The Sword, the Bow and the Staff – Part I, The Calling: Chapter 19


Finally, I think I’m caught up on the blogging scene. I’ve read how to write better; how to improve my health; what to do in case of Armageddon; how to win a cricket match; that Russia isn’t to blame for anything; that we’re in deeper s**t than I even thought possible; how to make free electricity; how to awaken; that Sandy Hook mass shooting never happened (again) and that I’ve got to give peace a chance. That said, let’s get on with this story before it becomes “The Perils of Pauline” and Phil manifests himself on the blog waving a massive eraser and I lose all my subordinate clauses and loose conjunctions…

Chapter 19: Meeting the priest; all is set for the wedding

To Lo and Nal, it wasn’t much of a ‘town’ but to the others it was impressive as towns go. Not only the large church that sat imposingly in the centre of the main town but the shops, so many shops, and people everywhere. There were people on horseback and horse-drawn carts clattered on cobble-stone sections of the main street hauling various merchandise. At an open air butcher shop women were haggling with a portly butcher over the cut meat and the hanging geese and chicken. After each left with a purchase, she was replaced by another just as eager to haggle over the prices.

Children ran wildly through the filthy streets, yelled at by the adults whom they splattered when their bare feet slapped into puddles of stagnant, stinking water.

As Ian and his group walked deeper into the town, most people stopped doing whatever they were doing and stared. The men were particularly attracted to the three young women, the two tall imposing light-haired ones and the short, small dark one. But the main question on their faces was, who are these armed people and what do they want here?

Then some recognized MacGruder and greetings were exchanged. Women came forth to greet lady Jen MacGruder and their daughter whom they had not recognized so grown up she was. They were introduced to Lo whom they openly admired, and the two other young women, Genti and Deanna. Ian ventured the news that they intended to have a wedding here in Glowmere between the two travellers who were trading friends of the MacGruders, from the south. He announced that Nal and Lo, whom he singled out, were to be united in holy matrimony at the kirk if the priest was in agreement.

The news was greeted with a loud cheer that spread up and down the main street and brought the curious street urchins forth. Soon items went missing here and there from the shops and stalls as the cries of “Thief, stop him!” or “That miserable scoundrel, stop her!” followed by some useless chase that only left a shop or stall open to more pilfering.

“An where does one find the priest?” Ian asked politely and diplomatically for he realized such a location would be in proximity to the church. An urchin offered to lead them to the priest, for a price. Contrary to his usual parsimonious nature, Ian good-naturally accepted and paid the rascal. They intercepted the priest as he was stepping out of the kirk and getting ready to bar, bolt and lock the door.

“Wouldn’t want yer God er his saints t’ run off come night eh Father? Keep ‘em locked up, that’s the sure way.” said Ian with a large smile.

The priest, a tall, stringy sort of creature in a fading black cassock failed to acknowledge the joke. He eyed MacGruder with a frown and asked, “An what do ye be wantin’ fro’ me, mon?”

“Well Father, ‘tis not what I want, ‘tis what these young un’s here be needin’ – an’ that’d be a proper weddin’ t’would be, if ye be amenable to it?”

The priest cast a haughty look over the group trying to figure out which of them were to be the victims. Unable to decide, he turned to MacGruder and said, “They be proper Church people then? Baptized and knowing their catechism?”

“Aye of that I’m sure Father. Might not hurt ‘em just the same to have a confession afore the ceremony?”

“That is mandatory mon, and may I know whom I be addressin’ and whom the intended’s be?”

“I be Ian MacGruder, perhaps ye’ve heard of us from up t’ cottage? An’ here are the two ‘intendeds’ as ye put it: Lo ‘n Nal. Don’t know if there be any family names attached to ‘em, I reckon not.”

“Well, I’ll need such particulars for the book ye understand. We keep decent records here, not like the old pagan days thankfully gone from here, praise God.”

“We’ll get ye the names Father.” MacGruder’s voice had grown somewhat harsher and definitely colder as he prepared to haggle prices with the priest.

Having heard their names mentioned, Nal and Lo came forward and introduced themselves to the priest. Again he gave his haughty look, equally met and brought down forcefully by both Nal and Lo who would not tolerate such from a pawn of the Church. For a moment the priest sensed something that scared him and was of a mind to refuse the ceremony, then thought of the money and held his tongue. On top of the incentive of good gold, there were those deadly looking swords, bows and staffs to reckon with. It might not do to upset these and seemed more prudent to let the moment have its way.

‘I can deal with any sorcery and paganism afterwards and I certainly will.’

All three, Nal, Deanna and Lo, had been mind-focusing on the priest and heard his thoughts. Here was another dangerous enemy, certainly for Genti and the MacGruders. This priest would have to be dealt with after they settled with the Betrayers and before they carried on to further adventures, such certain to come about as a result of Nal’s vows and Deanna’s need to return to Torglynn.

As there was overt thoughts of violence and murder in the priest’s heart, Lo felt no qualm about disposing of the creature come the right time. This work might well fall to wolf and his mate he reckoned. Both Nal and Deanna agreed though Nal who had some personal scores to settle with the Church insisted she’d be involved in the priest’s demise. They left it at the stage where the priest would be killed but not who would have the honours.

Meanwhile, they agreed to let the hypocrisy of the moment reign supreme.

“Any o’ these others gettin’ married also, Ian?” Asked the priest, trying hard to sound innocent, caring, and friendly but inwardly licking his greedy lips thinking of the gold a double or triple wedding would bring, winter being financially remarkable only from the increase in burials.

“Hasn’t been mentioned Father. Must be waitin’ for spring, t’other ones eh? So then to business, time and cost? Ye’d be needin’ gold yea?”

“Gold, yea. Six ounces, weighed on the scale at the kirk. As to time, does next Saturday suit ye, Ian?”

Ian called his group together and after consulting with Jen asked them, “Does next Saturday suit ye all for the weddin’ t’ take place or ye havin’ second thoughts now? Last chance ‘fore I put down the money.”

Nal and Lo smiled broadly at one another then burst out laughing while a spark of hope flashed through young Giles’ heart only to be extinguished in the same moment when Nal said, “Saturday is perfect for us ‘n the sooner t’ better to get it done. Can’t wait! An’ Father if ye be wantin’ our clan names, I be a McBanish, n’ m’intended here, he be a MacDunit.”

“Interestin’ names. Can’t say I ever heard o’ those clans, interestin’ indeed. Saturday then, ten o’ the mornin’?”

“Aye that’ll suit us fine, that will, Father,” quickly answered Ian.

They left the skeletal priest standing there like a patiently expectant vulture on his favourite dead tree perch and Ian declared they all deserved a drink at the Wild Horse Inn, a good, friendly place, he added.

Once out of the priest’s hearing they all burst out laughing until the tears were running down their faces. Ian had to lean on a hitching post to keep himself upright.

Only Deanna failed to join, finally asking what the sudden hilarity was all about.

“Dinae hear girl? McBanish, MacDunit? Who ever heard o’ such nonsense? That was good that, truly magnificent, gal, and he slapped Nal on the back, making her jump.

Ian didn’t give his charges too much time to develop introspective moroseness that would demand another round and declared it was getting late and they had a fair walk ahead of ‘em yet.

As they were crossing the small drawbridge, Lo stayed behind to speak to the guard detail. He gave them each enough coin for a couple of rounds at the inn and was rewarded with some slaps on the back and cheers. Then in a vibrant voice he wished them a wonderful end of the day and a safe, healthy, prosperous and long life. They received his words as if they had been gifts, realizing that there was more than words in the blessing. They waved sheepishly then, thinking this was no ordinary man. They all sensed that their entire lives ahead of them had been magically blessed and the words would prove true.

Entering his speed lope he soon caught up to the group and immediately noticed that Deanna was gone and Nal was carrying her clothes.

“So she’s gone back to her wolf then? How did she manage to take off her clothes without upsetting the group?”

“We slipped into the ‘by woods to do that. She’ll inner nudge me when she needs ‘em again.”

“Let me strap those to my pack then, Nal, so you keep your hands free. It may seem silly here but remember that ultimately we are always alone, working singly, and must always think thus. Never rely on anyone else to take the point, or protect. Let them if they want to but don’t ask it nor expect it and I repeat, never rely on it.

“Keep your hands, arms and legs free at all times and your weapons handy.”

“Truly sorry, I temporarily forgot. Too much on m’mind an’ don’t push me, MacDunit.”

“Indeed I’ll endeavour not to, Miss McBanish.”

They laughed, hugged fiercely and kissed again.

Don’t look at me like that and I heard that snort. Look, I’m just writing it the way I see it. And remember, they’ve been apart for thousands of years, how do you think you would act if you suddenly found yourself back in the arms and love of a lover you knew was dead and you hadn’t seen for, say, twenty thousand years? Would you say,

“What? You again?” or

“I really wasn’t expecting you back this soon.” or

“I hadn’t planned on this; I have a life now.” or

“Things getting too boring for you, decided to come back?”

Right, I didn’t think so. More likely there would be sparks, maybe a flame, and hugging and kissing would just be the breeze that sets everything on fire. So put up with the hugging and kissing and let me go on with the story, which by the way is turning out pretty good, in my opinion, if I’m allowed to have one.


11 thoughts on “The Sword, the Bow and the Staff – Part I, The Calling: Chapter 19

  1. adamspiritualwarrior

    I look forward to reading this latest instalment thanks 🙂
    BTW The intel word on the street is there will be no armagaddon, that timeline isn’t happening for us now. Apocalypse is still taking place though done is controlled, gradual but purposeful way as possible to help humanity wake up, but not cause mass fracturing of minds and insanity. There powerful secret groups helping in this, despite the fun and games on the surface we might see that make the situation feel dire but Its not. Those who can awaken are being helped to with carrot and stick it seems though.


      1. adamspiritualwarrior

        Hi Shatara thanks. I sense you are an important energy multidimensional ”anchor”, and ”node point”, and even a energtic presence of sanity others will be aware of and affected and helped by even if they don’t read your blog (I email on excerpts and links from BW various things to certain people). In this Second Renaissance Golden Age Satya Yuga were now into.

        I don’t know how it plays out if new parents refuse to register their new born babies with birth/berth certificates into the Law of the Sea/Lost at Sea old system. But the things I’m picking up, the old system is without power now, has no power, except the residual power in peoples minds thinking they ARE still in power. Apparently the intel I’m sensing is, all it needs now is us to say NO. And not participate.

        Heres a few other ”intel” bits and pieces ive rigorously filtered and is my best higher self sense fwiw. A mini ice age is coming. This Solar Maximum, is weaker than the last Solar Minimum. Were in it now which is why this winters been longer with worse sunlight the lack that’s affected me, than I remember. But apparently according to clif high, it will be 2022 it hits its height. New landmasses are going to rise out the oceans too, and th Tsunami risk will decrease, since the earth is cracking and enlarging, plasma energy from the universe connects with the plasma sun inside earth, and creates new matter, which is why the deepest ocean beds are the newest creatd rock/soil etc. They’ve lied about plankton fossil fuel oil and pushed ”peak oil” on us when oil fields refill themselves. It seems many other things about our earth, space above, North and South Poles, and much more too have been improperly taught. Or put another way LIES.

        An enlarging earth by 60% over the last 100 yrs, if Clif High is correct, would explain how the ”elites” have been able to sew so much flat earth confusion because the 6 mile horizon no longer seems applicable plus the 120 mile suez canal where water remains flat level but there are no canal locks remains a mystery.

        Why the so called sh#thouse ”elites” have chosen to push on us a global warming agenda. Al Gore, and all the rest, I’m not sure, except to make us all feel its us to blame, and justify taxing taxing us and putting increasing increasing Marxist Jewish Commuist control over the rest of us.

        To end this. I think more and more of us are going to have to QUITE QUICKLY start getting enthusiastic and learning, about home hydroponics growing vegetables with HEIRLOOM SEEDS , as a defence of changing ice age climate with ridiculous prices for a cauliflower or salad or asparagus or watercress or whatever. However it seems , most hydroponics growing is rubbish, mineral poor salvestrol poor, and pretty worthless. This is unacceptable and we must seek solutions.

        One might be the water that feeds the hydroponic crops is kept in a kefir grain rich water tank so the water is rich in trillions of wide spectrum amazing bacteria. I know what I’m saying wont sit well with Luciferian Bill Gates but I don’t care about Bill since he certainly doesn’t care about us and works to undermine us.

        Another of course, is composting and for that I think Dr Mercolam his articles hold value. Why shouldn’t composting, also be included in home hydroponics? Vegetables must be mineral rich, and the soils being Glyphosate free, and bacteria rich, mean the minerals get converted into precious bioavailable forms that our bodies need . This is what the Bushes , Gates. Soros, Rockefellers, Duponts, And several other mentally deficient psychopathic ”elites” have tried to destroy via Glyphosat/Roundup and other strategies making soil minerals chelated and biounailable and any cancer chemotherapy doctor needs to HANG HIS/HER HEAD IN SHAME THAT THEY DONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHIG AND AR SIMPLY HIGHLY PAID ROCKEFELLER/BAYER SCHOOL BRAINWASHED UNDERLINGS and if they have any spirit soul morals at all in them will stop what theyr doing and wake up to the cancer lies.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quite a rant there, Adam. Could you maybe just post a link to your material instead? I do agree with you on the boycott thing. Satyagraha: non-violent, non-cooperation. Emphasis, for me, on the non-violent. Don’t even let them know you’re not cooperating, just don’t. As more and more people learn this trick, the elite will become disempowered because what they empower themselves with is the loss and pain they cause us, then our anger and hate smashing against theirs excites them. If we studiously ignored them they would turn on each other instead. Let them eat each other up.


  2. adamspiritualwarrior

    Sorry for going on. And on.
    On other matters, Falling in love matters and infatuation matters where the heart aches.

    Now everyone of us was made to suffer
    Everyone of us was made to weep
    We’ve been hurting one another
    Now the pain has cut too deep
    So take me from the wreckage
    Save me from the blast
    Lift me up and take me back
    Don’t let me keep on walking
    I can’t keep on walking, keep on walking on broken glass

    The sun’s still shining in big blue sky
    But it don’t mean nothing to me
    Oh, let the rain come down
    Let the wind blow through me
    I’m living in an empty room
    With all the windows smashed
    And I’ve got so little left to lose
    That it feels just like I’m walking on broken glass

    Walking on, walking on broken glass
    Walking on, walking on broken glass
    Walking on, walking on broken glass
    Walking on, walking on broken glass


  3. George F.

    …and Phil manifests himself on the blog waving a massive eraser and I lose all my subordinate clauses and loose conjunctions…OMG! I know exactly what you’re talking about! LOL!


  4. Phil Huston

    Well, the ‘show don’t tell’ part of me says the street scene is lazy, but in that Dickensian way, so…While I’m on a rage against Pirate Dialect, still Yoda comes to me speaking words of wisdom – “If dialect writing you be, then let your dialect writing be.” Or maybe that was Paul McCartney. “Then” is one of those words like “suddenly” that we all grew up with and should abhor but don’t. I mean action follows action. One thing happens, “then” another. “If you NEED ‘then’, you need to rewrite the adjoining action,” he pontificated, drearily. “Unless you believe we’re all too stupid to understand the concept of ‘next’,” he mourned, balefully.

    Tags and adverbs. What a bunch of baggage. I read this great MEME today. “Write what your readers need to read, not what you need to say.” Substitute want for need and you have the same argument. Hows that for DA?



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