How I got from There to Here

[  ~burning woman~   explains herself]

In which I explain myself because I sense the necessity of doing so.

To begin: Lo those many years ago, in a different age, (well, about 4 decades ago actually!) I became the recipient of information from a world quite other than this one. I got visitors from far out, outer space; indeed from outside the confines of this universe. These people, there were eventually three, took on the task of helping me change my mind about many things, including how things work here on earth. Most of what they taught me I already knew, but not in ways that were empowering, or could be of much use to anyone else. I only knew how to propagate ideas through channels acceptable to the powers that be. The death trap of all change agents.

Such methods, as we all know them so well, consist of getting together a group of like-minded individuals and registering such group with the proper authorities, usually under the societies’ act. That done you would then proceed to the most important task of fund raising through your ways and means committee. Bottom line, if you wanted to do anything of any significance within the system, you had to be an adjunct of said system or you were anarchists and if you ruffled the wrong feathers, you were considered enemies of the state. To guarantee you stayed within the acceptable bounds, you were held to account by your need for money and recognition, either from notoriety or celebrity.

One thing you could be sure of, there were no “independents” operating within the hegemony of the system because even “independents” so-called received money from entities who had their own agendas, and who operated as part of the greater system. They wanted to be sure their donations were to a registered party to claim their tax credit. That’s how the system stays in power.

That by way of introduction to the following, which may, or may not, be of interest to many but which explains the “method” I have been using to communicate a single idea. That’s right: one single idea.

The first thing I had to learn was, nothing is ever truly accomplished through collectives and organizations. By “nature” all groupings, from the husband/wife/nuclear family to an empire, belong to an umbrella power organization called variously, the Matrix, the Establishment, the Illuminati, the Military Industrial Complex, the Status Quo and more commonly, the System. Therefore whatever these groupings or organizations seek to accomplish, if it goes contrary to the goal of the umbrella organization (UO) it will never, ever, attain its goal. If the group is powerful enough, driven enough; it will be allowed to proceed with its revolution until enough corruption has been inserted in it that it can be turned 180 degrees to serve the UO once more.

The Teaching was straight-forward. If I would be a change agent, or agent of change, I would have to divest myself of all connections or attachments to any organization, from marriage and family, to religious, political or other organizations. Divest completely. Stand alone. Become an individual and if it comes to fighting, fight alone. That means self empowerment. That means thinking my own thoughts. That means bootstrapping myself from the ground up. That means reshaping everything I had been taught; everything I knew or thought I knew and bringing it to bear upon one single purpose for my life. Complete detachment, no compromise.

No compromise. I wasn’t sure at first what that entailed but three times in divorce court certainly made the concept perfectly clear: a self empowered individual is not a comfortable person to hang around with, let alone sleep with. I did learn. I discovered that what I had grabbed by the tail was real enough whereas what I had been living before was one of millions of soap operas people live comfortably (or not) with because they cannot conceive of a different life, or way of life. I had been asleep.

The point of the exercise was simple enough: become an agent of change; a catalyst for change, without the corruptible format of any collective aggregation. Simply put, only the “go it alone” method has any chance at all of creating real change within the all-encompassing UO. Only a self empowered, completely detached single individual can penetrate the workings of the machine undetected, unobserved, and bring about totally unexpected change.

The UO doesn’t usually acknowledge an individual working alone. It only gets alarmed when such individual takes the fateful step of creating an organization of her or his own shaping; makes the decision to “form a power group” that would oppose the working of the machine, the status quo.

The Teachers (YLea, El Issa and Phaelon as principal three) had no difficulty convincing me of this. I knew enough religion, politics and other aspects of history of earth to realize the fallacy that power units or collectives can force ever-positive change within any greater system. It had never happened. When something has a one hundred percent negative result for accomplishing what it was supposed to accomplish, it’s not difficult to say, “Well, that didn’t work, did it.”

For example, one of the greatest fallacies of all time: World War I: the war to end all wars. Imagine the amount of collective force and organization that went to fight that war. Imagine the level of propaganda used to convince millions of the absolute necessity of fighting that war. So pervasive was the propaganda that “Armistice” is still celebrated to this day. That so many died isn’t a joke but to celebrate such useless carnage and such a blatant lie… really!

I knew the “why” then. What I did not know was the “how” and that, the Teachers pointedly avoided giving me. It was something I would have to work out for myself, based on some seriously “deep” thought and successful completion of a few difficult assignments. I have written about those before so won’t repeat the history here, just the highlights.

There were three major assignments: Forgiving enemies without equivocation; offering my life in exchange for that of another, a total stranger I would never meet; having my “soul implant” legally removed.

Upon completion of these tasks I then had to choose a single life purpose to which I would give myself unreservedly, irrevocably. There were many tempting choices. I went through the mental market of interesting goodies a change agent could use and having learned some of what works, what doesn’t, I rejected all of them.

The catalyst I needed had to be incorruptible and one that had never been seriously tried. There was only one: compassion. I didn’t find it in the market place of catalysts; I found it in my own mind quietly waiting to be awakened. I began exploring the concept and saw that it had never been considered as a force, or power that could change a world and over which the Matrix or UO had no power at all.

It was the Force that sustained and changed a self empowered individual. That would suit me and I gave myself to this Force, much as a Jedi gives itself to the Force in Star Wars. The difference between compassion and the Force of Star Wars, as I have alluded to before, is that compassion does not have a dark side. It does not emanate from the duality principle that rules this universe. Therefore it is correct for the compassionate to speak of “no compromise” because all of duality operates through compromise.

Perhaps that is a perfect ending. No compromise. No dalliances with any aspect of the Powers or the UO. The goal is to become.  Having lived long (enough) without compromise, what use then is one’s dualistic human nature? I will become compassion, of that there is no doubt. I will not know myself in any other form. That is both, the price to pay, and the gift to receive.

And that pretty much explains me and my choices.

Thank you for reading this.

~ burning woman ~ 


34 thoughts on “How I got from There to Here

  1. George F.

    if it goes contrary to the goal of the umbrella organization (UO) it will never, ever, attain its goal. …and you chose a tough path. Great post!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you George, and yes, admittedly it is a “tough” path, but integrity demands that one chooses the path that will lead to where one wants to go, and ultimately to be. I will soon be leaving this world, of that there is no doubt, and many things I now take for granted will then be denied me, particularly the choice to forgive and to care. There are veils between realities, which based on your own writings you are aware of. Paul (your character) may be able to go back and forth but I know from experience I cannot just pop back to complete any task I was meant to do here and now. It’s the whole package, or none. Each segment (or life span) is complete in itself.

  2. rawgod

    Again I have to piggy-back on your post, S’T, and I thank you again for the opportunity. You found your way to self-empowerment, or dare I say self-empowerment found its way to you. You found your niche in compassion, and it is a worthy niche. I travelled other paths, and I found my way to another niche, one called life, but more commonly called spirituality, the paste that joins all living beings together. I have written about my travels elsewhere, but when I put all those travels together, it turns out that all life is one life, and compassion is a necessity to continuing that life.
    My question is, what other living beings have found their own niches, and are they willing to write about them here? I know I would like to hear from them…

  3. Regis Auffray

    I already know all of this about. You. A refresher course never hurts. Particularly since I know nothing about where I am at. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Régis. Yes, I know you know all this. Sometimes one just has to hit that “delete” button… 🙂

  4. jilldennison

    Interesting post, Sha’Tara! Much of what you say is ‘over my head’, or perhaps just a concept that, never having given it thought before, is alien to me. But one thing that struck me was you saying you had to ‘go it alone’. That is something, I think, that is the most difficult for most humans. And though I consider myself to be a very independent individual, I readily admit that I my life is enriched by certain of my friends and family, and that is not something I would be able, or willing, to give up. I admire your courage.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for taking the time from your unbelievably busy blogging to respond to this! The “go it alone” part is indeed tough at first but it isn’t as bad as it seems providing it is done through a totally compassionate mindset.

      The “alone” part can only function properly within a set of other priorities: self empowerment, selflessness, a desire to care and give (I think that’s called altruism?), humility, kindness, acceptance (some situations you want to judge harshly but refrain from doing so), patience, basically it’s all done within a genuine concern for the welfare of another over one’s own.

      What you lose on one hand you gain a hundred fold on the other, as many of your “amazing people” would tell you. You lose the cling-ons, the selfish and the controlling. You gain the trust and the love of those you give yourself to by tackling their very real needs to the best of your ability and resourcefulness.

      Bottom line, that describes being human, and living humanely.

      1. jilldennison

        I always enjoy reading other people’s blogs, but lately, with my vision problems, I have not been able to. I’m still struggling, but trying to get back in the mode of at least reading a few each day. Perhaps in another 25 years, I will finally get caught up!!!

        Much of what you say makes sense, and to a large part, I think I have done some of that just as a natural part of the process of living and getting older … separating that which I find has value from that which doesn’t, and tossing out the latter. I will likely always keep certain people close and never quite “go it alone”, but I do find that the number of people I consider ‘essential’ is far fewer than it once was. Thank you for giving me some things to think about!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Lily, and for recognising the “value” to society as a whole of carrying such a mindset.

      1. Lily Von Valley

        I love this compassion stuff, you have probably touched on a core element for saving humanity, if only it can be moved by it. Thank ‘you’.x

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        This is where the saying, ‘you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink’ applies. I see two responsibilities as applying to myself regarding this process. The first and most important is, to become; to be; that which I write about. The second would be to make as many people as possible without forcing anything or organizing anything, aware of the concept. Also learning to explain it while never defending it.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for commenting, Frank. Your sharp comment allows me to make the following observation:
      If I said I wasn’t aware of the parallels between my account and the life of Jesus of Nazareth I’d be lying. Certain individuals, it seems, have similar spiritual experiences. I cannot explain that.
      Having drawn the parallels, I can consider the previous results from such experiences, then make appropriate changes.

      Although as a young person I greatly admired Jesus, much later I saw where he went wrong and chose to use my own discernment. Why copy what has not worked and does not work?

      Giving credence to the story of Jesus, then (the jury remains out on that one):

      Error 1: He chose to start a movement of followers under strictly male leadership and that fell in the trap with subsequent horrible consequences for the entire planet.

      Error 2: He chose to not to be self empowered but rely on and continue the worship of a monster divinity called Jehovah (Yahweh) whom he called his Father.

      Error 3: he basically called for worship of himself as a deity.

      Three strikes and you’re out as we say in baseball country.

      Conversely I chose a path that was equally possible for, and available to, every other living human being on this world.

      Nothing special. No particular belief. No special powers. No special place. Just an example of what can be, entered into by choice, never force.

      I wanted to exemplify a path; a way of life; that would define humanity in existence outside any need for violence; particularly violence against the helpless, the weak, the poor, etc.

      In the end, we could all put our hands out, palms up and see that the rainbow’s ends emanate from our left and right hand, flowing through and making a perfect circle.

      [If memory serves here (I don’t have time to look it up) the extended hands, palms up, is the standard Altarian greeting of acceptance. I have explained before that the Teachers are from a world called “Altaria” in our languages. It is a world outside this universe in a hidden place within what they call the Nexus.]

  5. nickweechblog

    “The point: become an agent of change; a catalyst for change, without the corruptible format of any collective aggregation. Only this “go it alone” method has any chance of creating change within this all-encompassing UO. Only a self empowered, completely detached single individual can penetrate the workings of the machine undetected, unobserved, and bring about (totally unexpected) change.” (adapted)

    Sums it up so clearly, how to change through compassion. Thank you

  6. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Safe journeying Sha’ Tara.
    Hope we meet up on the other side of The Universe (ie the part with is not the traditional Physical One)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Roger. Yes, that will be an interesting meeting… if we can only remember each other. All I can do now, at 71 years, is getting the paper work together, i.e. creating a provable identity that will pass muster. Some blank lines yet on the questionaire (it won’t let you fib or fake it) re: humility, kindness, softness of approach, understanding of the reasons behind another’s stance or beliefs, listening while others talk even when I think I’ve heard it all before… Sometimes I wish for a “spiritual” microwave oven I could crawl in and nuke myself into a complete and proper personality. Other times I think about that cave high up in the mountains, and then someone calls and there is a need and I’m “on call” so… off I go and maybe earn the right to fill in one of those blank lines.

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Work with what you have,is my advice Sha’ Tara.
        That may be the whole strategy. See what you can do as you?

  7. Bélanger Robinson

    I often speak to my husband about how interesting you are and how much I enjoy reading your posts. You are always a wonder to me, Sha’Tara, and now I am a little more clear as to the why😊

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for that, it’s greatly appreciated. At the risk of sounding pompous, any question you have, feel free to ask, I’ll do my best to answer. Thank you again, Bélanger. (Lovely name, that! or should I say, c’est un très beau nom que vous avez.)

  8. Phil Huston

    I ate (a “few”) hits of acid myself. I hid from an airconditioning vent that tried to pull my hair out. Laughed at some dancing french fries. Played a lot electronic music. I have seen music come off the harp of a piano. Once you’re aware you have an 800 number to “there.” Dressing it up with names and ancient astronaut business is a lot like playing cosmic Barbies. You owe no one an explanation, as you explain Earthian-isms on a regular basis. Stop trying to sell us on this, put it in a book, get rich. This stuff is golden. One day you’ll look obver your shoulder and realize you confused the pieces with the game. You have the gift of the muse. Stop the Shaman show and tell and write.
    Your friendly Devil’s advocate.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A fun read comment, yet serious. If it were only so easy! If it were but a series of stories to be strung together and told by the campfire. It may come to that (I doubt that very much) but an effort had to be made to demonstrate that I did not keep my “lamp under the table” but set it up on top so all those around the table could see that it was more than a story; it was a parable, and parables have but one purpose: to teach. Telling stories for entertainment is easy. Telling stories for profit, almost as easy. Telling stories for enlightenment, that is neither easy nor safe.

      Those are the kinds of stories I tell; stories with a moral, a teaching, a point and a purpose. I am not “here” to take advantage of loopholes in the System or take people’s money, I have enough money.

      I am not interested in notoriety or fame. I’ve already had too much of both. Three Teachers came out from the Nexus to spend twenty years teaching one Earthian about ways and means to change one’s heart, one’s mind, one’s world. They never said I had to teach in turn, I just had to learn.

      There is, however, a cause and effect here. Of what I learned I came to feel it my duty to share with a few individuals. Word Press is one of the several small platforms I have used and still use for the time being. It may be that time has come to an end, in which case I would have no reason to continue blogging. I do have plenty of other ways to occupy my “last” days!

      For now my intent is to return to posting sections of the fantasy novel on a regular basis, and comment on those blogs I follow.

      Thanks for your interest, Mr. D A Phil.

      1. Phil Huston

        It’s not about fame or fortune. A lot of what you write, polished a little, should be read just for its story value. Richard Bach did it. Hell, lit is full of allegory. That’s how I read your stuff. Otherwise I’d think you a backwoods Ron Hubbard meets Saint Mother Teresa.

  9. rawgod

    Dear Phil, If I may intervene here. Please allow Sha’Tara to continue on as she has been doing, not as you”want” her to do. This is her life, not yours. A few comments above S’T made a list of where Jesus went wrong. I would like to add a few more errors he made, one of which was actually made for him.
    Christ had something he discovered, but he told people who were not ready to hear it. But once he said a little, the people demanded a lot, and so he gave it to them. The problem was, no one really “UNDERSTOOD WHAT HE WAS SAYING!” They did not have the mental concepts they needed to understand, and the same is true today, most people do not have the mental constructions to understand what Sha’Tara is saying. The vry worst thing she can do is write a book and make millions off it. Most people want the easy way out, to be told how to get somewhere they think they want to be. Life is easy when you know what you are doing, but when you have to be told what to do Life becomes meaningless. COMPASSION BECOMES MEANINGLESS, unless you understand why you are being compassionate. A person cannot become truly compassionate just because someone tells them to do it. NO! They become truly compassionate by finding that compassion within themselves, and then spreading it around from a personal base, not someone else’s personal base. COMPASSION IS NOT FOR SALE! LIFE IS NOT FOR SALE!
    You cannot become self-empowered just because you want to be self-empowered. It is a long process, with lots of traps and barriers. If you have not learned how to avoid the traps and get around the barriers you cannot be slf-empowered, and you will only think you are, as did Christ so long ago. Between his ego and the people he tried to teach, they got things so wrong the repercussions are still reverberating into today’s future.
    Please do not ask Sha’Tara to write a book. Leave her to decide where she wants to hide her words, where only a few will look, the few who are ready to start looking inside themselves. Because that is where all this knowledge and wisdom lies, inside each and every one of us. All it takes is to learn to look inside.

    I’ll whisper truth in dankest gutter,
    Leave a trace where few shall look,
    Goad on those I see are hungry,
    But ne’er shall I a great feast cook.
    As I look across all history
    And then I look at this world so vast
    If one teach two we are thrice as many…
    Patience, till we are the last.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that comment, Jerry, and quote: “COMPASSION BECOMES MEANINGLESS, unless you understand why you are being compassionate. A person cannot become truly compassionate just because someone tells them to do it. NO! They become truly compassionate by finding that compassion within themselves, and then spreading it around from a personal base, not someone else’s personal base. COMPASSION IS NOT FOR SALE! LIFE IS NOT FOR SALE! You cannot become self-empowered just because you want to be self-empowered. It is a long process, with lots of traps and barriers. If you have not learned how to avoid the traps and get around the barriers you cannot be self-empowered, and you will only think you are, as did Christ so long ago. Between his ego and the people he tried to teach, they got things so wrong the repercussions are still reverberating into today’s future.”

      I can say that is exactly how it is… exactly. There is no mass production here; no hundredth monkey syndrome; no magic. A possible path is proposed; a choice is demonstrated and that’s as far as any way shower must go. As you say, to go beyond is to render the process meaningless.

      1. rawgod

        Thanks, S’T, you keep setting me up for ideas that have been stuck in my head for so many years I had forgotten about them. Now I am being given great opportunities to set them free. They too thank you.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you. Yours is an original thought, don’t know that I’ve ever written a poem (or any kind of writing) with another though I’ve been asked to edit and critique a few. Let me give it some thought.

      1. thereckoning12

        Of course, I don’t really know why I asked you. It was almost as though something was writing through me and making me type the words. I had a strange inclination that I needed to ask you…

      2. thereckoning12

        And of course your words interest I’m curious what may come of it….

      3. Sha'Tara Post author

        There’s probably something in it that should not be ignored. Keep that thought, and as I wrote, a couple of days? Meanwhile you can give me some direction on how we would do this, by line, by stanza, by thought?

      4. thereckoning12

        Okay you think it over and I will offer some suggestions in the next day or two as well…peace!

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