Don’t Like Facebook? Alternative Social Networking Sites

Now all I need to do it figure out how to do this, delete Facebook, that is. It’s not like I use it anyway, it’s just that I had to hook up to it a while back in order to access some info. But those days are done with. No more Facebook.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Like Facebook? Alternative Social Networking Sites

  1. We come from dreams ~

    Facebook? F*A*C*E*B*O*O*K?!?! Arghhh!!!! That’s a swearword around here! As in, “Come on, Roland, eat your Cream o’ Tory, or we’ll send you to Facebook!” (Cream o’ Tory is a local breakfast cereal, made from the ashes of dead folks) Here’s a copy of the last thing that I sent to them back when they wanted our phone number to verify our account:

    “Listen up, you motherfuckers, you are NOT getting our phone number! Do you think that we don’t know that you’ve co-opted the site with the fucking NSA? You’re frigging seditious bastards and that’s all there is to it! And the fact that we can’t EVER delete our account permanently is another reason that you all suck ass. You don’t like my response? Come and get me, you shit-eating scumbags!”

    I was a little pissy, I guess, but I meant every word.

    Sara Jane

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yup, I fully understand, and concur. Now if we could do the same with Google… and as far as I know, I don’t use any of the others, and I’ve been boycotting Amazon for 2 years now for their gross mistreatment of workers in their California warehouses, or better put, their death camps.

      1. We come from dreams ~

        Eventually, we’ll be switching to the TOR browser and be able to use Goooogle without their snooppy noses watching us…..

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks, I’d appreciate it if you could keep me in the loop on that, so I’ll know what to do to switch?

    1. We come from dreams ~

      Simply put: it doesn’t work. Been there, done that. It’s bullshit. Mebbe we can get Anonymous to do a major DDoS…..

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ok, well, another one I’d like to be in on… nothing like learning how to defend ourselves against the “1984” snoopers.

  2. Phil Huston

    You know, if something sucks and you don’t like it, why look for a replacement? Like the Aggie at the doctor’s.
    “Doc, if I do this, it hurts.”
    “Well, stop doing that and it’ll stop hurting.”

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, that is one way of looking at it. But it by ‘doing that it hurts’ it probably means, as in the case of a tooth for example, that there is an infection, or abscess that the pain is trying to tell you about. Social media is a tool. Outfits like Facebook that have grown too big for their britches are misusing the tool, i.e., if the tool no longer functions for the purposes I had in buying it, it’s time to replace the tool. I don’t need to do without it, I just need a better one.


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