I Know about Pain (She said)

The following is a collaborative poem between Wilde Taylor from Morality Park and myself as  ~burning woman~

she said looking out the window
the magnolia did not quite
succeed in hiding the crows
I know about pain

She said, listening to her soul
I don’t know how to stitch it up again
The water of the universe
Unable to contain itself
Grief, spilling out,
It knows about pain

she placed hand over heart
a cloud passed over the sun
emphasizing gently spoken words
this is sorrow from grief
for the pain

Said the fe/male pain
I am you and you are me
Together, sinking ships
Parting waters,
This is not denial
I know you

she exclaimed gasping
hands to her so white throat
drowning in your/my (our)
eternal unbearable pain
should we not end
the pain?

Is remembering the pain
Blue topaz, seas of sanctity,
Reincarnate once more
Retell, rewrite
The pain lives on –
Drowning itself
Into pieces of
The unbearable lightness of being

33 thoughts on “I Know about Pain (She said)

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        That was a great exercise. The best part is it makes another distant blogger suddenly come very alive for one. Now I can literally “feel” you as a part of my life-we created something good and shared feelings, that’s a “wow!” for me.  Yes, someday when you feel like doing it again. This week was good for me as my vehicle is in the body shop so lots of jobs on hold. Some weeks I won’t have that much luxury of time! In any case, thank you for your suggestion that got this going, and done. I learned “stuff” again; love learning! Warning: everybody I meet is a teacher!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. thereckoning12

      That is such an interesting way of putting it and so true…a piece of us lives on..,yes, the poem feels alive for me too and I felt your words jumping on the paper, like living entities in their own right….


  1. Apera

    When I was traveling through your words I was astonished. It was like watching flashback in a movie scene. For a while I feel like reading Arundhati Roy… No words to pass any comments..👍


  2. Lisa R. Palmer

    I love this!! An empath’s life path, so eloquently and poetically captured, to make the pain of existence almost elegant and full of grace…

    Bravo! Bravo!!


  3. stolzyblog

    Really an interesting idea. It’s sort of you, but not exactly, maybe you as if in Andromeda… where does W begin and S end? I suspect if I knew Wilde’s writing a bit more, I’d feel the same about her. It’s neither one of you. A new entity, Wild’Tara. 🙂


    1. thereckoning12

      Robert, as soon as I read your comment here ihad an epiphany….yes! You nailed it. This iteration is not quite either of us. I think that is a very accurate statement. Our combined energies together created something entirely differentand new, something was borne ofthis collaboration. Our dualistic yet similar spirits met somewhere in the middle to blend into another being. While writing, I felt like I was the witness not the writer….although I have felt this before, the sensation was much stronger this time. It was as though the words took on their own meaning and ideas, irrespective of my personal wishes.

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      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “It was as though the words took on their own meaning and ideas, irrespective of my personal wishes.” I have to agree. It felt as if I was in a class and there was a “teacher” goading me on. I assumed it was Wilde. Perhaps we gave rise to another entity who needed to express what we ended up with. Let’s just hope it’s close to what s/he had in mind!

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    1. thereckoning12

      Thank you!!! And it was both of us, working with spirit. 😊I don’t lay claim to that last stanza anymore than I can claim the flowers and trees of this planet.

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  4. Phil Huston

    This could have been beautiful, he said, had it lived beyond the constructs of its creators, he mused, while framing their art, he postulated, in cheap frames even before it was done, he thought. Had nature bled and pain ridden the wind and the story told on wings, he cried out. Jesus, ST. So much talent between you guys and art hanging on rusty nails. Consider yourself chastised severely for staying safe. He said, a hack himself, hanging his head.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey everybody… my own, my very own DA (Devil’s Advocate) is back. Had me worried there for a few days, thought you were sulking, or too busy stoking that brimstone. Welcome back Phil, and thanks for that comment.


  5. thereckoning12

    Hi again, I couldn’t reply to your comment on Morality Park so I’m doing it here. I read your response and do agree with many of your thoughts….I just don’t think we are anywhere close to being ready for such a transition to compassion. It may never happen on this planet.
    We have become so insecure and desperate for attention as a people that this puts us in the perfect place for mass marketers and media propaganda to target us, right where it hurts. And yes, we have given our powers over to various entities….we have allowed them to spoon feed us whatever nonsense they are trying to sell….we are part and parcel the problem and the pathology…on and on it goes…


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for responding. I think it honest for me to say I understand how you feel about the readiness, and the pathology. The compassion will come, and so will the empathy. It’s inevitable because these are a living and necessary part of who we are. They may have been neutralized but could never be taken away or we would have died off long ago. I am not a proponent of the theory of evolution but I know that we do evolve, mentally. We are neither helpless not hopeless! For the time being, if one person “becomes” compassion (me!) then that is enough and my job is done. I have proven that I wasn’t chasing a chimera and if it is possible for a very ordinary person to do this then it is possible for any and all to choose such a path.

      There will come a catalyst, a realization, that will “force” the species to choose compassion as their modus operandi. Sadly that is going to entail tribulation and a lot of horror. We’ve begun our collective and global fall into that long and terrible darkness and I see nothing happening to prevent it. As you say, we are part and parcel of the problem and the pathology. It all comes down to choice.

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