So, I’ve been Thinking

[thoughts from   ~burning woman~    by Sha’Tara]

What was I thinking about?  First, the joke (it’s on Youtube if you want the “live” version).  An English fishing vessel is caught in a violent Channel storm.  The captain sends out an SOS:  Mayday, mayday, we’re sinking, we’re sinking!  He gets this very hesitant response:  “Zis is ze cherman coast gardt… vat are you sinkink about?”

Well, maybe I’m  thinking about sinking, or at least about that sinking feeling.  Are we sinking, I mean, as a society, and as a global civilization?  Is it game over for us?  Some will say we are, some will have noticed nothing unusual and some will admit to a rough patch and some hiccuping, and that leaves me exactly where I should be: to decide for myself what the “state of this world” is.

It’s bad, OK?  No point denying the obvious, it is a seriously bad patch we’re going through.

Are we sinking, going to the bottom, then?  I’d vote no.  I cannot imagine, or image, an end to mankind – not in the cards, you might say.  The casino will come crashing down and many a gambler will be crushed, or lose everything, but there are those left who didn’t play the game and never entered the casino.  Few they may be, but they still exist, however much the pimps and slavers of the Matrix, Status quo or “the System” have scoured the earth to round these few up.  Further to this, there are the gamblers who looked up in time and saw the cracks.  They collected their earnings, swallowed their losses, cashed in their chips and got the hell out of Dodge.

The thing is, it’s hard to separate a terrible die-back and the collapse of civilization from a total apocalypse.  To imagine, say, the extinction of some five and a half billion people over a period of a couple of hundred years.  Horrible?  Disastrous?  Scary?  Indeed, and certainly enough to believe it isn’t going to stop until all are dead and the earth lies a desert waste, it’s waters a dead stinking miasma of spreading diseases.  Those who remain alive will feel the strangling effect of the “great terror” and live in dread.  Some will invoke God and some will imagine alien rescues and some will just go through the motions of staying alive and if they still can bear children and have them will try to keep them alive, no matter what shape they are in.

That’s the nature of Earthian people.  Those who survive are the survivors and what they will then have programmed into their immune system, and what will be on their mind, that will be what they will rebuild with.  They will be your progeny.  When it thinks about you it will always be as a curse.  In their minds they will cast this generation to the deepest pits of the deepest hell.

There are many ways to look at man’s future: endless possibilities, endless directions it can go.  I like to work on the logic of it.  I look at population charts and the effects such populations have on the natural environment.  I look at the accelerating demise of non-human species, whether avian, mammalian, insect, aquatic, flora, and for each extinct species I deduct from human recovery.  I look at the spread of technology world-wide and attendant eco-damage, including climate change.  I don’t engage the smaller effects of, say, Tesla technology and “organic” or “vertical” farming.  I try to stay with the bigger picture.  I don’t see these “changes” having much of any effect in a timely manner to prevent a major catastrophe.  The main problem with “positive” technology is it puts people to sleep; makes them believe they can continue to increase population and consumption with decreasing environmental consequences.  Deadly assumption in a finite environment.

I also look at greater social developments such as resource wars leading to destabilization of ethnic communities and destruction of older ways of life.  I look at the destruction of cities and histories: the “dummying down process” and of course, the increase in dispossession and in refugees.  Then I look at how wars, civil wars, revolutions and genocides are funded, by whom, and why.  I watch the blood flow and those who once had hands covered in the blood of innocents now have their entire bodies awash in the stuff.  Then I listen to comments by those who remain essentially affluent and recipients of those “good things” which their leaders and rulers extort from dispossession, slave labour, oppression and bloodshed.

The comments, for the most part, aren’t in the least understanding, or compassionate.  There is little enough effort expended in reaching deep into the pain and suffering one lifestyle inflicts on another – and how could there be?  Earth people know little or nothing of compassionate interaction since such would require living in the nightmare of empathy.  If you are one of those rare ones living in it, you know what I mean by nightmare.  If you are not, you can’t understand what I mean, even if you try.

As a people, as a species, Earthians will not choose to become compassionate beings.  To do so would mean changing everything they believe about themselves, their species, and its interaction with the rest of their world.  I said everything, and I mean everything.  Nothing of the old would remain.  That will not happen, not on any scale needed to prevent catastrophe.

So we’ve finally reached our physical and mental evolutionary crossroads.  Yet a vast majority refuses to recognize the landmarks; others will believe they’ve never been here before and no one can know what it means.  Of course.  If there is one thing Earthians can be known for it’s their amazing ability to live in denial and defend the indefensible.

What we should be asking:  what did we use to get here?  Was it virtue, or vice?  The truth now.  What was the number one motivator of civilization that has brought it to this crossroad from which there is no turning back and from which any choice (but one unthinkable) can only lead to disaster?

Be certain that whatever “force” we used to get here will be the very same “force” we will rely on to push us down the path of our next choice.  This means we will use more of same and experience more of same though knowing it is unsustainable.  Any choice we make won’t really be a choice but a continuation of our tried and failed methods of propulsion into the future.  It’s what we are and we will continue to do what we have always done, with little sparks of resistance here and there, and some lofty rhetoric over the Internet to blind us to the real facts.

We will hear of organic, sustainable cooperative communities… and there will be some, of course.   We will hear of rich people donating food and housing to certain groups of victims of climate change and we will say, wow, they can do it, and not ask how these people got rich in the first place – because that would spoil the “feel good” moment.  More and more people will turn vegan, and even if we still insist on eating meat or using animal products, we will still take some credit and feel good about this “movement” and absolve ourselves because our doctor said our body needs the meat.  Not our fault, you see.  Plus, we recycle, we do our bit.  What the hell, “Not Our Fault” for any of the negative stuff.  Plenty of others to blame for the really bad stuff.

The “Not Our Fault” slogan will continue to rule, past the crossroads, past the turning point.  We will ride that toboggan to the bottom of the hill and then discover that those who maintained that once we got to the bottom there’d be no way back up were right.  There is no way back up.  What we left up there is forever gone and now we must walk away with whatever we have… into the future, into whatever it has left to offer.  For most, for billions, that will be death: by disease; by famine; by war; by genocide; by drowning and by burning.

As we lay dying, we’ll remember our stand-by mantra: it wasn’t our fault.  It wasn’t me.  It was them.  They did it.  Indeed, why should one individual take responsibility for what the collective did?  Yes, but isn’t a collective made up of individuals?  And am I one of such individuals?  If I am, how can I not be equally responsible?  How can I blame “others” and absolve myself?

37 thoughts on “So, I’ve been Thinking

  1. Jerry Alatalo

    Great writing in that Sha’Tara shares a very honest and wide analysis of the current state of human affairs. Superb post … Thank you very much.

  2. colettebytes

    Wow, that is a pretty accurate description of the Earth state.

    I picked up on two things that shone out of this description and that was
    ‘Compassionate Integration’ and ‘Nightmare of Empathy’

    These are feelings you and a lot of people possess.

    Your frustration at a humanity that is seemingly hell bent on self destruction is palpable.

    In many ways, you are correct. We cannot change everyone and our own changes to become empaths and compassionate beings can be worn down by the constant barrage of negativity around us.
    But, and it is a big But, it will only be the empaths and the compassionate who survive…the rest destroy themselves eventually.

    So we, who are compassionate will continue to walk through the nightmare of our empathy until the day that the nightmare fades and reality becomes something new and loving.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Fascinating comment… astute. We can let ourselves get worn down with awareness of earth’s pain and suffering, as well as the borderline anger caused by awareness of psychopathic evil. The antidote that accompanies compassion and makes it possible is accepting what you term “negativity” as sorrow; as felt from, and for, others, not self. I suppose that is what empathy really is, hm?

      1. colettebytes

        Yes, I suppose that is what empathy is…trouble is, you have to switch off now and again. The hurts can be overwhelming!

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes we do need to disconnect, if not from the deep stuff at least from the more surface stuff. I don’t meditate — not in my nature at all — but I find solace in deep introspection, and letting the tears flow without shame or guilt. Also, I have a very private back yard and I go out in it at night totally naked, whether it’s warm or cold, dry, rain, snow, pitch black or moonlight. It promotes a sense of awe of whatever(!) and makes me aware of a temporary sense of terrible vulnerability. Making myself vulnerable I find is empowering. Normally we are made to feel vulnerable and that gives rise to fear. It is from this fear that we do such horrible things, so I feel it must be preempted.

    2. Rosaliene Bacchus

      “But, and it is a big But, it will only be the empaths and the compassionate who survive…the rest destroy themselves eventually.”
      ~ I don’t believe that empaths and the compassionate would survive. They would be incapable of killing another human being to survive the chaos at the End of Days.

  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    We are very adept at finding others to blame. It is one of the symptoms of Terminal Stupidity a disease which is not researched enough.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      This says, and I quote: “Leave a Reply to Woebegone but Hopeful” so here goes: There is certainly a lot of examples of “Terminal Stupidity” in your own “A Short History of These Isles” stories…

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        And that’s barely scratching the surface of one small patch of history.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Indeed: the micro of the macro. Living here, a couple dozen miles from the 49th parallel and TrumpLand gives one food for thought. Now we have another elitist sonny boy jerk in Ottawa, Mr. TruDump, following in the footsteps of White House “out-sanity.” Amazing how a certifiable psychopath like Trump can garner a following even among the so-called educated. Blahhhhhhhhhh! as Charlie Brown would say.

      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Trump is a person of slight character, he will not last.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Oh, undoubtedly. It will be hilarious to see the Great Tweeter in Chief defending his lies and incompetence.

      5. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I’ll buy the popcorn or snacks of choice for the audience

  4. katharineotto


    I don’t believe in predictions, and this is why. There are so many people predicting worst case scenarios that it has become some kind of fad. I have been reading books in the Seth series by Jane Roberts, channeled books, woo-woo to some, but worth mentioning here, because Seth claims man is of good intent, that humanity has inherent abilities we have not begun learning how to use, and that we create our own realities. That is, we create what we focus on, including worst case scenarios.

    The point of power is in the present, says Seth, and you change your reality by changing your beliefs. Imagining a healthier world is the first step to creating one.

    Regular people are waking up and wising up, I believe, although the government and media are the last to know it. We’re not dead yet, so there’s still some time to alter the course of events and find the solutions within the problems.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Katharine… the thing about “prediction” requires highly focused discernment. Plus you need to know where the “prophet” is coming from, and what her motive is. If it’s popularity and selling, for me that becomes a total discounting of any validity. My question, as one of the bunch, is always: have you been there? Have you “seen” it in actual vision? The next question I have is: are you leaving your own vision open to other visions, some of which may invalidate yours? I don’t hold to the traditional prophetic word which is supposed to be from “God” and is the last word on the subject. Unfortunately for all of us, I was taken into the kind of future I write about and that’s pretty conclusive. Having seen a kind of horror that makes our wars to-date mild by comparison, I was powerfully motivated to propose that one “magical” solution that can still turn the tide and change the reality I carry with me.
      I can agree with Seth, and you, to this point: that changing my own beliefs will change my own reality. A given, and I’ve done that. What it does not do, and why I write of my visions, and my annoying solution, is that changing my reality does not change anything for anybody else, unless they too become self empowered and change their own reality, and so on, which brings me full circle back to what I’ve been saying and writing about for decades: it’s all about individual self empowerment, never about collective power. Collectives, our society and civilization, are our bane. Collectives cannot, ever, become self-empowered, that being the ultimate oxymoron. Collectives are conservative by make up and fight against any reality change. Even revolutionary collectives possess that Achilles’ heel and must in very short order become conservative, or fail.
      We DON’T NEED TO FIND SOLUTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS! We wallow in solutions. We talk about them all the time, ad nauseam. To talk of looking or finding solutions is akin to those people who say they were looking for God. Say what? Looking for an omnipresent entity? No, what you were looking for was your own, personal willingness to enter into a relationship with that entity. Are people in general open to engaging existing solutions to solve their social problems? NO. There’s the rub. People don’t want to change, they just want more, or they want things to get better for themselves. It’s like someone with a serious health condition being told to change their ways, or their diet. Even the threat of imminent death isn’t enough to cause a permanent shift as a general rule. At the moment you have two solutions available to change literally everything. One that could work with a lot of self-denial, self sacrifice and effort, even if it never has, and that’s love. The other, never tried, that will work when engaged whole-heartedly and with never a look back is what I call compassion. That last one is a guarantee. It’s the only one the System hasn’t been able to prostitute to itself and will do everything to prevent individuals from accepting. No need to look for solutions “out there,” we’ve had them since we became self conscious and self aware. We need simply to activate our desire to do it, then go out and do it.

  5. Phil Huston

    Here ya go. I was looking for this for a while. I blame Social Media for the content of your post. But “they” have been changing our minds since money, not the internet.

    “It’s all bullshit.” In fact, it’s all a “Grand Illusion” One of my few favorite American “Prairie Prog” songs. Dennis is right. After the BS and the hype, the price of your house or your car or who got stepped on getting them, deep inside we’re all the same. Check your tickets for the Grand Illusion at the door? How frightening? What will Madge and Mother say?

    1. Rosaliene Bacchus

      Phil, deep inside we are all the same, but the wealth of the small elite class is not a grand illusion. They really do live in a world that’s different from ours, built on the energies of the masses and the resources of Mother Earth.

      1. Phil Huston

        I’m from oil country. I saw the Stepford contracts issued and accepted first hand, lived in the groundskeepers house behind the hedges at Philbrook, seen the fancy cars and silver spoons heard the stories, parked in the driveways. The entitled are a different class. But often only a different class of fool or hurt or confusion. Because money can’t buy you love, or time. Only impersonations of either.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ah yes, Phil my friend, a typical “new age” approach to life on earth. The major problem with this approach is, it doesn’t do a f*****g thing to help the oppressed. It changes nothing, in fact it is predicated on the “fact” that nothing can, or should, change since it’s all bullshit. The babies dying of preventable malnutrition and attendant diseases and the mothers starving beside their children: don’t worry, be happy, it’s all bullshit. They wouldn’t be in pain if they were smart enough to think themselves into an alternate reality.

      You know what I’d like to do? I’d like to take those well heeled, well fed, popular masters of the real bullshit, guitars, fancy stage and dandy moves and all, and put them in those “other” places where the bullshit is suddenly and only too real. I’ve had this “grand illusion” discussion almost countless times and it makes me sick just thinking that some people buy into this simply because it’s a sop to depression and despair. I think you got my dander up, Phil! I can only think that was your point? 🙂

      While I’m on a rant, I’ll tell you this, and disagree with Rosaliene: NO. DEEP INSIDE WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. When we finally realize this basic truth and respond accordingly, maybe, just maybe we can begin to fix something. Physically we may more or less appear the same (but aren’t – check out that blood type thing) but deep inside, mentally? Oh boy. The self empowered is as far away from the brainwashed, completely programmed gun toting Trump supporter as “heaven” is from “hell.” They possess a different nature. Those in between well, they haven’t decided in which camp they’d rather be in so they’re floating, the great unwashed uncommitted and utterly useless, space gobbling, polluting pointless silent majority, commuting, driving their pathetic noise boxes between Micky D’s and WalMart looking for their next feel good consumer fix. Nature? I’d call it the Consumerist Predator or at best “The Zero.”

      1. Phil Huston

        Pain is pain, and deep inside we are all capable, if not cognizant, of the realizations of our truth. I know miserable millionaires and Stepford wives who spin it all like Mary Poppins. I know old bluesmen wiser than prophets, child prodigies who sprinkle the cosmic airwaves with magic. I know those who will never realize arrogance is a paper crown that fits no one and those who think there is no way out except with a shovel made out of money. But potentially all are equally capable of participation.
        I knew I’d get your get goat with the pop sentimentality. But check this out from your occasional over loftiness…Isn’t it better to question, to make bullshit a spectacle on any level, than to not mention it at all? Enlightenment is where anyone may find it, and those who shine any light in the darkness, regardless of their costumes or methods or background idiology or amplified medium should be applauded. Unless of course enlightenment is one of those exclusionary pursuits…And then we have a whole other conversation…

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, bullshit should be pointed out, but it isn’t all bullshit, that’s the problem, or if it is, and someone is shoving it in your mouth to make you choke on it because they have the power to do it, then that part isn’t bullshit. The pain they inflict on helpless victims isn’t bullshit. Discernment is required, especially in dealing with this world’s pain. The pain of a desperate family in a famine is not the same pain as that of a billionaire disappointed with his accumulations. One who pounds his head against a brick wall isn’t being persecuted, but one who has his head thus abused because he’s poor, or black or otherwise targeted by a society, or a group of psychopaths and bullies, that one is being persecuted. The first example: bullshit. The second: real evil. My life-long take on it.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “Enlightenment is where anyone may find it, and those who shine any light in the darkness, regardless of their costumes or methods or background ideology or amplified medium should be applauded. Unless of course enlightenment is one of those exclusionary pursuits…”
        True, and also false. Take the Catholic church imposing “enlightenment” upon non-Christians. That often took the form of dispossession, enslavement, torture and death for those who would choose not to be so enlightened. Not all darkness should have light shone on it: someone may be hiding from killers in the darkness and a stray light expose her to rape and death. Discernment is required all the time; nothing is “all this” or “all that” at least not until there is complete, unilateral, universal agreement.

  6. Rosaliene Bacchus

    Sha’Tara, based on what’s happening in our world today, at so many different levels that you raise in your post, I also see a bleak future for our species.

    I’d like to call attention to some of the observations you make:

    “In their minds they will cast this generation to the deepest pits of the deepest hell.”
    ~ I agree. Our generation has the opportunity to press the brakes but continue to question or doubt the expert advice of our national and global scientific community.

    “If there is one thing Earthians can be known for it’s their amazing ability to live in denial and defend the indefensible.”
    ~ I believe that this is our way of coping when faced with a calamitous event.

    “What we should be asking: what did we use to get here? Was it virtue, or vice?”
    ~ The insatiable greed of the powerful with the support and complicity of those who wish to share in the spoils have brought our species to the edge of the abyss.

    “How can I blame “others” and absolve myself?”
    ~ As part of the system, the collective, I share the blame. In the wise and prophetic words of Guyana’s poet of resistance, Martin Carter (1927-1997): all are involved! / all are consumed!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment here, Rosaliene, and for highlighting the main points of my rant. I always feel a bit embarrasses and saddened when intelligent, knowledgeable people agree with me on the negative and dark aspects of so many of my posts… Yet, I honestly cannot see it in any other way. Oh, how I wish I could make the pain and suffering just go away. Justice shine and happiness rule.

  7. Notes To Ponder

    If you haven’t seen the HBO documentary “Collapse” featuring Michael Ruppert, allow me to recommend hunting it down.Michael Ruppert reportedly committed suicide several years ago – his point of view in Collapse speaks volumes about our precarious situation.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Well “they” say it was suicide. Like the mobster who explains why a witness against him didn’t show up for court: he committed suicide, stabbed himself in the back five times, then threw himself over the balcony…

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