To Trump: how to win the war in Afghanistan

Two Rappoport reblogs in a row? Well, couldn’t pass this one up: Jon clearly explains to Donard Trump how to finally win the war in Afghanistan. Funny thing is, though tongue in cheek, it would work!!! I mean, it works in Canada. The US totally owns this counrty without (hardly ever) firing a shot on, or in, it – and when they did, circa 1812, it kinda backfired. No, they won with pop, fast foods, Big Pharma, down-graded education, Reaganomics, intimidation, clunky cars, Rock n’Roll and false camaraderie of political handshakes behind the next pipeline. Yup, it works, and will work, no matter who it’s done for. Wonder if our playboy prime minister “Trudump” would agree?

13 thoughts on “To Trump: how to win the war in Afghanistan

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    I see a flaw here.
    Afghanistan is slap bang on the middle of the old Silk Road, the trading link between China and ‘The West’. All that free stuff will activate the trading and merchant heritage in the local population. They will scoop it all up and start trading like fury with each other and neighbouring countries. (These folk had been doing this for centuries before Europeans bumped into the Americas)
    Soon Afghanistan is a booming economy dominating the area. It links up with China on an Internet Version of The Silk Road, some bright folk in the terrorist community see the opportunity, arrange for the out-date of violent guys to ‘retire’ and make a hostile take over of all organisations transforming them in Vibrant Corporations with a ‘new brand’.
    America thinks it has won, signs up for a few deals, next thing you know mining rights etc are being sold off to shell companies.
    And ooooops..all those US politicians used to getting foreign kick-backs are suddenly being paid in Chinese yen and Afghan afghanis……..
    It won’t be the first time in history.
    Y’see as much as I like the USA and admire the American people, your still kinda new to this game (like at least 3,000 years behind)
    Ironically yours
    Roger (UK-declining, but pretending not to)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      That is another way to look at it, but not to worry, America never gives away anything for free unless it’s highly toxic or explosive, and even then, it’s just an investment; just business, never personal. But America isn’t that far behind “the West” in terms of how to do imperial business. It is still England’s daughter, if slightly estranged and getting more strange by the year.

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Well for all America’s faults they haven’t quite plumed the depths of Britannia’s criminal hypocrisy of the Opium Wars with China…. We declared war on a nation to ensure we could flood the markets with our opium….. Eat your heart out drug cartels!

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Roger. Perhaps, but if you read the true history of CIA involvement in the drug trade in SE Asia (and why the Vietnam war was really fought and why Cambodia was bombed and Napalmed when it had nothing to do with the so-called war) and the covert wars throughout Latin America, on-going to this day, I think you’ll see that the US not only learned from Britain, but outdid, and outdoes, anything Britain in the heyday of the Empire, did. Most people are still ignorantly unaware of the evil – the brainwashing, the propaganda, the outright lies, the endless covert operations, the tortures, the murders, the genocides of local populations, the destabilizations of democratic governments and establishments of violent and vile dictatorships (Nicaragua, Iran, Chile to name a few) perpetrated by America. America, my friend, is little more than a vile, stewing kettle of complete corruption. It will be but a short time until the whole world, including Americans, will see this for what it is. But remember this: America is not people, it’s a world eating and destroying system that got its roots from the British empire, which in turn got it’s roots from the Roman empire… and so on back through history. Nothing ever changes when it comes to power, they just get more corrupted until the rot kills the old dragon, but not before it gives birth to new little dragons programmed to continue the pattern. As long as we insist that we need “systems” (from God on down to the pits of hell) to function in “civilized” ways, nothing will ever change here. The only antidote is personal self-empowerment. The individual must put an end to the system, an in “V for Vendetta”. The alternative is more, more, and more, of the same, ad nauseam.

      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Don’t forget Russia/USSR & China. All the big powers will use whatever they have to when it comes to maintaining their hold.
        The smaller nations also have dirty histories as well, despite efforts to portray a romantic folk only seeking freedom.
        Belief systems be they political, social or religious also do not escape this charge
        I would think the only ones fairly blameless would be the aboriginal folks living on the margins in harsh environments or simply as part of Nature.
        The problem lies in Human Nature. Was there ever a revolution or War for Freedom that did not have a bloody aftermath in which a minority were persecuted for the alleged crime of being ‘on the other side’? In that respect ‘V for Vendetta’ dodges the issue. The problem is an inherent one, and the battle internal.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “The problem is an inherent one, and the battle internal.” Yes, as our ancient sages and prophets endlessly pointed out. There is a way out of this revolving conundrum as I’ve alluded to many times: we can choose to remain in the same old pattern, or we can change, or renew, our mind. We can stop generalizing, making excuses, or blaming. We can stop “supporting our troops” and crying over the death of some US or NATO armed mercenary and cry instead over our stupidity. We can become self-empowered. We can decide to arm ourselves with compassion and act accordingly all the time. It’s not rocket science, but it requires a will of steel and that is a problem. The Earthian mind is so easily manipulated with emotions. Once emotions take over, the dam of self-restraint and of “civilized” thinking bursts and all the great teachings and thoughts are tossed off in the deluge of madness.

      5. Woebegone but Hopeful

        There is always the problem as with other species before us. We may come along too far too fast.
        What will the future make of us from the fossil record?

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        I suppose it will depend on who reads that record, and how it’s read. I predict aliens in an accidental fly-by sending a lander down to investigate what appears to them to be a recently dead planet.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment. As I pointed out it has worked wonderfully well against Canada after the 1812 USA debacle. Canadian numbnuts never knew what hit em, and still don’t get it.

  2. Aak fictionspawn

    I’ve been saying the same about Syria ever since the bombings started. Bomb with food, medicines and diapers instead, and the war would soon be over. The luxury objects in the article is a but more silly, but it’s a fun idea. Give people their basic needs instead of literally scaring them to death, and a lot is done. But of course, when the weapon industry is in charge…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting. I think the entire Earthian species is mentally f***ed, as evidenced by their gross and disgusting behaviour. The obvious is obvious but they’ll do anything to avoid doing what is right. Essentially they’re robots programmed to ever fail, morally speaking and always return to their own vomit however many times certain special people have tried to uplift them. Take America. It started shakily enough, but with some truly high ideals. From there it should have been all morally uphill, slavery and exploitation of immigrants voluntarily ended, with peace the “weapon” of choice in relating to the rest of the planet. But the opposite happened. 300 years later it’s plummeting into a hell of its own making, turning against every single ideal expressed by “the founding Fathers.” The same can be said of the French revolution handed to Napoleon; the Russian revolution handed to Bolshevism and Stalinist fascism. And how about the greatest failure of all: Christianity? Not to end this comment on a negative note, after long decades of questing for answers I came up with only one possibility to end it all: become a compassionate being through self-empowerment and increasing non-violent, non-cooperation against the enslaving belief systems of this world; against the Matrix and its endless lies. Add detachment to that and no one can stop someone like that for we have no fear of consequences, death being but one of many such experiences proving that no matter how many times we die, or are killed, we carry on. The trick is to build on what we learned previously, including admitting when we made the wrong choices, and changing… changing… changing so that even the Matrix gives up trying to keep up and block our way.

      1. Aak fictionspawn

        Keep doing what you think is right. I do believe in a better future though, but at a too long term. It’s obviously going to get a lot worse before things will get better, but it seems to me it works a bit like that. The hard times are when we learn. We need to fight for a better future for everyone, even if we’ll no longer be around when the fruits of our work will show.

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