Send in the Clowns


In the midst of the other stuff, like writing rants, poems and a novel (thoroughly enjoying that part) I’ve also been reading many, many blogs and gaining more insight along the way.

This write is, first of all, a thank you to those of you who post that great stuff on your blogs and often also take the time to comment here.

While I’m at it, a sincere thank you for the many “Likes” and the re-blogs. There’s a feel good about getting those, kind of like a hug, or a kiss!

Now then, to some of those blogs I read. There are still quite a few that express, rightfully so, some great and deep concerns about Donald Trump as the president of the United States.

Very briefly, using that insight I mentioned, here’s how I currently see Mr. Trump.

For those of you old enough to have seen a real circus, some of those acts involved a trainer working with lions or other dangerous man-eating predators. It has happened that these predators, for whatever reason, revert to their natural proclivity to eat a human, and turn upon their trainer.

In the wings are clowns, trained to jump into the caged arena, to distract, disrupt, confuse the attacking lion, or lions. That’s where the expression, “Send in the clowns” comes from, not from “Barbra” Streisand’s song.

I see “The Donald” as the clown. He wasn’t actually supposed to get to centre stage, that spot had been earmarked for Hillary Clinton but somehow she blew it and the Clown was sent in.

The problem is that he was never meant to be anything else but a clown. He wasn’t trainer material. He didn’t have the body moves; he didn’t have the language; he didn’t even know the difference between a whip and a tweet. He wasn’t actually good at anything at all except being annoying and brutish. But he liked the idea of being centre stage and instead of blushing all over, apologizing and quickly making an exit stage left, he decided to go on with the show.

Sad, really.

Here are a couple of links to YouTube videos that go a long way to explain what’s currently going on, not just in Washington, but in Canada and in the world; describing in some clear details why things are as they are.

The first, 50 minutes long, is our own Paul Hellyer, once Canadian minister of defence.

The second, a bit long at 2 hours, is Dr. Steven Greer.

If you can take the time, these two “speeches” are worth their weight of wisdom to listen to. Conveniently for those hard of hearing both have reasonably good closed captions.

Paul Hellyer speaks on 9/11, the banking cartel, global warming and Roswell – 50 minutes

Dr. Steven Greer speaks on the Deep Deep State and explains why our democracies are in a shambles today.  – 2 hours. 

10 thoughts on “Send in the Clowns

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  2. franklparker

    “Barbra Streisand’s song” Actually written by Stephen Sondheim fr the musical “A Little Night Music” and conceived to suit the voice of Glynis Johns who played the lead in the original Broadway production. Others subsequently played the role (notably Judi Dench in London) and/or included it in albums, Barbra being but one.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Frank. I hadn’t done any research on it, it just happened to be the only version I’ve ever heard and I never was a fan of theatre… well, poor people living in the boonies (yes even in Canada) didn’t get to see much theatre, just a lot of their own survival drama! It’s only after I bootstrapped myself out of the poverty cycle and wandered down here, in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, that I discovered there was such a thing as theatre. But I still couldn’t afford the tickets so it didn’t matter. Singers with actual voices, or strange voices, like Barbra, Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard Cohen came via radio and LP records played on small, frayed second-hand record players… 🙂 [So many stories one could tell about the pioneer north, and a teenager suddenly discovering a world with paved roads, traffic lights, fashions, and libraries – being able to borrow a book without having to pay for it, to take it home and read it under an electric light and when I got my first Underwood portable typewriter, to type out passages and quotes from those books to keep for myself and use as references. In later years, looking back, it was like being a Rip Van Winkle, jumping time from the late-19th C into the mid-20th. Am I now thinking of another song by Barbra called ‘Memories’?]


  3. kertsen

    I’m sure you know both of these men you have quoted believe in UFOs and contact with aliens, which also leads to a multitude of conspiracy theories. I’m busy trying to do a bit of unravelling.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well yes, Kertsen, I do know that, it’s what makes them that much more believable. I have seen UFO’s and I have encountered aliens, so to me that is neither far-fetched nor the product of conspiracy theories. Believe all things, believe in nothing – that was given to me by an alien as the path to both, self empowerment and compassion. If I had to restrict myself to believe what most people on this benighted planet believe by denying the evidence of my own personal experiences I really think I’d have to shoot myself!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting on that post, Lander… I’d totally forgotten having penned that – it was probably one of those after midnight and a glass of white wine downloads from the previous day’s pondering of life.

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