The Collapse of Empire, or Something more?


[thoughts from   ~burning woman~  ]

Are we really seeing the collapse and downfall of more than just a historically minor event such as the now inescapable fading of the American military/industrial empire?  Are we not in fact entering into the final “hurrah!” of man’s entire global civilization with no possibility of turning back?

Though a majority of people are beginning to feel the slippery slope dragging them and their certainty down, it’s still very much business as usual and if some things appear, well, seriously skewed, there’s got to be something to blame it on which “they” will, of course, correct in due time.  And, we have all the time in the world after all.

It’s been man’s way since… when, exactly?  No one knows, but since history was recorded, man’s way of dealing with massive change and catastrophe has been to throw a lot of money (or equivalent) measured in blood, sweat and tears, at it until “it” was tamed and reconfigured. 

But never fixed: that is something that man considers below his dignity to address.  Fixing would mean serious change and that’s just too deep, too heavy, too complicated, too… utopian.  Utopias are for dreamers in Never-never Land, and for conspiracy theorists. 

What would it entail, to fix our dying civilization (as opposed to screaming, bombing, consuming and poisoning it to death)?  Imagine wholeheartedly coming to terms with our differences, such as race, colour, gender, sex, social status, and choosing peaceful and bloodless co-existence on a planetary scale.  Not just between Earthians, but between all the creatures that make up our biosphere and living/livable space? 

The response to that question: Hell no… we don’t fix nothin’ heah.  If it don’t do what we want it to do, we jes’ beat the tar out of it until it does and if it don’t, we shoot it and bust it up good.  Then we celebrate the dust up if we win, and vow revenge if we lose.  The game goes ever on.

Man’s idea of solving problems is strictly out of a Warner Brothers cartoon world.  In man’s world you can kill at will knowing more always appears to make new targets.  You can destroy all you want, it all grows back.  Whatever it is you destroy you “know” that it will be back tomorrow so you can destroy it some more, and not only have fun doing it, but profit from the destruction.  Somehow, no matter how much abuse we give it, this world is a magical cornucopia that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin.’  Why worry? 

Without realizing the total unreliability of his eye-blink historical record, man relies on it to make the critical decision not to care about how the world is reacting to unrelenting and increasing abuse.  After all, says history, there’s never been an end before, just some tough patches some had to go through.  We went down and came back up swinging against, well, just about everything but particularly against nature, for nature has always been, and remains, man’s number one enemy, the one to be subdued through overt pillage and rape. 

It’s all a question of guts and glory.  The planet needs taming and conquering and it’s so big that nothing man does can have any significance when it comes to destruction. 

Right?  OK, so maybe it doesn’t seem right, but it certainly is done that way as observation notes. 

So?  So, here’s something to ponder.  History does say man always came back.  But two things come into this static picture of the past.  One, and obviously, there never was the population density (that we can know of) we are now experiencing, with no place left to go when the life boat seriously begins to take in water, except into the water to drown.  Two, we never had the technology (that we know of) we now have that empowers us to literally destroy most of life on this world. 

Two current problems history has no hindsight on, so cannot help us resolve.  We’re on our own – how about that!  So, what’s local “man” doing about it?  Well, in the midst of what is probably the most serious heat wave ever experienced in this neck of the woods, the local water-slides are doing a booming business.  That’s just one thing I’ve observed.  Certainly not unexpected, but what does that say about the general mindset? 

The First Law of The First World: “Thou shalt not mess with my comfort, my pleasure and my financial profit.”  

Thus we ensure that what we are experiencing is not just the downfall of a particularly deranged capitalistic empire, but the imploding of man’s entire global civilization… with no hope whatever of turning it around.  All I see for “healing” are band aid solutions applied to a global hemorrhage, simply because a real fix would mean loss of, you guessed it, comfort, pleasure and profit and that is unacceptable to the planetary mindset.

15 thoughts on “The Collapse of Empire, or Something more?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey, thanks for the reblog. In case you wonder why you haven’t heard from me much, “climate change” and peripheral haps have kept me super busy- barely any time for blogging. Thanks again.

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      1. Mr. Militant Negro

        Real work in the real world is what we need, what this planet needs so continue doing what you’ve been doing. 🤗😁😎😊🌹


      2. Mr. Militant Negro

        Of course I understand. Do what is needed always first. 🌼🌻😎🌹🤗


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  2. Lisa R. Palmer

    Everything you say here is true; there is no comment I can, or feel a desire to add. And yet I wish to throw my voice into the ring anyhow. Perhaps I’ll stick with something simple, like “bravo!,” though it hurts to cheer for words like these, no matter how true they may be…

    I started to write something yesterday, you know; I’d been inspired by something I’d read. I had a personal epiphany I wanted to share. I typed in the title (the whole piece was already complete in my head), then stopped. I allowed myself to be distracted. And there it sits – a title, alone, with no support, expression, explanation or development. And I am choosing to leave it at that…

    Words… Necessary. Hopeful. Devastating. An attempt to communicate across an ever-enlarging divide. I love them! Usually… But today I’m staying home to watch the birds instead. I wonder what that “says”?

    Peace, my friend… Thanks for letting me meander here among your words rather than facing my own…


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Well Lisa, enjoy your day (just beginning here and I may yet get out the kayak and sneak away to the River – I’ve been too busy to even think about it and the last two weeks we’ve been buried in wood smoke from the dozens of wild fires burning all over, so best to conserve one’s oxygen under the smoke-screened blood-red sun). The title thing happens a lot to me, so I enter it in “drafts” with only the title. Months later, as I skim through my drafts, I look at these “titles” and the meaning often comes to me and that’s when the essay/short story happens. Call it gestation. As for the essay, in keeping with other poets, writers, thinkers, all I can say is, I write what I see. Thanks for the comment.


  4. Rosaliene Bacchus

    As always, Sha’Tara, you pull at the roots of humanity’s disastrous meanderings, perfectly expressed in what you call the First Law of the First World: “Thou shalt not mess with my comfort, my pleasure and my financial profit.”

    Oftentimes in life, when we refuse to change our self-destructive behavior, we must deal with the inevitable consequences…unless there is an intervention. Such is the Natural Law of our Universe.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Rosaliene. I think of the natural law of our universe as the first and second law of thermodynamics. As much as Earthians deliberately or ignorantly flaunt their disregard of these laws, they are immutably bound by them and it is man’s flaunting of these immutable laws that is bringing down his civilization around his feet of clay. Through deliberate misuse of both, science and technology, man has devolved itself, as a species, to a strictly material misunderstanding of life. Without a balance of true spirituality; without any vision outside the material order, the mind is trapped, lulled as someone said, by a piece of cheese. Real, proper ISSA evolution involves a complex and beautiful balance between the material order and the spiritual realms. For example, compassion. Only a spiritual being can truly grasp what that concept entails. Only a spiritual being can say “yes” to a life of selflessness. Only a spiritual being can exist as a self empowered person. This we failed to achieve, but will yet achieve. (ISSA: intelligent, sentient, self aware life.)


  5. Phil Huston

    I don’t know if the end time prophecy will be all fire and brimstone and stupid people with stupid bombs. I saw the other day that our grandkid’s children will be hard pressed to find a wild rhino. Or a rosewood tree. The avarice and ignorance will more than likely result in the planet sneezing and that’s it for us as a species of leeches. Or, like one of the Star Trek movies the aliens will come back looking for a whale or a rhino and won’t be able to find one and here comes Noah’s flood all over again to have the tide wash us away. The sins of the fathers, eh? That’s the issue, I think. Big houses on golf courses built on black lungs, toxic water and questionable partnerships with the almighty dollar. I quote for all of them, of all things, Steely Dan. From “Reeling in the Years.”

    Your everlasting summer
    You can see it fading fast
    So you grab a piece of something
    That you think is gonna last
    But you wouldn’t know a diamond
    If you held it in your hand
    The things you think are precious
    I can’t understand


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that comment, Phil. What keeps me going (and sort of sane-questionable?) are my personal “visions” of the future of distant earth: not exactly utopian, but close. I can be harshly judgmental of the present because I know it cannot endure, and why should it, but through as yet unimaginable trial, tribulations and horror, a greatly reduced population will make it through and will once again rebuild. What makes this renewal different than any of the others is that the Earthian mindset will have changed. I can’t go into the extensive ramifications of how that “impossible” mind change is brought about, but it does happen. Well, that’s my vision and it does not need to be anyone else’s. For me it’s always a reminder that my judgment is not condemnation unto hell or anihilation, but acceptance of a passage. Yes, this particular civilization is imploding and self-destructing, and so it certainly must as it is inconceivable that today’s horror show would carry on ad-infinitum. Right now, hell is earth but fortunately hell is not eternal. We still have choices, amazing and wonderful choices, should we choose self empowerment over slavery to con artists.


  6. franklparker

    I am reminded of these words, said of Ireland 170 years ago. Could just as easily be applied to the planet today: “except through a purgatory of misery and starvation, I cannot see how Ireland is to emerge into anything approaching either quiet or prosperity.” (Charles Wood, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, June 1847.)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Frank. Certainly looks like the “purging” is shaping inevitable. All the sadder because it is quite unnecessary, as we will discover in hindsight.



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