Encounter with a Mermaid

A clever write, by Regis. Enjoy!

Regis Auffray

Alone by the wild sea I sought what I might see;

When all of a sudden, before me on a rock,

Reclined one of the wondrous women of the sea –

A mythical mermaid with whom I wished to talk.

“Mermaid, fair mermaid, why is it you hide?

My wish is to see you and to perhaps know you;

But I cannot find you when you hide in the tide,

And dive behind the waves to keep from my view.”

“I hide for I’m shy and really quite wary,

And I have reason to take care and beware;

For your race’s shown itself to be mostly quite scary

And the kind souls I’ve met have been rather rare.”


“I promise, dear mermaid, that I will tell no one

About you and your sisters and your home in the deep.

I’ll keep very quiet and until you are done,


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7 thoughts on “Encounter with a Mermaid

  1. Phil Huston

    When I was much younger an sat at the feet of what I considered a wise person it was said to me that Dolphins were probably higher up the intelligence scale than humans because they could communicate on a high level and were attuned to, or in tune with, their environment. It struck as strange, not being the head ape, but now I understand it. The same reason the mother ship wanted Kirk to go back in time and find a whale…


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A great reminder, that Earthians are not, by virtue of certain accomplishments, the highest on the intelligence scale of Earthian intelligence – we just think we are because we can make things. The making of things however, could also be our undoing, or the undoing of man’s civilization. My thoughts on it.


  2. Frank

    I’ve been browsin online mofe than 4 hour today,
    yett I ever foujd anyy intedesting article like yours.

    It iss peetty wortth enohgh foor me. Personally, iff all sit oowners andd bloggerrs madde giod ontent ass yyou did,the weeb will bee a llot more usweful
    than evedr before.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      On behalf of the author, thank you for your comment Frank. Keep browsing, there are very interesting, and varied thoughts expressed on WordPress.



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