Is the Owl Calling my Name?

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]

Moon and stars vie for splendor
in a night sky of long ago.
It was the open prairies then,
icy snow glistening for miles around
echoing the cold crackles of ice sheets
sinking under relentless cold.

Out by the frozen pond
a skeletal cottonwood stands,
stark against the wan moonlight,
the great horned owl on a top branch
repeating his “Who? Who-who? Who!
keeping the answer to himself.

Smoke lazily rises, then settles
losing heat, mantling a straw stack
where the cattle have burrowed
to find their proximate warmth
knowing the late morning sun
will have none to give.

Far away, on the coulee trestle
the coal-fired NAR train rumbles
then lets out its eerie call:
a dinosaur knowing its time
is past and its death near,
a couple of coyotes join in,
“Yap, yap-yap-yap, Aoooo!”

These memories of mine,
what stirs them tonight?
What does my mind know
that it feels so restless?
Is the owl calling my name
beyond the woods, the river
this night? “Who, who-who?”

Is the answer: it is I?
And if it is, is the call
A welcome one? A reprieve?
All those days I have wondered,
Are they coming to their end
As things of earth must?
Do I long for such an end?


(NAR: Northern Alberta Railway)
(There is a belief among the central coast people of British Columbia who call themselves the ‘Kwakwaka’wakw nation, that there is a time when you can hear the owl call your name. When that happens, you are about to die. Margaret Craven wrote a fiction novel, “I Heard the Owl Call my Name” on this belief in the 1960’s – Wikepedia link:


60 thoughts on “Is the Owl Calling my Name?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Akhila. You are correct, of course. That “something else” isn’t actual physical death, it’s stopping long enough to recognize the longing to see my greater world; to walk between worlds. It’s like going to a movie and entering into that story on the screen. While it is playing, I’m in it, one of the characters expressing life that way. There’s always a kind of regret when it’s over but the movie is always playing…

      1. Akhila

        Oh yes shatara.. now I get it correctly… read the poem once again.. seems it reflects a lot of “me”. I too felt many a times like I am being called …

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for commenting, Akhila. I think if we are growing, learning, expanding our mind, then we are forever being called. What matters is how we respond, yes? I choose more awareness, more understanding and more, oh so much more, compassion. When I think of that “concept” or force as I like to think of it, I want to give and give and give until all that is left is compassion, nothing of “me” outside of it. That is my ultimate joy and fulfilment. That was the purpose I was incarnated for in this life. I was born with the call and though it took more than 30 years to recognize it, with some serious help I finally got it. It’s simply amazing what it does. If I wished, I’d wish for everybody to feel that longing. To get that call and respond appropriately.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you, Akhila. I just took off the blinders, removed the leg chains and let go of the binding fears of non-conformity and of being used or “taken for a ride.” I chose to accept all consequences and swore to myself I would never “close down” no matter what. So far, I went from insecurity and doubt to joy of life. Not a bad trade-off… 🙂

      4. Akhila

        I understand shatara… sometimes I wonder I have two souls within me.. but my true soul cannot live without that sense of belonging to my love… maybe miles to go before I reach that “letting go of bonds”

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Akhila. It is my belief, this one unfortunately NOT based on personal experience since I don’t “do” love… It is my belief (repeating for emphasis) that a fully compassionate, self empowered and detached person can, in a relationship, be the most wonderful, passionate intuitive lover of any!!! Contradiction here? I don’t think so. If a compassionate person is empathetic, seems to me that person would be thus to the person closest to her. If that happens to be a current lover, then all that positive “force” first would logically pour into the lover in her embrace. If I did love; if I had a lover, I would certainly attempt to prove this. If I’m wrong with this, I apologize to anyone reading this, but I’m going with what makes sense. You see, (and that is personal experience) compassion and self empowerment frees a human being (Earthian) from the shackles of jealousy. “No Fear” is the motto. No fear of losing because there is no attachment. A lover can thus do no wrong, even if she/he messes with another, or leaves. Compassion equals freedom. Yes, it would hurt inside, but it would stay inside; would not be hurled back to the unfaithful one thus no poison is created. That person would still be the same to the compassionate one. I can be hurt, certainly, but my joy is in knowing that I will not, cannot, hurt another, or “the other.” That’s the extent of my “wisdom” on this subject.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for commenting, Lisa. And for me it’s always the path of expanding greater awareness, even when that is not always pleasant. We need to know… I need to know literally everything.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, George. Yes, those were strange days when I would contemplate death quite at length, wondering, pondering. I was a very religious person then, even if only 12 years old. The earth didn’t have a strong hold on me, I guess it never did, finding myself more comfortable walking between worlds. When the owl asked “who?” I would hear, “Who shall it be tonight?” If we exercise our right to being spiritual beings we can choose to “die” time and time again. I think of it as tune ups. We need that renewed perspective of our cosmic self. All that non-earthian life talked about, those aliens and UFO’s and why they aren’t manifesting, etc. Oh but they are. We just choose not to see them and they’re not rapists – they don’t force us to see them, they just want to be available should we decide we need them for new instructions now and then. I certainly have no regrets about seeking them out and interacting with them. Kind, patient, intelligent with a knowledge spanning billions of years and parsecs. One “thought form” given in a split second could keep me translating, unravelling and pondering for weeks or months. The hidden bonus in this is, we accept them, listen and learn and in the process we become one of them, hardly noticing the transition.

      1. George F.

        What a coincidence. My latest post describes the Alien in my story. WHO…shall it be tonite? I so love this interpretation of the owl…however sad that you would contemplate death. Your life span is short enough compared to infinity…you are only here to witness and, if possible, enjoy.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the comment, George. I know what you are saying, but for those of us who basically have always lived between worlds, death is a doorway, nothing more. Yes, you do need a destination ticket, and a passport, certainly when you show up for your transition. If you don’t have those, you go to the “shadow lands” until allowed to reincarnate so you can try again. That can be a very long, arduous and apparently pointless exercise that seems to repeat forever. I contemplate death primarily as a necessary spiritual exercise and otherwise, as a way to stir up feelings I cannot bring forth any other way. I think of the movie, “Meet Joe Black” and put myself in Susan Parrish’s place. Until you know Joe intimately the relationship is at first denied, then becomes disturbing and confusing. The never ending story of Hades and Persephone… I want to enter that relationship on equal terms. I don’t want to be either seduced or abducted for then my journey ends in darkness.

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “I wonder how the ‘Shadow Lands’ compare to Earth? Or is Earth one of the ‘Shadow Lands’?”
        Good questions, Frank. In Catholicism (for example) there were three places of darkness and death: Hell, the final abode of the wicked, purgatory, where a soul that died in sin, but not mortal ones, suffered through torments until released and limbo, where the souls of the innocent unbaptized waited. Here there was no suffering, just a kind of emptiness, or pointlessness. From these myths and others and with the help of the Altarian Teachers I worked out a personal mythology about life on earth (purpose), then what happens depending on the life after “crossing the bar.” The Teachers often reminded me that when things got confusing in this quest to “know all things” to rely on the saying, as below (here) so above (everywhere else) in terms of the pattern. Earth is our action place, definitely not Shadow Lands. Everything happens here for us, that is why the Teachers forbade suicide. It’s a shortcut that serves no purpose. The “Shadow Lands” then are a sort of astral place where “souls” or spirits of the dead who died without having formulated any purpose for themselves are held until an appropriate life is available to them to enter into and that’s reincarnation. It need not be on earth. The trick then, for the reincarnate, is to remember and form a purpose from those remembrances. Purpose, in the Altarian cosmology, is what frees a mind (we are not souls) from the wheel of reincarnation, or karma. Or from the Catholic (and other) systems of dependency on a God, a Saviour and a hierarchy of priests. For such purpose to serve however, it is dependent upon continuity beyond the death doorway. A purpose cannot terminate, or be fulfilled at death: it must extend beyond, carrying the bodiless mind into a new, now entirely self empowered, kind of life. With purpose one learns how to make proper choices and accept responsibility for all aspects of one’s life. No more Shadow Lands for such a one. Purpose keeps one out of the Shadow Lands.

      4. George F.

        Fascinating Sha’Tara. If you get a chance, astral project yourself to my domain so I can interact with you and feel your aura…

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Well George, if I could do that I wouldn’t need to blog! 🙂 When it comes to seeking out astral travels I have always “avoided” even practising meeting with live Earthians. I’ve been warned against doing it. Those who can do this, the charismatics for example, gain power over others’ minds either by using them for personal gain, or in the erroneous belief that they can “help” them or guide them. You can immediately see the trap that opens wide to take in both, the traveller and the one being visited. I work in the opposite direction: detachment, humility, less and less “human” contact. The astral is a shady, dangerous place. Imagine living in a no man’s land between conflicting armies. That’s the astral, the shadow lands. Even more so than on Facebook, those you meet in the astral are disguised. They are never who you think they are. If you were to seriously believe that “I” could meet you in the astral, that could be anyone. Anyone can pretend to be me and approach you thus and feed you information in such a way that you would believe it came from me. I want you to know that if it happens, it will not be me, it will be an impostor. “Astralians” (ha, ha, ha!) simply cannot be trusted; should be avoided. They cannot be helped either. For those serious in a quest to “know all things” and break out of the endless cycles of reincarnation in a physical universe, I only know of one path: choosing a life purpose that is so expansive, it can never be fulfilled, but only joined. Total and absolute commitment to a purpose until “you” become the purpose, and transform yourself into a new kind of being. Think bigger, think outside the biggest box imaginable. Think infinity multiplied by infinity times forever (to paraphrase a line from “Meet Joe Black).
        You would like to feel my aura? It’s easy. I am compassion. Become compassion and you will know me as well as I know myself. Physical or astral encounters, that’s for baby minds to play with, baby minds who still rely on feelings to move about. We begin each successive life in a set pattern made up of a trinity of beingness: spirit, mind, body. Thus are we constrained and controlled by belief systems, by fears, urges, desires, hungers, which engender more fears which lead to hate and violence. When we finally evolve out of the reincarnation cycles, we have transformed ourselves so that all that remains is mind. Only then can we truthfully say, I’m one. This “One” is no longer subject to any rule or law, be it of the natural or spiritual order. There exists no superior beings or entities to lead, govern or teach such a One.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Frank. You just don’t want to lose someone to rub that brain of yours against, to keep it sharp, huh? I enjoy our exchanges, in case you ever wondered. Please don’t think I dismiss what you have to say. I need that kind of reality check all the time.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for commenting, Rosaliene. I wonder how difficult it would be for many today to imagine living in that kind of world. On the homestead, inaccessible by any means but by walking or by horse and sleigh, the night in question would have been somewhere between 30 to 40 below zero Fahrenheit degrees. Such nights under a full or quasi full moon were so bright and silent, you could see the ever-present all-white small snowshoe hares moving about on top of the snow, by following their shadow. You could even hear them if they passed close enough. If lucky, I would spot a weasel running between tree shadows. The only part of the weasel that isn’t white in winter is the tip of its tail, so you have to follow that little black dot. I would lie unmoving on a stack of hay bales, watch and listen to nature always active even in such cold nights. Quite regularly I was treated to truly majestic displays of northern lights. In the right frame of mind, clear and away from chores, duties, homework and the endless bickerings of the home life, it was a magical other world. Sixty years ago… a long time in one person’s life, and a blink of an eye.

  1. theburningheart

    “When the tunkuluchú (the owl) sings the Indian dies”
    A common legend in Mexico as well. 🙂

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for commenting, and thank you for the interesting video. My people, the Celtic Bretons, have an owl legend also. When someone is very sick in the house, a barn owl (chouette) is killed and nailed to the door of the house to frighten away evil spirits. Such “superstition” was still practised when I left that country in 1950. Here’s a link to an interesting article on various myths associated with owls.

  2. stolzyblog

    It could be. I have a similar sense from time to time. It’s as though energy will continue to be allotted only insofar as I give something useful, helpful, and not dissipate my intuition too much. Leonard Cohen said ‘Work sustains’ in his final year.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Those of us who understand (know) that what is called death is but a transition aren’t concerned about an omen that spells physical death. Such omens serve but to make us aware of our current position in space and time, and what that points to in our spiritual and mental evolution. Death is not a “leaving behind” or “helpless abandonment” but a time of awe, and if the ending life was lived impeccably, it is a time of great anticipation.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      … you mean? Yes, I know exactly what you mean… and I may have to do just that, make that choice and this time, stick with it. Thank you, Phil!!!

  3. rawgod

    Just a wry observation: A number of years ago Lethbridge Regional Hospital wondered why aboriginal patients started refusing to show up at the hospital for what the doctors considered important appointments and tests. Some did, but with supreme trepidation. It took two years before someone asked an elder, “Why do your people not come to their appointments?” The elder calmly said, “Since you put the owl on the wall face above the main door, only those who sure they are not dying will risk entering your teepee. ” The questioner went back to the director and told him it was something about an owl. “Why do we have a plastic owl above our main entrance?” The director had no idea, nor could he find anyone who did. Nor did anyone say they had authorized the putting up of the owl. It became the mystery of the year at LRH.
    Finally. one day, the mystery drifted down to the lower levels, and a janitor heard two material management staff discussing it in the men’s room. From inside a stall came his voice, “Oh, I put that up to scare the pigeons away. Owls prey on pigeons, so the pigeons go elsewhere, and I don’t have to clean up their droppings everyday.” The material management staff told their manager what they had heard, and slowly it rose up the chain of command to the director, who proclaimed, “Sounds like a good thing to do. But why did the elder even ask about the owl,” he wondered, and sent for the elder to pay him a visit. The elder, of course, being old and sickly, refused the invitation. But, in he turn, he invited the director to come to his home. It took a while, but finally a date was arranged, and 15 minutes late the director knocked on the elder’s door. When they were sitting comfortably, the elder drew out his medicine bag and invited the director to smudge with him. The director, a man of science, had to stop himself from laughing. He was a guest in the elder’s home, it was respectful to go along with the elder’s rituals. After the smudge, the elder asked when the owl would be removed from above the front door, and the director told him why it could not be removed. The elder then said that as long as the owl remained, First Nations people would not come to the hospital. An impasse almost ensued, but again the director put his science aside one more time, and asked the elder to explain. “The owl is our sign that death is about to befall someone in the structure, and unless a person is ready to die they will avoid the teepee the owl attends.” The next day the owl was gone, and the First Nations people began to trickle back into the hospital. But, the pigeons also returned, and every day a janitor could be heard outside the front door, hooting insanely like an owl as he washed the concrete walkway…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Great story, and another twist on the owl mystery. See the link on comment to ‘theburningheart’ comment.

      1. rawgod

        True story, or most of it. I got it third hand from my partner who worked there in material management at the time, who got it second hand from her manager.
        Myths are wonderful and amazing things, and usually have a grain or two of someone’s truth attached to them, lol.

    2. kertsen

      A wise old owl sat in an oak ,
      The more he heard the less he spoke ,
      The less he spoke the more he heard,
      If only men were like that wise old bird.

      1. rawgod

        Yup, but there is one thing about human owls, lol, they do love the sound of their own voices…
        Hey Kertsen, you gave me a website a few days back, but I couldn’t find it with my browsers or search engines. Could you give me an actual address, maybe, please?

      2. kertsen

        I must admit I do not recall have you any idea what the subject matter was? I do a lot of chasing on the net especially around expert opinions to attempt to make a fair assessment of ideas. If I can help I will.

      3. rawgod

        To this point I have not been able to find the thread where this conversation took place. If I believed in Fate I would say it was not meant to be, but I do not believe in Karma or Fate or any guiding force, other than chaotic evolution in a world of total chaos. I am not giving up yet, you gave me the reference for a reason you thought important at the time. And I rely on your then judgment to offer it…

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        I wasn’t involved but if you use this post and scan through the comments, whatever you’re looking for would be here, wouldn’t it? If you had a key word, that would help, but unfortunately, I don’t see a search “engine” here…
        I just did a scan of comments – sorry, whatever you’re talking about isn’t in this post & comments.

      5. rawgod

        I looked back at every post I have of kertsen’s, but it doesn’t go back far enough. But thanks for trying. I just wish I understood more about computers. I can use one as a tool, but my needs are never what I know how to make a computer do… I mean, as you, S’T, and maybe kertsen too, we were born before television was available, and when phones were non-mobile, let alone cellular. Kids today seem to be born with the knowledge of how to use these things. For me they are daily struggles, and I,m supposed to be a genius, lol. Yeah, sure…

      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yeah, well, there’s genius, then there’s genius. It’s not one size fits all, is it! I scanned through all our latest post exchanges and didn’t find Kersten’s link either, but I do remember reading it. Every comment comes to me via email, so it I can find some time, I’ll check the trash, if it extends that far. I clean up when it reaches 2000 emails. We’ll see.

      7. rawgod

        Not to worry about it, S’T. It will come or it won’t. I am in the process of writing a fairly lengthy blog on the Art of Dying, inspired by our conversation the other day. One of the first requirements for me to be ready for death is to be prepared to give up everything going on in my life right now, which, I hate to say it, means being able to give up my new found friends. The second thing, not in any particular order, is to be able to give up my Jerry Miller ego and body. That might seem a bit harder than the first requirement, but really is just a corollary of it. The third requirement might be to let go of my duty to all the living beings in the universe, and this will probably be the hardest of them all. To give up duty, undefined, would not be hard for me, I have never felt a duty to anything such as some people do, but of late I have felt my duty to life in many ways that I could never have imagined before I took the empowerment of self to me. But, I think, with a bit of good introspection, the only REAL DUTY I have is to my spirit, which translates to the spirit of all living beings, which translates to my duty to life itself. And since that duty will now follow me wherever I go, it is not really a duty at all, or at least that duty is me, and that duty is life. So as long as my spirit lives, as long as my spirit has life, wherever I am, I cannot be other than my spirit, nor other than life itself.
        If this sounds like something the Buddha might have said, the giving up of ego, the giving up of attachments, etc., it is all that, but it is more, at least in my mind. Buddha was striving for nirvana. I am only striving for self-improvement, undefined, and thus the improvement of life.
        And all those things I am ready to give up when I die, or at least I believe I am. Only my body’s and ego’s death will really tell.

      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah, the “Art of Dying” – wow, fantastic title. T’would take me a novel to tackle such a topic! Well I can see you’ve got some of the aspects of “dying well” well in hand already. To die detached, not in words but in knowing what that has already entailed, that’s the ticket, as they say. But yes, it is the ticket to one’s chosen “next life” if that choice was made. I also believe that as we evolve ourselves (and that’s not automatic, it’s bootstrapping) mentally and spiritually we do discover that we have a sacred duty to life that emerges from our awareness that we are part of it and thus the “payback” is it translates as duty to our self. Self empowerment. What we do with that power, that’s another story. Personally, to guarantee that I would not misuse it or abuse it, I linked it irrevocably to compassion and humility. Those of course are the on-going road that goes ever on and on, to quote from Lord of the Rings. We’ll see where our mutual “struggles” take us, writing our story as we go along.

        Speaking of “Lord of the Rings” – when I imagine myself as one of the characters in those stories, there seems to be but one that fits my spirit: Galadriel. I greatly admire (or despise) the other major protagonists, but Galadriel’s spirit speaks to me as deeply as it spoke to Frodo.

      9. rawgod

        I’ve always been kind of partial to Shelob. There is a being who is not good, nor evil. She just is, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Shelob just wants to be left alone to do her own thing. Who could ask for more…

      10. Sha'Tara Post author

        Shelob? Yikes! Back when, in the Silmarillion, Shelob was Sauron’s mate who defiled the Undying Lands. Then both she and Sauron escaped to Middle Earth where they had a falling out. She went her own way and Sauron gave himself to the service of Morgoth until Morgoth’s empire was overthrown by a combined force of the Valar and the Maiar. Sauron escaped their notice and hid himself for a long time. Shelob, hiding in her extensive cave complex was also overlooked. She was utterly evil in that she was murderously self-serving. So dark was her nature that the sight of light gave her pain which she turned to hate – much as Gollum did. I’m both, teasing and challenging you with my terminology here. I know you don’t consider there is such a thing as evil, whereas with me, evil is always “a clear and present danger” particularly to those who press lightly upon earth; who walk between worlds and are escaping what some call “the Matrix” of powers. It has been said, “Keep your friends close, you enemy closer.” Evil, as a force, is my number one enemy. I would never underestimate its power to corrupt practically anything.

      11. rawgod

        I never read “The Simarillion.” I guess I missed all that. My second choice would be to be an Ent. Did I miss anything there, lol? It’s been 40 years or more, after all…

      12. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ents is good, if only they could find their Entwives again. I wonder where they wandered off to, and why they never came back?

      13. rawgod

        Cuz JRR forgot about them? Or because he saw no more use for them? Or he just never got around to them again, lol. I thought they were pretty neat characters. Trees are amongst the oldest living beings at least on Earth, the things they have seen would give us an unbiased story of our history, if they have bothered to even notice us. Probably, if I were a tree, I wouldn’t notice homo-sapiens, except when they cut down, chop down, or otherwise destroy other trees. I’d probably take more notice of ants and other insects, birds, rodents, and such. They would be much more interesting than humans…
        But now that I have your attention, S’T, (I do have your attention, do I not, lol) did you get notice of my lastest post, The Art of Dying. I usually get 1 or 2 reads per post, but this time I got none, and it has been up a couple days already. Am I that boring? Or is someone taking liberties with my blogsite, again? Please advise.

      14. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “But now that I have your attention, S’T, (I do have your attention, do I not, lol) did you get notice of my lastest post, The Art of Dying. I usually get 1 or 2 reads per post, but this time I got none, and it has been up a couple days already. Am I that boring? Or is someone taking liberties with my blogsite, again? Please advise.”

        OH yes, your post came through loud and clear, and is sitting in my “hold for response” folder (from where I got the above quote). The thing is, “the Art of Dying” story, for me, is like reviewing notes from last year’s grade, after passing with flying colours. There wasn’t anything “new” in what you said there. Mostly I’d go, yes, yes, yes, huh-hum, yes. For example that place where spirits (in-between dead people) exist waiting to be reincarnated, we call the astral. Pretty big place. We’ve all spent disempowered existences there so we should all remember it, and with a proper amount of disgust and dread, but we don’t. The brainwashing machine operates full time in this, and that, realm. From being worn thin, to washer, to dryer and back to being stripped of life again, cycle after cycle. You have to hand it to those “Time Lords” they have a pretty good system going for them. They can eat their fill of us, recycle us and do it to us all over again, for as long as their system lasts.

        “being prepared for death can make a difference in what happens next.” There’s a truism! I compare the unprepared to people going to the airport without ticket or destination, still expecting somehow to be sent, or taken “somewhere” with the excuse for no ticket that they weren’t “told” they would have to board a plane, etc. Utterly ignorant, dependent, disempowered, foolishly trusting that “what comes next” is taken care of. It is, of course, back down the coal mine.

        I’m not returning to the astral this time, I have my destination, my goal and my purpose. I’ve been saying the same things you are in this article for many years. Nobody listens, nobody cares and those who hear, or read, are convinced (via Matrix programming) of one of two “facts”: I believe in Jesus (Allah, whatever) and I’m going to heaven. I know that we are just flesh, a flash in the pan and when I die, that’s all she wrote. So, “the art of dying” is an art that cannot be taught, only developed individually, through self empowerment.

      15. rawgod

        Oh, I forgot to mention, my memory obviously works better than my mind does. George Harrison already used this title, The Art of Dying, on a song on Side 4 of All Things Must Pass. I have to give credit where credit is due, I think I just picked that title out of my memory because it was so fitting to what I wanted to talk about.

      16. kertsen

        Like you I’m a green horne at computing and to be frank I store nothing for long never getting to above twenty in the way of emails , but it may occur to me in some lucid moment. Behind the chaos brought about by the appearance of mind on the physical scene their is a rigorous order

      17. rawgod

        Order? What’s order? I live my life in primeval chaos. (To my g/f’s total dismay!) I figure if chaos is good for Mother Nature, it is good enough for me. The thing is, evolution is Mother Nature’s response to chaos. The more things evolve, the fewer the number of viable species there are, and that is slowly (over billions of years) creating order. But then hom sapiens evolved, and they brought a new concept to the word evolution, and demanded a share in how things evolved. Mother Nature is now losing control of evolution (if we can agree that chaos can be harnessed and controlled), and this is interfering with the chaotic advance of evolution. Therefore I stand up for Mother Nature, and I celebrate the continuance of chaos. And if I have done my job right, you are now so confused that your mind is in a state of chaos. And anything can happen, and it can happen in ways never imagined…

  4. kertsen

    If there was no rigorous order there would be no science. The universe we have discovered consists of about 100 or so basic elements and everything we see including ourselves is composed of those elements combined in numberless combinations. As far as we know the most remarkable of these elements is carbon with its remarkable ability to form far more compounds than all the rest put together. Carbon is the atom of life forming long chains to create the complicated molecules of life. From the first replicating molecules came the first living cells and this led eventually to mankind. In man we see the first created being who questions and examines the universe around him. The Blind Watchmaker of Richard Dawkins has created a sighted being who is self aware and hence moral. Up until that moment the whole of creation was amoral and followed the rules laid down since the beginning. That’s a brief explanation of what I meant when I said the appearance of mind brought chaos to the universe, because mind made its own rules and behaved out of context. Many scientists are unable or unwilling to accept this they claim that mind has no free will and follows the rules. One of the first scientific thinkers to question this was Alfred Wallace and he rejected the possibility that man’s mind could have evolved by natural selection. When you say Mother Nature is losing control you are right but she is the Blind Watchmaker we are the sighted inhibitors .


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