I Like Thinking

              [thoughts from    ~burning woman~    by Sha’Tara]

I like thinking.  I think it’s quite my favourite occupation.  Much of the time spent thinking, I even think about thinking.  I wonder too, while thinking, what thinking really is.  I know what it does, but how has that incredible ability develop so that “I” could have it, and for free too? 

You don’t get much of any value for free these days, and what remains the powers that be are sitting in board rooms, and expanding R&D facilities to find ways and means to steal that from the general public and sell it back to them, drugged and artificially flavoured.

I’m wondering, which is a sibling of thinking, if they are trying to find ways to steal our thinking freedom to sell it back to us in the form of pills, propaganda, brainwash and blatant stupidity?

Oh, what am I saying!  They’ve always done that.  They brainwashed you with Religion since the infancy of the species.  Then came the “short fingered vulgarians” (a term I am borrowing from Emma in https://goodmarriagecentral.wordpress.com/2017/10/08/our-positive-disintegration/ )which she used to refer to Donald Trump, but which also serves equally well for all the BadBullyBoys of our past and present who have masqueraded as rulers, leaders and general psychopathic mayhem makers and thieves of gargantuan proportions.  Otherwise known as government, and banking, of course.

In this last century, half of which I slipped through unseen but observing, we experienced much more intense brainwashing in the form of ads from newspapers (remember those?), magazines (ditto?) radio, TV, and now the Infernet.  Some have the brainless gall to think of it as informational.  Gag me!  “Ads by Google” and “Rate this Ad.” – Rate an ad?  Are they serious?  Are people so unthinkingly, utterly brain dead that they would consider rating an ad as “good”?  “Please rate our slap in your face: was if effective?  Like it here.” “Rate this lie, here.”  “Tell us how we’re doing.  Are we stealing enough of your money or can you find ways to help us improve our Corporate Thievery? Click here to participate.

Then, in case anyone got through all of that and is still capable of an iota of free thinking, they lathered society with sports and various entertainment and entertainers to make up your mind for you.  Here you cheer for the reds, and here you’ll get clobbered if you don’t support the blues and oh, don’t miss this on YouTube: rapper JarPlixBop was interviewed and gives a brilliant analysis on the coming election.  If you’re still hesitant on who to vote for, listen to that interview: just brilliant!

There’s a whole Walmart super store of other prepackaged thinking that’s part and parcel of civilization.  Most people like shopping, enjoy wasting money on stupid stuff and stunts.  It’s all there, on the shelves, in the bubble packs, hanging by the checkout counters.  Buy, buy, buy and say goodbye to your own thinking powers.

The only problem with pre-packaged thinking is, a pile of feces freshly dumped can appear shiny and even brilliant in the proper light, but I’d still advise not to get too close. Look at it the next day and you’ll notice that much of the sheen has gone and the “shit flies” are having a field day on it.  That in itself should be food for thought, and thought, which arises from thinking, is what I was going to write about.

I like thinking.  I like linking thinking, stringing it out as far as I can make it go, wondering, which is another aspect of thinking, how far I can think it.  Did you know you can’t out-think thinking?  It just keeps on.  All you need do is follow, and open doors and gates as you get to them, keep following.

There’s all sort of thinking.  There’s directed thinking, like when you want to participate in an open discussion and try to stick to the subject at hand.  There’s recreational thinking which is a lot of fun, especially if you happen to be alone and need someone to play with.

Nothing however beats wild thinking.  That’s my favourite type of thinking.  Suddenly you encounter it, as if out of nowhere (which as everybody knows, is left of everywhere and what’s left of everywhere) and you decide, heck, I’ll follow him today.  So you think-track your way through a wilderness of thoughts you had never even dreamed could have existed.  You realize that all your life it was this close, so close you could have been a thinking wanderer lo those many years.  But never mind, you’re now tracking the Sasquatch of Sasquatches.  You’re swimming after the Loch Ness monster and practically holding it by the tail.

Wild thinking knows no boundaries, none whatever.  The more you track wild thinking the more of societal dummied-down, drugged sluggishness oozes from your mind.  You begin to feel your freedom and before you know it, you really are free.  You realize you can exercise your own thinking in an increasingly pristine wilderness of thinking where free thought meets free thought and the greatest love affair of all times begins to coalesce.

From the heights of the wildest mountain imaginable you look back upon the smog-filled valleys; you remember the noise, the commotion, the hates and fears and doubts that polluted both mind and body, and you know you’ll never go back down again.

I think of a simple ladybug.  It finds a blade of grass, or a finger pointing up (it doesn’t care if it’s the middle finger), walks up to the top… and takes off but only when it reaches the top.

I can think whatever I want.  There is no power in heaven, on earth, or in hell, that can force me to think otherwise.  If I say to myself, I think so, or I don’t think so, that is the one thing I can totally rely on to be true.

“I am therefore I think.”  (Sorry Mr. Descartes but that is the way it is.)


25 thoughts on “I Like Thinking

  1. franklparker

    I turn off whenever I see the word ‘they’ in this context. The implication being that there exists a superior race of beings who control the rest of us. I sincerely believe this is a misconception promulgated by people who need to excuse their own failures. I am surprised and disappointed to see you falling for it.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hello Frank… ah, hmmm, well… it turns out that “they” do in fact and indeed, exist. It turns out that they exist at all levels of society, wherever you find individuals with a controlling agenda to which is attached a purpose. It turns out that “they” are mind controllers.
      Corporate entities need to sell their crap. “They” therefore use mind-numbing advertising to accomplish their goal. I could say a lot more on this but there’s enough information out there to back me up. Politicians are another group of “They” who desperately need to mislead voters to keep their cushy positions of power over others, or as puppets of other “They” power wielders.
      Go back through history, and you will always find the “They” and their puppets. Our schools are riddled with misinformation force-fed to children so they will grow up all but incapable of making up their own minds about most things… unless of course such “things,” such information, come from “They” whom they were trained to listen to; to believe in; to trust; and when push comes to shove, to kill and die for. “They” are the controllers who put themselves in charge of civilization. They are the ones who keep “God” and patriotism alive and trumping for the State. I’m not disappointed, but I am surprised you don’t see, or know, that. Never has collective brainwash and mind control been as much in evidence as it is today- thanks in no small way, to information technology.
      Don’t you think we need to recognize the difference between pre-fabricated “thoughts’ and our own wild ones, our own original thinking? We are facing the demise of a global Earthian civilization. Did that come about because too many people think freely, or because too many people are sheeple, only willing or able, to “think” what “They” force-feed into their minds? Left to their own devices, never brainwashed or misled by “They” – i.e., the power-wielders, individuals would have invented a much different civilization, one with no central power bases. It would be chaotic, no doubt, but it would never become a threat to the very planet people depend entirely upon for survival. Without “They” which translates as centralized power through the disempowerment of billions, large megapolises would be impossible and unthinkable, hence we would not have an overpopulation problem. The natural environment would determine the viability of numbers and their placement. I’ve done enough “hard” environmental work and politics to know some things… innately. But, hey, thanks for your thoughtful response. This is a free thought blog, and perhaps others will hold a similar view to yours. We challenge each other, thrash out ideas and see what remains on the table at the end of the meeting!
      (I’m replying via the tablet and no spell-check in evidence here, so watch out for typos!)

      1. franklparker

        I know exactly where you are coming from – but I still contend that we each have the potential to become part of ‘them’ and, conversely, ‘they’ are no different to us. The alternative is to accept that the Victorian aristocracy and all subsequent supremacists are right and the majority of people are inferior. I will never subscribe to that.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I don’t see us talking at cross purposes, just that the discussion goes in two different directions. Totally agree that all Earthians (who haven’t made the quantum leap to become compassionate beings) have the potential to become sadists and psychopaths. That’s a given for anyone familiar with history. I don’t know how that constitutes a reason to believe that this means the elites are “right” while the rest are inferior beings. It’s all a matter of position, however that is attained. Earth people have always been ruled by psychopaths for the most part, and regardless of which “side” takes the reins of power after a revolution, for example, nothing ever changes. A percentage always become elitist and the rest serve them by force, or because they chose to believe the propaganda. Neither is “superior” to the other, and any of them are fully interchangeable. The problem is that such a system, if one can call it that, is a repetitive recipe for disaster and we’re neck deep into it again, except that now things tend to express globally which exacerbates our situation. Unless people start thinking for themselves and realize that things are not as advertised they will pay a heavy price for their faith, or we can call it gullibility. Take overpopulation which, however soft pedalled and downplayed is playing a major role in civilization’s demise. If we don’t take action on this one problem, we can be certain that our natural environment will. There’s going to be a huge downsizing of population in the next years, perhaps even the next couple of centuries, voluntary or not. Population is our major unsustainable condition. So I’ve maintained for many decades, and been silenced because it’s not socially acceptable to speak of this problem. We can quite readily see that all of our other unsustainable conditions spring from this main one. Well, that isn’t a reply to your comment, but I thought it din’t hurt to throw it in the bucket before closing this thought. As always, thank you for your pointed comments, Frank Always appreciated. Enjoy your writing, and publishing. And I can honestly say, I have just begun (again!) to read “Transgression” and this time I’m not allowing anything to distract me from finishing it. A fascinating “right from the get-go” beginning. I so well understand the generation you begin with: my own first marriage was thus arranged – Catholic, you know… and the “repression” was still much in effect. Well, the marriage was good, for a time. Thanks for the book, Frank.

      3. bethanyk

        Crazy example but still relevant….we didn’t have tv for the first 7 years of my daughter’s life. Then we get tv but only PBS so no commercials. Then when she is 8 we get cable tv but just basic so I think back then it was only maybe 13 channels. So we would watch a comedy on a regular channel and she would want everything. Everything. That lotion, that toilet paper, that food, that brush, that shampoo. Now, we only ate organic, vegetarian, and I cleaned with vinegar and water. TV had her wanting things she had never even heard of, been exposed to. But they were bright and colorful and looked sooo good. Total brainwash of these kids. I was SHOCKED. So then she sees a victoria secret comercial and is like ummmm mom that girl is basically naked and she is like starved. Yep honey. I know. So brainwashed. Yes. What does this do to little minds. Harm. We turned off cable. So sheltered? Maybe. Protected from trash. Absolutely. She decided to play hide and seek and jump on the sprinkler, take our dogs for a walk, teach them dog agility, play board games instead. Got a cell phone when she got her drivers license for safety reasons.
        But hey, that is just us. Not everyone is like us and I know that. But I just had to weigh in on the brain washing from an experienced perspective. Not to argue for God’s sake I have no energy or intention of arguing with anyone. Too tired for that! Just wanted to share my experience

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for your comment, Beth (it is Beth, I hope?) It still amazes me that people haven’t caught on to the poison that is TV, and the entire “world” of advertising. This mind-debilitating process is so well presented, so ubiquitous TV watchers can no longer discern the crap they are being force fed with. Your example of your daughter “awakening” to the commercials says much about the general mentality of TV watchers. Just like a non-discerning child, subconsciously they want it all, and when they go “shopping” they end up buying tons of junk they don’t even remember bringing home a week later. The lure of advertising has created, not only generations of mindless shoppers but a crisis of hoarding as well.

      5. bethanyk

        Mindless instead of mindful. What is so awesome is that she never asked for anything while out. We would go to the store and see kids crying for candy bars and things at the checkout line and she would say”what is that boy crying for” and we still say that 20 years later as a joke, my husband and I. She never didd “want” for anything. She got all the love she needed. Didn’t mean I didn’t buy her things! When she got older she donated her stuffed animals to the dog who his favorite thing in the world were his stuffed animals and donated the rest of her toys to charity.
        She’s a cool kid let me tell you. But it was amazing to watch her want the most bizarre things just because the tv wanted her to want them. It was sick to see.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ahhhhh… homologation (omolagazione)… I tried several definitions for that word but nothing seems to fit the intent of your comment. I did not want to be hypocritical and just click a “Like” on it. Is there an explanation? Translation: Ho provato diverse definizioni per quella parola ma niente sembra adattarsi all’intenzione del tuo commento. Non volevo essere ipocrita e basta fare clic su un “Like” su di esso. C’è una spiegazione?

    2. sherazade

      Cerco di dire meglio. Non avere pensieri propri rende deboli e dunque permeabili a idee indotte (dal potere politico/economico) che portano all omologazione degli individui e alla loro manipolazione.
      Have a nice day 🌼🌻🌺

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Sì, naturalmente. Questo è quello che mi è stato anche il tentativo di spiegare nel saggio. Grazie per il chiarimento. You have a nice day also – it’s 7:20 AM here!!!

  2. gserpent

    Wow!!!!! I love it!!!! To the comments above, they are not superior, it’s just the inferior who believe the religion, corporate, and political BS. No one is superior to a free mind. Sha Tara ‘s mind is as free as it gets. Don’t try to throw your shackles at her!
    Awesome post!!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Gee, thanks GS. I don’t want to be superior to anyone, that’s an impossible position, but I do want to be free; to have a free mind; to go “where no mind has gone before” (to paraphrase Cap’n Kirk!) I really hate ignorance and I cringe when I think about how much of it is self-imposed. What are people so afraid of? Why would they rather accept their complete demise, or most of it, rather than attempt some fresh outlook at their world, or better put, the world “They” have concocted for their own benefit? As the girl says in the movie, “What’s wrong with these people?” Of course what’s wrong is their dread of allowing themselves to chase after their wildest imaginations.
      When we entered this mind prison our “guides” gave us a key to get out whenever we chose or had enough of it. Then we got comfortable in it, became institutionalized and gave our key to our jailors so we could stay in our cells and have our bread and water shoved through the cat door twice a day. Ah, safety: so wonderful. But then we hear the prison is under attack, may even come apart – imagine the panic! So the guards, full of good intentions, of course, come by and shoot a few of the inmates to shut the others up. There, problem solved. We’re safe again.

  3. Akhila

    Oh.. yes.. thinking is for free…. but many a time we are thinking without knowing that we are thinking..isn’t it..maybe that’s why all thoughts doesn’t remain forever..

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Sure, we do a lot of “thinking” without thinking but that’s normal. Such unaware thinking isn’t shaping us – it’s the conscious thinking that matters. Imagine you live by a creek, and there’s a beautiful waterfall that you can listen to, and the sound is soothing, making you aware of many pleasant things. But no matter how pleasant, you will not always be listening to the waterfall – only when you are conscious of it will it matter. The rest of the time, it will still make the same sounds but you won’t be connected. It won’t stop singing when you stop listening. Those times won’t matter to you, or the waterfall – that’s how it goes in our minds. Thinking without thinking is just the machine running so that when we need it, it’s there, ready to work. I need to add here the question of mental discipline: If I’m supplying the energy that keeps the thinking machine going, it’s up to me to remain conscious of my thoughts in increasing measure; to not allow myself to get distracted by the world around me; by entertainment; by inner anger or fear or cheap thrills at what my physical senses record going on around me. I think (!) that the more conscious we remain re our thoughts, the wiser we must then become. That naturally brings in “detachment” and “self-empowerment”… 🙂

      1. Akhila

        But then the world around will call us a day dreamer… but I know this is much above to the normal word meaning of day dreaming.. it’s not like l k of consciousness but excess of it, in a way

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Assuming I follow your comment, Akhila, give me an excess of consciousness any day, every day, always! I was a daydreamer when I began attending school – it was SOOOOO boring, I had to escape in my mind or go crazy! Later I learned to turn that into constructive creativity. Always looking for the new, the never-yet tried, the unexpected, that twist that changes everything. By your thoughts on your blog https://wordsandnotion.wordpress.com/, you seem to be in that same crazy world I live in… Thank you for your comment.

      3. Akhila

        I happy for the definition of crazy thoughts shatara….obviously fall into that category with my craziness…

  4. bethanyk

    You weren’t even on my followed list!!! Pooh. I added you back yay!!!
    I have been in the last 6. Months worked my way up to 2 hours a day of mindfulness. It took me this long to make it this long. Started out just 5 minutes. AND the rest of the time I spend thinking 🙂

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thinking… You too, huh? Wow. We’re probably blacklisted by now. Better not try to board a plane or cross any borders. The trick to greater “mindfulness” (thanks, Yoda!) is to engage thoughts that, by their power and attractiveness, override the “mind-on-auto” setting. When I run out of Earthian type ruminations, my mind makes a jump into a “past-future-timeless” reality. This is where I observe myself in my past lives endeavours, re-membering myself, and jumping into scenarios of the future, or “out there” quite often beyond this universe – interesting worlds we live in. Our mind is only limited by our fears, and our scorn, or unbelief.

      1. bethanyk

        I ponder EVERYTHING. I am curious about the WHYS of everything. Why someone thinks this or does that or just why. I watched a dragonfly today for an hour wondering why he was doing what he was doing flying around my head and landing and I finally figured out he was eating mosquitos.
        I adore my mindfulness journeys though. Every day I search for something new. Something blue, a feather, something black and white, I have it all on my blog and you get bored and want to look at all my pictures. I take a picture and then I focus on it. Every aspect of it and live right there in that moment. Nothing is more awesome really. I only TRULY know myself in those moments, in nature, being mindful. Every aspect of me I know.
        Blacklisted! Oh yeah. People either love me or think OMG what is that girl doing now.
        What is super cool is my neighbors will ask me ” so what color are you in search of today” so it just shows that the good can be as equally and healthily passed on as the negative of the garbage of TV. Positivity is catchy!!!
        You can call me whatever you want. Bethany, Beth. Either will do.

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