[thoughts of chivalry by Airin WilloWitch]

From the bowels of the Universe I was brought forth;
from the abode of those who carved the living stone
was I extracted from my ten billion year old bed.

Long before the story ever knew of sun or moon,
I travelled under the everlasting stars.
To the realms of the Great Elves I was taken;
there wrought, shaped and tempered.
There the blue flame of Altarïe was blended in my steel;
my hilt moulded of the purest gold.
No metal nor stone nor bone my edge could dull,
the hardest substances I absorbed unto myself.

Only the strongest grip could hold my hilt;
only the strongest shoulder could hold my weight;
only the strongest arm could wield my blade.

Where the great sword of Altarïe flashed,
the tide of battle swung and victory was gained:
did it matter to me who won? Who lost?
Many a nation has bowed to the conqueror
proudly holding his gauntleted hand upon my hilt;
raising my flashing blade before the charge.

Many a good man dead;
many a widow made;
many an innocent never saw the light of day
where my blade shimmered at the centre of the fray.

Many a city defended; many an attacker killed;
many an orphan protected and a virgin saved:
’tis not of me came evil or justice,
but of he who wielded my substance aloft.

Great cycles of years passed, kingdoms crushed
since sun and moon came to rule the earthen skies.
He casting his fiery light upon the high mountains,
filling the evening skies as with blood upon the seas.
She shyly staring at fields as covered with snow,
forever unsure of her place,
forever hiding only to return,
blushing pale under his fiery gaze.

I’ve known all the names
of man’s heroic sword wielders,
of Mesopotamia, of Greece,
Of Rome and the Kashmir;
of Arthur, of Roland, of Joan,
all came under my spell.

The last hero has fallen;
my light is extinguished.
I lie among rotting bones and crumbling mortar
yet always must I find my way out into the world

Though the great light of Altarïe may no longer shine,
for such hands as could strike fire in the likes of me
have long left this decaying and dying world,
here I do I remain.
More than a mere memory; potently waiting
for the heart that fills with desire;
the eyes that are sharp and far-seeing;
the self-empowered hands that grasp;
for the believer in chivalry
willing to challenge fate and change her world.

Hear me calling: I could be yours today.

6 thoughts on “THE SWORD OF ALTARÏE

  1. stolzyblog

    it’s interesting, the sword’s-eye view, the world as seen by sentient implement… it makes me think of “The Red Violin”, how it journeyed through centuries of owners and some maestros, how it contains something from all this and wishes for more.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      That’s a very interesting point. I want to engage that more when time permits, maybe tonight. Two things jump at me from your comment: longevity and a condition that forces un-change.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      For most, comprehending eternity is quite impossible – their minds simply will not let them go there. So some who would like to be able to travel time invent non-human entities to do it for them. Divinities top the list, but as you say, sentient implements are used also. Humans think of themselves as short-lived; one little life of 60-80 years if you go the whole length then lights out. There is the lure of heaven of course but that does not allow one to travel across the times past and future. People are brainwashed to focus on “the now” to ensure they don’t start getting the wrong ideas about time being an artificial imposition to which a physical body is attached. Once you break out of the brainwash, after the very first and shocking past-life awareness has happened, it’s game over for the imposition of time. The veil of time shreds in the winds of awareness. Then of course you’re no longer a “normal” earth human, you’re an oddity who believes in fairy tales. That a “normal” Earthian should be able to travel across the times violates the programming but the Matrix makes allowances for “sentient implements” and divinities or even Mages, angels or Elven type creatures. Reason for that is simple: it’s treated as fairy tales, myths, so no danger that the rank-and-file sheeple would take any of it seriously. The Status Quo remains safe.



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