Let’s Talk about Self Empowerment

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[thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

In considering real solutions to our increasingly insurmountable social and environmental problems I attempt to propose concepts and ways known to all of us but never actually put in practice in any serious way.  I deliberately eschew any and all “solutions” that have already had their day and demonstrated, sooner or later, their propensity to develop feet of clay.  Check out King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream statue if you don’t know, or remember.
Not just eschew, but I will call them up and expose them.   So, in keeping, let talk about self empowerment.

What exactly is self empowerment? Some might think it’s the power to control one’s surroundings, or events in one’s life. It isn’t.

Simply put, self empowerment is owning everything about one’s self. All that I think, say and do, belongs to me, and is authored by me. If any of it is inappropriate, then I’m being inappropriate, not someone else who may have said it and whom I’m quoting.  It is up to the self empowered to qualify a particular quote so it is not misunderstood.

If I am self empowered then I own me.

The other thing is, it also means no one else owns me, or any part of the real me – not speaking of possessions here, as in, having a mortgage on a house for example: that belongs to whomever fronted for the loan. I’m talking here of entities, or people, who like to own you, who enjoy having followers, believers, voters, lovers, worshippers, i.e., who need slaves to do their bidding; or conversely, people who are convinced they can only “do” if that which owns them is empowering them to do it.  “My country; my God; the Devil made me do it” – all dis-empowering statements.  Giving credit to others for one’s accomplishments is debilitating. 

That is why so many “managers” in the corporate world have their own meetings hidden from ordinary employees where they can brag about their “accomplishments” and take credit for exploited lowest “slave” labour on the assembly lines of the corporate order.  Their power comes from their workers and the more oppressed the workers, the more power (in control and money) management gathers to itself.  

The self empowered has no god, goddess or other invisible spirit entities to whom s/he is beholden. For many, that’s not just a big one, it’s determinative. No self empowerment possible if it cancels out dependency upon “god.”

The self empowered does not pray, obviously, that being an oxymoron.  Would a self-empowered person ever credit a god for anything? No, not even if the rest of her society did so. 

Anecdotal:  I always find it a bit funny (and embarrassing) when working with Christian people who insist on praying before meals or giving thanks after a day’s work or for whatever reason they have to give their god credit for doing (whatever!).  I listen to the petitions and the thanks and wonder why these people don’t realize that it’s all the same for believers or non believers alike. 

Nobody is guaranteed a safer work site. Nobody gets preferential treatment from the weather. Nobody gets cheaper materials. Nobody gets more to eat. Nobody has more money.  Nobody is any safer from attacks or war. Nobody is any cheerier or happier.  For all that praying and giving of thanks, there is absolutely no difference between believers and non believers.   “Ah but you fail to realize that…” and the rationalizations trip over each other, each one more ridiculous than the previous. Yes, I mean ridiculous because they certainly are.

A self empowered person doesn’t make promises and doesn’t accept them either. Promises enslave. This enters into the whole trust thing.  By definition then, the self empowered would never “get married” that too being an oxymoron. I had to smile today listening to an old song about promised love eternal when I remembered that the “in love” couple in question, who sang the song in wonderful harmony, with all the love looks of the time, divorced bitterly a long time ago. No surprise there.

The self empowered never asks, ‘what’s in it for me’ because that is the wide open door to bottomless corruption.  Enter selfishness, lies, hypocrisy, blame, control, predatory greed (which begs the question: is there any other kind of greed?) 

Perhaps these closing paragraphs illustrate self empowerment best of all.  When it comes to exchanging energies, as in labour, time, resources, the self empowered does not insist on a set exchange price but allows the situation and the transaction to speak for itself.  Fairness is determined by “the other.” Is the one buying or hiring well off?  The full price is accepted.  Is the one buying or hiring, poor?  The price is negotiated and may easily plummet to as low as zero.  The items are handed over or the work is done in the very same way, given the same quality, as for those who can afford to pay.
What replaces any energy given over, is joy, and that beats the money every time.  You see, this approach empowers “the other” as well.  The become in integral part of the transaction, as equals, as their integrity comes into play.  They now need to take responsibility for the exchange.
Our artificial consumerist system has robbed us of this necessary aspect of any transaction by removing the “bilateral” human interaction.
Does this work in “real life”?  It does, by the way, extremely well.
For those curious about achieving self empowerment, there is much personal introspection to be engaged.  Here however is a bit of esoteric “knowledge” that goes a long way in getting started on this path.  It has to do with the soul.
Many still believe that a soul is their spirit essence, that part of themselves that transcends physical death.  It’s nothing of the sort.  If people knew what a soul is, and yes, everyone has a soul whether they like it or not, believe it or not, the soul is a controlling implant.  I know how “impossible” it is for most “Earthians” to even consider such a possibility, but the main reason “you” continue to do the terrible things you do to each other and your world; the reason you cannot break out of your “programming” and set off on a new, peaceful, tranquil, quiet, simple, accepting of all, path is you are not allowed.  Every time you manage to break out and establish something more human and humane for yourselves, your world, your species, it always turns back on you.  It’s ‘Babel’ over and over.
The “gods” look down, they see their slaves gaining understanding and awareness and they clamp down viciously.  How many times have we seen this?  Ask the archaeologists how many civilizations have come and gone.  This one is going the same way and as long as the programming works, the collapse is unstoppable.
In the old Twilight Zone episode, “To serve mankind” the aliens leave a book behind in their own language, translating only the title, “To Serve Mankind”  At the end someone figures it out: it’s a cookbook and the people taken away to a better life were being served as food to the aliens.  We’re in exactly the same boat today.
To translate our own “cook book” we need to either neutralize the soul implant or remove it entirely.  Can that be done?  Yes.  I’ve done it.
Time to go serve mankind…

36 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Self Empowerment

  1. kertsen

    There are no God’s looking down and the implant you speak of is the stamp of our nature imprinted by evolution. As long as we were in the animal kingdom we had no problem we fitted into the food chain , we ate and were eaten , we rejoiced and suffered. Becoming self – aware we no longer accepted our condition that had been implanted by natural selection. So we struggle with our own nature which we cannot remove and which dictates some of our behaviour. You feel oppressed like many you want to be free and for many religion opens the gate to freedom.
    We cannot say to ourselves I banish all selfishness from this day forth; or I banish all lust of the flesh from now on because those things are part and parcel of our very natures . Determinists believe the control is absolute , free will is a foolish pipe dream but they belie their belief because they still struggle for supremacy. When a man has a fight on hand he needs to measure his opponent , he must not underestimate him but he has been given the most valuable tool in the universe : a thinking mind.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Just a couple of points. “Becoming self – aware we no longer accepted our condition that had been implanted by natural selection.” Proponents of evolution should take a good, hard and honest look at that fact. The problem with self awareness is it happened suddenly, out of the blue, not over hundreds of millions of years it would take to make even a tiny “evolutionary” difference. Evolution is picking up man’s watery history with a sieve and pretending that it’s all there in the end. “he has been given the most valuable tool in the universe : a thinking mind.” Who gave it? What’s a mind?

      1. kertsen

        No not suddenly it was a long period, we do not know but I believe Neanderthals were self aware and perhaps other hominids . The mind is possessed by most creatures but in man it is highly developed. Now I know that Alfred Wallace did not believe the mind of man was created by natural selection and we have all the arguments around the Wallace Paradox. There are several mammals that pass the mirror test of awareness showing that it will develop as the mind becomes more complex. If we can develop computers that may one day out shine us then who is to say what might not evolve from a simple cell? Question for you who gave us hands or eyes or hearts or any other complex piece of our bodies? I do not believe the mind and what we call the soul are separable they are one and the same entity.
        One last but important point the age of the earth is just under one third of the total age of the universe so it all has taken a mighty long time.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        OK Kertsen, let me give this some thought. I’ll file your comment is “Hold” so I don’t lose it. I do have one question, maybe two. Why do evolutionists call the brain, the mind? Also, I thought that “soul” was a no-no in scientific circles. Scientists “admit” then to the existence of a soul, or do they fudge the issue by arbitrarily blending brain, mind, soul? I’m stopping here… 🙂

      3. kertsen

        Terminology: we have inherited religious language , just as you might say with all my heart, or it breaks my heart . I use any language that suits my purpose , we are all entitled to express ourselves how we please. It is the brain or grey matter that runs the whole bodily machinery , take away oxygen for four minutes from the brain it dies and with it the whole complex personality. It is the brain that perceives , reasons and measures our experiences through the senses. We humans have extended our senses and we can see the invisible and hear the inaudible by feeding our senses through clever technology. The thing that puzzles scientists is our sense of self or personal identity and many have declared that it is an illusion and have used clever reasoning to turn us into computers. Some of the computer boffins have jumped on this and started to maintain that very soon computers will have a self ( illusion or not ) and will be indistinguishable from humans. Professor Penrose is perhaps the most famous scientist who rejects this assumption and he has supplied other reasons that are very complex for this step.
        All of this unfolding story is connected with free will about which endless arguments have arisen. Free will is vital for most Christians but not all, Calvinism puts all the action in Gods court, He decides who He will save or condemn we have no free will in the matter. For my part I reject determinism but I do believe we are not completely free to act since we are products of our nature and nurture. Of course in all of this speculation there is the question of how we define freedom , is it limited, if so how.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        It’s difficult for me to follow through on your arguments, Kertsen. I can see you are an evolutionist and seem to have found an explanation for your species’ development in the theory, though rife with problems as the religious creation story. Nothing adds up, see? There are so many problems with Homo Sapiens as a species that evolution cannot begin to explain. I won’t talk about physical evidence, but how the species uses its brain to interact with one another, and its world. If that is a product of “mother nature” then she’s a truly “screwed up” bitch, huh? Racism? Rape? Misogyny? War? Genocide? Destruction of its only available environment for no better reason than to get rich in meaningless tokens? What about those religions that always turn to the worst kind of violence and repression of “free will”? How could “evolution” account for the Earthian numbnuts, cut off from the rest of the universe, developing concepts of vice and virtue? Why do you feel such a powerful need to hide, to wear clothing? Why feel ashamed when naked in public, for some even when alone? To tack that on the conscience of evolution is to show more faith than the most die-hard born again Christian, or suicide terrorist in their God.
        If we don’t face the fact that this species is plunging head-first into the proverbial toilet bowl, horror show, here we go. It’s all fine and dandy to hold on to theories, but if they don’t solve problems, what good are they beyond academic studies? It’s the old fudge for not taking responsibility for the way things are; if you can’t blame God, blame evolution, blame whatever, but never take responsibility. There’s your problem. I’ll make you this prediction, the time is coming when you are going to have to face serious facts about your condition as “human beings” and they are not going to be pleasant. When I use the word “you” the context is generic for the species, not you as an individual.

      5. kertsen

        Because theories are rife with problems is no reason to abandon them unless something better comes along , they can be added too or adjusted to fit more facts as time passes. In essence the creation story comes to the same moral conclusions as evolution ; man is a fallen creature , it’s the solutions that are different . Redemption is the Christian solution but evolution has no solution it observes the facts sand documents them. Regarding nakedness we were not ashamed until we knew what nakedness was and ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Dogs even though domesticated copulate freely in the street. As for facing conditions you are quite right but we have always faced them the black death killed one third of Europe. When a baby is born it starts to face conditions and prospers or dies , if it prospers it faces more and more conditions . I’m 75 living with reduced physical condition in a loving relationship but we know new conditions are loomimg in the not too distant future. I do not know your situation but perhaps burning woman has significance, my advice would be to accept the fallen world , accommodate your lifestyle , relax a little more. We are all in this struggle but let us not allow it to ruin our lives.

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comments, Kertsen. This is an open mind blog and you’re always free, and welcome, to comment here. Quoting the last sentence of your comment here,
        “I do not know your situation but perhaps burning woman has significance, my advice would be to accept the fallen world , accommodate your lifestyle , relax a little more. We are all in this struggle but let us not allow it to ruin our lives.”
        Some people are born to burn, and I’m one of those. Some burning people are problem solvers, and I’m one of those. Problems do not ruin a problem solver’s life, they are life! However bleak the situation I face, having delved into the future, it is not ruining my life, perhaps the opposite. I’m 4 years behind you and healthy as a horse, running a multi-faceted business of landscaping, mostly mountainside work(!), home renovations and miscellaneous upkeeps; some forays into the volunteer world with a group called “Mennonite Disaster Service” (MDS) whose main emphasis is replacing uninsured lost homes due to natural causes such as floods, hurricanes, wild fires. I’ve tasted many aspects of world-change such as environmental activism, political involvement, religious-based charitable work, street and prison “ministries” – well, whatever gave promise that things could be changed.
        Then I realized none of that was the way to go and changed everything, dropped every affiliation – except for the MDS work, but I can do that without belonging to the foundation, or any church, otherwise I wouldn’t. Then I began to put things together, focusing on what had been done in the past, including my own experiences, and what was left available for man to avail himself of; to pull himself up by his own bootstraps out of the deepening chasm he’s creating.
        After a few years of wilderness wandering I saw the pure and obvious simplicity of it: a change of nature through activation of an existing force (whether of spirit or of nature is not relevant) that we call compassion. A force that could not be corrupted. Been talked about but never been tried. Never been made a modus operandi of any ruling system. A force present within each and every individual that just needed to be acknowledged, then worked with. So I went about testing this. For years I watched myself operating with this “force” and I was amazed. It actually works. One small step for wo/man…
        It is however, quite demanding. It will not be adulterated with any emotional feel-good concepts, including love. It requires complete detachment from exclusive relationships. And it only works for those willing to engage life through self-empowerment. The payback is, you get to participate in saving billions of innocent (and some not-so-innocent) lives. Is the trade-off worth it? It is to me. The funny and sad part of this is, if I’m the only one who “gets it” it’s still way better than accepting a fallen world and accommodating my lifestyle to it, even if that were remotely possible.
        In conclusion, I’m reminded of a joke we shared periodically during my 42 years as a “techie” for a global multi-national. “We regret to inform you that we have not succeeded in solving your problem. In fact we are more confused than ever. We can assure you however that after spending so much quality time considering your problem, we are confused on a higher level and about more important things.”

      7. kertsen

        I see you far more clearly and understand you must go on but it’s not my style. I looked up Mennonite and learnt a lot about Anabaptists , they certainly achieve a lot of good works. Feel-good concepts don’t give up on them they sit nicely beside feel-good sensations and we all need them at least from time to time. Jesus needed his disciples and they needed him. There is nothing wrong with being beholden to another. My father died in hospital aged 82 with a heart attack he was under care , helpless, needing support. When the heart attack struck they tried to resuscitate but he gave up the ghost and all that he was departed. We start life and end life in utter dependence. If even the Son of God was unable to change the fallen world what chance have I ? Besides we only see the world as fallen because of our moral nature the earth and Sun are not moral nor the stars or galaxy or the atoms that compose our complex bodies.

  2. franklparker

    As always, a thoughtful and enlightening post. The concept of the soul as an alien implant, though? That is ‘out of this world’. Although, if I believed in such a thing as a soul, that explanation would be every bit as plausible as any other.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well there you go, Frank. I’m no traditionalist. I’m a “visionary” (not as romantic as it sounds, not at all, mostly a pain in the you know what); a channeler though never “on demand” and I am fully conscious of past/future lives as well as having spent about 30 years under the very intense teaching of definitely alien beings . This means that my mind/spirit function mechanism gives me a different approach to life, whether on earth or in the cosmos. I can either shut up about it, brag about it, or use it. I’m trying to use it; there is certainly nothing in my life to brag about knowing what I know…
      So, expect “out there” and whenever possible just use it as a different kind of entertainment. I don’t mind, I’m also what the Teachers labelled “a Provider”… and that can mean a whole lot of things, some of them of the Oh, no, no! variety. Not lately, this earth body’s a bit beat up for “that” purpose, but there are still a whole lot of things I can provide, including weird ideas.

  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    And from the other side of Existence, (the positioning which is arguable since all views based on Compassion Respect and Tolerance all likely to converge at some point).
    Should a person believe in a god, creator, supreme being and embrace the belief as opposed to the opportunistic twisting; the latter being for political or personal gain, then they are on a path to concluding there must be more than one simple answer. This is arrived at on the basis on the unimaginable size of the Universe both in occupation of space and time but also in the vastness of the components which make up matter. When faced with this whereas it may not be valid to say ‘All Things Are Possible’ you can be excused for thinking ‘Many Things Are Likely’.
    Thus not inhibited by the narrowness of ‘My Way Is The True Way’ but enlightened by the idea ‘There are many pathways’ a person can look to the freedom of accepting others along the same journey but taking another route.
    All I need to do know is put these words into practice in my own life and check if it was Robert Sheckley who wrote the original story the episode from the Twilight Zone was based on.

  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    The TZ episode, “To Serve Mankind” was a Damon Knight story. Sure you’re right, there are infinite pathways that can lead to compassion, or in an infinity of other directions from the sublime to the ridiculous. But if I may interject: there is just one reason why I write about compassion and here, self empowerment: the introduce a “force” that would just suddenly catch people unawares everywhere and… the rest as they say would be history, and what a history it would be. So, something totally new – AND IT IS NOT A BELIEF SYSTEM. There’s your key. There is no emotion involved in this, just a simple logical decision from one individual mind thinking and saying, “I’ve never tried this before so logically I cannot assume or worse, assure myself, that it cannot possibly work.” You don’t start something new by saying (or thinking) this can’t possibly work. You can’t say to yourself, if this worked “They” would have implemented this eons ago.” But of course “They” would not have simply because once this idea takes root, “They” are no longer relevant.

  5. Phil Huston

    I was a visonary once. And then it was decided that I was merely nearsighted and the world wasn’t an Impressionist painting after all. But they were a little late. Because once you see the colors without the borders there’s no going back. This makes perfect sense, but self-empowered is to empower others. Your only problem is you got no soft-sell, no canon of empathy for sematic differentiation. I’d hate to stumble into a used car and philosophy lot and find you in a cheap suit and two days late with the rent….You and Sinatra. “Myyyyyyy wayyyyyyy….”

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      “no canon of empathy for sematic differentiation.” Jeez looeeze… That’s supposed to mean something? The thing Phil, is I don’t have a problem, but I am looking at a world that has a few rather obvious and mega ones. I care… and I don’t care. As the poet said long ago, I write what I see and if some take exception because, well, they really can’t take anything else without looking really stupid, that’s their problem. As I say, I beat up on everything because none of it works. I don’t do “doesn’t work” but earth people excel at it. And Sinatra never did it his way, never even wrote a single of his songs, including that one. Pretty much sums up Earthianity. No originality. Why? Because they are programmed clones. They could do something about it, of course. They were shown a way out of their programming many times in the past, and I’m doing basically the same thing. Dumb waste of time that, isn’t it. But it’s my choice, my waste of time. Meanwhile I learn things, stuff. Meaningful stuff.

      1. Phil Huston

        I was merely implying you get this your way or the hiway thing going on that, at it’s core, is exclusionary. Even if some may say the same thing with different vocabulary, or find a way to the light via different means you should embrace them. If we’re all lost but you, how messed up is that? Sometimes I think your “vision” goes Messianic complex when it could see more than one path through the wilderness. Sure, things suck. The sun might come the roof tomorrow at 7:13 AM, but I’m not going to sit under the kitchen table with sunglasses on and wait for it. Only a fool fails to put poetry in their lives when God o nature present it, or fail to dance in the moonlight when the music plays. Because the world, indeed life itself, is more than the fools who think they run it.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        OK Phil, you’re an intelligent guy, here’s the deal (and if you had really read what I say about compassion, detachment, self empowerment, yadda, you’d be dealing yourself the top cards already), am I being messianic? What’s the first point: don’t do anything that has been tried and never worked or worked for such a small group and for such a short time, not worth mentioning. Have we done the messiah thing? I think we have, and my observation is, it’s been an abject failure. Scratch messiah. How about compassion? Allow me to get a bit hot under the bra here but, what the hell? Compassion “my way”? Compassion exclusive? Compassion only available through me, after I’m installed as the Great Guru? All I’ve been saying, writing, explaining is simple: any human being can be compassionate: it’s in you. In fact it is not possible to become a human being without being a compassionate being. I’ve been saying that, haven’t I? But you Phil, and countless others must insist that it cannot be that simple or that clear cut. Surely there’s a catch, a price to pay, a membership form to sign up on, meetings to attend, a hall to build and a new religion to establish? Can it be just you and the world? Too simple, too logical. So let’s just mix it up with a whole bunch of other things, things that the thesaurus says are synonyms and go with that, even knowing that they don’t work! Oh great, now I can have love and compassion. I can have attachments and be compassionate. I can do everything I did before and add a pinch of compassion to the mix and “presto” I’m compassionate.
        I did not invent the term, Phil, I’m simply drawing attention to what it can do, what is required of one to be compassion and all those Matrix-supplied concepts the thesaurus tells you are just as good and have no chance of ever working.
        Bottom line, see if you can fault me on this: Has compassion, as a way of life and modus operandi ever been seriously considered and seriously used in higher echelons of Earthian interactions within their religions, their politics and their financial dealings? If you can answer an honest “yes” to that question, then answer the next one: how did it fail?

      3. Phil Huston

        I know how easy, and how difficult, it can be. Consider the electric connection. Get a little tarnish or dirt, the bulb dims, the connection falters. I’m not talking about your content, I’m talking about your delivery. The content is what it is. If one gets it, fine. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. Never take a hammer to a screw. Or demean anyone’s methodology to enlightenment. It doesn’t matter how one gets there, it only matters that they set their feet on the path.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        At the risk of pissing you off, and I don’t want to do that, I enjoy your mind too much, I have to point out some age-old fallacies in (and quote) “It doesn’t matter how one gets there, it only matters that they set their feet on the path.”
        Apart from being a “new agey” concept, it doesn’t mean anything. Anyone can set off on any path claiming they are going “there” and essentially going nowhere. That’s the story of mankind.
        I think we’ve reached a point where we have to decide to seriously change our approach to planet and each other or condemn ourselves to such horror in the foreseeable future we can’t even imagine. We’re out of time; we’re out of space and the game of thrones we’ve played can’t go on any longer. That’s the problem.
        We now must change the entire script. The actors have to learn new lines and be damned sincere in speaking and acting them out.
        From interaction with entities much more advanced mentally and spiritually than even the most advanced Earthians, I learned a few things. One, any projection from today gives a strong probability of complete collapse of civilization within 400 years, more likely 200 years or even less with the likes of Trump and other egomaniacs in power. Two: such a collapse will result in the death of billions of individuals, with a projected remaining population between 1 to 1.5 billions.
        For most Earthians, this is just numbers, stats, interesting tidbits, but if you are a time traveler and you have been projected into those times it is no longer academic: it is real and it becomes sorrow in capital letters.
        I don’t have a lot of years left here, in this life, so I am not concerned about myself. I live a detached life, so I am not concerned about personal progeny. I am concerned about a world and its eco-social conscience. I am concerned about a life that is about to be sacrificed for no good reason when it could so easily be saved; when the projections could so easily be negated.
        I’m sorry Phil, but it is not good enough to claim, I’ve stepped on the path. Before one even steps on that path, and it has to be the correct one, a total commitment has to be made, a vow with self taken. A life has to be given a purpose. Then that purpose must be fulfilled without fail.
        Oh, I suddenly realized how tired I am tonight. Talk to you later, Phil.

      5. kertsen

        ‘ A little Madness in the Spring
        Is wholesome even for the King,
        But God be with the Clown,
        Who ponders this tremendous scene —
        This whole Experiment of Green —
        As if it were his own ! ‘

      6. Phil Huston

        “And the flowers bloomed like Madness in the spring…” Art and science are what separate us from animals. Of the two, I find art the truest path. Failure to embrace our humaness is the greatest sin, because it’s the only gift we’re given, by nature or God.

      7. kertsen

        They are very different , science is an edifice slowly constructed by numerous people over long periods of time and today’s scientists stand on the shoulders of those gone before. Today science would collapse without computers yet much of the basics in physics and chemistry was laid down over a century ago. Few professionals look through telescopes , digital photography does the job by long exposure far better than the eye. Art is inexplicable and cannot be taught ; you can learn to play the piano but not to compose lasting music. Great performers are not necessarily artists. We have the contentious beauty is in the eye of the beholder to which we might add music is in the ear of the listener. Then of course anything goes.

      8. Phil Huston

        Intent is everything. The contract between art and artist is intent. Otherwise it’s merely racket, which anyone outside may choose to listen to or abandon. The contract isn’t with the audience. The audience is along for the ride.

      9. Sha'Tara Post author

        Intent is indeed everything, in everything, not just in art. That is why I was taught to set a life purpose for myself. I’m no artist but I know the effect of “burning” for a purpose; of reaching that place on the very edge when “purpose” is all that matters and even one’s physical life is but a tool to fulfill the purpose. Anything not of intent is indeed racket. As you also point out, those who but follow the charismatic individually are going along for the ride; there’s no personal empowerment there. They’re spectators.

      10. Phil Huston

        Mikhail Baryshnikov once said within earshot, as has been said by others, “Art happens when technique disappears”. Pure intention, nothing more.
        Spectators – There is a school of thought that says if one may be inspired to soar by one who soars, intent has met purpose and so more good is born.

      11. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hence why those who “burn” with a purpose can never be dissuaded; in fact the more difficult the way the more they insist on forging ahead. The more obstacles are put in their way, the more they find ways around them, or through them. You can’t stop such individuals, you can only kill them, as the System knows well and does on a regular basis. Lately it’s been journalists, whistleblowers and naturopathic doctors who have borne the brunt of the assault against freedom of expression.

  6. katharineotto

    Yet another thought-provoking post. The self-empowerment comments are strong. The idea of “soul” as an alien implant bears closer scrutiny. But hey, it’s the stuff of philosophy and religion for all the ages of man, so I figure there’s time to flesh it out.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Katharine, and quote: “it’s the stuff of philosophy and religion for all the ages of man, so I figure there’s time to flesh it out.”
      Time is our Achilles heel, there is no time. We’ve already spent all time and more, knowing certain things could do it for us but denying them, refusing them and adulterating them to ensure they won’t work thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      1. katharineotto

        I would agree that there is no time. Rather all time is concentrated in the present moment. The present is all that’s guaranteed. I’m not ready to give up on humanity. We ain’t dead yet.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        The species isn’t dead yet, granted, but without very drastic change, not likely to be forthcoming, many of man’s billions are doomed already.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Prediction is never about an unchangeable future. Possibilities regarding how the future will develop and proceed are infinite. What prediction is, is looking at the past, analyzing it as we travel it back to the future, literally. That gives prophets and visionaries paths to travel on. Certain basic realities of today’s earth, and some knowledge of past happenings point to a very dark future for mankind and most other life on earth. It certainly does not point to any Utopia. Sure, “the people” can change the path they are on, but logically, based on past performance, that is not going to happen. What is going to happen is a more intense collapse than any previously experienced in our known history. The collapse of this civilization is unavoidable, for obvious reasons which the hopefuls, the well-wishers, the patchers and the believers in divine intervention will never admit. We are living in an entropic (energetically unsustainable) and morally corrupt global social condition and the coming collapse is a necessary cleanse. The only alternative to collapse and massive death is for “the world” to change from predatory behaviour to compassion in all interactions. I do not see that as even a remote possibility.

      4. katharineotto

        It certainly appears as though you are right, but I still hope for miracles, such as the awakening without precipitating disaster. At my age, 65, I wonder if I will live long enough to see any of it. I’m glad I didn’t have children.

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, any meaningful change without a total collapse would be a miracle. The definition of “miracle” is the occurrence of something totally unnatural. When something in nature goes wrong, out of balance, nature balances it through death. Why would man be allowed to by-pass that process? Hasn’t man defied nature long enough as it is, to the point where the very planet is endangered? These are finite worlds, with finite resources. If nothing intervenes on behalf of the planet and man continues doing what he’s always done, with the numbers and out-of control technology, much of it for war and the manufacture of poisons, it’s not difficult to guess where it is going to end.

      6. katharineotto

        The yearly cycle symbolizes death and rebirth without total collapse. A deciduous tree doesn’t die. it merely loses its leaves. That life renews itself every year could be considered a miracle, a natural one.

        Assuming the world is overpopulated with human beings, nature has ways of re-balancing itself. War, epidemics, starvation, to name a few. I believe the environmental toxins we are dumping into air, land, and water–including plastics–will take their toll. Only the mutants will survive and thrive, perhaps.

      7. Sha'Tara Post author

        These mutants, I wonder, will they be the compassionate empaths who change the face of earth forever?

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