On an Amazing Lighter Note

thoughts from ~burning woman~

I just realized that everyone who is a “follower” of a WordPress blog is an amazing person. I am not making that up, it shows up whenever I click on a blog’s “Follow” button.

Everyone, you say? One hundred percent amazing person, no exceptions? That’s, like, a bit hard to swallow. Could it be one of those lies so common in the world of advertising no one recognizes for the bullshit they are intended to convey while dissimulating it?

I can truthfully say that I’ve never considered myself amazing. Exceptional, perhaps, under certain conditions, and not always in a favourable way, but never amazing. Which of course makes me desperate to define what it means to be amazing, whether it’s a subjective concept, or if it has a core value. I’m going to have to look that up, definitely.

[Some time later] So I looked it up. Views on “amazingness” vary considerably but generally it is recognized that an amazing person is one who is special in usually positive ways. Most common: selflessness, caring, loving, understanding, generous, yet doesn’t let anyone walk all over her. A kind of Jesus/Gandhi/Mother Teresa/Superman/Wonder Woman person.

In other words, an amazing person is one who comes across as amazing in his/her relationship to others. The impression I got from my Internet search was that an amazing person is primarily a selfless individual. Thus I would take that as the core value of an amazing person.

I think we’d all like to be known as an amazing person now but I have a nagging suspicion that being a WordPress blog follower isn’t how to define amazing. I think it’s another one of those convenient lies to try to make the “clicker” think better of her/himself than they should.

Why? Well in layman’s terms it’s called having smoke blown up one’s ass. I’ve never liked having that procedure done to me as it tells me the smoke blower believes I’m a mark.

Opinions welcome.

Disclaimer 1: it is not my intent to use this exposé as promoting another of my cockamamie concepts that could save billions of lives, civilization and perhaps the planet itself, if not the universe. “Amazing” will not become one of my change agent themes. Sorry to disappoint on that score but one has to draw the line somewhere, even if it is in the sand, and at low tide.

Disclaimer 2: please do not take seriously what I poke humorously!

31 thoughts on “On an Amazing Lighter Note

  1. colettebytes

    Hi Sha’Tara… I’ve been missing for a while… I tend to go in fits and starts with WordPress, Twitter, YouTube, Ancestry and, well, you get the picture! 🙂

    We are all avid consumers/suckers for social media and are drawn in to the mini dramas that they create in our lives.

    ‘Amazing’ is not a word that I use frequently. I genuinely have to be in awe of something to have it pop into my mind.

    I think popular culture has a lot to do with the use of language and words. I am reminded of a time back in the Eighties, when on a trip back to the UK from Canada, I found everyone saying, “that’s brilliant, that is,” for just about any condition that was remotely positive in nature. It nearly drove me mad listening to it as ‘brilliant’ was to me, either something very shiny, or a very intelligent person. I would not apply it as a descriptor of cake, or of a nice birthday card, or as a qualifying statement for describing a good whiskey. Yet I heard it used in every context imaginable, and so much so, it lost all tangible efficacy.

    So I would describe you as ‘honest,’ ‘eloquent,’ ‘entertaining,’ ‘eclectic,’ ‘sensitive,’ ‘forthright,’ and ‘no-nonsense.’ Unfortunately, ‘Amazing,’ is yet another overused word that weakens the impact of its meaning with every incorrect use in prose, a bit like ‘awesome,’ which has also had its meaning stripped by unintelligent use. 🙂


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for commenting. Yes, I agree that many otherwise powerfully descriptive words are robbed of meaning through ignorant usage. Another that comes to mind: “fabulous”! Part of it is laziness but a subtler aspect when used commercially is to rob us of meaning by stealing the words themselves. A sort of “newspeak” that goes will with political correctness. In keeping with, a greatly demonized word and for good reason: anarchy. The status quo propaganda against the concept continues to give the word “anarchy” and “anarchist” a dark and sinister aspect, which in recent times has morphed into another carefully handled word: terrorist. Anyone opposed to the growing reactionary System today is labelled a terrorist. A child throwing a rock in anger in Israel is arrested and jailed as a terrorist if the rock hit a tank. If the word is demonized, we no longer see what it is supposed to convey.


  2. kertsen

    A more honest word is unique and it gives us something to boast about that has a germ of truth in it. My finger print is unique and there is nobody like me on the surface of the earth. This apparently simple truth is deceptive to say the least because it is incredible how similar we all are not only to other humans but to all living things.
    DNA is our building block , it is the replicator that turns us from a one cell start into a person, but not only us but every other life form.
    We are survival machines built by our genes to enable them to have eternal life.
    ‘ By dictating the way survival machines and their nervous systems work , genes exert the ultimate power over behaviour.
    Genes are the primary policy makers brains are the executives. Sixty percent of our genes are the same as those in a banana , so go gently next time you eat one.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Tanks for commenting, Kertsen. You didn’t read my disclaimer #2 and now you’re giving me an amazing headache! You just explained, once again, why I don’t like this world. If I eat a banana I’m eating a huge chunk of myself. That can’t be a good thing, that! Must be the reason I abysmally failed biology: I’ve never been one for its raw and crude truth on the physical level. Take me out of the brain, gene, DNA, and whatever creates and sustains a physical entity and let me live in the worlds of mind and spirit – so much “cleaner” there.


      1. kertsen

        Sha’Tara that is no escape the basic unit of human culture is the meme , which like the gene is past from brain to brain. Some think it will overtake the slow sure – footed gene and have a bigger influence on the future of mankind . The meme lives in the soup of human culture and the best memes survive while others fade and die.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Your wisdom continues to be amazing, Kertsen! You have just explained why I have never liked soup! 😀


  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Hyperboles bring out the irreverent and silly in me.
    I get pictures in my mind of asking a follower:
    ‘What amazing things did you do today?’
    ‘I boiled an egg,’
    ‘I know!’
    ‘Wow! That’s amazing too!’
    ‘Yes. It’s amazing of you to realise that,’
    ‘How amazing!’
    And so on….

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Amazingly awesome! And Awesomely amazing! 😃😃😃


      2. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Now I’m going have the song ‘Everything is Awesome’ from the Lego movies going through my head…which since is to be taken less than seriously (the film is so much fun) is not a bad thing


      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Amazingly amazing of you to reply so amazingly Sha’ Tara….That’s amazing!😃


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        It’s pouring amazing rain today, and amazingly colder than normal for this time of year. Got to go out into the amazing “wilds” of amazing Columbia Valley to survey an amazing hedge (not to be confused with an amazing hedge fund) to be planted by some amazing people at a later, also amazing date. Got an amazing broad brimmed hat but I won’t be wearing my amazing wellies, not today! Why am I writing this? I thought it would add to all the amazing news that is also pouring down along with the rain. Have an amazing day (mine is just starting)! A toast (coffee!) to all the amazing WordPress people!!!


  4. sherazade

    Penso molto semplicemente nel caso di WordPress o di qualsiasi altra app che comunque vuole ‘vendersi ‘ per i suoi servizi e i suoi spazi lo scopo sia del tutto enfatico e promozionale.
    Shera 😚🍸


  5. Phil Huston

    The way this reads, to be amazing one must possess the ability to blow smoke up their own ass! Something rarely found outside of Hollywood and the upper echelons of any corporate enterprise. “Have I told you latelyhow amzing I am?” I don;t have the follower problem. Probably because I’m an irascible, intolerant, low bullshit threshold asshole who writes pulp fiction. Did I mention I find that amazing? Did I tell you how amazing you are? No? Damn…Pretty amazing that you fixed my French for me, though! And then I won a damn prize. How amazingly commercial amazing is that? Uh -maze -ING, right? As for pop cuture? “Cool is a rule, but sometimes bad is bad.” How amazing is that?


  6. mistermuse

    Too bad you’re a Canadian, because Trump is looking for people full of wisdom to fill all the vacancies in his dome — I mean, domain.*

    *see Disclaimer 2 at the end of your post


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hah! Thanks for the comment, MM. I think that Donald’s concept of “wisdom” would not suit my criteria, or vice versa! This is the case where two people could agree, if one of them was dead.



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