Questions and dreams

…dreams, from   ~burning woman~ …by Sha’Tara

Questions that have remained unanswered for me: should dreams be shared with others?  Should they remain as “private” information?  Are they meant to explain other realities to individuals, or to collectives?  Are they part of the the great “collective unconscious”?  Information given by “others out there” as warnings?  Or simply how our memories, when the body is resting, are re-formatted by the mind to be stored in permanent “hard disk” space?

And speaking of space, I like to think that dreams are like space: if it’s only for me, what a waste!
Especially if one has spent a lifetime learning how to dream, how to retrieve the information imparted there, even something as simple as remembering them.  Especially after learning to assimilate day-time and night-time information to create a whole new paradigm of understanding.
So, about those dreams:
Some time ago I had a wild and crazy series of dreams – could have been just one dream covering many scenes and sequences too.  The main part takes place on a meadow and grassy fields bordered to the east by a barb-wire fence, to the north by oil refineries on a river and to the west by open country.
I stand at the south, facing north.
The skies are slate grey, dark.  A violent storm is blowing, but not a normal wind storm, or hurricane, though the movement of the air is just as great or worse.  Best comparison would be a wind tunnel with a giant fan.  The “wind” is blowing from the west, carrying anything and everything with it.  Nothing is left standing in its path.  I see grass, trees, clothing, unrecognizable material things and sheep.  Yes, sheep.  Blowing in the wind and being thrown violently into the barb wire fence.  One is still alive and struggling to free itself but cannot.  It has a reed branch pushed sideways through its nose and is trying to push it out with its hoof, unsuccessfully.  Gradually, the animal is “emptied” until only a head and skin are left hanging on the wires.  White strips of clothing are also ripping and tearing from the barbs and blowing away.
I hear voices, as of people talking from a distance.  They are speaking of a “pollution storm” and how they should have known it was coming and done something about it.  Then I realize that the “sheep” are really people, or better put “sheeple” — who did not care, did not hear, refused to hear and are now being ripped apart by this “storm” that is anything but natural.
I hear the voices again and they are saying: “We thought the Middle East would have invaded and taken over by now.  Wonder why they have not?”  But as I looked to the oil refineries, especially at the tall stacks painted a dark, dull, red and black, I notice the lettering on them is Arabic.  And again, I realized how the “take-over” was done, not by ordinary people from the Middle East, but by the oil consortiums and I see the connection between the refineries blowing their smoke into the air, and the “pollution storm” that is destroying everything.
I’m unable to truly portray the intensity of this event.  I remember feeling a sense of deadness, of deep sadness, knowing that for years the people had been warned of something like this; knowing that it was all preventable with a bit of common sense, some sacrifice and will-power.  But the people had been led down the garden path of commercial lies; of bodily comfort at any price and had never learned to reach out to the oppressed who supplied the pre-pollution storm “good life”.
So, I think such a dream is really a prophecy in simple symbols. 
The next dream:  I am standing in space looking up.  I see the moon and the earth further out, at about the same distance away as I am from the moon.  Both are incredibly beautiful, reflecting fully the light of the sun.
The information I have is that the moon’s orbit has begun to decay and in a short time the moon will lose it’s ability to remain aloft and go crashing into the earth.  Again voices, people around me talking.  We have decided to attempt to “prop-up” the moon’s orbit to prevent it from crashing into the planet.  In my hands and around me are “spacers” – those flat metal objects we use in venders to correct the spacing between different sizes of cans or bottles and prevent double vends or jams.  I’m looking at these familiar things and working out a plan to use them in this endeavor.
Then I begin to understand the significance of these “spacers” — I am not standing “in space” but observing from a space station, or space ship.  The “spacers” are us, not the objects.  We have come together as people of “space” to prevent a catastrophe, if possible. 
Our feelings are quite normal, professional you might say.  No fear, no excitement, no despair.  It’s as if this situation is not uncommon and we’ve done this before.  It’s just a matter of calculating the forces and creating new force-fields to replace those that are collapsing.  Yet we are not calloused about the situation and we know that much depends on the people of the planet if it is to survive.  We cannot do this thing alone.  We can provide the technology but we cannot “DECIDE” the outcome, that is we cannot provide the collective planetary will energy that is absolutely necessary for the success of our efforts on behalf of the people of earth.  And we certainly feel empathy for all the life involved here.  The empathy is not, for the most part, reciprocated from the planet’s surface.  And our chances of success correspondingly diminish.
After I woke up and shook off some of the heavier energies surrounding this event I realized once more how much “detachment” is mis-understood here.  Earthians hear “detachment” and sense “I don’t care”.  But as the dream showed, the “spacers” (including me) who would save this world cared a great deal more than the people on the planet.  They could really care because they were detached about the outcome.  They had nothing to lose or gain, whether they failed or succeeded.  Either way, they would go on to other duties in “space”.  So… they could focus on the problem fully.
Many more details, other events in-between, but this is already too long a read for most.

16 thoughts on “Questions and dreams

  1. Regis Auffray

    Powerful dreams. It is believed by some that dreams are a form of prophecy. That being the case with yours here, it is no wonder one has an almost constant feeling of “impending doom” regarding Earthian life on this planet. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Regis. Dreams are different than writing stories, or essays that portend to talk, or warn, about the future. Dreams tell it like it is and neither the dreamer, not those who hear the dreams, can argue with the message. All one can do is either accept, or reject the dream, the message, and there are consequences either way. Some here will remember reading about the great, impregnable city state of Troy. Then the Greeks attacked and after ten years, Troy was conquered by a trick known as the Trojan Horse. During that time there lived in Troy a prophetess by the name of Cassandra, cursed daughter of King Priam. Cassandra could accurately foretell the future and foretold the Greek ruse and the burning of Troy but her curse was that nobody believed her, least of all her father who was also cursed to believe Troy would never fall and there was nothing the Greeks could do about it.

      Who believes true prophets? No one. Who believes false prophets? Almost everybody. That’s the trope about prophets, but it’s also reality. Man today exists in complete disregard of every sign that points to civilization’s collapse as the great problems of over-population, dwindling food producing capacity, drying up and massive pollution of planetary water reserves, and climate change/environmental pollution continue to rise exponentially and only a small percentage of the population – never enough to make any difference – becomes aware of the disaster in the making. There have been many great fallen civilizations in the past so no one can claim that a civilization as sophisticated as this current one, based strictly on the ever-expanding success of its technology could never collapse. Let me make this prophecy, and since no one will believe it, I feel very safe saying it: man’s current civilization is on the verge of complete collapse and will indeed collapse within the next hundred years or less. Nothing can be done now to prevent this from happening. It’s just a matter of how this collapse is coming about: attrition of resources essential to survival and failed national economies due to the sell-out to fake money, or a nuclear winter from nuclear war – a reality no longer unthinkable, but almost certain to happen.

  2. sudershana

    Loved reading the series of your amazing dreams; especially that of standing in the space and looking up. I wish to do the same.
    Every great dreams starts with the great dreamer so you are!😃♥

  3. bethanyk

    I share my dreams as I believe they are more than dreams! Thank you for sharing!!!!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment. For some of us, though difficult to share personal stuff, I think you’re right, dreams are meant to be shared. It’s shamanic energy, powerful symbolism.

      1. bethanyk

        Oh yes, it is very difficult. Difficult to know what to share and what not to share. I think it was put in my heart years ago that I was meant to reveal the things I do and so I do. At first I was worried about the consequences and judgment but it always ends up for the good . Thank you for writing about it.

  4. Carol A. Hand

    To share dreams or not – a crucial question, Sha’Tara. It depends on the message, how it is shared, and one’s intentions for sharing. It’s something I struggle with, too. Some dreams are personal messages, others warnings that may help others awaken. Sharing those messages of warning out of compassion feels “right,” even though one risks being othered or creating envy and vituperative backlash. The messages you shared here are profound, “true” in a deeper sense, and eloquently described.

  5. theburningheart

    Our experiences with dream interpretation, and what we should do about it, is almost non existent, except for Jungians, most of them considered as quacks by many in the establishment. Muslims have manuals on dream etiquette, and in my opinion some of the best dream interpreters now days.

    Your interpretation of the dream it’s sound, myself have similar dreams, one told in one of my posts, in my blog on November 2011

    Wrote a post about Oneiromancy on September, 2015, here is a link if you are interested:

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Your article is elucidating!
      Quote: “For thousands of years, many indigenous tribes and cultures have valued dreaming. The Shaman’s journey to other worlds in non-ordinary reality to commune with the spirits, to retrieve lost soul parts, to find healing for their community. Aborigine tribes of Australia believed dreaming was a way to travel to other places. Cultures used dreaming to foretell the future so they could plan for what was coming.”

      All of these I have experienced in dreams. Re-connecting with “partials” as we call them (you call them lost soul parts) is part of the process, an expansion of the mind and awareness. Some of us live the Shaman’s journey, existing in a state we call “walking between the worlds” where realities mix and blend, often accompanied by visions and lucid dreaming. In our worlds (my worlds if you wish) no external interpretation works. We must rely on our own interpretation of our symbols.

      Another very important aspect of dreams is the opening of paths to past and future lives leading to a greatly expanded awareness and understanding of one’s purpose as well as the development of prophetic visions.

  6. polymath0

    Thank you for sharing your dreams. I always love reading about other people’s dreams, and these are quite revealing. I’ve often had dreams similar to the first one. A storm with destruction. I wonder, when you woke up did you feel good? I have to ask because when I have violent storm dreams I feel great when I wake up, even if loads of people died and I was running for my life. I read somewhere that it is your body’s way of working through the stress that real events place on it. It’s a chance to process that stress.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting. Dreams are very complex, and match the level of awareness an individual possesses. Early dreams, often called nightmares, can force one to awaken and feel tremendous relief in realizing it was “just a dream.” Adepts leave that stage early on as they learn to enter into their dreams, or have dreams within dreams – lucid dreaming where we can decide what is happening within a dream, or a common theme with me, choose to abandon a dream and start another one, all within the dreamscape. We can also dream while physically awake, as in day dream, guiding our “story” as it develops. Dreams can also be prophetic, or deal with past/future lives when something needs to be remembered, or prepared for. I’ve had vivid dreams of different past lives to way back in pre-history, until my very last life which ended in WWII tortured to death by the SS in Paris in 1943. I was then 26 years old; my name: Helene Matthieu. My crime: hiding Jews and Gypsies and getting them to the the English Channel where they could be picked up by fishing trawlers, and the more criminal element of also passing on information about German military movements. I have a written dream written in the form of a letter from the future describing my life in Los Angeles (then called “Langelese) circa 3000. Other dreams deal with the intervening years, circa 2400, then 2700 – each one a different life. The horrors of 2400 are unbearable.

      I just had a dream definitely futuristic in which I and another 4 individuals had “stashed” (hidden) our bodies in a cryogenic facility in southern Texas. I learned that our “enemies” had discovered our physical hiding place and were going to bomb it. I had but a few hours to remove our bodies and bring them up here, in southern BC. How futuristic? They had to be literally translated via the Internet and the technology was totally speculative. And how did we exist without our bodies in BC? Again, as part of the Internet. For adept dreamers, dreaming can be quite exciting.

  7. poeturja

    I rarely dream, or remember them, so I’m always amazed when someone tells me about their vivid and intricate dreams like yours. My Gran liked to interpret dreams and I learned a series of symbolic meanings although many times I disagreed. Probably because I came from a generation of psychological interpretations and psychobabble. Maybe many of us write poetry and fiction because they ARE our dreams…?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I would agree with you on the thought about poetry and fiction – it makes sense to think of them as lucid dreaming. Decades ago, because I told my dreams, I interacted with “dream interpreters” and very soon realized they were so full of… ego! They interpreted “my” visions to fit their own pre-determined belief system. That’s when I went back to interpreting my own dream symbolism, and if I couldn’t, I just wrote down the dream and let it sit. Some dreams re-read decades later I was able to interpret. Sometimes we dream a future that as yet makes no sense, and we have to let it go. Thanks for your comment!!!

      1. poeturja

        My pleasure, and I understand what you’re saying. I had a dream as a teenager that I called “the cowboy” and thought it was proof of reincarnation. Then, when I met the exact cowboy several decades later I realized it was precognition. There was symbolism (stampeding cattle) but that was a warning about him stampeding me 😦 Best, though, to interpret for ourselves!

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