The Stories I Could Tell

[thoughts from    ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

Oh the stories I could tell when I set my mind free from the tick-tock revolving thoughts of only this is true and the rest is all fake and fiction.  But it’s late and I don’t have time for even one story, or perhaps I don’t have the energy left to write one down.  I do, however, have something to say that may cause some raised eyebrows, or some knowing nods of partial agreement.

We live in a strange sort of reality where all the things just seem to repeat themselves, whether these “things” happen over millennia, or over days.  We exist, while here, in cycles of happenings.  How can that be when we claim to have evolved, and to be evolving?  Shouldn’t we be honest and say we have revolved and are revolving?

All right, brass tacks.  The reason we keep “revolving” and “revoluting” (which does not necessarily mean we are revolting but it’s tempting to look at that as a truism).  What it really means is, by not trusting ourselves, and I mean “myself” as an individual, self knowing and self-empowered, we endlessly turn to systems to carry the responsibility for life.  We ask systems to do that which our mind is designed to do, and would eagerly do for us, and that is, take responsibility for all aspects of our own life.

What’s wrong with relying on systems, you may well ask.  Well, there’s the obvious, that they keep bringing us down; keep destroying anything good we once in a while decide to build – say, declare our nation to henceforward by a democracy with freedom and justice for all, irrespective of, blah, blah, blah – until next thing we know we’re plunging back into some unthinkable dictatorship; some authoritarian regime ruled by some religion, some financial system, some group of plutocrats or elitist apparatus and we wonder what the hell happened to our dreams.

I’ll put it briefly for now, it’s late and I’m feeling it.  The problem with systems, any and all of them, small or large, is that they tend to exclusiveness and absolutism.  All systems, bar none, can only grow or die, they can never simply be setup to run, like a machine for example.  They must swallow up all competitive systems, or be swallowed up.

How many times have we observed this; how many times do we see this now; how many times have we wondered about that?

What’s wrong with competitiveness that is motivated by absolutism?  It’s totally evil; life destroying.  Life can only exist where there is natural balance but when a competitive force rises above all others and establishes itself as “the” ruling force, that system reaches entropy exponentially.

There is such a system ruling planet earth today, and that system is called “man”.  Not individual people living and working together to produce a healthy living balance through sharing or allowance, but the man-system; a system primarily driven by Earthian males and primarily fed by all those who by decree are forced to be subordinate to the man-system.  Those who feed this competitive, now ruling system, are its victims, even those who think they benefit from it.  Over time the system rose above individuals to rule all and sundry.

Is there a way out of this horror?  I can see but one and that is to become self-empowered.  To look at the system and with or without proof, declare it to be anti-life and a massive lie in which there is not one iota of truth and within which there is nothing that can be trusted, or even fixed.  The self-empowered individual will challenge the machine, the man-made, man-ruling, earth-ruling system at every turn and through great effort, danger and very possibly loss of life, will eventually cause the monster to crash and die.

What will happen to civilization if the system collapses, implodes, dies of entropy?  A civilization built upon oppression, repression and massive death through calculated famines, genocides, wars and systematic poisoning of land and food sources must not survive: it must die with the machine it built and fed.  Only free individuals can outlive the monster.  Only self-empowered individuals can live without systems, be they religious, political or financial.  They are, all of them, but chimeras but what a job they’ve done of convincing people they can’t live without them.

So I say to those who continue to believe that they can tweak this system thing; that they can fix parts of it; legitimize some of it and recycle other parts, you are extremely naive.  None of it can be converted into life-giving energy: its nature is killing and dealing in death.

Yes, it’s hard to let go; to watch something you’d spent years working to support, or used to support yourself and perhaps a family.  It’s hard to tell the younger generation, don’t drive our old machine, it’s a deadly poisonous system that has no fix.  Let it die while you dream up something new; something that has a chance to become an equitable, just, fair, open, kind, simple way of life for this earth; something that allows free room for all types of life interacting here; something that knows nothing of taking, of fear, of killing.

Utopia?  Of course.  It’s the monster’s lies that has convinced people they cannot have a utopia on earth.  It is self-empowerment that will call for compassionate interaction and eventually re-awaken our natural heritage we call empathy.


21 thoughts on “The Stories I Could Tell

  1. Lisa R. Palmer

    For someone too tired to tell stories or speak at length on this topic, you certainly manage to say a lot of important things. I see truth in most of what is written here, and where it isn’t obvious to me, I blame my own ignorance or denial…

    I do find myself particularly poked by the “competitiveness” of our current system, as that’s been on my mind lately. I considered being part of the “resistance” here in America my civic duty, but lately I find I cannot support them either. Why? Because they have become as vitriolic, divisive and unreasonable as those they purport to resist, and I cannot see any advantage to that. As you say, they are sytematically self-destructing, in spite of starting out with good intentions and optimism…

    Revolving… yes. Unfortunately, we are stuck in a static revolution, rather than spiralling up to better positions, as might be expected in any true evolution…

    Sigh… need more coffee now…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Lisa. Quote: ” I considered being part of the “resistance” here in America my civic duty, but lately I find I cannot support them either. Why? Because they have become as vitriolic, divisive and unreasonable as those they purport to resist,”
      That’s what always happens, and we need to be aware of this before we set off on the path of “resistance” which ends up being just another pointless crusade, or a tilting at windmills. Even when successful, any revolution reverts back to the evils of whatever it supposedly overthrew. Sometimes immediately, sometimes it may take a thousand years but the “revolution” will take place. So, a waste of time, energy, life. You may want to glance at my response to GSerpent and ponder the concept of the soul as a controlling implant. My “Teachers” explained this to me decades ago and showed me a way to release myself from this implant, which I did. Since then I have found a quasi-magical freedom in resisting calls to resistance against systemic violence, or to take sides in the “them versus us” camps. I can think, and express, my own thoughts now and whether understood or accepted by “others” is quite immaterial. I can paddle and swim waters considered unsafe, and I can do it alone and without fear. Alone is the key word. We are always safer when we are alone but soul-implanted beings are forced into gregariousness and fear being alone for that is how they are programmed to exist. Forced together in a maelstom of distrust: isn’t that a wonderful way to live! “…our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and authorities and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (from somewhere in the New Testament) There is amazing truth in that, even if the teaching was designed to force people even deeper into this mindless, pointless struggle.

      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        You have mentioned this soul implant info before, and it intrigues me. Still trying to figure out how to get rid of it. My teachers remain silent on the issue so far…

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I have a whole essay on the subject somewhere in my dog breakfast files -I’ll dig it up and post. Problem is the *removal* is a subjective process, very much of an individual achievement, based on one’s comprehension of universal forces, for example on earth, uncovering the truth about God. Contrary to so much religious misinformation, God is neither benevolent nor loving but the source of elitism and mind manipulation and control -the implantation of the soul being the primary method of control, then organized, exclusive, violent religions. Surely current events prove that beyond any doubt. So to uncouple from the implant it becomes necessary to confront God, or one of his agents/henchmen and ^DEAL^with a serious awareness of the depth of the legalities involved. This is like a spiritual Hunger Games and it’s for keeps. The lingering problem is that the previous programmed knee-jerk reactions to false or misleading information remain and need to be guarded against… This is a mind prison world after all.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “Sounds both terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time…” It was, and even in the retelling of it, remains so. Like remembering surviving a deadly encounter. That’s why I compare it to the story, “The Hunger Games” because that is exactly what we are dealing with. The Hegemon is “God” and its bureaucracy of invisible powers that spread out from “the throne of God” as tentacles of death. Some call it the Matrix. We call it the Time Lords, and that is probably the most accurate description of these controlling, misogynist, destroying and death-dealing powers of whom most ISSA beings are “blissfully” unaware, focusing instead on what they can appropriate through physical sensory apparatus. I have quoted this before because one would think that such a statement could never be found in the most misunderstood; the most filled with mis-direction, book of all time: the bible. Goes like this: For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers, against the authorities, against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. In my opinion there is no better way to put it. Of course in context we’re supposed to believe that these evil forces are the enemies of “God”… If we stopped but for a brief moment and considered the evidence before our eyes from this one world alone, how swiftly and thoroughly would that belief be wiped out. But we are saddled with a mechanism that prevents us from seeing what is; we only see the fake news and the endless religious psy-ops. If we are confronted with a war, or a disaster, we are told to pray, not to question the forces involved and how it is they who should be preventing such things… according to their own claims, and rules. But they be liars all, no exceptions.
        The Time Lords have lorded it over this universe for billions of our years, conquering, subduing and enslaving as they went until most of it has come under their sway. But like any monopolistic empire, they too are dying. The Teachers taught me this saying: “As below, so above.” Note that they turned it around? We can know what it going on in the universe by what is going on here, if we are observant. Earth has fallen entirely into a monopolistic predatory anti-life force called capitalism. While most people focus on the apparent downfall of the US empire, it goes much deeper than that: we are actually experiencing the Earthian downfall of three Powers designed and installed by pseudo-gods send by the Time Lords: the authorities of religion, government and money. When these go, there is nothing but chaos to fill in the massive vacuum, and it will be in those coming times that self-empowered individuals will arise and guide people away from their innate and pointless violence into a higher level of spiritual and mental awareness. For this to work though, you have to have the demise of Earthian powers in conjunction with the greater Fall of the Time Lords, a universal event.
        To not have a soul and to be free from the fear and ridicule the soul-programming endlessly manufactures in the mind is to be able to see these great waves of change and know that is how things are.
        As for getting rid of this mental implant… perhaps there is a power within an individual that can locate it and block the mis-information it disseminates. The situation has changed since 30 years ago, with a weakening of the Powers though we can’t see it through the resultant rising chaos but yes, they are weakening and we should be taking advantage of that. It may no longer be necessary to confront emissaries of the Time Lord bureaucracy… ?!?!

      4. Lisa R. Palmer

        I’m taking these words to bed tonight. Perhaps in the dream state I (and my Shadow) shall discover a method for doing so, at least for us. Thank you for sharing more detail with us…

  2. gserpent

    Yes! I love it! The only way to change it is to quit playing their game. They will have to change or disappear. If we would quit giving our time, effort and money to organizations that could care less about us or this planet, they would have to change or go away. We can’t fix the unfixable. This work is artificial because all the people are artificial. Become an authentic individual. Wake the sleeping Dragon. There is so much self hate in this world because subconsciously we know this world only breeds war and hate.
    we as a human race need to get rid of this strange inability to learn from experiences and the past.
    Great post!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: “we as a human race need to get rid of this strange inability to learn from experiences and the past.” Is it such a “strange” inability? Only if we continue to refuse the evidence right before our inner eye: we are a programmed species. We do not think our own thoughts, we chew the cud on pre-programed thoughts fed to us from the time of conception. But more, we also, and proudly, carry within ourselves a controlling and manipulating implant we call “the soul.” We think of it as an essential part of our consciousness but it’s a deadly poison. By this the real (and unseen) powers that be ensure that we never stray far from the beaten path, that we never seriously think outside the collective, systemic, box. The soul, friend, is something you may want to do some serious research about, and study on. I remember only the title, but there was an article (or maybe even a book) called “The Soul: Instrument of Darkness” Perhaps it can still be found, I don’t know, but since I already knew much of the information contained therein, I didn’t spend much time on it. I just remember the title now. The “Teachers” spent some time explaining to me how this “soul” thing functions, and its nefarious purpose. When “civilized” types encountered native populations who lived in harmony with nature their first thoughts were that these natives had no soul because they didn’t understand the “great gifts” the imperialists were bringing to them. The same is true of women and why they were not allowed participation in the processes of religion, finance or politics: it was believed until very recently that women had no soul. Could that be because they were much less inclined to resort to murder and general mayhem to resolve their problem, contrary to men’s approach which is only exacerbating today? Food for thought anyway.

  3. Phil Huston

    Virginia Woolf had a great thought on this very thing, paraphrased. We fail to write better than we wrote 400 years ago because what is taught is literature 400 years old. What lacks is creativity. The dichotomy in rejection is the inability to replace what is known with equally pleasing toys. Creativity, imagination are the first steps out of the sheeple skin..

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: “Creativity, imagination are the first steps out of the sheeple skin.” So well put, and that is why the “System” denigrates both all the time but particularly at this time of crisis. The other problem with creativity and imagination is that, contrary to popular belief, it’s hard work, even for those who have an innate talent. You have to believe in yourself and close your mind to whether “others” agree or disagree, like or hate what you write, paint, or create via other avenues. Finally, it can’t be based on incentives from the very System it purports to attack, or expose. The “financial” dilemma of many would-be writers and etc. If it isn’t an “established” form of expression, it won’t sell. If it’s too blatantly (and possibly effectively) anti-system, it will be silenced, or the artist’s life will be destroyed. Because of this many otherwise creative people remain silent and commute the sheeple highway to wages and paying rent, mortgage and rising taxes.

  4. Lily Von Valley

    “how many times have we observed this… seen… and wondered?” Shows just how actually “evolved” we are, but also stuck in a ‘repetitive’ system as you rightlyfully put it “revolving” and not “revolting”; which is such a paradox, which shouldn’t even make sense, but it does – the ‘mind’s willing or unwilling submission to an incompatible system, started me thinking if it’s human weakness that the ‘mind’ is given to it so willy nilly, or the strength of the system, or (vice versa….?)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Lily. I believe the system’s “strength” exists to the extent that the individual mind has been weakened by programming, propaganda and endless, outright lies put forth by a predatory system that has foisted it’s poisonous presence upon what was once a peaceful world, now a seething cauldron of chaos, terror and mindlessness. To make a comparison, Sauron, the ultimate liar, is still gaining momentum in “Middle Earth” and we have yet to encounter the return of the king: the individual mind having regained its freedom through self-empowerment. When that happens, revolutions will be things of the past. “Mankind” (the term itself reeks of misogyny) will be replaced by ISSA beings. (ISSA is my acronym for intelligent, sentient and self aware.)

      1. Lily Von Valley

        thank you for that…. I’ve been thinking about rereading…the Hobbit & Lord of the Rings 🙂 i can see why ‘mankind’ must go, both in your Order of Beings’ and the term’s lack of overall foresight; already, losing significance and its romanticism,e.g, the transition from human to cyborgs- transhumanism – post “humankind” and of course your post “physical kind” – ISSA looks poised for longevity, as long as ISSA beings remain with those traits .

        (ps,is it Lisa?)

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        “Is it Lisa?” If you refer to my acronym “ISSA” that means “Intelligent, Sentient and Self Aware.” It is also a play on the name “Lisa” since the term was given to me by the Teacher who calls herself El Issa, or Lisa. As to the rest, I think that man’s entire civilization has become obsolescent, having no longer any positive reason to exist. As such, it is going to phase itself out completely since it is so riddled with contradictions, corruption and outright predatory evil it cannot be fixed, repaired, healed or set on a new path. The words that best describe global civilization: beyond redemption. That is not a condemnatory judgment of man’s current situation, it’s a simple clear-minded analysis of the condition. Despite mind-numbing and heart-rending problems that all can see, man remains obdurate in his self-delusion of grandeur as “ruler” of this world. Technology which was to make man’s life better has become the fire under civilization’s crucible. When it is melted and strained there won’t be much left of any redeemable value. But let’s remember this: we chose to be what we are. We have had many Teachers to show us a better way but we always insisted we knew better, or our leaders certainly knew better. Result: All Hail, Donald Trump! (and those other rulers who make it into mainstream media, who all possess pieces of Trump’s little, shriveled Grinchy black heart.)

  5. Mary Brearley

    It’s very difficult because people have invested in these lies – in this system and even those who know about the law of entropy and that inevitability are edging their bets. Because without what we have what do we have? Where will any of us be?

  6. Sha'Tara Post author

    Well Mary, those are good questions. Unfortunately both of those questions can only be answered by the individual asking them. I could give you answers but their validity would only materialize if you happened to be on the same “wavelength” I happen to ride on and that simply does not happen. If, as an individual, we no longer want the “old” then we must, again as an individual, create the (a) “new” and make that the focus and purpose of our life. As in billions of new futures? Yes! Outside of imposed Matrix limitations, there are none. As free and evolved entities, all our dreamed “futures” would simply blend into a utopia because the power seekers, the sociopaths who currently rule and control this earth, causing all the hate and fear would no longer be able to garner power over others so their “time” would be over.


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