For Lisa P – Something Else

[very brief thoughts from a tired   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

It’s 8:45 (at the moment), or 20:45 if you will and I’m too tired to really write anything coherent, but my mind won’t stop churning.  It’s like some crazed voice saying, “Write it, write it, write it!” and each inflection louder than the next.   

“What?”  Meaning, write what in particular?  As usual, unless I’m taken over by the muse to write fiction (what’s fiction again?) I have a dozen ideas floating in my mind from all the impressions I get of a world in turmoil, gone made, over the deep end and of a group-think mindset that generally speaking, doesn’t have a clue and couldn’t care less.

Do I want to talk about that?  No.  There’s enough of that everywhere I turn and tune. 

What then, my feelings about it all?  Why should my feelings matter so much they need to be superimposed over those of someone else?  They don’t, they really don’t.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this one life, and I’m old enough to know this, it’s that what I think and feel is just as important as what everybody else thinks and feels, and vice versa.  I’m just as special as everyone else, and so are my feelings. 

So, that’s me out of the way (like that’s even possible!) so what does the crazy voice want me to write about? 

I know, of course I know: it wants me to write about Something Else.  And I will, or I would, if only I had the language to express it but my languages only know Something Else as just that: something else.  Not even capitalized, just something else, so much so, I am leaving this “uncategorized.”

At least I can close with this: I know how you feel now, Lisa Palmer.  

57 thoughts on “For Lisa P – Something Else

  1. Sunny Lanning

    I often feel like this. Sometimes I write and think, “Why does this need to be out there? Who cares, anyway?” My zombie dream post, which I refuse to analyze in a professional capacity, was one of those. Write it anyway. You never know who needs to read what you have to say.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Sunny. Yes, what the hell, write it anyway. I’m churning the “Something Else” in my mind now. I know it can be expressed but maybe I’m just too wiped tonight. Thanks again, great comment!!!

  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    Amazing how typos slip in no matter what you do. Correction: Why should my feelings matter so much they need to be superimposed and those of someone else? should read, Why should my feelings matter so much they need to be superimposed OVER those of someone else?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Rosaliene. You are fortunate to have the poetic voice. It has a language of its own, one that I often find daunting to interpret.

      1. Rosaliene Bacchus

        Thanks to my late friend and poet, Angela, I added poetry to my daily reading. From your kind remark, it seems that I’m also imbibing the poetic voice 🙂

  3. cadxx

    The “Something Else” for me is probably the very thing you are trying to avoid. For myself it’s children gassed and the crime used for political advantage by blaming it on someone else.(That is if it ever happened at all) This is not the way your average human behaves. I begin to wonder what kind of monster thinks these things up.

    Speaking of monsters: The French are about to elect a Rothschild banker as president! Who the hell thinks a banker is qualified to run a country? The EU Commission who I’m told make all the important decisions is maned by bankers and look at the mess?

    The poor people of the Yemen bombed by the rich Saudi’s with the blessing and armaments of the western nations.

    All of this is eclipsed by the troubles of the US. I did a card reading on the US, it said the honeymoon is over. Understated I think?

    North Korea!

    Madness has become the norm.

    These things are my “Something Else” always at the back of my mind.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It looks like my original comment disappeared! So, here’s a copy:
      Reply Comments

      [Long reply here, cadxx] There is a sad truth that accompanies man’s history on earth: things must get worse before they can get better. People still believe. This is true to the very day before a “regime change” revolution breaks out in full. People everywhere simply haven’t had enough, nor found the need, desire and courage to say, “Enough!” If one reads these many blogs, news or fake news, we always run across those people willing to “fix” things. The “nice” people, who organize protests and support this or that candidate at election time. I know how well they mean, I was one of them for half my life, and it cost me a great deal. But what did it all accomplish? I helped the enemy persist that much longer by cleaning up after “it” – by making it less obvious what “it” was destroying. Now I’ve swung to the extreme “other” side, which isn’t a side actually, but it’s manipulating certain energies that are pushing people towards the proverbial cliff: the sooner they see the coming catastrophe, then the sooner they can stop believing and acting like automatons.

      I stand back, observe, analyze, drawing certain conclusions about the worsening state of man’s civilization. That it is utterly doomed isn’t in doubt, but what remains in doubt is how soon will people everywhere realize they must unite themselves into a jihad against all the powers and powerful that are destroying their world and denying them a future. This global jihad must be extreme but also leaderless and mindless: a brute billion-headed beast that strikes at everything that has created, maintained and is now destroying man’s civilization. It must destroy everything, every seat of power, every military system and their armaments, every school and university; every hospital and medical center, every church, burn every library, smash and burn every computer, destroy all scientific endeavours and all those frocked priests of religion, science, medicine who oppose the jihad must die: a scorched earth must be the result of its passage. Only after such a cleansing can any really new way be created by man, for man to live by, and more importantly, live with. Without this scorching the sins of the fathers and the mothers, of the past, will return to visit their children to the 7th and 8th generation, and by then a whole new civilization of evil will have rooted itself once again for another turn at the slave wheel of time.

      Some will think this is too drastic and sadistically cruel. The problem we are facing is this: that we are dead either way, but the current way is the coward’s death, in which the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper. I already hear much whimpering in the death song of earth.

      1. cadxx

        Thank you for your welcome reply. Ah, I see now! So it was the same “Something Else” what else could it be?
        ‘Something that never happened before’. I have been hoping for the rumored fissioning of our planet – a new duplicate Earth for those awake who hate war and slavery. The old planet left for those who love such things.
        You are the bridge?
        There are no “sins” just pig ignorance and stupid mistakes. Those who have a lot become consumed with greed and want it all. Not forgetting the wannabe’s. They are welcome to it.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, cadxx. Yes, I am a bridge, and being stretched (tested) to the limits these days. The “fissioning” as you call it, or the twin planet Earth is in my reality and at the appropriate time people will have to choose which one they want to live on. How this twin (or Another Earth – ref. to the movie) happens is open to many interpretations. I am involved in two scenarios having very different approaches. To your comment “there are no sins” I take a different view. When I finally broke with Christianity, then all aspects of religion, organized or not, I didn’t throw out the baby with the bath water. I still read the bible, mining its contents for its hidden wisdom. Regarding sin, my Teachers explained the concept this way: sin is the causing of pain and loss to another, or others, strictly for one’s own benefit or satisfaction. From that basis, there is much sin in this world. I think it’s a very good word but like so many things religious, those who use them don’t understand them and the rest reject them out of hand.

      3. cadxx

        Thanks for that Sha’Tara. I find it to my own advantage to leave-out anything with religious connections. As you say, the use of the word means different things and there is certainly plenty of your brand of sin going-on.
        I had teachers at the start of my journey, the last one I was told was a goddess. I asked her “what do I do now” the answer was “Do what you like”. That’s when I knew I was on the right path, the perfect answer.
        I get very few of these kind of experiences these days. When I asked about this I was told I need to be in the dark for a while. Don’t know what it means or why but my writing seems to be important for whatever reason and so I write when I can.
        The Bible is something I had to remove from my head, I kept getting quotes. I would rather people used there own thoughts and feelings and not use a quote. Quoting dead scientists is just the same, we all have a mind of our own but some don’t use it or they have been trained not to use it.
        Going on a bit

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Interesting parallels in our lives. My Teachers left about 10 years ago. I didn’t get a chance to ask “what do I do now” since I already knew: practice what I’d been taught; learn to think, speak and act compassionately, keeping in mind that they did not invest so much time and effort into my life just to disappear. I’m being observed to see if “the seed” is growing. As to quotes, the way I see it is, if I accept a quote, then that is a thought I’ve made a part of my own philosophy, so it is my own thought – therefore all quotes, to me, are legitimate. To just quote stuff is disempowering, but to pick up a well-expressed thought and accept it as mine, filing it in with the rest of my own thoughts, that helps the process of enlightenment along. Some earlier quotes I’ve rejected over the years, just as I’ve rejected many of my earlier thoughts about… everything!

      5. cadxx

        My teaching (I find it hard to call it that) was a lifelong thing that I only realised was there, like you, about ten years ago. I was not aware that anything unusual was going on until that point. My reaction to “do what you like” was just a continuance of what I was already doing, an affirmation if you will . Different strokes leading to the same place?
        Yes, I use quotes on my website to reinforce what I’m saying. I was thinking of Bible quotes to answer every question and there are those who do the same thing with scientific hero quotes.
        “The Seed” reminds me of those who I know as The Watchers, but I’m not sure that they are teachers? Not much data on the subject. Just fishing! I tend to be paranoid with people on the web due to past experience, but the Internet is my medium and I’ve also met some amazing people.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        More parallels. The “Watchers” I’ve had all my life. For me they are essentially neutral: observing mostly and I think playing a subtle role of guardian angel, though you wouldn’t think of them as angels, angels being either spirit beings a la Christianity, or messengers of the gods (or aliens, if “gods” seems a bit too lofty, or out there) because they always (in my case) disguise themselves as animals or natural objects. Possibly because I was raised in the Northern wilds of Alberta, Canada, they appeared as stumps, tree trunks, willow shrubs or large tufts of coarse grasses and cattails in low areas. When I notice one, I’ve learned not to approach the object or by the time I get to it, there is nothing there. I’ve never been able to get close, but I’ve received many warnings of approaching predatory animals, storms and unsavory characters to give me a chance for fight or flight. If you’ve ever read Dan Simmons science fiction series that begins with Hyperion, you will remember the main character called the Shrike. (Quote from Wikipedia: The Shrike is a menacing and immensely powerful creature of uncertain origin and motives which appears throughout the narrative, often in a seemingly antagonistic role.) The Shrike is an active Watcher who’s role we discover near the end of the series, is to protect the young prophetess Aenea. Watchers will “watch,” warn and even protect but for that they need to be “activated” by entities like the Teachers. Thanks for this very interesting reminder of our life when lived in higher consciousness.

      7. cadxx

        Thanks for the interesting info Sha’Tara, I must tell you about my interactions with angels sometime. Sorry for the delay in answering your post, we are house hunting, like some kind of nightmare!
        Speaking of which – taking the dog for his unusual walk this morning (my mind drifts away at times) I started thinking about the “paranormal” (ghost hunter) programs I sometimes watch on TV and how they have changed over the past three or so years.
        For example: the UK Most Haunted show was quite good at the start with one or two well known resident psychics, and then it suddenly changed. The psychics were kicked out and replaced by a bizarrely dressed night club owner who claims to be a demonologist and a resident sceptic (skeptic for US). It’s so obviously choreographed that I don’t watch it any more.
        Then there is the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures that has become daemon infested in the past couple of years. The mention of earth-bound lost and trapped spirits has become a rarity.
        The reality type shows, where the actual victims are used, were based on a format where these troubled people where offered help by priests who seemed at a loss to know what to do and failed to make any permanent difference to the situation – only the psychics and shamans were able to persuade the troubled spirits to return home. This has now been turned on its head with the priest blaming the victim for occult practices and inflicting what looks like torture upon the same. We are now told that this works and is permanent.
        It’s all been sanitised to fall in line with the needs of the Matrix.
        Something equally intriguing is that most of the demon victims appear to be Catholics?
        Love to get some comment on this fascinating subject?

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        That is a slippery slope, one that I have worked hard at avoiding. First I don’t watch TV – haven’t since about 1980, and even prior to that time, it was a very limited viewing – no cable, just whatever an aerial could pick up. I do not engage any mainstream media, not newspapers, nor radio. As Mark Twain said, “If you do not read the papers, you are uninformed; if you do read the papers, you are misinformed.” Back to “demon possession”: to accept such a state (I “believe all things, believe in nothing”) is to accept a whole lot of false history and horror.

        What are demons? Fallen angels? What, or who, were the fallen angels? According to the Teachers and their version of the Lucifer story, Lucifer was not an archangel, she (yes, she) was a beautiful captured sex slave of a Time Lord after these entities had conquered her part of this galaxy where she ruled as queen. Short version: Lucifer, in telepathic unity with her captured sisters decided to stop providing for “the gods” and used the concept called satyagraha, or non-violent, non cooperation towards the imperial rulers. So “there was war in heaven” as the ‘general strike’ wore on and on. Meanwhile many of the servants of the particular Time Lord had fallen in love with the beautiful Luciferian women, and when push came to shove, they sided with their lovers, against their lords. So, they were eventually “cast out” into “darkness” or into a part of the galaxy as yet unformed. So it became their task to help build new worlds that would support the kind of life they envisioned, which was in direct opposition the the oppression and genocidal murder of their conquerors. They formed this part of the galaxy, focusing on this solar system as their base of operation. Read Genesis chapter one to Genesis chapter 2, verse 3 for that story. You must read it with an open mind, and careful to note crucial details in that story. Then continue to read the story of Jehovah/Yahweh and the Garden of Eden, and the “creation” of Adam and Eve as the first people, which the same book makes abundantly clear very soon that they were not, since the “only” living progeny of Adam and Eve, Cain, when cast out to go live in the land of Nod, procured himself a wife there and began a line of metal workers, city builders… and killers.

        This explains the “angel” and “demon” myth: they were servants of the Time Lords, some of whom rebelled and were demonized by “heavenly” propaganda, a propaganda that billions continue to buy into.

        In the account of the “creation” (it was actually a cloning, a re-fashioning of an existing intelligent bi-pedal creature that Lucifer had formed to live in natural freedom) of Adam, the text mentions that Adam became a living soul made in the image of god (Gen. 2:7). That “image of god” was the soul implant the lesser Time Lord ruler of earth, Yahweh, caused to be put in all of his new race of slaves. (In “The Lord of the Ring, Tolkien names this character Sauron.) This soul implant is how the sheeple are manipulated to serve their masters even to their own, and their loved ones’, destruction. As long as they exist within the group-think mindset they are helpless to change or empower themselves. They must believe it is impossible to live free individual lives based on their own choices, and all of them must believe two things: that they system is the best their is, and that the rest of the world is constantly conniving to take it from them.

        Having a soul implant, they are easily programmed and re-programmed, and this goes on to this day. A bit of tweaking here and there, and you have a “demon possessed” individual robot, or puppet, acting and speaking as the implant controller wishes her/him to. The bigger picture then reveals the “why” of this: it’s a matter of power, and control of power, or of conferring power on chosen individuals (exorcists so-called) and institutions (say, the Catholic Church) by creating victims of apparent demon possession so the myth is perpetuated. There are plans within plans, always, and the great “Trinity of Powers” of Religion, the State, and Money continue to battle it out for control of the entire world. From this viewpoint, globalism is real, has always been the goal of all three members of this Trinity. These are Forces that intend to become Absolutes, therefore they can never, ever, stop their attempt to climb to the very top of the mountain of power. These “gods” created by the Time Lords to keep their conquered worlds in subjection, are the ultimate monsters. They require absolute obedience from their chosen servants: popes or high order religious, emperors, kings, presidents; and the money makers and handlers, our modern banksters. That their push for ultimate power over this (or any) world can only lead to disaster and destruction, they cannot even consider: their hunger is mindless.

        So, from this viewpoint, the whole thing is nothing but “a really big show” to keep the subject slaves amused, entertained, dummied down and ultimately, in abject fear of “what may happen” which, by constantly thinking collectively about it, actually causes it to happen.

        … and after all of that, I feel like I didn’t even begin to answer your question… dang! As I said, a slippery slope here, one upon which I possess too much of the non-conformist variety of information.

      9. cadxx

        Thanks for the great post, quite a lot of interesting stuff there. I do know that the Bible Genesis is copied and edited from older Mesopotamian (Sumerian)sources. The word “Lucifer” occurs only once in the Bible-Isaiah 14:12, which says: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
        “Son of the morning” Morning Star is a clear reference to the planet Venus.
        As a researcher myself I could not but notice the parallels between your story and The Epic of Gilgamesh, said to be the oldest story in existence. It tells of the Anunnaki, god-like aliens who lived for thousands of years and how they bio-engineered humanity. Gilgamesh was a half god half human superman prototype. There seems to be a connection between a female Lucifer and Ishtar (Inanna) the Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, and political power. The epic says she was angry with Gilgamesh because he refused to marry her.(understated?) In revenge she let loose the bull of heaven to destroy him. Again the bull appears to be an eclipsed view of the planet Venus. The Venus tablets of Ammisaduqa also from the Mesopotamian library at Nineveh were used as part of the academically debunked Emanuel Velikovsky’s ‘Worlds in Collision’. This tells of the planets orbit being changed and encounters with Earth and Mars (God of war). The epic tells us that Gilgamesh killed the bull and prevented worldwide devastation. (War in heaven) Maybe a connection between Gilgamesh and Mars?
        The Venus tablet of Ammisaduqa (Enuma Anu Enlil Tablet 63) from the same source as above refers to astronomical observations of Venus’ convoluted orbit of the day. Astronomers have always denied that these are actual observations. Like Velikovsky the late Zecharia Sitchin was also hammered by academics for his own translation of the tablets and the the Anunnaki.
        These stories and others are embedded in the human psyche, the psychologists call them archetypes and this is supportive of your “brainwashing”.
        There are so many connections here it would require a full- blown blog to explore them. Like to hear your comments on this?

      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        My comment is, if only I had more time!!! I have read (and have on file) Velikovsky’s books, and of course, Zecharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles, etc. The “expanded” mind knows to reconcile myth and actual history. For me, it comes down to, believe all things, believe in nothing. The “goddesses and gods” were once real people (either Earthians or “Aliens” such as the Anunnaki or people of Anu) who became mythologized either as saviours or demons. The myth was invented to satisfy the “I need to know” craving of the mind; and was embedded within the soul implant which every intelligent sentience must carry in the mind-slave realms of the Time Lords. Thus was real ancient history wiped from Earthian awareness. Then certain high priest types, whether religious leaders, wild prognosticators like Alex Jones for example, or academics, were chosen and given strategic positions in order to block those who still insisted on “remembering” or who found evidence that the myths were wrong. Velikovsky was demonized for his truth and mainstream publishing wouldn’t touch his books. Sitchin had similar troubles with established academia. It is the latter’s role to prevent the public from access to alternative views. For a brief moment in time, there’s now the Internet to carry some of these views but that time is fast coming to a close. Soon there well be a “public outcry” about the free speech Internet being a homeland security issue and all the free expression aspects will be shut down. Wait and see, it won’t be long. Sorry, got to go see a horse about a man… 🙂

      11. cadxx

        Thanks, we seem to be in accord. I’ve been trying to get it across to the academics here for example:
        that the establishment is trying to destroy the Internet. I sometimes wonder if it’s even worth trying? These people are computer professionals and they don’t have a clue what’s going on. They have clear evidence and rationalise it as being due to something else.

      12. Lisa R. Palmer

        Interesting, Sha’Tara!! I was just having a similar conversation with a friend last night, until she cut me off with, “you know how I hate end of the world talk! Why do you persist in torturing me with it?” Lol!

        My focus last night, though, was on the individual death. On accepting that we are all facing end of life decisions now, and must decide how, when, with whom, and why we choose to die. What last impressions do we wish to take with us? Have we made peace with who we truly are? Do we wish to die actively or passively? Have we accomplished what we came here to do?

        I found a deep sense of detached peace accompanied these thoughts, as the last vestiges of “hope” drained away. Then I became more interested in simply observing how others were choosing, and wondering if they even knew they were choosing…

        I take comfort in knowing that some, at least (yourself included), have consciously made those choices. I wish you peace as you journey on from here, my friend…

      13. Sha'Tara Post author

        …and likewise, wishing you that “peace that passes understanding” for your future, Lisa.

  4. Lisa R. Palmer

    Sorry about my late arrival here. I did read it right away, but I’ve been avoiding the internet, and anything that resembles communication. It seems every time I try to speak these days, I manage to piss someone off, completely unintentionally. And if I keep my silence, that is also “wrong,” even though that silence is misinterpreted or simply because I haven’t yet had time to respond appropriately.

    Conclusion: there is no “right” these days… There is only something else…

    ‘Nuff said, I think…

    1. Rosaliene Bacchus

      Lisa, in my experience, we piss people off when we succeed in expressing an inconvenient truth about themselves that they refuse to accept. I don’t always agree with Sha’Tara or share some of her beliefs, but – with her something else – she opens my mind to seeing our world and our place within it in new ways.

      In this world where “madness has become the norm,” we cannot afford to be silent.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Lisa. I think I’ve just written some of my definitely troubling “something else” in a comment to cadxx. If you have a few moments, you may want to look at it… or not. It’s the most definitive, devastating “prophetic” bit I’ve ever dared put into words. It’s been there, in my mind, for many years, but now it has to come out. Take care o’ you.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        For whatever reason, my original reply to cadxx disappeared from this page. I’ve re-posted it and if you scroll back up, you will find it. Sorry for the confusion. Perhaps I simply forgot to hit (Post Comment) the first time. Good thing I try to save all my longer comments, just in case!

  5. Phil Huston

    Write it. Post it. Brain fart or brilliance. In your case? Like with Small Thoughts…Less is often way more. As far as the touchy feely aspect? You know where I stand on that stuff 😉

  6. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hi Sha’ Tara.
    Writing for the ‘Why’, the ‘When’ or even ‘The Who Cares?’. Yep, all makes perfect sense (The one thing about being in a post-Heavy Cold inertia, is that it leaves your mind space to wander…I’ve been wandering…old Moody Blues Song ‘Thinking Is The Best Way To Travel’.
    As I see it, if a person writes and in these days put it out to the World through The Net, the words then belong to the World and the Ages ahead, for you never know who or when it will be picked up.
    Thus it all makes for ‘good copy’.
    Keep on writing.

  7. M. Talmage Moorehead

    “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this one life, and I’m old enough to know this, it’s that what I think and feel is just as important as what everybody else thinks and feels, and vice versa.”

    True wisdom. I’m still trying to learn this lesson. Intellectually I know it’s true, but in practice I usually feel as if other people’s thoughts and feelings are more important than mine. It’s a problem, but I’ve seen worse.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, M. We live in a society, or should I say a global civilization that has always insisted that “all of us” give credit for it all to someone special: a god, a pope, a minister, a boss. That is the recipe for disaster today and we desperately need to realize that it’s “all of us” that makes it work; that gives it meaning, and that “all of us” is individuals who should be practicing self-empowerment and taking responsibility for “all of it” including our efforts. We need to stop giving our power away to entities that either do not exist, give nothing back, or are not worthy of recognition, i.e., the elites.

      1. M. Talmage Moorehead

        I need to learn what “practicing self-empowerment” looks like. It’s so foreign to my DNA, unfortunately.
        I agree the elites are a problem. Sociopaths tend to rise to power and become a ruling class – throughout history. Strange how people follow them so instinctively.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        To come to some understanding of the strangeness of “followers” one needs to become acquainted with the very ancient history of this world. Most of it is lost as far as normal memory or recorded history goes but any one of us can still access it through what I’d loosely call “meditation” or allowing one’s mind to wander freely through time… in all directions! Past lives recall is a good tool to use in acquiring hidden aspects of the past, and we can also tap into future lives (I found that much more difficult though it need not be if we understand that “time” is an artificial construct which holds us in thrall to the present.) Time travel teaches us about our beginnings, how we came about, what our purpose was, and how we suffered and struggled to try to break free of our “live in the now” programming – a main platform of New Agey teaching.

        This struggling has not brought much fruit on the long run and we’re just as stuck in our mental blindness today as we ever were, with some exceptions. In our current global civilization, we encounter two types of people: the roughly one percentile rulership who are naturally and of necessity sociopathic, and the followers, the sheeple who go to the slaughter for their masters or who sometimes, when the leashes are loosened for a bit, turn into wild mobs out of which come revolutions from which… nothing substantial ever changes. The new 1% sociopathic leadership automatically rises to the top and exploits and oppresses the “followers” as always.

        Followers, like mobs, are essentially brain-dead people who cannot exist as individuals, but only within the group-think. The cannot become self-empowered because they have no concept of what the real “SELF” is, having always given their best to those who make the rules, the laws and who decide who lives and who dies. These group-think mental zombies can accept any lie, for example, in America (or Canada), they believe they have a democratic society. In North Korea, they believe their leader is tantamount to a god. Workers in a corporation will fight for their exploiters. In politics, they will argue and fight over political parties never realizing there is never any substantial difference between them, and they will not only vote, but can become outraged at those who refuse to vote. The same goes with choices of religion. One’s god is always the only true god. Brainwash. Nuff said, methinks.

      3. M. Talmage Moorehead

        Sorry it took me so long to respond. (Slightly technical issue, mainly brain fog.)
        You know, part of me agrees with just about everything you’ve said here and part of me wants to hold on to pieces of brainwashed paradigms.
        The more I learn about any issue, including many aspects of medicine and science in general, the more I realize that there is something inherently screwed up about human thinking. It’s as if group-think is entangled with our purpose for living. And “my group-think” is always right, as you say. Not just right, but morally superior to everyone else and entitled to expressing “righteous” indignation towards anyone who doesn’t “get it” the way my group does.
        I’ve always been seeking reliable information and trying to think for myself, even when I was a kid joining a strict fundamentalist Christian church in an effort to get off the meaningless path I was on. Their “perfect” source of info was, of course, the protestant version of the Bible. I made the mistake of reading it almost every day for decades and gradually concluding that it wasn’t perfect at all. I’m open to the concept of not allowing the perfect to become the enemy of the good, but when you have “God” of the Old Testament supposedly commanding Israel to kill men, women, children and animals and steal their land, it becomes impossible for me to imagine it’s literally true – especially after 9/11 and subsequent religious attacks on us heathen.
        So, anyway, I’m still convinced as a scientist that God exists and speaks every language, and I’d like to call myself a non-fundamentalist Christian because of some of the sayings ascribed to Jesus, but I don’t have any religious group, Christian or otherwise, that I could fit into. I agree that the New Age movement’s “live in the present moment” is akin to the fundamentalist’s call to essentially worship a book (source of info) by turning off your critical / analytic thinking when you read it.
        So you’ve got an interesting source of (infallible?) information that I’m not familiar with. Mental time travel, it sounds like. Do you think that anyone can learn to do it? If so, where would I start? What evidence do you have that the information you receive through this means is accurate? Not to put you on the spot at all, I’m seriously looking for accurate information about the nature of reality. I’ve been looking all my life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Again, I apologize for taking all this time to respond. It wasn’t intentional. 🙂

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks M. No need to ever apologize for time taken to respond – this is a blog after all, not an order desk! I’ll try to be brief here, but… (and please remember to take anything I write with a large dose of salt) it isn’t easy. Perfection: problem with perfection is that it is an absolute value. In our type of worlds, no absolute can exist for obviously if it manifested even for a split second, it would reduce everything into its own self, taking every speck of energy and reducing it into whatever this ‘PERFECTION’ happens to be – if light, for example, then all the universe’s energy would become light. This applies to anything that claims to be an absolute. Hence, although I know God exists, I know also s/he/it cannot be an absolute entity, or if it is, it cannot ever exist, or have existed, in this universe. It can (and does) however, exist by proxy: its followers and their institutions become god (small g obviously). That makes it much easier and comfortable to study the contents of the Judaeo-Christian bible since we are no longer dealing with God (capital G) but with gods, angels, messengers and human beings (all part of that “Elohim” or chosen/elected group.

        I’m glad you put “infallible” information in brackets! There is no such thing (see above on absolutes!). I do have personal information that, to this moment, no one seems to have clued in on yet, though time and again I encounter individuals who share similar bits of information which they have garnered from different sources than mine. I trust my sources mostly because they have never made any promises, or outlandish statements, hence I never caught them lying to me, unlike the promises made by “Jesus” in the New Testament about the powers to be conferred upon his disciples when he sent them the Holy Spirit. Those “powers” if they did manifest, as in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, certainly vanished in a very short period of time. When I asked for those same powers after being called to the priesthood as a child of 12: nothing. Returning to the Christian faith as a born again Christian at age 33, I asked again. There never was a doubt that these powers would be for the healing and benefit of others, never for myself, and I was willing to put my life on the line for this, and again: nothing. Whatever I accomplished subsequently after being advised by the Teachers, I did entirely by personal conviction; by free choice, through self-empowerment. God had nothing to do with it.

        These entities I refer to as “the Teachers” saved my life, and probably my sanity as well. They advised me to set myself up with a single-minded purpose for my life. Their advice: “Find what you desire more than anything else, then make that your life’s purpose. If you are truly seeking wisdom in this process, you will find “something” that you can never fulfill; something that you can only work towards, ever and anon. Do that and you will discover the meaning of life.” And so I did, over many sleepless nights, as I considered the rest of my life, and the condition of the world I was in.

        While I sought this purpose, I tried many things, all to do with helping others. It was a mix of adventures in street ministry (I was still a Christian for three years following the Teachers’ intervention in my life), prison ministry, helping “the poor” in various ways locally, kind of “reaching out” wherever possible, and doing active environmental and political work also. After 3 years I left the Church, totally “disgusted” with the attitude of the “rich and complacent” and usually right-winged leaning Christians in their very well appointed church buildings with their hired staff; all of it accompanied by such a smug certainty.

        Then I began to see myself as a failed Christian, since I could not do the things the Christianity of “Acts” required of me. If I wasn’t good enough for God to support me, to give me the powers he had promised and continued to promise, then God was a bad absentee husband, and I wasn’t going to work to support him and myself and my “children” so I divorced him. No more god, church, tithes, fellowship meetings etc.

        It was after I did a “life trade” on the advice of one of the Teachers (briefly, I legally managed to trade my life for that of a woman with three children held on death row for adultery in a country ruled by Sharia law and had the woman not gained her pardon, I would have taken her place for the stoning.) At the time, and in retrospect, it was the correct an proper thing to do and that is how I discovered my passion and purpose: the become an avatar of compassion. That’s when I changed my name to Sha’Tara, meaning Shallom, Tara, or Peace, Earth. So, as Scripture says, I put my hand to the plow and I’ve never looked back, nor will I ever.

        So you see, it’s simple, pure and complete personal choice. If we choose well, we will find our purpose, and we will discover that we are the only one who can take this burden, or task, on. If we (I) do not, it will certainly not get done. That is very empowering, and a powerful motivator.

        So much for being brief! 🙂 Thank you, once again, for an engaging conversation.

      5. M. Talmage Moorehead

        Fascinating. You’ve done a lot of great work in the world. That was truly heroic, stepping in to die in the place of that woman under Sharia law.
        Can you tell me anything about the Teachers? How does a person learn to connect with them and what does the nature and experience of that connection look, sound and feel like? Do they require a person to disconnect with God and consider love a negative thing, far below compassion and empathy?

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you. To your first comment, I did not feel heroic then, even less so now. When it comes to service, or serving others, we may have to die a “martyr’s death” and then it’s over. What my Teacher, El Issa, wanted me to discover was that it is much easier to die “all at once” than to choose to give one’s entire life away, dying day by day to the desires of the selfish nature while knowingly serving other selfish natures. I’m glad I was given an extension, so I could incarnate that most important lesson. True humility is found in selfless service and that is a very hard “death” to wear.

        I cannot say much about the Teachers since they revealed very little about themselves personally. I know they are avatars, representing a force we call compassion. I know that the three of them came from a hidden world called Altaria, existing in a “non-place” they call the Nexus. The entire world is dedicated to teaching. The most ancient of the Teachers is YLea. She predates our universe and wherever she may have originated from likely has long since disappeared. El Issa was a native Shaman who lived near what is now called Chilliwack Mountain, on the Fraser River, (B.C., Canada) where I reside now. She was a great healer. The third Teacher called himself Phaelon. He came from the area we know as the constellation Orion. But none of that really means anything to them, or to me, although my next “assignment” is to spend time in the avatar schools and training areas of Altaria.

        These Teachers chose to contact me/connect with me, for their own reasons. They are not “transferable” to others. It is my understanding that every one of us is so different, we cannot share teachers, as you would on earth. It doesn’t work that way. Each one of us is connected to cosmic intelligence in our own unique way. Our minds are not just our own minds, but we are made up of “partials” or other bits of minds, some from interactions with other entities, some from our own past/future lives – and it is too complex for me to try to understand this within the limitations of this human spirit-mind-brain. Where I am now is an awakening at a very low level of cosmic intelligence. Suffice that I accept what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve been taught, and the changes that has wrought within me.

        I speak of the Teachers in past and present tense because they became part of my life some 30 years ago and left me about 10 years ago. I am no longer in contact with them, but I am aware that I am being observed and records are kept. To be expected I suppose since for them, the amount of “time” and effort they spent on me would be a substantial outlay of energy. So the rest of my life is to practice what I learned of the teachings. It’s a challenge.

        To continue addressing your questions: about God – these people never once mentioned God, nor did I ever feel the need to ask about the earth God. I discovered the necessity of weaning myself from the God concept simply by adhering to the teachings which eventually put me beyond the need of the 3 main Christian “virtues” of faith, hope and love.

        When you know something, there is no longer any need for faith. When you are certain of your path, purpose and destination, there is no longer any need for hope. When you understand what compassion is, how it shapes one’s heart/mind to live as a bridge between sorrow and joy, there is no longer any need for love.

        The fundamental difference between love and compassion is detachment. Love is a reciprocal energy. Even God cannot give love to those who won’t reciprocate and love him back. Both the Old and New testaments of the Bible make that clear. Love is also very much of an emotional energy – hence why it is quite unsustainable. It uses up too much energy and becomes entropic. Compassion is completely sourced within the self – it does not come from another source – and if it does, if one feels the need to thank some unseen deity for being compassionate, that is love, not compassion. Compassion never demands, nor need, reciprocity: that would be a contradiction. Compassion functions without emotion. Where emotion becomes involved, that is no longer compassion, whatever it is.

        Thus by teaching me this truth about compassion, these avatars of compassion never had to say a thing about my previous teachings and disappointments with God’s failed promises. I discovered my freedom from the need of God, or gods, or leaders, or gurus, or various types of “spiritual” books, simply by making compassion my life’s purpose. Everything I’ve done since then has been to change myself to fit into a mindset that only knows how to respond compassionately to any and all situations. This is a state of mind, a moment-by-moment choice which has nothing to do with IQ or education.

        To close this comment, all I can really say is, to find your own Teachers, find what it is that you would make your life’s purpose, then delve deeply within your own self, your own mind, for the greater life questions, and for the answers to those questions.

        Some points made by YLea that have helped me see outside the 3-D Matrix cartoon life:

        “Believe all things, believe in nothing.”
        “When none of it matters, it will all be yours.”
        “As below, so above.” (Earth with all of its chaos, is no better, no worse, than billions of other worlds out there where intelligent life exists. Earth is a micro of the universal macro. There is nothing special about this place, either of good or evil, but the programming we exist under as mind slaves, that did originate from space long ago. “We” did not naturally evolve as we find ourselves today: we were programmed to be this way and that programming too can be broken. Another very long and detailed explanation would be needed for that.)

        Thanks again for your questions.

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