What am I doing here?

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ ]

An expanded vision and new sense of mind awakening tell me I am part of a greater whole; a piece of the greater human organism. They also tell me that this human organism is undergoing critical change and that such change is happening here, on a planet the People call Earth. They also tell me this is why I’ve chosen to reincarnate here at this particular time.

In the normal course of things, if “normal” can be used, I would not have manifested here for many hundreds of years hence. I would have patiently waited for these events to have their way and finally come in at a much more appropriate, propitious, time. The problem with that is, I would not have learned the things that are now allowing me to participate in the great change.

From “the Voice”: Listen, if human you believe yourself to be: humanity is mutating. Watch the polarization taking place within your great Religions; your Politics and your Financial/Economic systems. In each you can read the word: “Crisis!” In each you can hear the word: “Corruption!” From each you can easily draw a conclusion that reads: “Meaningless! It’s all become meaningless!” Where does that leave your civilization? Think.

The great System, or Systems, by which man’s current civilization has established itself and grown itself, have arrived at their point of entropy. They went from legitimacy to predatory immorality in exponential steps, culminating in global wars and global oppression of both, nature and man. The three great machines have fed themselves on the blood of those they rendered helpless and impoverished that they may make themselves and their chosen servants, fat and from fat, to obese. They have become instruments of distrust and disgust; corrupt, evil, perverted beyond any hope of restoration, served by zombies who believe that a number followed by several zeros is worth more than a human life; perhaps more than a million human lives. That is how low they have fallen.

How many times I’ve asked myself: what are you doing here? The answer is, I needed to be here to witness the fall of the Powers and of man’s collective civilization. My many lives here qualified me to be an observer and also, gave me the insight to develop a new philosophy that would replace man’s evil, dying trinity of Powers mentioned above. A terrible place and terrible time to be in yet an exciting time also.

Let’s look at this from a different angle. Above I write about humanity mutating. There is no denying that but here on Earth the planet is also mutating. In fact the two are symbiotic events. If one mutates and the other does not, the other will die. The old supporting ways are dying. For Earth, it’s the balancing predatory system that is failing. When the great predators that have maintained the balance of populations by pain and terror are no longer roaming and killing, what then? When diseases appear and man plays Devil’s advocate with forces he does not understand and creates chemicals and organisms to fight against the things he perceives as his enemy causing said enemy to mutate and make a mockery of such puny efforts, what then?

For man the time has come to enter into a complete change of mind; to take on an entirely new approach to life by learning to understand what life is.

I still get “the Voices” speaking to me and the word today was “climate change” and what it really means.

I want to address that issue. What is climate change? What’s causing it, if “it” is indeed happening? If it is happening, is it the problem some factions insist it is? Is it cataclysmic? I’ll tell you how cataclysmic climate change is: as much as it is for a butterfly to emerge from its coccoon.

Mankind is a physically short lived intelligence that does not remember either its past or its purpose. It has gotten trapped on a world ruled by evil forces it never made the effort to understand and to deal with. The rule of these forces is coming to an end. It’s running out of “food” and falling into disarray. Evil is entropic: it takes and puts nothing back. That’s how one recognized an evil power. Man’s great systems are takers that put nothing back into the environment they despoil for their own selfish ends. If the system itself is too “gargantuan” to be seen in its entirely, one needs but concentrate on those that constitute its leadership. In a “normal” world these leaders would epitomize the very best that mankind can achieve. Need I say more?

Concluding, we are here, not to fear change, or to spread blame and fear, or to form counter forces to try to salvage some aspects of the old status quo we happen to like, or agree with. We are here to observe the changes the planet is going through and to learn to detach from the horrors of the splitting coccoons. We cannot even teach the coming generations since they will not listen to our predator-based language.

It takes much longer for a human to metamorphose than it does for a butterfly but the concept is the same: the coccoon, the System, the Status Quo, has to go. All the consuming ways by which it has built and maintained itself must be allowed to go.

Know this, that if the “new” we bring about in any way resembled the “old” we’ve struggled and died to fix or maintain we will be no better off than before. New must mean new. Time to not only think outside the box but live there. That calls for detachment, self empowerment, courage and compassion, understanding, acceptance and a great deal of humour to lubricate the process. We must also accept to gracefully move out of the way of coming generations for their world will have no place for us.

Observing and learning this: that’s what I am doing here. It’s a good thing to know.

Quote: I’m fascinated by concepts of other realities, other ways of doing things. Nothing is fixed, nothing sacred, nothing metaphysically determined – it’s all contingent on process and evolution. That’s perfect. It means we might be able to understand, if we can just relax and shed our preconceptions. — Moving Mars, Greg Bear

Quote: The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. — Stephen Hawking




11 thoughts on “What am I doing here?

  1. rawgod

    Ah, Sha’Tara,
    Finally you are seeing your way to the dark side, meaning not the side of what you call evil, but the unseeable side of chaos. My only problem is, please don’t sit on your ass and be an observer! Not that I am saying you are sitting on your ass, that is just a colloquialism. What I am saying is become a mid-wife, or a role-model, not to just humanity, but to all life everywhere.
    So much of what you say above I already know to be true. For almost 50 years now I have been fighting what you call the “trinity of powers,” as you call them (but which I refuse to give the honour of capitalizing, though I will settle for quotation marks!). I myself call them the 3 g’s, “god, gold and government.” Those three words encompass your trinity, and possibly more, depending on how one looks at them. But I am not writing to try to start an argument, I am writing to congratulate you for reaching for the future, of humanity, of all living beings, of Life itself.
    But there are things I would like to add, and not in any pre-conceived order. You speak of evolution, and it sounds like you mean physical evolution. Physical evolution is happening, certainly, but it is not alone, nor can it exist alone. Mind you, from the beginning of time physical evolution has been the most visible type of evolution, no matter that it wasn’t until Lamarck and Darwin championed the evolution of species (as Darwin called it) that it took a firm foothold. (This idea was first played with in the Western world in the time of Plato, 500 BC.) Anyway, getting back on track, physical evolution only works hand-in-hand with spiritual evolution. Physical evolution is like the hare racing with the turtle, it has always been ahead–until now, or actually, in the near-future. Spiritual evolution got off to a very slow start, but the turtle is turning into a rocketship, ready to blast off for the stars of spirituality. And the only way it can be stopped is for the 3 g’s to blow up our world, but even that will only slow spititual evolution down, it won’t defeat it. The trinity of power can never win, and spirituality will never lose.
    Meanwhile, Sha’Tara, we have no need of another chronicler, there are already enough of those. What we need are leaders (role-models, not teachers), are mid-wives, are mothers and fathers. What we need are self-responsible and self-reliant people; as you said: people who live outside the boxes, all the boxes that history has built around us.
    When you say we have to get rid of all the old ways of doing things, and try new things, that is again what I have been saying for years. And hardly anyone listens, and even fewer believe. Ask Jill, she might not exactly believe me, but this is exactly what I asked her to become a part of just a short month ago. I didn’t think I would have to ask you, and you have proven me right.
    And I firmly believe it is best when you come to these realizations on your own, because then they are more meaningful to you. They are in your mind, in your heart, and in your gut. Once you have them, no one can take them away.
    But you can also learn from others, as long as they are NOT trying to teach you, not trying to reach into your mind and lead you by the nose. It didn’t work for Buddha, it didn’t work for Christ, it did not work for Mohammed, and it will never work for anyone else.
    Understanding and wisdom come from inside, not from out. And until all living beings understand that, there is no learning, just repetition…

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your well thought out comment, Jerry. Much to agree with here! I see you using your own words and experiences to validate much of mine… hey, that feels good, {sigh!} The business of evolution is a tricky one for me. What I see/sense is a definite push from the Spirit/Life source to get this earth planet show on the road. We’ve been playing with ourselves for millennia, making a lot of babies, killing a lot of innocents (human and others) and learned very little if anything at all of compassion. Thus we have not evolved ourselves into becoming empathetic beings, but for the few exceptions. The way I see a “jump” out of the old and into the new is through a mutation within the species. This will ensure the new will be spiritually, mentally and physically unable to turn back to the old idols (the 3 g’s as you so aptly label them) and forced to develop a whole new way of interaction with all aspects of life. From predatory taking to an empathetic sharing of life (no longer the crass concept of human (exploitable) resources or “labour” or “consumer.) including a compassionate relationship with all others. That is the future I am talking about. We of the pre-mutation generations have had our chance, in fact we’ve been handed so many chances to choose other than what we’ve done and we have obstinately refused. So the future is being taken from our, oh so bloody hands, and given as an inheritance to a new species of Earthian humanity, one that is in synch with the process of Life (deliberately capitalized). These new people are not yet visible, and they may not be to our generation but they are coming. They will be the ones who will reconnect with our lost ancestors now among the stars and take Earthian humanity off this prison planet and out to the stars where we came from and where we belong. This “awareness” makes me want to burst out in song! We’ve been imprisoned here for such a long time that many have come to think of this place as home. When they reincarnate among, and as, the mutant generations they will be in for quite a surprise.

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  2. katharineotto

    Thought provoking post, as usual. I believe you are role-modelling as “rawgod” above suggests. A question and comment: If you believe in past lives and in future lives, or in simultaneous time, might the answers of the future be available to the seeker now? Perhaps they are mere seedlings in the present, but the extent of the evil is becoming increasingly obvious and is generating solutions within the problems, or so I see it.

    You remind me of the co-rulership of Aquarius, the sign of the New Age, the brotherhood of humankind, destined to last 2000 years. Saturn, the planet of structure, and Uranus, the planet of chaos, both rule Aquarius. My take is that structure within chaos, or flexible structure, may lead to more generalized compassion, self-reliance, and maturity. At least we can hope for that.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that enlightening comment, Katharine (and I will respond to “rawgod” in due time as I absorb the meat of his thoughts on this). The conundrum for the aware/awake “observer” is knowing the answers to the future as you say, yet having to refrain from doing any “pushing” of such answers in the present time.

      I am fully aware that the future exists on an endless string of possibilities; that what I have seen of it is but one of such. The great mistake of change agents of the past has been to push one particular future line as if it was the only one. The other mistake is assuming that such pushing can be accepted and absorbed naturally and normally by ordinary people.

      History demonstrates that such forced/pushed changes always create reactions, often violent. The average spirit/mind of the Earthian species cannot mentally accept the kind of process demanded of total change. Only a mutation can do this because that is cut off, disconnected, from the past and can only move forward. To be successful, change must be a natural process. It will never come, as “rawgod” (Jerry) points out, from teaching. Teaching can only tweak the future by using the past. A sort of cannibalizing of parts to build a new contraption: it can never be new. “*something* old, *something* new, *something* *borrowed*, *something* *blue*” – the wedding good luck saying, and in the case of fixing civilization, it will have the same pointless effect.

      You wrote: “You remind me of the co-rulership of Aquarius, the sign of the New Age, the brotherhood of humankind, destined to last 2000 years. Saturn, the planet of structure, and Uranus, the planet of chaos, both rule Aquarius. My take is that structure within chaos, or flexible structure, may lead to more generalized compassion, self-reliance, and maturity. At least we can hope for that.”

      Though I pathetically lack information on what you write here, I sense the rightness of it. From the chaos will rise something entirely new, a new species in fact. Though the numbers will be small compared to the seething masses of today, the mutation will be of a very high calibre spiritually, mentally and also physically. Its functioning intelligence will far outstrip anything we’ve encountered to date in our brightest minds.

      The 2000 year denouement you mention agrees in part with that strange interval, the thousand years of peace after which comes the “final” war. Personally I think the interval is to create a united humanity throughout the universe. This humanity will then take on the final attack and defeat of the “Time Lords” after which we will go our own way…

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      1. katharineotto

        I appreciate the detailed answer and wonder if the mutation you speak of is part of a growth process. I agree that it’s futile and counter-productive to “push” a certain future. Patience is essential, like waiting for a flower to bloom. People learn best by their own experience, as I have learned not to push my own agendas. They do backfire on me, sometimes violently. Also, I’m aware that I only have one small piece of the puzzle, and that not clearly grasped.

        The reference to the Aquarian Age is only to suggest that the cycles of time are much longer than we see in our day-to-day lives, or even in our recorded history.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for your comment, Katharine. Quote: “the cycles of time are much longer than we see in our day-to-day lives, or even in our recorded history.”Β  Yes, of course, that is why part of becoming enlightened, or aware, is to overcome our reliance on time; to learn to trust ourselves to travel across times, into the past and into the future, daring to remember, daring to see the unthinkable. Time is not only a prison, it is death. Though imprisoned in time and forced to surrender to time in the face of death, we are not, by nature, time beings: we are of the timeless, hence why we reincarnate over and over (whether we know or not or whether we accept the concept of not) for we cannot die! If we “live within the time constraints” our observing will be entrained to the effects of time on all of the known material order and it will be false. All of our history is falsified data based on erroneous assumptions: that we die. The coming mutant generation will know this and its immune system will protect it against all terminal diseases and all termination dates. While we have to force ourselves to “see” this reality, for them death will be a terrible aberration. They will be alive and they will accept being healthy and deathless as the norm for themselves and everything around them. I could go on with this, but you can see why this “next generation” will sense no need for God, gods, demons, religions, governments or money. They will exist in the natural flow of things. They will possess “understanding” – something we are woefully lacking in, even the most willing of us. We must work at it, they will simply live it. They will never “sing” of where have all the flowers gone for in their reality the flowers will always be, no cycles, only a reality that stretches forever into infinity.

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  3. mistermuse

    Well said. Great Hawking quote too….but why stop at one?

    “Lord, what fools these mortals be.” –Shakespeare
    “Twas ever thus, and ever shall be.” –mistermuse

    I don’t know how that last one got there–some fool must have snuck it in.


  4. colettebytes

    I actually think this is one of your best posts Sha’Tara. I agree with the polarization of Earthians. It is so evident to me, that I cannot see why others don’t see it.

    I see myself as an observer in a similar though not the same context as you. I feel like one who is here (also as an old soul who could have waited for another time) to observe, but also to survive and pick up some of the pieces as civilization errupts into chaos and destroys itself.

    I have disentangled myself from the trappings of modern existence as much as I can. Not to be ‘without comfort,’ but to be resilient against adversity as the monetary, food, and infrastructure systems collapse. No, I haven’t made myself completely self sufficient, but I have some skills to do so.

    I have paid a price to get here…nothing I want to share but a necessary sacrifice for autonomy when crisis comes.

    Am I a teacher? No. Am I an instructor? No. Each will have to find their own way… But I can guide for any that need my guidance and I can be an example for any willing to see.
    I think you are the same.
    It is just a waiting game until we are called upon to act or react.

    Thanks for an enlightened reminder of what’s coming! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–



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