Imagination on the List of Banned Substances

                                        [thoughts from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara

“The older you get, the more you realize it’s OK to live a life others don’t understand.”

Few older people understand this but it is quite true.  What’s to lose?  Very little, but what would cause an old person to become a rebel of the imagination?  Not someone as in this picture but someone who could make a difference to society?  OK, let’s describe a normal life lived normally, see where it ends up. 


There is one time in life when it’s also OK to live a life others don’t understand and that’s in early childhood.  “They” allow you to use your imagination then because society doesn’t feel threatened by you when you live an imaginary life with imaginary friends.  After all, you’re just a child, how much harm can you do with your imagination? 

But the seasons, they quickly turn, and turn.  From childhood you enter your brave new world.  You spend your in-between and mostly significant years serving the “they” in various ways, some by killing and dying (as in the military), some by slaving and consuming, and some by entertaining and partying.  During those years you are severely controlled and your imagination is permanently on the list of banned substances.  Use it in public and soon you’re out of a job, out of favour, out of the family or even in jail.

Every rule has exceptions.  You can use your imagination if you plug it into the System, in an approved way.  You can use it to spew fake news (which used to be called propaganda); teach fake Church history or write popular novels that guarantee a profit for book-makers… or do I mean book sellers?  You can use it to make gaudy or mindless commercial art suitable to adorn the entrance of some government building or corporate headquarters.  You can use it to entertain those who can pay.   In short, you can use it to make money and become famous.  It won’t be much of an imagination, but it will be profitable and therefore it will be unlikely to be put on the Matrix list of banned substances.  The Matrix will allow you to believe you are being rebellious, or effective; that you are moving and motivating and empowering when all along you are just following a script from which you can never depart. The more successful you become on this path, the more trapped you are in it.  

Then one morning you wake up… and you’re old.  The years passed.  You served well; you shopped, consumed and hoarded.  You dutifully voted and believed (in God, science, your favourite football team or the Great Pumpkin.)  You read, or listened to, your allotted share of lame stream fake news media.  You took in a few cruises, gambled, played your computer games, watched your  professional sports, sitcoms, political rallies and reality shows on your big smart TV.  You had your flu shots, bought your meds, pledged allegiance.  You might even have marched on a pre-approved “protest” rally. 

Now you’re old and out to pasture and the System doesn’t care about you. At this point in life you could realize you can return to that child-like imagination once again.  Nobody would care; nobody would listen to the rantings of an old has-been.  Look at that picture again: you could dress weird, act weird, eat weird, talk weird… if you wanted to: there would be few consequences.  All you’re good for now, all “they” care about is whatever property you may still have when you die, or for the medical system, what your physical disintegration can generate in terms of profit: yes, in a consumer society there’s money to be squeezed out of dying and death. 

The sad part of this however is that a life spent dutifully serving the System, and believing in the System will not be conducive to development of a great, imaginative mind.  More likely, the older individual will continue the life-long pattern; continue serving and supporting the System, and in “entitled societies, continue to have expectations of the System.  It has been observed that the older a person gets, the more likely they are to become increasingly conservative and “right winged” in expression.  We certainly see much evidence of that in Western society and it’s probably no different in any other society.  

Imagination is never conservative, nor “right-winged” in expression.  So, an imagination that was killed in order to fit into the public education meat grinder and religious indoctrination is not going to magically re-appear at the end.  Life will end, not with a bang, but a whimper… a long drawn out whining, raspy whimper.  Take another look at that picture: do you really see a change agent there?

18 thoughts on “Imagination on the List of Banned Substances

  1. Lily Von Valley

    this is painfully accurate, with one positive bit, which is the ‘newer’ liberation found in old age but which could be done away with, just before reaching maturity and (2nd) freedom, seemingly the way of the world these days……

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes there is great potential in “old age” at the present time, particularly in Western worlds, but most not all) of the ones I encounter are just ” drifting quietly down the garden path into oblivion.” as Lisa Palmer put it. It’s sad, and it’s a terrible waste of life.

  2. Lisa R. Palmer

    I see someone I’d love to visit with! I see sass and attitude with a touch of brilliance. I see calmness borne not of acceptance and passivity, but of self-confidence and self-empowerment. I see someone living, rather than just surviving. I see my self in 20 years or so…

    Change agent? Maybe not. But also not someone drifting quietly down the garden path into oblivion. That is enough to encourage and motivate me. In that sense, maybe yes. 😀

  3. Phil Huston

    God forbid you give them the finger in your early twenties, tell them “Look, I need to do something else.” Because peeling away the first eighteen years of programming and finding out bigotry is real, “friendship” and “loyalty” are words in book, and how easily and transparently you are dismissed when you no longer “belong” isn’t the easiest path to take. But if you have to, you have to. And all that you accumulate beyond where the sidewalk ends is a real story, not a Pier One tapestry that runs and fades and is as easily dismissed as you once were, before you wrote your own life.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      So…Well…Put!!! Yes, that’s it, we can write our own life… not just our story, but our own life. We can own ourselves, and that’s where real imagination kicks in: when we decide we want to be an individual with individual, well, everything. That comes from dreams which are made alive with imagination. How I could go on and on with that one, but ’nuff said. Thanks for that, Phil.


    I was much happier when I was an adolescent. Now , I’m expected to be an obedient to God , family , society ,….etc. I don’t believe in this kind of bullshit….I am fed up of religion , family values , romance and all those shallow reality.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Fed up is good, just watch that it doesn’t turn into depression or despair. However difficult, all of us, individually, can change things. Whatever the path, I’d say the thing to remember is, let’s not walk where others have, but be creative at finding a new, evolutionary one that is spiritually higher (than anything as yet conceived) and mentally stimulating and fulfilling. A truly challenging path I set for myself decades ago which remains a (current life) unattainable, is to approach all life with compassion. I do this through detachment otherwise I can’t see how it is even remotely possible. Adolescence is the crossroads. Adulthood entails heavy responsibilities (which most people try to ignore, or by-pass, or leave to “others”) but once a kind of “tick-tock” pattern sets in, then the adult mind can become very creative at finding a fulfilling path, regardless of one’s circumstances, knowing there is no going back. That’s the challenge. Certain expectations can be met with equanimity, many can be faked or ignored while searching for that which will give one self empowerment. A self empowered being is no longer ruled by expectations. My two-bits worth of pseudo wisdom for the day, Neelam.

      1. NEELAM

        Thank you for the wisdom Sha’Tara 🙂 I think taking the road less travelled or paving my own track is the way to lead an extraordinary life.

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