Quotes of the Day

I just couldn’t pass these up.

Speaking of US secretary of state Rex Tillerson: 

“Tillerson’s main job so far has been traveling the planet to reassure
foreign leaders that the new president isn’t as crazy as he seems to be.”

And while I’m at it, let’s add this one, which says a whole lot about Washington priorities:

“As former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates once noted, there are
more personnel in a single aircraft carrier task force than there are
trained diplomats in the U.S. Foreign Service.”

From William D. Hartung, quote from his article on Tom Dispatch. 

3 thoughts on “Quotes of the Day

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

    Hah! A big part of living an Earth life is having to worry about something, (or worrying something!) and usually we chew on what’s closest at hand. I live about 10 miles from the border with “that country” and you, well, you’ve got Brexit. Which makes me wonder, if my own “nation” Brittany ever gets its act together and decides to break from France, will they call it Brixit? And that in turn makes me want to laugh because “brixing” is a term we used at Coca Cola when a refractometer was used to determine the amount of sugar mix in a particular soft drink. Coke measured at 11.6% while Fanta orange was 13.3% and so on. Fun days… until they came up with self-calibrating valves… no more “brixing”. So now you know, and don’t lose any sleep over the %age of brix in Sprite…! (10.2%!) and it still tastes like syrup… yuk! Disgusting stuff but as Daffy Duck would say, “It’s a livin’!”



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