thought about it, I’m an all or nothing kind of person. For me, something either works as claimed, or it doesn’t and if it fails in some way, I’m out of there! (Hope this helps clarify what I meant in that article, and thanks for your query. And remember, this is supposed to be a discussion blog, so all opinions, thoughts, questions and answers are welcome.)


      1. sophiaalisaali

        This certainly is an interesting way of looking at things. I guess that’s why we’re always told to keep an open mind and not be judgmental of others and their beliefs. We are all human🙂Thanks, for sharing.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you… so sorry I cannot read of write Italian, so wish I could!!!
      [Translator:] Grazie … mi dispiace non riesco a leggere di scrittura italiana, così vorrei poter !!!



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