Impeaching Trump: The Politics of Disposability

Whether I need to apologize or not is moot, but I’ve been so busy lately, no time for blogging. I do read as much as I have time for of all your highly interesting/emotive/entertaining output. This WP is an amazing place. That said, I am reblogging this article from Zone of Non Being by Darryl Walker Jr. for what I consider its damning truth in brevity. Take care, all!

Zone of Non-being

Donald Trump’s approval ratings are declining as calls for his impeachment are increasing rapidly. So, let me get this straight:

Trump bombed Syria with 59 tomahawk missiles; defunded abortions overseas; gave the green-light to the Dakota Access Pipeline; implemented an Islamophobic travel ban; tried and continues to try to throw 30 million more people off health coverage; plans to deport 12 million people of Latin descent; and is waging a phony War on Drugs to incarcerate poor black and brown folks …

… but people are trying to impeach him over the Russia scandal?! After all of the bloodshed he has caused, is causing, and plans to cause, politicians are just now trying to remove him because he “obstructed justice” by firing a dude from the FBI?!

Impeachment discourse, once again, sends the message that the masses of people are disposable. The Establishment cares more about defending the integrity of…

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3 thoughts on “Impeaching Trump: The Politics of Disposability

  1. Phil Huston

    Once the rhetoric descends from fact to generalizations about hate and race and the poor brown/black/old/broke/gay folks and generic agency bashing it’s just more bullshit and you should know better. The hard core Aristotelean logic of the internet is one of the biggest problems facing all of us. All cops, all priests, all crack heads all blacks, browns, hipsters with beards and old white guys aren’t bad because seven kids shot each other last night, or pulled a cop car out of a creek or waded out up to their necks to rescue some dumbass regardless of what color they were or how old they are or how much money they have. Reactionary loud mouthed half assed bullshit is the real criminal and a separate set of PC rules based on gender and ethnicity is tantamount to first amendment treason. Fix that, FOR ONCE. Then spin me a tale of corruption that doesn’t go back a hundred years full of generalzations and half facts. I’m no Trump fan. But I’m way tired of all the pin the tale on the donkey crap when we should eb finding a way to fix the country, not blame somebody for things been effed up way longer than Trump.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Rhetoric and facts… hmmm, seems to me it depends where the information is coming from. I think that Darryl makes a great point in his article, and I would defend that. The problem with “your” country, Phil, is that it has, for long and violent decades, taken full advantage of its elites’ rampage throughout the planet, taking the spoils wherever they felt like, using “your” military to ensure they could get away with it without consequences. Now the chicken are coming home to roost and it isn’t a pretty picture. During the last US presidential campaign, I said two things I stand by today, namely, that Trump IS America, and that were I an American citizen and inclined to vote, I’d vote for Trump just to see him destroy America’s fake sense of superiority it immodestly and bloodily holds over the rest of the planet. If that doesn’t make sense, may I suggest you read your country’s real history, including slavery, the Civil War, the decimation and genocide of the legitimate inhabitants of the land you now live in; the endless massacres of peasants in Central and South America to provide slave labour and free lands for American food growing, logging and mining corporations to exploit while again decimating the local indigenous populations; the massive pollution of your own land, sea and air again for nothing more than monetary profits; the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the genocidal war in Iran under the Bush presidencies, and I’ll leave the rest and the details to a real history that is out there and available to anyone who cares to learn it. Your Nazi-leaning security agencies haven’t yet resorted to book burning and the shutting down of libraries or internet information, so that history is our there for you as it has been for me in Canada. Sorry buddy, but Darryl is right.

      1. Phil Huston

        You missed my point but proved it yourself with another round of reactionary finger pointing higher ground elitist bullshit. None of which I disagree with, but when are all the mouthy, opinionated finger pointing whiners going to do something besides bitch and moan and blame instead of offer a solution for unification through stereotype busting? Oh. Sorry. That would require dropping the self inflicted race/gender/nationalist monikers and becoming part of something bigger than an exclusionary identity and fixing something that is admittedly broken. But if the moral high ground requires lumping people into hashtaggable identities and bitching? Get after it.

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