A short “report” upon returning from another MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) volunteer stint, this time near Lone Butte (100 Mile House) in the Caribou country of British Columbia, Canada.
This was MDS’ first “contract” in the area.  The reason we were so late starting was due to the roads having been closed because of the fires and it took a while to get the “all clear.”

Thanks to precautions by the owner, such as spreading fire retardant around the buildings and having a sprinkler system going fed by the solar panel array as the power grid was down, some of the buildings and animals survived the fires.  The dogs and horses did not survive.  Though many buildings throughout the fire area were saved that way, the ranchers lost over 30,000 heads of cattle, many of whom had to be put down having their hoofs and legs burned from running through the wildfires trying to escape.
Wildlife, especially the smaller rodent populations that provide food for the larger carnivores, was decimated.  Hungry cougars and other large predators are now roaming ever closer to remaining winter feed lots and even homes.   Children have to be driven inside vehicles to school bus pick-up points though you can see some daring lonely souls, who probably do not have the luxury of a parent at home able to drive them, walking along the roads.  One does not have to wonder long what would happen if they were attacked.
The goal of our 5-man crew was to get as much of the replacement house covered, laying up of trusses, sheathing and if possible, installation of the metal roofing.  We got as far as the tar paper and strapping, which will ensure the building stays relatively free of snow and rain on the inside, barring whatever blows in through doors and windows as yet not installed.  With the onset of winter up there, about 300 miles north of the border, or from Chilliwack which is where I live (practically on the 49th parallel) we probably will not be returning until after spring breakup.  By then there should be several more projects identified and contracted for by our project managers.

Following are some pictures I took the time to snap as the work progressed.  Couldn’t waste much time off the job as the days are short up there – it reminded me of the Peace River country in northern Alberta where I was raised, if a bit warmer and wetter and the mud not quite as sticky as our great plains gumbo.  If the pictures appear fuzzy, it’s because they are greatly reduced from their original format.

Images and captions:  This is the house we worked on.  It may seem large but it has to accommodate a large family.  IMG_0169

House againIMG_0170

… house…IMG_0154

Solar panels and power house.  Behind is the log cabin the family is now using as temporary abode. IMG_0166

…angle consultation.  The man in the black cap is the owner. IMG_0184

This is part of the area the family calls “Elizabeth’s Pond” IMG_0175

A bit more of “the pond” and the “floating fence” which sits on several feet of soft peat and is often under water. IMG_0180

Close up of “floating fence” and edge of pond.  I was told that if someone ventured here they’d sink over their head in peat and mud. IMG_0164

Children’s play area (one of several!) IMG_0153

Log playhouse. IMG_0152

Burned area near the homestead/ranch, and a small lake.IMG_0194

More of burned area – close up.IMG_0189

… and more… IMG_0200

My faithful companion van and mobile tool box,  properly “decorated” with high country mud.  Individual patiently looking out and waiting for me to take my pictures along the forest road is my friend, Vic Janzen, one of MDS’ project managers and project leaders.  We rode up together on this particular project.


A month ago, this is what our sun looked like at high noon here, 300 miles south of the raging wild fires. IMG_0006

I must say that, as much as I enjoy giving away time and resources to help others it never ceases to amaze me that as a nation people willingly let their pathocratic leaders blow off tax dollars on destroying people and the planet and fail to find it offensive that there is “no money” to help the very people who pay the taxes used to build the military hardware; the military machine and to pay the inflated “salaries” of rich, elitist rulers.  How can a supposed intelligent species be this dumb?  This uncaring?  This unfeeling?  This crass?  This ignorant?  This stupid?  How many of “us” is there for every one of “them”?  Yet we claim to be democratic societies.  Is this what we really want?  If not then why is it that those who propose change are always spurned, scorned, distrusted or even “elimitated” so the sharks can continue to have free range over the planet?  Surpasses my understanding.

As a final note, I saw the full glory of the Milky Way for the first time since leaving the Peace River country in 1964!  Prevailing winds must have “miraculously” blown the smoke away from the area where we bunked.  We seldom realize how much city environments create horribly polluted conditions until we find ourselves far enough up in the mountains, or far enough north that city smogs can’t reach there… yet.

23 thoughts on “A Short “report” from Lone Butte volunteer caper

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    This is an uplifting post Sha’ Tara.
    Humanity having to live with the ever shifting dynamics of the planet, and coming back to keep hold of their own humble claim to some piece of land.
    The efforts and the dignity of the hard work here put many of us to shame.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks, Roger. People have to own their own feelings; I had no intention of shaming anyone. We live in a complex society, in strange and difficult times. While opportunities to do good abound, few are as easily grasped as the ones I interact with. I’ve lived in these Lower Mainland communities over 50 years and through environmental, church and political involvements, I learned how to approach people and gain their trust (and jokingly, one of those ways was to abandon the politics aspect!). Now I just do my job, practicing what I learned to do over the years.

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        This gives some hope for the future Sha’ Tara. I wish you and these communities all the very best.

  2. Mann

    You are one wondrous woman…if I remember right you said you are around 70…if so…such enthusiasm…simply commendable. Here most people take rest at this age, to be taken care of. Hats off…and the colours in the photograph are pleasing.😊

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Mann… thanks for that. Yes, I turned 71 in October and I’m having the best days of my life! So glad you enjoyed the pictures. Some of the colours washed out a bit in the reduction process but they still came out well enough to illustrate the story… 🙂

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Phil. Rather than write another too long comment, may I refer you to my replies to both, Rosaliene and Frank? I don’t mind the “poster person” as long as it serves to motivate others, not to elevate myself. If I were to ever have an epitaph on a tombstone, it would read: “I’m sorry. Sorry I didn’t do more knowing I could have. Sorry for holding back. Sorry for being a coward in the face of so much need. Please forgive me, I promise to do better next time.”

  3. Rosaliene Bacchus

    Sha’Tara, you put me to shame with your commitment and energy.

    “How can a supposed intelligent species be this dumb? This uncaring? This unfeeling? This crass? This ignorant? This stupid?”
    ~ This also surpasses my understanding. I believe we exchanged our intelligence for a comfortable life with all of its trappings.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks, Rosaliene. As you probably know, having had your vocation calling, those of us who are driven on a quest through formulating a goal, do not need, or deserve recognition: we do something because it’s our nature to do it. We enjoy it to the hilt… so in a strange sort of way, it is another selfish expression but one that happens to be helpful rather than the other way around. As to your last comment sentence, I believe that as a people we were seduced. It was done with money and credit; with sex and drugs; with cheap entertainment. We fell asleep at the wheel and something other than us as individuals took over the controls and whispered, “You’re the entitled – let us do the driving.” Sated and dummied down, we simply nodded in the affirmative while keeping on believing that nothing had changed. Some now say we’re waking up; others, that it’s going to hell in a handbasket. I hold both views as correct: some are waking up; some are too far gone and the dangerous bunch, that great unwashed mass, are the undecided waiting for the demagogues and power wielders to decide their future.

      1. Rosaliene Bacchus

        “[W]e were seduced.”
        ~ Very apt word choice. What a delicious and deadly seduction!

        “As you probably know, having had your vocation calling, those of us who are driven on a quest through formulating a goal, do not need, or deserve recognition: we do something because it’s our nature to do it.”
        ~ It is my experience, yes. At the same time, we need to express our recognition of and support those among us who are leading the way by their deeds or are in the front lines of non-violence opposition.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Agree, as it draws in the non-participants and allows them to engage the act in which they would participate if they could. Perhaps (going a bit “new agey” here) this recognition translates as extra energy for those involved in the project, or whatever.

  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks, Frank. Feelings of “shame” are unintentional, as I wrote to Rosaliene. I’m driven to do this – just as you are driven to write. I need it and thrive on it, plus if I’m to live up to my challenge to others, “Show me, don’t tell me” then it’s what I would have to do in any case. If any “credit” is due, it would be to those who do the difficult footwork, meeting the folks who lost their homes and their means of making a living; setting up the rebuilding contracts to match available resources. Most of the credit, however, goes to the dispossessed who must now seek the help, the charity if you will of strangers to get back on their feet; to hope for a life again, for in most cases these are proud people. Even after several volunteer stints, I’ve yet to comprehend the depth of loss and despair experienced by people caught in man-made or natural disasters. It’s something that has to be experienced on a personal basis to be understood. That’s where compassion comes in, and that’s the greatest life gift I’ve ever received.

  5. katharineotto

    Excellent post and photos. You are an inspiration. It’s gratifying to be reminded that people getting together to help each other doesn’t require government intervention or assistance.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You are so right: we don’t need government intervention, especially from our governments which are so corrupt! We need to go back to basics and just help one another.

      1. katharineotto

        Government intervention has divided people against each other. We’ve gotten into the habit of looking to the government instead of neighbors to solve problems. Maybe corruption in government will teach people who they should trust. Examples like yours can serve as reminders.

  6. adamspiritualwarrior

    Very impressive what you’ve done here building that house! Its very beautiful.
    Also, all the wood and plywood sheets, gives the impression the overall material costs of it all would be kept quite low, as low as possible. Rather than buying expensive metal girders and other materials like stone and bricks then the cost of actually bricklaying.

    I don’t like how in America all the building codes and regulations have gone overboard, from what I hear. It seems to me its a form of slavery and micromanaging people by Government, under the guise of safety and the environment. Its very stifling and is part of a much bigger Government plan I think.

    That said, I am aware that some safety laws do serve the health of the public. My point here is, was there anything you lined the internal walls with, to stop a fire spreading so the whole house wouldn’t burn down?

    Also, I imagine in that part of Canada, where it gets cold, a lot of money had to be spent on insulation?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Bottom line, Adam, it’s called lobbying. Tons of materials are added to buildings to inflate budgets, both, of government and corporations. It’s a very, very old scam. Modern houses are built so air-tight you could not live in them without permanent air circulation done by computerized A/C units. If the units stopped functioning you’d have to create some draft manually by opening windows, doors, or punching holes in walls. That’s how insane it all is. Most of what you see as “plywood” is actually OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing. More of a fire retardant than plywood.
      When I think that when we emigrated to northern Canada, we lived in a granary, first, then in a fire-trap ship-lap walled shack with wood shavings for insulation. Kept us warm though, even in sixty below zero F temperatures that first winter. The neighbour did lose his shack from overheating a stove pipe vent that caught fire inside, burned through and set the house on fire. Happened too regularly. Caused me to become fascinated with construction.

  7. adamspiritualwarrior

    Hi again Shatara
    I’m pretty overwhelmed and stunned, by what you’ve said so clearly and boldly, and explained your experience, that the Soul is an artificial consciousness containment tracking device, which seems to hav been manufactured by ancient multidimsnional hyperspace pirates, who wanted to harvest siphon our consciousness bioemission energy. And Recycle us. And I think ive woken up to this

    I’m stunned because what youre sahying about the Soul. Noone on the internet appears to be saying, They are all promoting the human soul. EIther many of them are well meaning but unaware, Or active disinformationists.
    I mean absolutely no disrespect in what I’m about to say. I wondered could you be even though you believe what you say. A spiritual disinformationist? You’ve pretty well answered this in your previous comment

    Also. Your MDS work. I looked up the MDS website section 5, and what MDS is doing in N America and Puerto Rico. This is all amazing stuff. It is, and what you are and what youre putting effort into, is 180 degrees opposite to the Satanist raping Clinton Foundation. You have my admiration. Combined with what you’ve described you’ve been through in WW2. Your insights about Compassion, aside my own development and maturing. I can see what you mean Compassion is where its at. High emotional desires, love, lust, are far lower down. Compassion is a state of joy and much higher vantage point.

    If I can get the GEET paul pantone self build with cheap materials 5KW or 10KW home build INTERDIMENSIONAL PLASMA free energy generator worked out in 2018 which I think I can. That would need just salt water, or urine, or coca cola, or even pure water, is the pipe reactor and inner rod sizes dimensions get tweaked. Then id like to show you exactly how its made so you can spread it on far and wide amongst canadian communities.

    When I have something tangible to report ill let you know

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you… and thank you for that information at the end of your comment re: the energy generator. Let’s see where that goes.

      To recap on the whole soul thing: that is strictly my information and my experience. It is not based on, nor linked to, anything extant on this world. One has to be at least part “alien” and fully aware of that dual nature (being of earth and of the Nexus simultaneously) to comprehend the enormity of the information I so casually imparted to anyone who wants to consider it. It’s as in the first movie, The Matrix: you can take the blue pill, wake up tomorrow morning the same as you always were, or you can take the red pill and start realizing how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

      Having let the cat out of the bag to do its meowing in the nightly streets of earth, my job is done in that respect. This has nothing to do with beliefs, just common sense coupled with intuition. My guess is no one will be able to “see” inside this revelation and nothing will come of it. I’m totally OK with that. I know what I know and I know how it works and as long as I draw breath here, I’m a living poison to the Matrix. It has nothing to do with numbers of “followers” or “likes” as on Face Book. Nothing to do with acceptance by many.  Little ol’ me has opened a can of worms and a Pandora’s box that had remained closed tight for some half a million years. That’s got to earn me a ticket home, that! 🙂

      PS: just to throw out a little tidbit of fun info: did you know that the cloners of Homo Sapiens Sapiens are the Anunnaki? Did you know that they had BLUE BLOOD?  I mention this as relevant to any discussion about man’s so-called elites. Until recently, and probably still at some levels, the rulers, the super rich, think of themselves as the Blue Bloods. Check it out! If there ever was a doubt as to who was a “god” and who a clone, blood was drawn to prove the claim. Also you will note that many, if not all, of India’s divinities have blue skin… Just a bit of side info you might find fun to pursue.


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