Dear Miss Liberty

(Thoughts du jour)


In the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq
Whichever one or was it the Gulf War
Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine?
Or is it just the endle$$ War?
Africa’$ in there somewhere


Mourn, mourn!
For the thousands
fleeing from their homes
when the bombs dropped
and death rained from torrid skies;

Mourn, mourn!
For those pulverized in the streets
mixing blood and sand,
steel and plastic –
fusing burning human flesh and glass
in depleted uranium.


Becoming one
with all that is: what a simple feat
that children, dogs, mice and blades of grass
can accomplish with ease
when war falls
from the oppressor’s lips
and its fire spews from heaven –

did you not hear the monster pray
before he gave the word?


Mind dead, heart blind
the power-butchers kill the innocent
claiming it their divine right,
no, more: their sacred duty.
It’s a matter of interpretation
(not to be confused
with questions of morality
or basic human decency):


Did not a Master once say
the kingdom of heaven
belongs to little children?
There you have it: kill them now
while they remain children
and give them back to God –

kills two birds with one smart bomb:
gets them out of the way
so they don’t grow up to be terrorists
against the invader –
sorry, against the Chosen Ones.


If this seems an oxymoron –
what’s your take on it?
Where were you
when prayers aimed at heaven
rained back down as cluster bombs
upon the innocent


“Now, Mi$$ Liberty,
How do you wish to pay for those bombs?
American Expre$$?
Of course: thank you.
A pleasure doing busine$$!”


10 thoughts on “Dear Miss Liberty

  1. Lily Von Valley

    ‘prayers aimed at heaven
    rained back down as cluster bombs
    upon the innocent’
    Huh, prayers supposed to ward away the evil, not likely! You put it beautifully sha’Tara.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for commenting. Se solo fosse solo una storia di orrore, ma è realtà quotidiana per milioni di persone. These are “reminder” pieces I write, mostly for myself, so I won’t forget; so I will not live in denial.


      1. sherazade

        L orrore è la realtà! Lo ricordo ogni giorno e ogni volta che faccio volontariato alla Caritas!
        Buona settimana


  2. A writer from the East

    Thank you for remembering the innocent children of war that are murdered daily for keeping many a nations safe. Heart felt post brings tears to eyes, thank you so much.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You are so welcome for your comment. Thank you also for all that you do. We speak our anger and frustration, but you add your hope to it while I have no hope. Do not lose yours.

      Liked by 1 person


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