Before the Owl Calls my Name

  [a poem by   ~burning woman~  ]

[Explaining the title: According to the Kwakiutl people of the British Columbia coast (Canada) if you hear an owl call your name, your death is imminent.]

The night fills me with its seductive darkness
A moon’s halo slides through thin clouds
All is silent, as silent as the deep of space
And I lie here in the back seat of your car,
Your big old Buick of romantic days gone by
But we are young yet, or almost young
And all that matters now is that you are here
Naked against my own throbbing nakedness
My heart beating in the moment’s madness
Orgasm and death blending so well together.

Hold me and press your maleness into me
But don’t just make love to me, I want more
possess me beyond my dreaming
Devour my longing, my hopeless desire
Eat my flesh
Leave nothing of what I once called me
But the lingering scent of your moaned pleasure
When my body turns itself inside out
To give you all my life in one thrust
Do this to me, do this for me
Before the owl calls my name
And tells me I will not see another sunrise.


12 thoughts on “Before the Owl Calls my Name

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks again, Frank. To your question, I don’t think so, though one came right after the other. Matthew and Giselle implied a long-term relationship. This one, rather strange. Does she “know” she is dying; does she want to die; is she playing some kind of maudlin, poor-me game in her mind? Will she hear the owl and does the belief work outside the world of the Kawkiutl?


  1. Phil Huston

    Bringing back memories of love will get that non-Earthian card revoked. Wonderfully graphic without being overtly graphic. Very, very poetic. Scene and feelings…all of it. We’re all confused, just a little, aren’t we?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      “There is a place I go in my head…” (Opening lines in the movie, “The Mighty”) I discovered that the feelings and emotions I cannot allow myself in my daily interaction with “Earthians,” not wanting to add to the problems, I can play with in my mind by flowing freely and non-judgmentally into different entities existing in different realities, or parallel worlds. Most of my poetry and short stories come from “the place I go to in my head” and it isn’t at all how I live, or would ever, live my own physical life though I have to “endure” in this reality every feeling in the story. This is pure creativity or inspiration, a world over which I have very little, if any, control. Truthfully I’m always surprised at the results of such forays into my “entertainment” mind world. I imagine the same process took place with those who wrote “Alice in Wonderland” and “Peter Pan” and “Dr. Seuss” and so on. The “writing world” frees us to experience our other realities as nothing else can. It allows us to find our “other selves” and interact with them. Definitely one of our highest attainments as intelligent, sentient beings.


  2. Joel F

    Wow, beautiful. this made me speechless. You weave beautiful words and stir my imagination with this. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this Sha’Tara.



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