Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream: the Statue, Then and Now

Book of Daniel — The Vision, old and new.

 (Another vision from    ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara)

The books called the “Bible” are not difficult to understand, least of all those who deal with dreams.  But so much darkness has been cast upon the words by would-be interpreters, by greedy fools; by writers of bad fiction, but mostly by Religion, that it takes careful re-reading to “get it” if one is looking, say, for information in prophetic writings of long ago.  An open-minded person, educated enough and perhaps with a degree of wisdom can get much valuable information from that maligned and misunderstood book.

A case in point:  The prophet Daniel lived during the Babylonian Jewish Diaspora, circa 530 BC.  During the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, the king had a dream of a majestic statue that had a head of gold, chest and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron and feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay.

 While he was looking and admiring this colossal statue, “a rock was cut out but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them.  The statue collapsed and was reduced to broken pieces, like chaff and the wind swept them away…”

Daniel (Daniel 2:31) interprets the vision according to his information at the time.  The interpretation, except for the last part, is now ancient history.  Babylon fell, as did the other empires symbolized by the statue.

 The vision remains as a reminder that “history” repeats.  There is a new interpretation of this vision, which I will share because I have had a similar vision, but to do with these times, not those of 2500 years ago.

My vision has to do with the corporate world, banking, the military industrial complex, medical and prescription drugs cartels; energy and food empires built on aggressive exploitation of natural resources, including the ubiquitous usage of human slave labour.  It speaks of hierarchies and bureaucracies.  The head of gold is those who lord it over these powersdictators of empires, CEO’s and elitist fat cats on the boards of directors: the richest men on this world.  Most of the statue’s energy flows up there and there is not enough left to make the entire statue of gold, nor would those at the top allow that! 

 So must come the next echelon of “leaders” – those who are represented by the chest and arms of silver.  These too are rich, and have a greater “reach” than those at the top.  The second layer of power: politicians, heads of various military and security state agencies, despots of all kinds in politics, religion, business, “mobs” and families; heads of charitable” (read tax-free) organizations – all those whose positions depend on those at the top but are autonomous from those below them.

 Then come the bureaucracies – the “belly and thighs” of the statue – those entrusted to make it work; to suck the energy from the bottom and move it to the top.  The mid-level corporate managers, the bean counters… and those qualified to “have the great ideas” and push corporate fanaticism through advertising, etc.   Professionals of all stripes, research and development scientists, teachers, doctors, lawyers and judges, law enforcers, local bank managers, on it goes.  Those who must believe and push because they have sold their souls to the upper parts of the machine; because it makes them comfortable, relatively rich and feeling safe.  

 Finally come the feet of the statue, those who support and feed it: the working class.  There is some iron in them, which means they actually believe in the ponderous contraption they laboriously and pointlessly support with their faith, their hopes, their love even… and ultimately, their mindless laboring and ignominious, pointless death.

But it must end, as all things that have grown out of balance; as have all empires in the past.  And in the collapse of this monstrosity, most of those who support it must, of course, die with it and their remnants will be swept away by “the rock cut out, but not by human hands.” 

In my vision the “rock” is nature turning against man in a final showdown in which only the planet can win.

There was more to my vision:  I saw beyond the pollution storm of environmental destruction; beyond spiritual corruption and mental bankruptcy

I saw what remained beyond civilization’s collapse; what had survived in underground testing labs; what was dead to feelings and could never understand empathy: I saw the rise of the Cyborgs.  Human machines gradually taking over because they needed so little “natural” energy to operate on.  They could live in a poisoned environment.  They could reproduce themselves, repair themselves and even evolve through trial and error processes using old and new technology and what they had absorbed from brief interactions with non-earth people who had shown up during the catastrophic destruction (The ancient “creators” from planet X, Nibiru, perhaps?  It wasn’t clear who these interlopers had been, just that they had made a brief appearance and made a quick exit.


These Cyborgs, I saw, were determined to hunt down and kill the last surviving “true” humans on this world for they sensed them as dangerous competitors.  Well, not surprising.  They had, after all, the “memories” of the pre-Cyborg human race.  A necessary part of their awareness, their programming.   They understood that if the humans survived, the many battles would go to the Cyborgs but the final war would be won by the surviving humans… and history repeats itself!

Oh well, hints of “Terminator” and other sci-fi stories and movies.  But in these confused times where nothing, anything or everything can be believed, or believed “in”… who’s to say what is fiction, what is prophecy?

I would not offer my dreams and visions as prophecies — just some food for thought.  Something to help us “slow down” and do a bit of thinking outside the box. Nor is this about taking a stand for survival: there is no surviving earth.  This world has evolved itself as a treadmill; an exercise machine for Earthians.  When our time’s up we have to take off our sweaty exercise stuff, shower and dress appropriately for “out there” and exit the “club”…

 “And what’s “appropriate”? someone might ask. 

 Depends on what’s “out there” for you.  Think: why have you done all that exercising all those years?  What was your purpose?

To live a life, I suppose” would be one answer.  “I really have no idea” would probably be the most common reply.

“How could anyone possibly know what’s out there?” someone else may add

 All they’d get for answer to that is a smile and a reminder that it’s all on their destination ticket.

 “I don’t have a destination ticket” another may challenge.

The answer to that is, that’s not a choice.  Everyone has a destination ticket.  All are born with it and it’s a part of one’s entire life.  Perhaps now would be a good idea to locate it and read the fine print.  Who knows but what one’s life lived without due care and attention may have caused to be written on the “admission” side of the ticket? 


18 thoughts on “Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream: the Statue, Then and Now

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I suppose, if one is confronted with this for the first time it is a lot to ponder! For a lifetime observer and dreamer, the difficulty is how to communicate such “information” in a coherent form. This is definitely the most difficult “explanation” I’ve ever had to write down. I came close to deleting it many times. I kept thinking, what’s the point? It’s going to happen anyway, why bother talking about it? Then I thought it might encourage others to share their own ideas, and visions of the future. Some of those may not be as dystopian as mine and the future is never written in stone.


  1. theburningheart

    Well, well, I didn’t have a dream, but since 2008, I figure up we had a foretaste of things to come!
    In fact way back I could see things going that way, when talking to friends, I used to put an example of things to come when the inevitable question would come up: “What do you think it’s gone happen?”,
    By pushing slowly but consistently a stack of magazines toward the edge of the counter at the place I work, until they would reach a point of no return, and gravity would take over, and of course they would flip and fall….
    I wouldn’t say I wrote a similar blog about it, but sort of a parallel one, on December 2013, using Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream, the idol of clay feet as a metaphor, you can check it if you want:


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you, Shera. I had some “difficulty” with the word “Via” in this context. Assuming it basically means “go ahead”?


  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Up to the standard of imagery and provocation I’ve come to be impressed by.
    Me? I’m thinking I’m part of the Universe.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      If you like the universe, being part of it would seem like a good thing… Me, I often think this particular universe is a bit too time-constrained and is in need of some serious tuning up. Having been offered a choice to finally move outside the universe this time, I took it. Personally I like to look at things, not so much being inside them. But don’t worry, when it’s time for us to start the “serious tune-ups” our first priority is making sure everybody is safely out of the way… Enjoy the day, Roger!


  3. cadxx

    Yes, I too have been outside of the universe and quite a spectacle it was. Like a ball, a kids plastic football, I thought, with super-galaxies printed on it.
    Your ‘end of the world’ bothers me. Don’t you know that people have been predicting the end since the world began, it must be the insecurity that constant war bestows upon us.

    The RV’s tell me that something is about to happen. That North Korea will nuke the yanks in the south or worse. And after this event they see soldiers on battlefields looking at the sky and then dropping their weapons – going home. No dates though.

    The world is not about to end, simply because it ain’t finished yet – the purpose for which we are here is not finished. I’ve seen evidence that it will be around in two thousand years, although unrecognisable as the earth we know now.
    Live your life as you want, without harm to others – that’s all we are required to do. No religion, no bloodthirsty gods, no money-worship required.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting. When my dreams speak of the world’s ending, it’s not literal, but rather the termination of a particular civilization that has gone rogue and which the planet can no longer support. There is a massive die-back, then a slow re-building in chaotic and violent times that take in most of the world, but particularly all areas of major urban centers. Current artificial national boundaries collapse as failed states with a return to war lord rule and frontier justice. Much war, much famine, much death. The greatest collapse will be the US empire, followed by China and Russia. Their great military system will simply stop, no longer economically affordable, nor socially useful. Something in that order. Interesting comment you make about the 2000 year future. I have seen it as far as a 1000 year future, at which point the people of earth, having evolved into true humans, must make a decision to leave this planet to its own devices: no more humans allowed on earth except for scientific crews of “observers” staying behind. Alien technology circa 3000 earth time allows us to float our major population centers (a dozen major cities) into space and move back to the stars where we belong. Totally self-sustaining, the Earth cities form a gigantic wheel world in space. It’s an amazing vision that!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cadxx

        That’s very interesting, the first time I’ve heard of the floating cities in space scenario. The last thing I heard was that the Earth will fission if you will, into another Earth and those awakened will go with it, the warmongers left to their own devices here on the original Earth.

        Prior to that I heard the Yuga scenario, Satya Yuga, via Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga into a Kali Yuga with us slowly moving toward a golden age and lower energies moving to another planet. This one seems to be a version of the fission idea above or should that be vice versa? It’s all a little confusing but I suppose we will know when we get there?

        Much of my insight into the far future comes from the books of Robert Monroe founder of the Munroe institute, although I have made my own personal journeys in the present.
        However, I don’t believe that the future is fixed – just about anything could happen.
        I don’t do much of that these days, I’ve been told I need to stay in the dark for now. 🙂


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your response. Since we are talking, I want to point out that “the future” is always open-ended with an infinite number of possibilities. Depending on our start point of view, those possibilities can be brought down to a relatively few. Dreams or vision of dystopia would be the most common today based on what is going on: over-population (though criminally denied); climate change (also criminally denied); resource wars (on the increase) and consequently a global rise in uncertainty, fear, blame, etc. As to my own visions of the future, they take two quite different paths, one of whom follows what you heard, and quote: “The last thing I heard was that the Earth will fission if you will, into another Earth and those awakened will go with it, the warmongers left to their own devices here on the original Earth.”

        I have that particular vision written down and will post on this blog later, so you can compare what I’ve been shown to what you know.


      3. cadxx

        Thank you, I’ll look forward to that. The watchers who put us here will only act when life (the loosh producers!) is in danger of extinction.


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