The Third Option Explained: where does man come from?

      [thoughts from  ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

As a species, we believe in two basic approaches to human beginnings and development. 

The first is based on religious myths, that some gods, or God, created man from dirt and air and made “man” a living soul.  Then as some sort of afterthought, seeing as his man was lonely, he took a rib from the man and made him a “help mate” i.e., companion, a slave, a sex toy, a secondary appurtenance, a wo-man.  That skewed and screwed up pair of cursed Earthians then proceeded to wander off into the real world and make babies, according to the command to be fruitful and multiply.  I need to add here that if there ever was one divine commandment “man” did take to heart, that’s the one.  Believers and unbelievers alike bend themselves (or stretch themselves) eagerly to fulfill the commands of their God. I also  need to point out that their very first born, a male of course, being “the best of the best of the best, Sir!”  proceeded to murder his only brother because he was pissed at God.  Not an ostentatious beginning all around, was it, but that’s the patriarchy’s crowing (I meant “crowning” but “crowing” is rather fitting) moment.  

Flip the coin over and man’s lofty beginning is ratcheted down by quite a lot.  Now he’s simply the result of billions of years of bits and pieces of sub-atomic particles, then assorted cells (matter) assembling themselves from muck and mire into “man” presumably complete with self-awareness and a sense of “right and wrong” which of course in the ultra-conservative Darwinist sense, makes absolutely no sense at all because in evolution, how can there ever arise consciousness; the sense of right or wrong?  Of morality? Of beliefs in gods and need to worship same?  Well, them’s been thorny issues for die-hard evolutionists, but they’ve certainly been bold in promoting all kinds of laughable theories on how that came about.  I can let that go, there’s enough material on it out there to choke a herd of elephants, not that I’m promoting the idea we should choke a herd of elephants, it’s just a figure of speech. 

What’s the truth then?  How did “we” develop into the truly crazy, twisted numbties we are, poised on the edge of blowing ourselves up sky high; definitely over-breeding and over-populating; poisoning every aspect of our living environment, destroying its ecology for rising numbered stakes? 

Is there a Third Option; another approach to man’s appearance, development and current condition we should be looking at?  An option that the “System” is desperately determined to prevent us from looking into, discovering and worse case scenario for the System, to accept as logical and obvious?  Something logical that would explain “us”?

I’ll say this: it’s possible.  I don’t do facts; I don’t do truth.  There are no such things as facts and there is no such thing as “the truth” in my mind’s world.  There is no Way.  There is no Source.  There is no Law.  There is no One.  And just to emphasize it again, there is no Secret. 

Note that play on words: there is no One.  There is no-one.  Now add “else” to that and you get, there is only me.  Is this a great place to be or what?  From “me” I free myself to “know” how I was made, where I come from, what I am, what I want to be (when I grow up, which is probably never).  I am the only One; the only Truth; the only Way, the only Source, the only Law.  How does that work?  It works perfectly well because none of that matters to me, nor should it matter to anyone when properly reasoned.  After all is said and done, after all the dark clouds have floated over; the lightning has spent itself and the last peels of thunder have echoed and died beyond the far valley of the shadow of death, I still don’t know, nor does anyone else.  I know as much, and as little, as anyone else.  That’s the great equalizer.  

What I’ve just written should be as obvious to anyone as a sore thumb that’s just had an unofficial encounter with a deranged hammer.  Look at all the books; all the history, the philosophy, the religious tomes, tracts and diatribes, the political speeches, the scientific manuals, the economic theories of past and present; the self-help pulp fiction and health magazines and what have you got?  A lot of information certainly, but of what actual value is it?  What you have is a pile of dollar bills based on non-existent physical commodities.  You have promissory notes, nothing more.  Some promise heaven and nirvana; some promise wealth, or health, or peace or  […] (fill in the blanks), but in the end, none have ever delivered on their promises except for brief and tenuous moments in time or to individuals who would have achieved same without the verbal diarrhea.  

I just “clocked” man’s population and this is what I got: Current World Population  7,479,106,500 (as of midnight, January 21, 2017)

That’s right, we’re now at 7.5 billions and rising by the second.  It’s crazy, it’s madness: it’s man-made with his hand-maid. There is nothing “natural” about that sort of rise in any population.  It’s artificial; mindlessly driven by a programming neither “divine” nor “evolved”- an old implant run amuck. 

Have you ever wondered why in ancient times there arose so many taboos and issues around sex?  Why to this day there is such a problem balancing sexual relationships?  Why women whose bodies certainly sexually attract men more than vice-versa, suffer so much discrimination because of the fact that most female bodies are, in fact, sexual organs, and they never “go out of season” as do those of other animals?  Did you ever wonder, if you are a male, why you are always driven to seek the female, no matter your age or situation; (or no matter your religion!) that having your own female partner creates no substantial ‘protection’ or psychological barrier against your seeking, or being constantly aware of and desiring contact with, the female sex around you? 

Addressing women, do you not wonder why, knowing the conditions of the world and the glaring fact of its human overpopulation and the guarantee of a truly shitty future you still desire to have “your own” children, as if your addition to the problem didn’t matter?  As if “having them” trumps your ability to guarantee them a decent, safe, healthy future? Why women in such dire poverty they cannot feed themselves still have that imperative need to give birth? 

Don’t you think that “nature” should automatically jump into the fray at this point to prevent pregnancies, or cause men to lose their sexual interest in female bodies?  Shouldn’t something biological happen to derail the sex drive, if even for a generation or two, or drive it down to only a very small percentage of the population until we reach a level easily sustainable without earth-destroying poisonous technologies or senseless wars and genocides? 

But “nature” can’t jump in here because this phenomenon has nothing to do with nature.  “Man” as he appears on the earth scene is not a naturally occurring biological entity but something off nature’s charts.  Man is a cloned species, a totally unnatural designer (GMO) species, invented for a particular purpose by a race, or races of space beings who

  1. a) deliberately left no trace of their passage here or
  2. b) whose passage was deliberately obliterated by whomever forcefully removed these aliens, or
  3. c) came after the aliens left, attempting to clean up the mess they left behind. 

They cleaned up as best they could, (imagine the clean up after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico for example, and the on-going after-effects) removing the most dangerous remnants of alien technology, seeing no good reason the destroy the stone structures, then instead of wiping us off, being perhaps empathetic beings, chose to leave us to our own devices hoping that without our masters to drive us we would all naturally return to nature… They seemed to have overlooked the programming, or hoped that it would breed itself out: it didn’t.

Some of the descendants of the cloned bipedal “slave species of God” didn’t return to nature.  Some “remembered” and rebuilt the “cities of the gods” and re-created some of their technology; collectivized into ever-expanding power groups; into city-states and empires, and proceeded from there to go out and plunder, rape and enslave, as did their godly forebears.  They massacred and enslaved the ones who had re-adapted to the land and systematically destroyed their ways, replacing them with cities and industry – the legacy of their ancient masters, gods and forebears.   

They don’t build stone megaliths now, they still don’t have that technology, and can’t remember why they were originally built in any case, but they build highrises, ICBM’s, aircraft carriers, greenhouses and monster trucks.  They invent poison after poison to destroy a natural environment which seems inimical to them; a constant irritation and enemy.  They have re-invented GMO’s – and cloning – two of their alien forebears’ main accomplishments and the basis of much of their technology.  They cram, kill and destroy, that’s the only lucrative game in town; certainly the most exciting; the specialty du jour.  It’s the programming and they’re lovin’ it!   

Did I make it clear what I mean by “the third option”?  That we are the by-product of alien intervention, manipulation, meddling, in the natural cycle of a planet?  The evidence of this Third Option is irrefutable.  There is us, the pseudo-humans, a species obviously two bricks short of a load as concerns interaction with nature and… lo and behold, we have stone megaliths like the great pyramid, Baalbek and a plethora of other unexplained  (in terms of size, locations and purpose) stone artifacts from prehistory being discovered everywhere, including under seas and oceans; constructs which our benighted “Darwinist evolutionists” and religionists again try with pitiful, childish and laughable pseudo science; anthropological legerdemain or reference to divine miracles, to “explain” away.  But they are not going away and the curse of real science is that it drives the quest for definite explanations and will never rest satisfied with academic pronouncements, comical “pulpitations” and massive doses of propaganda. 

Man’s civilization train doesn’t run on a natural cyclic track but counter to it.  It began with an alien invasion and global conquest; it was built on a straight, downhill track, and it comes to a sudden end.  At the end of the track there’s a safety barrier, of course, as all train track terminals do, but at the exponentially gathered speed of this monster, that barrier has no chance to hold.  The train will plough through it as if it was kindling to fly off over the abyss, plummeting to perdition.  The only survivors will be the few who doubted the train’s purpose and vaunted safety or it’s societal necessity and who wouldn’t get on board, despite the many threats and inducements.  

To those on board, particularly to those partying in the First Class compartments I have one question: do you have any idea how close you are to hitting the barrier? My guess is, none, and you could care less.  Caring about consequences; taking personal responsibility simply isn’t part of the programming.  Only the few who have broken the programming can understand what that means and they’re too few to create much more than a few local disturbances, easily quelled by security forces; the effects sucked in global apathy, leaving no trace. 

World population clock link

29 thoughts on “The Third Option Explained: where does man come from?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Simon. It’s not as scary once you decide to live with it. We don’t think of Christian propitiating salvation as scary when raised in it, yet it has to qualify as pretty horrendous. We don’t think of being taught we are meaningless blobs “evolved” out of “muck and mire” to disintegrate into nothing as scary until we start thinking about it all and realize all that we are, as individuals and societies, is essentially a complete waste of energy if Earthian materialistic science is right. So I say, religions, you’ve had your chance and created nothing but chaos and violence. Science and scientists, you’ve had your chance and you’ve given us a dying world systematically despoiled by a rogue technology that serves war and the elites and given nothing to help make man understandable. That leaves… what’s left: physical and psychological evidence that things aren’t as claimed. That’s when those of us who are intelligent, thinking, empathetic, concerned and responsible individuals jump in the huge gaps and begin to weave something new, not based on egotistical and power-mad system, but on what’s available to the senses. We begin to build a deeper, much more realistic history from natural evidence and from the ghastly failures of what has preceded our freed minds. That’s the Third Option. Let’s add it to the mix and then it will lead us to a Fourth, Fifth, Sixth… and so on, Option. This is what real evolution does.

  1. gserpent

    Great post. Love this! The first creation was not man. That is patriarch BS. According to ancient texts it was an androgynous being. This first creation was smarter than the alien creators. I am convinced this is why the patriarchs have such a hatred towards gay people. I know we are not from here because every other species on the plane,t the male has to attract the female. We are backwards on every natural thing on the planet. I am a huge fan of Alvin Boyd Kuhn who basically says to look for answers in nature. Are programming is not from this planet so we don’t care about it.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        It always comes back to the programming. A very special and destructive kind of programming – refer to my comments on the soul.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, gserpent. Obviously you’ve looked at this picture, and seen how it opens up and goes deeper. I can’t remember all that I write, but there is a theme picked up from my Christian bible study days, that exposes the hidden “beginnings.” There are two Genesis creation stories in the bible. There is Gen. Chap. 1:1 to Gen. Chap. 2:3. That’s a complete story. It’s a fascinating account of the first, and true creation.

      Quote from your comment: “According to ancient texts it was an androgynous being. This first creation was smarter than the alien creators. I am convinced this is why the patriarchs have such a hatred towards gay people.”

      According to my own information (not Earth sourced) this first Creator was Lucifer. The real story of Lucifer’s expulsion from “heaven” is typical. Lucifer was/is female and black. When “cast to earth” (this solar system) by the patriarchy she was living under, she created life on earth. That life was balanced, self-sustaining, non-predatory. All creatures ate plants here: there was no killing. That’s the first and most telling detail of how it all began.

      Gen. Chap. 2:4 ff: Then comes the “Lord God” of Eden and all hell breaks loose, and has been doing so since that time, approx. 500,000 years ago, according to Zecharia Sitchin’s calculations. Two creations: one, true and original, one, fake and predatory that was established under the Matrix of organized religion, the state, and money, the three Powers that rule this world, and man. We now live under the legacy of the hegemony of the 2nd “creation” imposed by the “gods” of Eden also known as the Anunnaki.

      1. gserpent

        Your story of Lucifer sounds a lot like the story of Lilith in the ancient texts. Lilith was pure Anunnaki stock. I believe she was the Goddess Danu of the Tuatha de Danann.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for commenting. Yes “sounds like” being the operative words. She isn’t though. The problem with short-lived creatures is the foreshortening of times not written down chronologically. Then one must rely on “remembrances” which are linked to ever-extending “past lives” memories that stretch deep into the penumbra of time, the mind turning into a time machine exploring billions of years of time-constrained history. So, Lillith is relatively a very recent story. Lucifer goes back to pre-time (I’m not relating as I was taught or shown to follow the yellow brick road) of freedom; before the Time Lords’ conquest of the universe and the imposition of time, enslaving all sentient life in their entropic death machine. Lucifer and her people were enslaved by the Time Lords, or specifically a sub-set we call the Jehovians. She was taken as a concubine and displayed for her beauty. Meanwhile her people were subjected to horrible treatment by the Jehovians and she eventually rebelled as she thought things could not get worse. It wasn’t a violent rebellion as her demonization insists, but a protracted Satyagraha, non-violent non-cooperation which finally resulted in her expulsion from favour with the head honcho and her “casting down” to earth which means, to the area of this solar system, so we’d be looking at some 5 billion (our time) years ago. That’s the story I have “seen” and also been given by the Teachers. So the first biblical creation synopsis of Genesis chapter 1 belongs to Lucifer and her followers. The second belongs to the Time Lord-Jehovian-Anunnaki Patriarchy that re-took Lucifer’s creation to exploit it and destroy it. Lillith, probably a close “general” of Lucifer’s “war” against the TL’s, would be the anti-patriarchy rebel in this later cosmology. That’s about all I know so far. The biggest challenge for an avatar is to not get lost in the details and keeping track of one’s purpose in all of it.

  2. cadxx

    The mess made on our planet sometimes reminds me of what happens when someone knocks the door and asks “can I borrow your xxxx”. I make a little bet with myself that it will be trashed when it comes home.
    Earth is no different, it’s there to be trashed, slashed and burned, polluted because it’s a way to make a buck. Having made a buck or two you can retreat to your high priced ivory tower away from the mess. Multiply this by seven and a half billion and you have a problem.
    We need massive deprogramming or sadly some kind of planetary change/disaster to wake us up.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: “We need massive deprogramming or sadly some kind of planetary change/disaster to wake us up.” The key word here is “deprogramming.” While my story cannot mean anything to anyone else, I have a personal awareness of what that deprogramming entails. It’s not an easy thing to engage. There is an aspect of “man” that is called “the soul” and it’s something people consider special to them. The Matrix has woven countless tales around the concept of soul to anchor it as an essential part of the human being. It’s the life center for many. Soul beings they call themselves.

      What is a soul? It’s a programming implant and as long as an individual possesses a soul, that individual is actually possessed by its soul. Why can’t people change their ways? Simple: soul programming. Every intelligent, sentient, self aware (ISSA) being born under the Matrix is given a soul during gestation, or shortly after its birth. Instructions for behaviour are embedded in the soul and powerful enough to override DNA programming when necessary. It’s how the Patriarchy maintains itself in power; how the 1% can get away with ruling over the 99%. It’s not in the DNA, it’s in the soul. The soul also acts as a virus within the human system. It can be quarantined but that demands self-empowerment. Self-empowerment is contingent upon willingness to live as a detached individual. The soul implant can also be completely removed but that requires a higher level of power and the ability to “walk between the worlds” where Powers and divinities can no longer hide behind their age-long lies and subterfuges; where a human being can interact personally and on equal terms with “them” and not come out spiritually crushed.

      Once engaged, the war for personal freedom against “the powers, the authorities, the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” is much more significant to the outcome of history than all the wars fought here on the earth’s surface. The wars of blood and burnt flesh are just Matrix “Hunger Games” fought for the entertainment of the Master Race, but the war that can change everything is the one fought by one self-empowered individual against the unseen. I’m pretty sure that’s what the first “Matrix” movie tried to portray, with limited success.

  3. Joel F

    Wow this is quite an exciting read. Requires profound thinking and acceptance, thanks for this one of kind writing piece Sha’Tara.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Frank. As the man said, “Let’s worry about next time, next time.” Does it matter who “created” the creators? Does it matter if there is no actual “beginning” but you reach so far back in “time” that you cross that final boundary into a timeless “void” where our limited way of reasoning no longer works? Where there is no “creator” but pure energy and where only a fool would ask, “what is creating that energy?” There comes a point where the “Why?” question is no longer a valid one and deserves no answer. If enough “Why?” have been answered to keep one busy for several millennia, why keep asking “Why?” Why not engage what it has opened up for now?

  4. Woebegone but Hopeful

    This is a interesting prognosis, although I disagree.
    Taking the History of the World (ie from the time it became a world) we’ve hardly been around much more ‘than a spit’; however we seemed to have been the ones who were gifted with a very inventive brain…………………. which we as a race seem intent on mis-using.
    So a few millions years or so; there we are just a part of the fossil record, and a pretty slender one on account of not being on the World that long……500,000 years tops?
    Oooops another branch of Life that came to an abrupt end for failing to adapt.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Roger. The “failure to adapt” is not surprising if we allow that man may not be a natural result of earth evolution or as I prefer to use, adaptation but basically an “invention” or GMO designed for a particular purpose. Once the purpose was served it was probably then intent of the designers to wipe out the creature, but as I’ve read, there were mitigating circumstances that prevented total termination of the species.

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        And yet here we are with so much accumulated knowledge with some trying their best to use it well, and others……..
        Perhaps the creators of the Warner Bros ‘Looney Tunes’ cartoons had tapped into some part of the human psyche?

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I’ve always liked those cartoon characters, they seemed so human. And just like humans, they keep doing the same stupid s**t over and over and over and never learn a thing. Yes those character writers were great observers of human nature.

  5. Regis Auffray

    Certainly another most serious and impactful and meaningful essay, Sha’Tara. It leaves one with the feeling of an impending doom that I do not feel I can do anything about (maybe I just don’t want to anyway). Just let me be carried away on the tide of time and hope the next “leg of the journey” is what was always meant to be. Thank you for continuing to share your insights.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for the comment. It wasn’t my intent to cause “despair” but to explore a new leg in the on-going investigation of man. In any serious investigation meant to expose a “crime” once the existing standard lines of inquiry have failed to answer the real questions, it’s up to the investigator to propose a different approach. That all this does, and I’m not alone in searching through the evidence for a different set of answers. Of interest isn’t so much where man comes from, but why man is a “serial killer” when everything points to the fact that there is no reason for it. Why does man “thrill at destruction but yawn at creation” as a general rule? Why does the creature get high on violence, destruction and killing? Since these can be discounted as natural traits then one must look beyond nature for answers. It’s that simple and it is desperately needed. We can go on talking about anthropocentric climate change, resource wars, refugee crises, economic melt-downs, presidential inaugural farces, protests and counter-protests, fake news – whatever but there will never be any solutions to any of that without understanding what makes man misbehave and what could change the creature’s programming. The first thing then is to isolate the problem from all sources of false information (a Matrix specialty), identify its source, and proceed with the cure. There is a cure but it cannot work until the problem is identified, publicly acknowledged and the cure is desired.

  6. beetleypete

    A great read that taps into many of the theories I have considered over the decades. I still can’t decide, even at 65! But I have always loved anything to do with the idea of aliens playing around on our planet, and leaving a big mistake behind them. Then when I look at chimps and other primates, I see mankind in another form. Maybe the aliens’ first try?

    One conclusion I have come to is that there’s nothing in religion. That was over fifty years ago, and actually gave me the peace to deal with just living life, and not concerning myself with the prospect of any afterlife.

    When it all gets too much, I console myself with the knowledge that in years to come (a very lot of years to come, I know) the sun will explode, and obliterate everything on this planet. So none of it matters. We will just be another distant star that someone somewhere is looking at through a telescope, wondering whether life once existed there.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You were “lucky” you figured out the religion aspect so early on, leaving a lot of years to develop a clearer vision. Yes, there are “aliens” as I’ve had many encounters but for the most part we are the real aliens. There’s good and bad everywhere, and as my “alien” Teachers point out, “as below, so above” (and note that they turn it around to mean that what we observe and do here on earth is pretty much how it goes in the universe as well: nothing special here. The Teachers don’t get all twisted about Earthian ways, they consider us to be pseudo-human with the potential to become human, if we so choose. When I asked how they judged us as non-human they said one of the main character traits of a human is it never kills, nor destroys life, there being never a good reason to do so. Only un-evolved creatures would find pleasure in destruction, hence Earthians are not human beings, “having the form thereof but denying its power.”

  7. Maria Wind Talker

    Ive not read all of this yet (struggle to read long posts) and like to fully appreciate them,so have shared on FB to remind me to read it later. You really are an inspiration, thank you for sharing your insights with us. ❤


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