I’m Puzzled about Mankind

[thoughts from    ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

Hi, this is me, and yes, I’m talking to myself again.  Who else would be here to talk to at 10:30 in the evening?

So, what’s so important, I had to close down my evening reading for?

As per usual, I’m wondering about the fate of mankind.  OK, forget that.  I’m puzzled about mankind, is that better?

In some sort of normal scheme of things, if a group of intelligent beings were made aware that what they are doing, as a collective, is endangering the majority of their group, perhaps all of it by also endangering the one and only world they can survive on, one would think they would stop just long enough to consider this possibility, check out the best possible information, correlate the data and if in fact it looked like it was indeed the case, decide on a course change?

Of course I’m speaking of normal reaction to a serious situation.  Is it a fact then that one cannot expect a normal reaction from the collective that likes to think of itself as human, and calls itself mankind?  The collective that certainly considers itself “the smartest guys in the room”?  When was the last time people chose to give planetary leadership to, say, the whales, the elephants, the chimps, the gorillas, the lions, the cheetahs, the cottontail rabbits or the mountain bluebirds?  Even less drastic, when was the last time people chose a tribe of aborigines to rule the planet, using only their tribal rules of interaction with each other and the environment?

This is the problem, you see?  Modern, Techno Man has held the reins of power for far too long, never willing to concede defeat regardless of how many of his own civilizations he destroyed and caused to collapse.  Hubris, pure and simple.  A belief in some theory that man, only man, can rule this world.  No one else gets a chance, it’s a closed rule.  So even if mankind is on the verge of collapsing another civilization, and with it, billions of his own, not to mention the shock-wave effect upon the planet when the collapse inevitably turns to blood and gore, even “limited” nuclear war.

It’s one thing to be intelligent, and certainly mankind is an intelligent species; it’s an entirely different thing to be what I’d call a holistic being.  Intelligence serves evil just as handily as it does those who would do only good.  Intelligence is a tool, nothing more.  It is not a mark of character.  Intelligence doesn’t automatically confer the right to rule, and it follows, to despoil, upon anyone.  In fact if intelligence was used properly, it would lead in the opposite direction so right there we know intelligence, or “IQ” is not how we measure worth, no more than using a monetary factor.

Organized religion, the modern world’s once unchallenged ruler, has taken a bit of a pounding since the last century and deservedly so.  However, having been replaced by science as the new god of the age, things have not gotten any better.  That is because, like religion, science is but a tool of capitalism, i.e. greed, and when you have mostly tools operating a tool, you are going to have a lot of inhuman happenings in the shop and around the yard.  That’s what we’ve been seeing, a whole lot of inhuman happenings.  Highest on the pedestal of scientific achievements: weapons of mass destruction and weapons of all sorts have proliferated.  Those are great for killing people, but surely science can provide other great sources of profit.  Indeed, it proved itself once more in a cornucopia of devilish chemicals to kill bugs and weeds.  DDT,  Malathion, Glyphosate, 2,4-D, Roundup (for those GMO crops!) and… remember Napalm? Killing bugs, weeds, trees and people, in one fell swoop in fiery infernos.  Makes one want to get on the knees and worship in ecstasy, doesn’t it? 

Undoubtedly some will jump to the defense of science and claim it has ushered in many great accomplishments.  Perhaps, but I’ll say this: all, bar none, of those accomplishments were done for profit, and continue to be done for profit, including any and all new drives in “clean” energy, and all monetary profit is always, without fail, to the detriment of the planet and the people.  Science is thus a bit more than a tool, it is a brash and proud whore of capitalism.

I could list a whole lot more of science’s infernal inventions unleashed upon insects, plants, animals and people world-wide.  The thing is, most people reading about such things just shut down.  “Does not compute” — “Change the channel, please!”  Most people can’t even face the things they know themselves to be in collusion with.  It all has to do with intelligence.  Consumers know how they get their mosquito-free pond setting environment; their bug-free flowers and their relatively cheap goods, no denying that, despite all the happy people in the commercials, they know about the poisons, the exploitation of labour, the oppression of dispossessed minorities and refugees, the endless extortion of life from the poor globally.  They know.  But with a great deal of help from their programming, they choose to ignore the warnings that such things have never ended well before.

Near the end of this internal monologue I realize once again that such things as I’m seeing here today have never boded well for any other civilization.  When you see rising corruption in places of power, you see more wars of extortion.  You see a general breakdown of many good things some societies had managed to set up for themselves.  You see more repression at home, on the streets.  More police armed for war and looking for mass confrontation.  More “security” everywhere.  You see personal freedoms taken away one by one, then two by two, then all gone.  You see razor wire fences going up and more prisons.  You experience racism and segregation when you thought you’d done away with such evils. 

You did not, and you never will, simply because your programming tells you it’s fixable.  You can patch it.  So your system plays you.

One example, for Americans.  Recently there was some concern that a known pedophile running as a Republican would be elected to the senate.  Oh, the uproar!  Then “miraculously” the “good guy” predictably a Democrat, won.  Jubilation in the ranks.  And the wheel turns, the game goes on and none are the wiser.  So the Democrats, if there’s still a country left standing after the current fiasco regime, will return to power, and to all their sleazy games which are just put on hold while the Republicans do the dirty work of validating a glorious return for their opposition.  There’s intelligence here, surely or at least method to madness.

So, what are you actually puzzled about then?

If I were offered a way out of a predicament that spelled so much doom, wouldn’t I take it?  Would I just shrug it off, or argue against it when all of my arguments have already proved to be false?  Surely there is some room for intelligent intelligence here, on this world?

Good luck with that one girl, you’re on the wrong planet, but don’t give up, you’re almost done!

Yeah, I wondered about that, and thanks for reminding me.

41 thoughts on “I’m Puzzled about Mankind

  1. colettebytes

    Yes Sha’Tara, science is not the embodiment of good living, it is a manmade construct that tinkers on the edges of life, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

    But, nature does fight back.
    Case in point: Malaria.

    Science and Medicine (a branch of Science), has created poisons to interfere with the reproductive cycle of Malaria parasites and the elimination of the Anopheles mosquito females that carry them.
    And mangroves in their thousands of hectares (a mosquito habitat) have been bulldozed (resulting in land flooding that Mangroves stopped).

    Many countries have boasted that they have almost eliminated the threat, but they haven’t because all that is happened is a disastrous evolution of a more potent and life threatening super malaria parasite (resistant to the drug dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine,) along the Mekong river affecting border residents of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Fortunately, there are two drugs that can still be used, but it is a warning that Man’s science can only go so far…

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    1. kertsen

      They were warned by the inventor of penicillin way back in the forties; Alexandra Fleming was a visionary he knew it was a temporary solution.
      Until we have an antibiotic crisis nothing will be done by the drug companies because of development costs. The solution is for the rich countries to finance the research for new antibiotics , might I suggest it would be a better way to spend money than going to Mars.
      While the Amazon has a jungle it has hundreds of possible plants and insects that have such chemicals in their lifestyles. Tuberculosis has risen and the drugs will not touch some of the new varieties.

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    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      The thing about these lower worlds is that everything is transitory. Nothing lasts. When a “great” civilization arises, the wise already know it is dying. How much of it will collapse and die is the only question, not if. Ideally, for the visionary, all of it will, thus allowing for a clean re-start. For most people that is a horrible concept and they will do almost anything to keep on patching and patching until they’re riding the bicycle on its rims and still they’ll keep on pedaling, even if walking would be easier and more efficient. There’s so much investment, and attachment to things; so hard to let go that for many, they would rather die. And that is what happens in the end, there is no possibility of a smooth transition to any sort of new way of interaction with the environment. By the end of a civilization man has made himself the enemy of everything, become anathema to his environment, thus unable to “return” to a peaceful relationship with the rest of his world. Considering the level of crimes this civilization has racked up against its own members and against its life cradle, there will be no peaceful transition, only a protracted losing war to the bitter end of civilization. So, however man manipulates his science and technology, the “fates” have already turned against him because of his crimes. It’s now a matter of time, and that time is not as long as some might hope for.

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  2. katharineotto

    One would think . . . But I look at the subtle collusion of well intentioned people, who have stock in companies like Monsanto, and the war contractors, because they pay high dividends. Corporate greed trickles down to individual greed, although we don’t like to call it that. I agree that the money-driven culture we live in is detrimental to the planet as a whole, and to our individual “souls” (although I know you question the idea of the “soul”). Whatever life force motivates us must be de-vitalized by the overwhelming societal hubris and greed.

    I can only say that the wars and poisons are backhanded methods of population control. Not very “scientific” of us, especially of those who have children and other genetic investments in the planet.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I can only properly respond by taking the very broad view of things, which is not usually effective in grabbing attention but does say a whole lot more than some current, narrow stats. Collusion of ordinary people with the System has always existed. People loved to watch innocents tortured publicly and burned alive in the town square. Hangings were also popular but not as exciting. Nothing of that has changed and it demonstrates the grossly debilitated mindset of an average Earthian: it has no empathy.

      I don’t have a problem with the term “soul” as long as it is understood I know the term to refer to a controlling implant, part of its purpose being to convince the implanted that it is the most essential part of the personality! If only the greed and corruption were detrimental to peoples’ souls, that would be a huge step up the mental evolutionary ladder. It is the soul implant’s purpose to keep our life force functioning at the lowest common denominator level, any lower and we wouldn’t be functioning at all. It keeps man in a constant flurry of meaningless activities. When I forced the issue and deprogrammed myself, I lost complete interest in entertainment, sports, travel and yes, even sex. I became an observer of the rat race and had no difficulty staying calmly out of its way. I was able to pay off my debts and make sense of my own life, even if nothing around me made any sense. I realized I had become an alien and based on what I could now see, that suited me just fine! 🙂

      As to population control, we know now that massive doses of genocides and war-induced mass killing, or even famines, don’t do the trick. All that means is, more suffering overall and more sorrow for empaths. Force does not work, as it was said, for every action there is an immediate and opposite reaction (even if we can’t see it.) We know from observation how true that is, hence why, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Despite beliefs and best assurances of New Age gurus, we are not on a path to anywhere, we’re actually in a squirrel cage with the agents of the Matrix behind us ever wielding the rat race whip.

      Population balance comes with global justice, it’s really that simple. It comes from satisfied individuals who innately understand their responsibilities, not to some artificial society or civilization, but to their life sustaining world, a world they are bound to leave in pristine condition for their own children and the children of all those “others” who share the world with them. As long as such a mindset is not the ruling one, you are living here in a certifiable insane asylum.

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      1. katharineotto

        Granted it’s an insane asylum, but for now it’s the only place we know. I do believe religion is an attempt to strive for more noble ideals. Not that any religion actually lives up to these ideals, but at least they acknowledge man could be better.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Comment quote: “I do believe religion is an attempt to strive for more noble ideals. Not that any religion actually lives up to these ideals, but at least they acknowledge man could be better.”
        By not living up to the standards they hold up for the world to follow they place themselves at the top of that pyramid of exquisite hypocrisy. No wonder Jesus condemned the religious to the deepest pits of hell first and foremost. It’s where they belong. When one does some study on the psychology of religion, one realizes what a slough of disinformation and misdirection it all is. The “truth” it purports to show is the one pea under the three thimbles. You’re sure you know where that pea is but when you lift the thimble there is nothing there. Religion is sleight-of-hand. It offers both the carrot and the stick, reward and punishment when all it is after is your money. No religion can demonstrate any sort of legitimate spirit power, it all has to be either fakery, or traditional teaching utterly dead of meaning. I know, I have been there, all the way in and all the way out.

        Any honest individual should be able to acknowledge they could be better because the means of such is within everyone of us, so no need at all for religion. In fact religion as a general rule disrupts one’s ability to self-examine. Religious people, generally speaking, think of themselves as superior by virtue of their faith and cannot see their own evil. History certainly has recorded this. The vilest acts of any war were done during religious conflicts. I don’t care what an organization claims for its god or itself, I look at its track record. What it has done, and does, is the depiction of its god’s character and its own. If we believe we can be better and do better then there is but one place to look for the means and motivation: within one’s self, or mind.

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      3. katharineotto

        It takes all likds to make a world. There are those who need the structure of religion and of government, because they haven’t yet learned to be free within themselves. That there are growing numbers of self-empowered people is gratifying, to serve as examples. Meanwhile, Jesus’ teachings, primarily parables, do contain wisdom, according to me, even if the Church ultimately twisted them to serve its ends.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Katharine, you will never find me downplaying or arguing against the wisdom of Jesus’ teachings. But like Gandhi, if asked what I think about Christianity, I would have to say, I think it would be a good idea. Who lives the teachings of Jesus? I have never met such a character. I myself, gave up my own attempts and I now call myself a failed Christian. To live the teachings of the gospels, to really live them non-hypocritically one has to be “miraculously” filled with God’s Holy Spirit… not just sometime, but all the time. It was my life’s very first goal to live the Jesus life. Not in pretense; not in religious performance, but in actual fact. I couldn’t do it because the one necessary ingredient, empowerment by the Holy Spirit, did not materialize as promised. God lied to me – that’s the simple truth. I don’t like being lied to so that meant “divorce” pure and simple. Having rejected God’s non-empowerment and too far gone to ever become a real atheist, I was left to my own devices to make sense of my life and that meant becoming self-empowered. Self-empowerment meant action and action can be for evil or for good but not both or either-or! I had to choose how I was going to act out my life and that’s when I chose compassion as the one path that made the most sense. It was, after all, very much the path less traveled by and that made all the difference.
        I shall be telling this with a sigh
        Somewhere ages and ages hence:
        Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
        I took the one less traveled by,
        And that has made all the difference.
        Robert Frost

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      5. katharineotto

        The all-or-nothing approach doesn’t work for me. I still have to live in this world, and while the lilies of the field may not spin nor toil, they also have the capacity to produce food from photosynthesis. The birds flock to my feeder, which I have to supply with seeds purchased by money. However, I do look to nature, plants, and animals for a spirituality human beings as a group seem largely to have forgotten.

        I think Ghandi was a great man but can’t forget that his followers suffered murder and torture when marching to the sea to collect sea salt, which was heavily taxed by the British. These spiritual leaders made their points, but at what cost?


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Gandhi, and I’m almost sorry to bring him up here, said and did some good things; he also said and did some terrible things. He got a lot of people killed, not only during his campaign against the British Raj, but when we consider the horror that immediately sprang up between India and Pakistan, between Hindu and Muslim, much of it carrying on to this day.

        On your blog you say that you hope for a miracle. But at the same time here you say that “all or nothing” doesn’t work for you. Until now, and except for those moments when “great” people spoke and led, such as Jesus and Gandhi, people have diligently avoided the “all or nothing” believing that by allowing all of it, they are practicing freedom. Anarchy is a form of freedom, but it does not work very well. And what is a society ruled by sometimes inimical, sometimes collaborative, forces like religion, government, finance and now science? It’s anarchy, only the elites know how to present it as some kind of organization, and how well that works for them! As they force an increase in anarchy and all the while bleeding the nations, they are entrenching themselves behind rapidly growing internal “security” forces. This will eventually lead to more violence, not less as history teaches so voluminously.

        If you do hope for a miracle, then it will be “all or nothing” for it cannot be anything else! What would that miracle be, then? I can give you one: everybody becomes compassionate. Unfortunately, that is “all or nothing.” There is no room in one’s mind here for any equivocation. The alternative to “all or nothing” is to essentially do nothing by continuing to do those things that have been done for centuries and have amounted to nothing. We could change a baby’s diaper forever, but usually we opt to teach a toddler to use a toilet. Sadly mankind has never learned to use a toilet, emotionally speaking.

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      7. katharineotto

        I think in terms of a plant or a forest growing. At some point critical mass is reached, but it’s hard to think in terms of “all or nothing.” it’s a slow, evolvment process, as I believe the growth in consciousness is. Compassion may be the critical element, as people begin to understand that injury to others is injury to themselves.


      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        The plant or forest growth – a good analogy, though as all analogies, it has its weaknesses. A plant may be attacked by a fungus an die. A forest may suffer the devastation of fires, or climate change that dries up the waters needed for its survival. That would be “total devastation” which is then replaced by something else, something appropriate to the new conditions. In terms of man’s civilization, if it is attacked by a deadly disease, such as corruption from insatiable greed and spread of immorality as we are currently experiencing, then if “nature” has anything to do with it, total collapse is the only solution. Would any thinking, philosophical person be satisfied with a partial fix, a society covered in Band aids? This is what we’ve been doing at least since the Dark Ages, and what has it gotten us? The problem with mankind, as a species, is the creature has been so successful in growing itself, it believes it can continue to have its cake and eat it too. Only problem with that is, the numbers are making it so the price can no longer be paid. The system is unsustainable and we can see the cracks of infrastructure everywhere, but particularly in those post-imperial nations of the First World. In their greed they spread chaos throughout the Earth with the USA the final act in the collapse of Western empires. These empires left nothing for “nature” to rebuild from. It has been a scorched earth policy and the result can only be total social collapse. That is what people don’t want to have to face. They will fight wars, commit genocide, enslave refugees, lay waste to what’s left of the seas, equatorial jungles and arable lands, and return to religious bigotry and persecution but they will not voluntarily stop, do the collective “mea culpa” and change their ways. In short, they will not do the one thing that could save their collective asses.


  3. kertsen

    Intelligence can be good or evil or simply set on enjoying the benefits of being smart. Also intelligence is not our only driving force there are quite a few ; desire, selfishness, personal gain along with survival instinct all play their part in driving the world forward. Not only that we have opposing forces that throw spanners into the works . Climate is a classic example population another , so even if we were sensible enough to apply our intelligence and energies it may still be true to say we are not in absolute control of our destiny.

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank for that comment, and the link. Yes, I see what you mean by “Nazi’s” now. Absolutely. That pattern, so reminiscent of the Nazi Germany 30’s is definitely on the uptake in the States. It really began with the September 11, 2001 false flag attack in New York. In the dark underground of those forces that control the world’s resources and ‘slave’ labour, the entire scheme had been planned, executed and more or less things worked out for them in the coming years, culminating in the bailout of 2008 over which it was the “great” Obomber who presided, happily doling out billions of the peoples’ money to a collection of the fattest, most despicable pigs in recorded history.
        First though, they needed the sheeple to believe that 9-11 was the work of Muslim fanatics and masterminded by them. Had a proper investigation been allowed the horrible truth, that it was a home-grown scam, would have unveiled the real perps and maybe prevented much of the subsequent bloodshed now increasing throughout the Middle East and Africa. But, like the Germans, Americans are first of all, believers. Such a tragedy simply could not be the work of their own government in cahoots with its own security forces. They haven’t the foggiest idea how close they’ve been brought to being entrapped in a new Nazi Security State dictatorship.
        Even if they return the Dems to power in the next round, that won’t stop the wheel from turning. Keep watching the cities implode, unemployment and homelessness rise, increased police brutality, higher taxes, higher debt loads, disaster from climate change ignored, or mocked, by Washington, service grids collapsing, less control on pollution and dangerous substances, social services arbitrarily canceled or costs pushed beyond the reach of an impoverished middle class while local governments trying to cope are hampered with fake regulations by the Federal government.
        This is no “bad patch” and it’s no accident: it is all planned. First, institute chaos, then take over. They’ve been doing it for decades world-wide, they know how to proceed.
        The whole idea of a democratic America is nothing but an illusion and the only thing that could maintain the illusion is a popular truly violent and bitter revolution. Such an event would leave the country shattered and prey to Chinese and Russian hegemonic designs. Regardless, by hook or by crook the Nazi’s do intend to declare their white supremacist Fatherland from Washington and from all I can gather, there would not be a large enough, committed enough and educated/intelligent enough “majority” ready to act definitively to prevent it from happening. By definitively, I mean being prepared to resort to organized revolutionary violence. May as well consider the take-over a done deal, it will be a fact before the next decade is done.

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      2. George F.

        Cripes almighty you are on this!! I may “borrow” some of this to include in an upcoming post. You are beyond brilliant! And speaking of illusion, if you have time, read my latest post titled: “bla bla bla…reveals truth?” It’s about that other great illusion…Religion.


      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        OK, I’ll check it out. Also feel entirely free to help yourself to my smorgasborg(s) It’s a simple rule here: if you’ve read it, you’ve earned the “right” to use it any way you want.

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      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Can’t find the “bla bla bla…reveals truth” thing. Doesn’t come up on WordPress seach either. I follow your blog, that should have showed up in my email. Got a link I can use?

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      5. George F.

        You read it already: “Paul’s transubstantiation reveals truth?” I typed in bla bla because I was being lazy. Apologies.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      That is an astute observation. It has indeed. It was designed for that purpose according to the Sumerian records. When the work of mining which the Anunnaki leaders had put upon their own people became too onerous, they got together and decided, “Let us make for ourselves a worker slave who will take the heavy labour from our own people” and the experiments began. A long time later and with the head scientist of the Anunnaki (the water Lord, Enki) intervening, the procedure was successful and the first ‘man’ or ‘adama’ came to life and he was “perfect” for the tasks to be put to him. The creature, being so valuable, was implanted with a control element called a soul. That program continues to run today.


  4. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hi Sha-Tara
    I’ll take the hard-line socialist, melded with Catholicism line, mixed with what is apparently ‘neo-realism’ (check it out) path and we’ll meet around the other side of the Cosmological Marvel.
    (We’re just never gonna agree on 9/11).
    Keep on producing your thought-provoking work and get a few minds working out of the day-to-day sludge.
    Best wishes
    (Ps; I got Grammarly!!)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Stick with what works, Roger. Here’s hoping Grammarly doesn’t drive you up the wall. It is quite anal so should be able to let you know about your #1 problem of dropping the little words, like “to” and “or”! I’m almost finished “editing” Patchwork Warriors. They’re out of the collapsed manse and the cave mouth has just closed on the nasties from the… Zerstorung…? Chap. 65. Couple more days and you should get the dreaded email. Why does Ragithyl remind me of Trump?

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I’m quite enjoying Grammarly actually. Of course we have the American/British English issues (eg ‘Colors/Colours’ & ‘sympathize/sympathise’) but it’s all going quite well, in conjunction with your own much appreciated efforts; in fact it all even encourages a few mini-rewrites.
        Ragithyl is my response to that jerk-off Grey as in ’50 Shades Of…’, every stock smug-character, monologue-inclined villain in bad fiction, and sexual preadtor…. wait a minute?……Yes I see what you mean!…..As the blurb goes say ‘any resemblance is coincidental’ Raigthyl was being created long before the 2016 presidential debacle. No way is Trump getting into my books!


      2. Woebegone but Hopeful

        In the Trump lexicon I think the words ‘tweet’ and ‘inane’ can be considered tautology.


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