Blogger’s Swan Song, or Change of Direction?

[thoughts from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

This is for the few who follow, and participate in, this particular blog.

The title isn’t spurious.  I’ve been doing much thinking about blogging in the last while, and questioning my motives for doing so.  I’ve traveled the “blogosphere” in politics, economics, religion, real life stories, news reporting, fiction, poetry, well, just about every category.  And I’ve thrown in quite a few comments on many blogs, many not exactly popular nor politically correct: I have a habit of challenging and questioning, pushing the envelope, see what comes out.  I don’t accept “stuff” easily, due to a long time of experience and observation on this world of “easy believism” and that has paid off many a time.

Bluntly, I’m tired of reading about “stuff” I already know about, some since I was a teenager (political, medical and banking corruption for example).  I’m tired of reading about global issues I can’t do a thing about, or so little it wouldn’t make an iota of difference even if I gave my life to it.  Off the top: how many people remember Rachel Corrie and Kayla Mueller or why they should be remembered?  I’m tired of reading really great essays, articles and reports on matters I know can only be dealt with by those “in power” and knowing that it is those very people who are the prime movers of the disparity, injustice, oppression, exploitation, environmental destruction that the articles are addressing.  I’m tired of the usual false hope and cautions included “de rigueur” at the end of almost all of them, such as, “the youth are waking up” or “we’re all in this together and we can solve this” or “we better do something soon before it is too late.”

If I decide to continue blogging, I am going to return to my original thought on why I engaged this process.  My idea was that first, the blog being mine, I could express whatever I wanted on it.  And what I wanted was to propose real solutions to what appears to be insolvable, irresolvable and insurmountable social problems of global injustice, war and anthropogenic climate change which affects everyone and everything on this tiny world.  I wanted to address and discuss how people collectively interact with each other, with fellow creatures and their natural environment and propose solutions, or a solution.

I didn’t want to play with tried and failed concepts or solutions.  Anything tried and failed is obviously a non solution.  If it didn’t take before, it won’t take now.  So we need to “source” our particularly Earthian problems to find source solutions.  Then we need to apply those solutions and always remember that any other already experienced “solutions,” if they seem to work, are localized and temporary at best.  We must also remember that the Matrix learned how to defeat such “solutions” in the past and will viciously denounce and effectively attack and neutralize such. We must also remember that apart from the Matrix and its elites, the more vociferous and dangerous enemies of social solutions will be, as always, the slaves of the Matrix, the majority sheeple: the believers, the voters, the patriots.

Yes, the Status Quo, the “System,” the “Matrix,” and its bureaucracies, that power is public enemy number one, regardless of what form it manifests under.

Here are some thoughts my blog was going to address, hopefully discuss:

When you go to vote, or support a particular political party, regardless of what it claims to stand for, you are voting and supporting your enemy, your family’s enemy and your world’s enemy.  There are no exceptions.

When you go to work for a wage, you are empowering your enemy.  There are no exceptions.

When you take out a loan, buy on credit, use a credit card, or take a mortgage, you are paying your enemy to despoil you.  There are no exceptions.

When you go to a church, or a mosque, or a temple, when you pray to, bow down to, kneel to a god or gods, praise them or glorify them or give them credit for your life in some way, you are empowering your archenemies.  There are no exceptions.

The programming that Earthians exist under is quasi-absolute.  Many who escape the clutches of Religion immediately fall into other forms of idolatry such as political ideologies, science and technology, particular philosophies, esoteric ancient or New Age teaching; Darwinism, environmentalism, and hedonism as in the single-minded pursuit of success, health, riches, pleasure.  These are a different sort of idolatry but idolatry nonetheless.  None address the fundamental problem of programming, brainwashing, dependency or reliance on old systems that poisons the Earthian mind.  I have yet to meet one individual who was fundamentally changed by engaging in any of the above.  Repeat: fundamentally changed, i.e., had her/his very nature changed.

It comes down to lifestyle.  To performance.  I have annoyed so many people who have “offered” me solutions to practically everything that doesn’t work by stating: don’t tell me, show me.  Demonstrate.  I want to see it, and I want to participate in your personal engagement to your solution(s) – how much of “you” is in the solution, how little of “you” remains outside of it.  I need to see it work for you, by you.  No assurances, no claims.  I don’t buy pigs in a poke. (Meaning. An offer or deal that is foolishly accepted without being examined first.)

Can’t demonstrate?  Don’t bother with the reams of philosophical and technical reasons why it can’t work “that way” when you claim that it theoretically can.  I’m not interested in excuses any longer.  I’m done with the endless bullshit; with empty feel-good promises.  I don’t care if your particular god is going to save your ass from hell because you say you believe in him or it.  I don’t care if your precious NASA is taking some of you to Mars in the near future, or to the end of the universe for that matter.  I don’t care if you did or did not, ever, make it to the moon; if what the world witnessed on a lying TV system was performed in studios or in low orbit.  I don’t care if you’re about to build the next highest ever skyscraper hotel. I don’t even care if your national debt is in the trillions of dollars or if your entitled youths can’t afford university.  I don’t care if you’re seriously considering blowing yourselves up in a long-expected and hoped for nuclear show down.  If you’re going to do it, do it.  Don’t keep talking about it and titillating yourselves with the idea of spending Christmas at ground zero (and thanks, Weird Al, for that idea.).

All of the above are spurious and detract from the main issue: life on a normal, natural, non-violent, safe, clean world.  That’s what we, as a people, need to not just address, but bring about.  We have the means, we just don’t have the dream, vision, or desire to do it.  We’ll believe any lie by our leaders but we won’t believe what we know to be true for every one of us.

There is a very simple, practical and universal, as well as universally applicable, solution to man’s social problems.  This particular solution (notice I am not putting it in quotes) will – notice that little word: will – guaranteed – end all wars; end all oppression and exploitation of one-another; end all corruption; end every sort of crime imaginable; end lust for violence in race, gender, nation, religion, class.  Most importantly it will end lies.  That is, it will end the brainwashing.  Once people realize they can think for themselves as individuals and make their own decisions, take responsibility for their place in the world, they will change their ways and their world will change accordingly.  All the crap that makes life here unbearable, frightening, scary, horrible, murderous, unsafe and demeaning will turn to fertilizer.

“You” are so close.

The current elitist madness; the need to control national economies; the drive for globalism and totalitarianism world-wide: these are the indication that the Matrix is running scared, out of time and its servants, the elites, are panicking.  Unlike ordinary people you won’t see them in mobs running about the streets setting their stores on fire and killing each other.  You will see them retrenching from the body politic, securing resources behind lines of militarized police and military forces, cutting back on social services through control of governments.  You will see them demanding absolute allegiance from their privileged protectors, smashing the faces of the poor that they find contemptible because they hate and fear them.  They are scared and the more scared they are the more bluster they need to show, the more they need to strut their power, the more blood they need to shed and show to the world.  The Hunger Games, remember that story, you’re now a participant in it.

And, let me repeat this: the solution to all of our problems is simple.  It is the simplest solution anyone could imagine.  Does it work?  Yes.  I know because I’ve tested it and I live by it.  So I know that if it works for me it will work for anyone: I’m as anybody as they come.

What could possibly prevent such a wonderful solution from being lived and applied to current problems by everybody?  I know it isn’t because they aren’t aware of its availability.  It’s because of collective cowardice.  When it comes to confronting their enslaving Powers Earthians are certifiable cowards.  They choose slavery and call it freedom because it lets them exist within controlled enclaves without wearing chains.

They’re afraid of the solution; afraid of its effectiveness; afraid of how it would change everything they believe in and have forced themselves to be comfortable with.  To the average Earthian the solution is more frightening than climate change or the prospect of nuclear war and that makes it the most dangerous revolutionary idea ever.

You know what I’m talking about.  It’s been walking behind you, beside you, sometimes even in front of you, and trying to talk to you since you were born.  And you’ve deliberately ignored it because you have been listening to your programming, to the voice of the Matrix.  That makes you willing agents of the Matrix; accomplices in the destruction of your world, yourselves and your so-called loved ones.  You really, bottom line, don’t care.  You think you do, say you do, but if you did you’d be desperately applying the solution to every aspect of your life, lives.  Why? Because you have nothing else.  Nothing.

So, do I continue blogging, I wonder?  Right now it doesn’t seem important at all.  Right now what seems more important is to look within and make sure that all is well there.


19 thoughts on “Blogger’s Swan Song, or Change of Direction?

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  2. Phil Huston

    Every light in the darkness is a victory. Every kind act, every expression offered with a positive bend is less sewage in the cosmic stream. Railing against the system may be futile and counterproductive. Holding a door for someone with their hands full is not. Experiencing wonder is not. There are enough angry, disoriented people in the world seeking blame for their condition. Personally, I liked your compassionate short stories about the marginalized because it’s the margins people live in. People as individuals with their grief and worries and stories and they’re all important. Money and power can’t by escape from the pain life imparts to us all. Easing that pain, one at a time, is a more noble effort than trying to a change a world structure that is beyond any one person’s control. Don’t quit. Drop some attitude, replace it with a dream. My .02.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: “Every light in the darkness is a victory. Every kind act, every expression offered with a positive bend is less sewage in the cosmic stream. Railing against the system may be futile and counterproductive. Holding a door for someone with their hands full is not. Experiencing wonder is not.”
      There is nothing to add to that. I’m taking the liberty of including this in my collection of very special quotes, if I may?

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  3. We come from dreams ~

    I woke up from a nightmare on your watch. It began when I was eight, some sixty years ago. Until we meet again, my friend.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Roy and co. I’m in wondering mode today – may change to wonderment yet. Quitting is easy, changing direction isn’t.


      1. We come from dreams ~

        Wasn’t it Tolkien who said that “wander is not far from wonder?”
        Sara Jane


  4. franklparker

    Did I miss something? Am I thick or obtuse? You say your solution works for you and it will work for me if I have the courage to adopt it. But you don’t say what it is. I hope you don’t decide to stop sharing your vision with us.
    As I see it, the ‘problem’ can be summed up in two words: ‘other people’. By which I mean that I do not believe there is a single solution. The more of us there are, the less there is to share. Of space, material resources, water, sunlight, clean air. Those are the things people fight over, constantly. In that, we are no different from the animals with whom we share the planet.
    Not to say that I want the whole planet to myself, personal happiness depends on reconciling the need for human contact on the one hand, and all the other ‘stuff’ on the other.


  5. Sha'Tara Post author

    My dear and honest Frank… You and I are different creatures, it seems. Let’s see if there is common ground nevertheless. I, that is this person writing here, is NOT an animal. I have nothing against animals… or plum trees but I am neither. I inhabit a flesh body that has similarities with other sentient beings but that doesn’t make me the same. If I had a wooden leg made from the wood of a plum tree that would not make me a plum tree. A washing machine is made of metal, mostly, and so is the Eiffel tower. All they have in common is what they’re mostly made of but you see, they serve a different purpose. If they were what we label “living” we would say they operate from a different programming, or mindset. Animals operate under a simple flight-or-fight survival mechanism (instinct). It’s all that “nature” or whomever/whatever gave them. People were given much more; much of it so ineffable that evolutionists have given up trying to deal with it and simply ignore it. We happen to know the difference between “good” and “evil” and we can even talk about it. We have laws that deal specifically with the right and wrong way in which to interact. When we break those laws we know we are wrong. How do we know? It’s in us, either a boon or a poison but inescapable. Take PTSD as a common example of a condition returning soldiers suffer from. What causes that? The human factor, that which transcends the flesh body/brain unit. Guilt and anger emerging from the subconscious; not a physical condition. We are more than we are permitted to think. Religion which purportedly dealt with the “spiritual” aspect of humanity destroyed it as much as it could while it ruled the great empires, then modern scientific materialism did the rest until hardly a thing is left of what constitutes a human being. A real human being, one not in denial of its own nature, recognizes that it exists in trinitarian form: body, mind and spirit. It “begins” in spirit, becomes an individual mind and for purposes of interaction with a material universe, develops a body, that which is the finite part of its beingness. Wo/Man is a very complex entity, one that for the most part it doesn’t understand.

    “The” solution then, if the above is accepted, is simple: compassion. Utter, total compassion. Every ISSA (intelligent, sentient, self aware) being is given the power to interact compassionately with all other forms of life. On predatory worlds such as earth, this is difficult and dangerous but the truly compassionate being doesn’t stop at that. In my article I mentioned two contemporary American heroines who understood this: Rachel Corrie and Kayla Mueller. Compassionate beings. A quote from Rachel: “We should be inspired by people… who show that human beings can be kind, brave, generous, beautiful, strong-even in the most difficult circumstances.” She was killed for believing that and making it true for herself. It’s how “the world” acts towards compassionate beings.
    The world, Frank, all wishes to the contrary, as seen from the mind of a compassionate human being is an evil place. We should know, we live in it, and we have access to enough information about it. Often too much. I am sick to death of the way man is driven to destroy and to kill. It has nothing to do with survival, it’s out of pure selfish lust: hate, anger, vengeance, greed, power over. Repeat: it is NOT FOR SURVIVAL. The US, Britain, et. al, aren’t bombing the Greater Middle East for their survival but for profit, and it is that mindless lust for exponential profit that is destroying the planet. You know what’s actually funny? Everybody knows this. They know but… the gambling spirit has latched on to what we satirically called “Reagonomics” in the 80’s, a “theory” that the crumbs from the rich man’s table will fall in your own lap if you are close enough to the rich man.
    Now think what happens to an individual who decides for herself that she will no longer live according to the dictates of the System, but will interact with all others compassionately, setting that as her life’s purpose. Just imagine what that does to her nature, how it changes it day by day. So there’s your solution to all of your problems: compassion. It wouldn’t happen overnight, and the psychopaths will continue to rampage for a time but they will die off when their ways become irrelevant, ignored. They succeed because they can drive selfish, greedy, frightened lustful little creatures to do their bidding. When those are gone, so are they. It’s a process that has been used on other worlds (information I am privy to that most Earthians discount but doesn’t render it false for all that) very successfully. The people of earth were given this gift but have yet to consider it of much value as a species. A choice greater than the survival of a species, or a world, is at stake here: will the pseudo-human species now ruining the earth and itself choose to die in horror, or overcome it’s mental lethargy and claim its inheritance as a member of the human race? The real human race is a race of beings that has eschewed all violence and banned the life-denying predatory concept from its worlds. Pie in the sky, why try?


  6. franklparker

    But, Sha’Tara, we do not all operate by the same laws. Many of the laws – I’d bet probably most – have much more to do with greed than with compassion. And what good is compassion if we do not survive to practice it – so, surely, survival is as important and necessary as compassion. And there are circumstances in which compassion can lead us to do the wrong thing – or at least something that would be deemed wrong by many. Is ‘mercy killing’ a compassionate act or a crime? In what circumstances?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You ready for another long one, Frank? Here it is anyway…

      Thanks for commenting again. Gives me another opportunity to explain what I mean. Perhaps not to your satisfaction, but we can discuss.

      Regarding our laws, it’s not the laws themselves, but the fact that we have them that I wanted to point to. We don’t operate on instinct, yet we reserve the “right” to use that as some excuse for the way we treat each other, and that’s wrong. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. You can’t use a thing only when it’s convenient, then switch to something else that denies the first. That’s one problem with Earthians: they are not consistent in their interactions because they don’t study themselves or their own systems; they don’t take responsibility for down-the-road consequences of actions. They do, and damn the consequences. George Soros in a “regretted” interview was quite candid when he said (paraphrase) “I never care about social or economic consequences when I make my investments. All that matters to me is that my investments give me a profit.” This isn’t just Soros, it’s basic thinking, or lack of thinking, of the entire species. And that is what has to change.

      Back to the law thing. The laws are not the product of smart-guys’ brains. They already exist within all of us and some of us wrote out what they innately knew, and others codified them, usually to benefit themselves or those they served at the expense of the rest. We have laws, not because we are normal but because we are weird. We are not creatures of instinct though that may still occur atavistically at times. We are something our religions and philosophies tried hard to come to grips with and failed. As I said, scientific materialism won’t even touch it, except to make inane comments about it, relegating it all to some firing neurons in the brain. Atheists and Darwinists would reduce us to the level of animals, nothing more. The ridiculousness of such a claim needs hardly be mentioned. Yes, I got somewhat worried the other day when I saw a squirrel on the garage roof reading Mein Kampf. I almost lost it when I saw a young crow furiously beaking a message on its i-phone. I flipped when I saw two kids from the local high school doing it doggie-style in front of my house. Then I reminded myself to remain calm: this was scientific materialism, Darwinist evolutionism expressing itself: all is normal, nothing to see here.

      Animals will never have civilization, they don’t need it. And we are going to have to overcome and destroy our own civilization because it is literally destroying us and the planet. We can’t be civilized AND think in terms of survival at the same time: these are contradictory directions… unless our civilization isn’t ours to operate but is an imposition from powers or forces we either know nothing about, or denigrate because it doesn’t fit our paradigm(s). Here’s a telling quote from the letter to the Ephesians, in the New Testament. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and authorities, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” I’ve never had any problem understanding that.

      A proper civilization should automatically eliminate the need for survival. That it did not indicates there is something terribly wrong with it. That it supports weapons of mass destruction proves it. It’s not a proper “exercise” but a very sick beast, anti-life, anti-respect, predatory, not in the sense of “survival” but in the sense of conquest and subjugation. It supports all the greater evils we talk about and at times have even tried to eliminate such as racism, slavery, misogyny, child abuse, overt exploitation, injustice, oppression and war… war… war. Civilization spends more on the promotion of war than any other social enterprise. That isn’t because man hates war, surely.

      So, me and my “Teachers” say, become a compassionate being. It can (likely won’t) cost you your life, but as I learned, “life” is much more than most suspect. Real humans are primarily mind beings. Thus they do not die, only their physical envelopes die. You’ve heard of near death experiences, well I wish everyone had at least one, quite the mind opener that little trip into neverland. That’s where the Healers, then the Teachers, found me and taught me about… everything that matters so far. I chose to believe what they were on about and become an “avatar of compassion” in training. That was a long time ago but I never looked back.

      Here’s another thing everyone should experience: actually offering your own physical life in exchange to save another’s. Part of my training insisted that I should experience that place where you volunteer to be tortured to death in place of another. Two years I was on “death row” while the legal wranglings of Sharia law went on to determine who would die, who would live. The innocent victim of that truly sick legal system was finally exonerated and set free, perhaps part of that turn of events was because they couldn’t shake me from the case – we had a committed, dedicated lawyer. So I’m still alive but I know what it feels like to be “dead” – and for one who does it from compassion it is amazingly freeing and empowering. I learned then what it really means to love one’s enemies. I didn’t think it was possible until I had to. I understand what motivates people like Kayla Mueller (tortured to death by IS), Rachel Corrie (crushed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer) and Serina Shim (American journalist murdered in Turkey.)
      The thing with compassion is that it isn’t alone when we engage it. In comes self empowerment and necessary detachment – two counter forces to the status quo. The status quo insists that you work through collectives to accomplish anything of any “value” to society. An individual counts as nothing, at least not until s/he is recognized by society in some way. Detachment is spurned by people – they don’t understand it. People need to be exclusively connected to other certain people. Detachment makes such connections inclusive.

      One more point, already made many times in my blog “rants” about compassion: it opens the compassionate being to the ever-present awareness of joy and sorrow. Gone are the surface, selfish needs such as pleasure, fun, self-gratification, etc. and on the other side: fear, sadness, nostalgia, depression, grief, etc.,. Instead one lives between the “absolute” worlds of joy and sorrow. In “our” terminology, Joy and Sorrow are the eternal “twins” who only meet through the avatar of compassion. As in the story/movie Ladyhawke, they can never touch. One lives in eternal light, the other in eternal dark, their life energies passing through the avatar whose empathy resolves the effects upon individuals and worlds.
      None of this requires any esoteric knowledge. ISSA beings have all of that within themselves. Sometimes I see people as being born with two tiny little Pandora’s boxes, one filled with all the potential evils of the world, one filled with all of its potential good. Sadly, their programming causes them to open the wrong one, leaving the other unopened… most of the time and exceptions noted. I opened the wrong one first, but then I opened the other and found my antidote and a revolutionary new lease on life. So now I try to pass that information on.
      People as a general rule, when they encounter a serious problem, want two things: an easy fix, and somebody in authority or a profession to do the fixing. There’s always somebody who will gladly take that place of authority and usurp it for her/his own profit and benefit. Only when individuals take responsibility for every aspect of their lives will that usurpation end.

      Thus endeth the lecture. Doughnuts, cookies and coffee are being served in the etheric plane cafeteria…


      1. franklparker

        Hi Sha’Tara. I seem to have the ability to provoke ‘long ones’ from you! Not sure if that’s a good thing, though. Let me make it clear that I am an atheist. The older I get the more I realise that religions are all part of the attempt by the powerful to control us. And that includes the idea of a creator. I grant that it is easier to believe that the universe was created by some mysterious being, rather than the alternative: that it is all some immense accident. What I claim is utterly lacking in logic is to adduce from the supposition of the existence of a creator the suggestion that [He, She or It] is able to change the ‘grand plan’ to meet the demands of an individual supplicant, no matter how many sacrifices or however elaborate the ceremonies performed in order to secure such favours.
        As for what differentiates us from animals it is, I contend, self awareness and imagination, not ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. I also differ from you in that I believe in co-operation and communities of interest, and that it is only through these that we can achieve something approaching justice for all. Animals, of course, also have intelligence and also have the ability to co-operate and to show compassion. We, I think you would agree, have a much greater level of intelligence (than any of the animals). We also have the ability to imagine many different possibilities and to use our intelligence as we strive to turn some of those possibilities into reality.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I like your closing comment, and quote: “We also have the ability to imagine many different possibilities and to use our intelligence as we strive to turn some of those possibilities into reality.”
        I like that Greek guy’s approach to God:
        Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
        Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
        Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
        Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? [Epicurus]
        Valerie Tarico (Word Press) has written some great articles on the non-power of prayer. Simply put: it doesn’t work. Any intelligent person knows this. Yet people will tell you it works. Go figure.
        My “problem” is that I exist between worlds. “Believe all things, believe in nothing” said the Teacher YLea. I don’t discount the existence of some god for those who believe it. Your closing statement actually gives them that option. They are trying to turn some possibilities into reality. It’s their religions that turn it all to shit, isn’t it?


  7. poeturja

    I no longer know what to say about the world. As a Romani drabarni (healer) I like your last words: “…look within and make sure that all is well there.” As Phil Ochs said, “I ain’t marching anymore” and we all need to stop, self-heal, and then get back into the march. If you do take a break, I hope you follow me again when you return (and you will return 🙂 )


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I’m wandering and wondering. Gonna “change my style” of approach to blogging. I’ve tried walking on the wild side, following and being followed, well, being followed does give you a creepy feeling. And stalking people isn’t much better… So I’m wiping the slate here, striking a whole bunch of “dialogues” from my first blogging scene; getting rid of a whole lot of extras who, all they know how to do is click on the “Like” button and still expect to get paid, i.e., get “Liked” back. It’s nice to know you’re liked sure, who wouldn’t want to be liked, but there’s a casualness, a one-night standish sort of thing with this blogging “Like” thing. I don’t really think they care and I really don’t believe they’d be there for me in a serious crisis… “oh, boo, sniff!” But don’t worry I’ll get over it. A glass of wine, a good movie, the heater’s working and it isn’t snowing outside, just cold and dark and mysterious… like my heart.
      Seriously? I was getting blogged down, punch drunk from extreme shallowness on one side and repetitive hard rights to the abdomen from news about… war, famine, rape, pedophilia, torture, violent protests, corruption, murdering cops, you know, the usual earth stuff that everybody takes for granted or makes money from – except the victims, of course, but as they say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. So clean up time. I’ll stay up and running, and you’re “on” my list, healer and poet. Stay tuned…



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