Obsolescent and Pointless

[Thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

I’ve been thinking a lot more about man’s civilization.  There’s a word that keeps coming up: obsolescent.  According to the definition, that word means something is on the way to becoming obsolete.  Implied: it isn’t there yet, but most likely to become so.  We know that all systems tend towards entropy, a state in which no energy is available to do any work.  It’s there but not in any usable form.
To plagiarize the “Good Lord” and his introductions to some parables: “And to what shall I compare this Earthian civilization?  There was a man who was looking for transportation, for a car.  He walked and walked and came to a town, not surprisingly named “Car Town” and he being in search of a Car, decided to find one in this town.  He walked around and counted eleven car dealerships.  Every dealership, he noticed, had hundreds of cars for sale, compact, subcompact, medium size, and some big monsters.  There was a wonderful array of colours of cars to choose from, and many sales people waved at him from office windows, and from the yards.
    Finally he entered a dealership and was accosted by a saleswoman who excitedly brought him to their special of the week.  It was a lovely car.  He asked for the key so he could try it out.  Her face fell at the request, but she dutifully produced the key and he tried to start it.  It turned over but wouldn’t start.  Another car did start but died just as he was entering the street.  Another had two flat tires.  On and on.  He went to dealership after dealership but none of their cars worked properly.  There was always something wrong, or he could tell that none would last any length of time and he’d be wasting his money.
    Despondent, he walked out into the outskirts of the town, towards the slums.  Over the barking of dogs and the jeers of kids “just hanging” he heard the sound of a motor.  Intrigued he went down an alley between derelict house trailers to find a young girl and a boy working over a cart in which was installed a small motor.  He noticed that the motor had a v-belt pulley and a belt that went to another pulley on the rear axle of the cart.  The girl got in the cart and engaged a lever that pushed an idler pulley against the inside of the v-belt, thus transferring the power to the rear wheels and the cart jumped forward and she threaded it through several obstacles in the yard, then down the alley and disappeared.
    The man approached the boy and said, “That is an amazing piece of work, and it can be used for transportation as well?”  “Yes” replied the boy, “my sister is going to use it to fetch groceries and stuff for granny and granpa ’cause they can’t walk to the store anymore and it’s dangerous for old people to walk the streets – they are often attacked by gangs of kids, for their money.”
    “I see” said the man, “So when you are old enough for a license, you’re going to buy a real car from one of the dealers in town?”
    “Not a chance,” replied the boy, “None of their junk works.  They used too, so says granny, but they rushed and rushed to build them, using cheaper and cheaper parts so they could display more cars but eventually they were so badly built none of them ran.  I’m going to build my own car once I can afford to have proper parts made for it.  I have a friend whose mom is a welder, and my teacher was an army engineer.  He’s going to help me build it.  I don’t imagine it’ll be fancy, but it will run, that’s the main thing.” 
    Thus endeth the parable. 
    There are many I realize, who still hope and pray and wish, and have faith in the greater love of man, that those beautifully useless cars in the dealer car lots of Car Town can yet be fixed and put on the road.  I can’t blame them for their faith in man: I’ve been there and I know how hard it is to let go of the self-delusion and face the music of the times.  This civilization isn’t going anywhere but down.  It is obsolescent.
    It is more than obsolescent, if that wasn’t enough: it has become redundant, pointless, meaningless.  There will be nothing new to sprout under this sun. Let me mention a couple of things I read about recently that illustrate where this society is going.  You be the judge here.  The following quote is from yesterday’s article by George Monbiot titled, Urge, Splurge, Purge – monbiot.com
    QUOTE: “A system that depends on growth can survive only if we progressively lose our ability to make reasoned decisions. After our needs, then strong desires, then faint desires have been met, we must keep buying goods and services we neither need nor want, induced by marketing to abandon our discriminating faculties and succumb instead to impulse.
    You can now buy a selfie toaster, that burns an image of your own face onto your bread – the Turin Shroud of toast. You can buy beer for dogs and wine for cats; a toilet roll holder that sends a message to your phone when the paper is running out; a $30 branded brick; a hairbrush that informs you whether or not you are brushing your hair correctly. Panasonic intends to produce a mobile fridge that, in response to a voice command, will deliver beers to your chair.
    Urge, splurge, purge: we are sucked into a cycle of compulsion followed by consumption, followed by the periodic detoxing of ourselves or our homes, like Romans making themselves sick after eating, so that we can cram more in. Continued economic growth depends on continued disposal: unless we rapidly junk the goods we buy, it fails. The growth economy and the throwaway society cannot be separated. Environmental destruction is not a by-product of this system. It is a necessary element.”
    Can a society pushed willy-nilly by such marketing techniques, have any future?  Does it deserve to have one?  Let’s try a simpler question: what would it take, using any of the tried (and failed) methods of religious-political-financial self-correction, to fix such a society?  Rhetorical questions, to which we all know the answer(s).
In the New Testament (Christian bible) the book of 1 Corinthians, chapter 13, verse 13 concludes with: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love.” 
Let’s look at that because many people get a good, warm, emotional response from reading this quote.  It’s pure propaganda, and poisonous to the mind.  As a detached, self empowered being I have no need of faith, hope and love, nor is love the greatest.  It isn’t “love” that makes people support the system, to the detriment of everything that has any qualifiable value.  It’s primarily faith.  Faith makes people cast about for an answer when they sense that something isn’t right.  Faith says, vote in someone else, or buy a different brand or type of food.  Drive a different car, or use public transit.  Install solar panels on your house and “get off the grid.”
As if!  Are the appliances used, the food ingested, the roads used, the water, sewer, computers, heat or house construction, maintenance and repairs “off the grid”?
A better question: can an entire city of say, 10 million people, exist without a “grid” to make it function?  Isn’t a city in essence a machine?  A machine needs many things to function before it even begins to operate whatever it is supposed to operate.  Are the mines that scour out the minerals that become the metals that are used to build high-rises for example, “off the grid”?  Are the gas and oil companies off the grid? No.  The Tooth Fairy is off the grid, of that I’m pretty certain ’cause the Tooth Fairy doesn’t live in any city.  She only visits to leave small change.  But no city, and no resident of said city, can ever claim to live off the grid.
Can we say, let’s go off the grid incrementally, as is now proposed in so many articles and books available to read?  Unless we mean only one small aspect of “the grid” (say, hydro electricity) our efforts are entirely wasted unless we also control the source of the materials we use to “go off the grid” with.  The biggest problem with the “off the grid” chimera is technology.  You cannot have any technology and claim to be moving off the grid: it won’t let you because “THE GRID” is what technology is all about.  It is THE GRID.  Just think “Internet” and try to imagine THAT being off the grid, and see where that leaves you.  In the dark, and I don’t mean the dark web.  Your ISP is THE GRID.  Your government and banks are THE GRID.  And so on, and so on.  Everything Matrix is grid.  Nothing is incremental about the Matrix: it’s a dictatorial power, all or nothing.  It will let you use solar or wind power if it can profit from it, and control how you use it, and how much.  Can’t put meters on wind, or sun energy? Hah! Bad bet.
A California based water corporation, I think it was the Bechtel Corporation, managed to have laws enacted in certain cities of Latin America whereby they “owned” rain water and the people literally had to rebel against their local councils to regain control of their right to collect rain water without having to pay for it.  Those who collected rain water without paying a tax on it were fined, or jailed.  Oh yes, it is all about money, never about life.
And… that is why this global civilization is obsolescent.  It has become a predatory, bloody, sectarian, self-centered, selfish, decadent exercise in utter stupidity, foolishness and meaninglessness.  When this entire global civilization collapses and dies, so will the Matrix die with it.  Whatever survives of the Earthian ISSA beings will be of necessity “off the grid” and they will build something truly new, something as yet unheard of.  This isn’t “hope” on my part, it’s from the certainty of observation.
Oh yes, we can “see” the future. It’s not “nothing” as yet.  It exists, of necessity, since what we construe of as “the present” is simply the future sliding past our observation point into the past.  If we can “see” the future as little as a minute hence, that means it already exists.  If it exists a minute hence, it exists beyond any time definition.  We can learn to stretch that minute into years, centuries, millennia even, since “time” is an artificial construct of our #1 enemies: the Time Lords.  Some people call this state of awareness “imagination” and some say that those who see the future are “the dreamers” but it is neither.  What it is, is a reality we have been told is taboo to look into.  Why don’t we stop being children, stop living “by faith” and grow up?  It could mean billions of lives saved, not to mention much of the planet’s ecology.
What to think, when all around of what is familiar is being destroyed or falling apart?  Know that it is not a death, but a renewal.  The cocoon that has nurtured and constrained man’s civilization is breaking open.  A scary necessity. 
I want to do more than see my wings: I want to use them.

21 thoughts on “Obsolescent and Pointless

  1. franklparker

    Ah, Sha’Tara! You are at it again, ever the pessimistic optimist: dismantle it all and start to rebuild a better society. But can’t you see that better society will be just another grid? The fundamental problem is that, whether we like it or not, we are all interdependent. Even the hunter-gatherers could not exist without a community in which everything was shared – work and the things it produced. Who was it said: “no man is an island”? It’s true. You have spoken in the past about compassion and empathy. Are they not the products of love? We don’t need to tear down the grid, just start to use it with compassion.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      (Sorry, again, long reply…)
      Hi Frank, thanks for commenting and thanks also for accepting the challenge inherent in any reply by me. As I expect/expected, what I say can be construed as the building up of a replacement society, or even another civilization. Well, perhaps it will seem like it, but that is not the intent of the proposal. OK, yes, utterly dismantle this current nightmare mess of a civilization; stop making excuses for this or that and condemn it to hell and gone until “none of the former things will be remembered” or something to that effect in the Bible, somewhere. Throw in of particular importance faith, hope and love. There you have it: tabula rasa.
      My approach, though it isn’t mine as originator but of “the Teachers” is about something totally new, though it has always been within every Earthian to bring about. Yes, it is compassion as our modus operandi and nothing else – NOTHING ELSE (though “else” will come later) until every human being is compassionate and empathetic. That is the new. In this new, no one claims anything superior to any other. No one has more than any other without feeling a compunction to share the excess. Everyone looks to the other before satisfying its own needs.
      As can be readily understood, under such a condition there is no longer any need for any leadership, or rulers. There is no need of enforcement, hence no need of laws. When every person is empathetic, no one can ever feel the need, or entertain the need, of harming another, including non-human life. On that basis, you can build any kind of society you want in order to interact with one another, and evolve in ways hitherto unimaginable. Such a society, or civilization will be “utopian” and not the least bit predatory.
      I have worked this scenario in my mind for decades, at first under the tutelage of the Teachers, then later, on my own. I have looked at the dystopia of earth as we are living it and rejected it as having any kind of validity: it is all rotten.
      Use the “grid” with compassion? Impossible: the “grid” would reject it out of hand because the “grid” is not just a machine, it is anti-life and predatory. It was designed to be just that yet with an appearance of having benign aspects to it – that’s the con, the mis-direction of the “grid” or the System. No one in her/his right mind can approach any power apparatus of the System with compassion and expect it to respond accordingly. That is like casting pearls to swine: as was remarked, they will trample them underfoot then turn on the pearl caster and tear that person to pieces. Could one, say, use compassion in order to approach a meal made up of rotten vegetables and expect it to become edible? The only thing to be done with such a meal is to throw it out – it wouldn’t even be suitable for a compost heap.
      I realize that you and I approach life on earth from diametrically opposite positions. I don’t know that your position is easier to hold than mine but my problem is, I have seen the future and having done that, I can now see what I am living in, and know it to be a horror show, and one that is about to become much more horrific for a very large number of people on this world. A massive “awakening” is called for, without which what we take for granted is about to be wiped out by a hurricane the like of which those in the Caribbean seas are but a tiny and benign example. The “hurricane” I’m talking about is mostly man-made and consists of various types of “weapons of mass destruction” including famine and genocide on a global scale. We’re talking billions of violent deaths now, over a period of some 3-400 years.
      I tirelessly propose to anyone that they seriously consider becoming self-empowered and choose a personal path of dealing compassionately with others, and their natural world. If this became the norm in Earthian relationships, the “apocalypse” I have seen could still be avoided. Sadly though, even if compassion is actually a much easier way to live than with the need to control, with greed, fear, hate and violence, I sense no great desire on the part of most Earthians to give compassion even a passing thought. It’s just not in their mindset because that is pre-programed and without self empowerment, can’t be shaken. So here we are again, Frank.


    These are the words that describes the system. The point is the blind faith and love is holding the delusion as the real thing.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Good comments. Yes. Love is a very old chimera, a feel-good thing that generation upon generation of people have grown up indoctrinated in all of its wonderful offerings. Just love. Be love. Unconditional love (why unconditional: if it’s “love” isn’t it unconditional, and if it’s conditional, how can it still be called love? – but who reasons these things?) There’s a biblical injunction that says, love your neighbour as yourself. At the same time, if you happen to be a man and in love with your neighbour, who happens to be a wife, you’re not allowed to love her… or you’re stuck with the realization that love has many meanings so that in the end it becomes more a curse than a blessing. So no wonder that the teachers of man use such concepts to enslave peoples’ minds. We can do better than that, and if we do not, those concepts will continue to be bones of serious contention among people, often resulting in war and even genocide. Faith, for the time being, or blind faith as you put it (in technology, or in the future) is destroying this world.

      1. NEELAM

        I have been listening to a song titled “Hero” by Chad Kroeger. The lyric says love doesn’t save. It only gave us a world full of killing and blood spilling.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        If we give history some validity, and we look, first of all, at those institutions that claim love as their modus operandi, i.e., man’s institutional religions, we find horror upon horror unleashed upon this small world, and this horror continues today. You just posted an article on the situation in Myanmar and the terrible plight of the Rohingya Muslims being subjected to basically a genocide by the Myanmar military. This is a religious based attack by Buddhists against a helpless minority of Muslims. Love? The problem with love is, it’s a reciprocal relationship. Love expects to be loved back, and it also expects that the loving will be according to love’s rules. That is why earth has such a massive misogyny problem: the males want to rule; they want love, but on their own terms, and they want to decide what their own reciprocal love is going to be like, what it’s going to do to the object of their love. I remember a news story some years back in which a young man was on trial for murdering his girl friend. His defense was typical: I had to kill her, she was going to leave me and I loved the bitch so much! Love is a chameleon energy that can change to anything overnight. Even God insists on a personal, reciprocal love. “If” is the key word in any love relationship. Also in any love relationship, there has to be a “head” and a “dutiful receiver” of whatever love the head dispenses. Finally the deepest problem with love as I see it is, when it casts about for an OBJECT to love and it encounters YOU and you don’t fit the bill, then love turns its desire towards you to hatred, and that hatred coming from love, is a bottomless pit that can never be filled until YOU are utterly destroyed. That is why religious love is the most horrible kind of love ever unleashed on this world. (That is not the end of the story, though…)

      3. NEELAM

        Love : the thing I can’t understand until now. Boyfriends justify rapes and husbands murder their wives because of jealousy , masking their sadistic crimes in the name of love. Even God forsaken those whom loves Him and pray to Him earnestly for deliverance from persecution. Where is God , justice and love? All of these are delusions.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, they are delusions. Fortunately they are replaceable with things that give meaning to one’s own, personal life. I mean self empowerment and the use of compassion in dealing with others. Difficult, but certainly doable. If we only focus on how bad things are, and on how much we’ve been lied to, conned, fooled and constrained to go a certain way, or believe certain things, that is a depressing and demeaning path. We have alternatives to give our own life (never mind others, they have to make their own choices) meaningful, joyful even, though joy comes with it’s share of sorrow: they are twins! If we would become full human beings we must accept the challenges that entails. Do you know the hallmarks of a true human?


    Those who have detached themselves from vain emotions like love and naivete faith in this virulent system are on the path of self empowerment. They are the true passionate warriors and conquerors of their fates.

      1. NEELAM

        Your essays are pointing out the false nature of the world. It is like you are looking through the gaping hole of vanity created by the baubles of human fantasies.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I suppose. Looking at civilization is like looking at a building that was begun with great plans, and intentions, then gradually was developed by people with diminishing integrity and less interest in the purpose of the building itself. Gradually all that mattered was to keep the materials coming, and the profits growing, and to some extent, keep the jobs going also. More and more ground was appropriated as the construction spread pointlessly ever outward. The purpose of the building was entirely lost over time and any intelligent person looking at the resultant mess knew it would never get finished because it no longer had any reason to exist except to maintain the status quo that had developed around it. People no longer worked on the structure to finish it according to some design but instead were using the structure to give themselves a reason to exist, function and profit by in any way possible.

      3. NEELAM

        That’s the key word : to maintain the status quo. That makes this system more and more virulent. It becomes the snare to everyone in it.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes. So we turn away from the snare and its evils and we create a new and personal path hidden in the simple concept of satyagraha.

  4. poeturja

    I like this. I have repeated “off the grid” many times (yeah, right, living in Florida at 95 degrees) but I see it is really a mantra like John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath when the “Okies” from the Dust Bowl felt that California would cure their poverty. Or like Chekhov’s Three Sisters who felt the world would be right if they moved to Moscow and found jobs. Merely a mantra…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, mantras are feel-good things, like thumb sucking for a child. It assuages, makes the bad things go away in the imagination fed by the thumb sucking. We live in a grid world, and it’s turning into a griddle and the heat is being turned up, a bit at a time so as not to spook that which remains playing,or sleeping, on the griddle. Oh yeah, some call it man-made climate change. Can “man” unmake it? Not without collapsing the entire grid.
      “What’s “the grid” again mommy?”
      “Well child, it’s everything that man, as a civilization, is involved in.”
      “So, if we got rid of civilization, would that stop man-made climate change?”
      “No child, it would just give some people an excuse to engineer a new civilization and it would probably be worse than this one.”
      “Why would it be worse, mommy?”
      “Because, you see, man sees his history, not as something to learn from, but as if it were a museum to wander through, then walk out of. It bears no relevance to people’s daily lives. No one who matters in man’s structures of power learn anything from history.”
      “Why is that, mommy?”
      “Well, let’s just call it programming. It’s like me telling you that bedtime is at 9:00 PM. I don’t have to tell you why, I just have to tell you and you have to go to bed at 9:00 PM. When you have your own child, she will have to go to bed at 9:00 PM because you know that that is the time for a child to go to bed. It’s that way with everything: programming. Explanations are not needed and they really mean nothing. What matters is what people are programmed to do. You can, of course, think whatever you want, and when you get older you can speak out; you can write books; you can become a change agent and if the 9:00 PM rule goes against your principles, you can tell your child she doesn’t have to go to bed at 9:00 PM, and she may, or man not, do so, but in the end she will return to the rule. Her own children will go to bed at 9:00 PM. Rules, child, make civilization possible but the problem with these rules is, they are entropic.”
      “I don’t understand that word.”
      “It means all civilizations eventually run out of energy and collapse. Then people get really confused until new leaders appear, make new rules, and a new civilization starts again.”
      “It’s 9:00 PM, mommy!”
      “Go to bed. I’m tired of answering questions. Come here, give us a kiss, that’s a good girl.”


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