Tu me Llamas “La Terrorista”

[thoughts from burning woman – visions of the future]

Tú me llamas “la terrorista”
but I was never a terrorist.

You came into my home in the night,
pulled my lover, me, my baby from our bed.
You made me watch as you tortured and killed my lover.
You stripped me and gang raped me and beat me
and you took away my baby girl.
You threw me naked in one of your cages,
to mock, to make sport, to make me talk.
Talk! Talk? What did I know? Nothing.
I asked, begged, pleaded, for my baby:
you threw acid to my face and laughed.

I escaped from your cage of terror, ran into the jungle
I was naked, starved, dirty and my face was burning:
that was last year, as time is counted. Or was it
the year before that? I found other dispossessed,
victims of your terror goon squads.
We survived, we hid, we found clothes and shelter.
We found more of our own and we vowed revenge;
oh yes, revenge the like even the gods had never seen.
We stole camo gear, weapons, computers, radios
then it began and we made it real in hand to hand combat.

For my face, a dozen of you lie rotting in the jungle.
For my lover, a hundred of you bloat and float
down the river, or lie in the fields to be eaten by pigs.
But for my child, a thousand of you will die, some
not so quick nor painless. I will ask you where she is.
You in turn will beg and plead your innocence:
“¡No lo sé! ¡Por favor!” and I will laugh, and kill you
one by one.  Not once will I feel regret, not ever!

I now wear my scarred face with pride. For a necklace
I wear grenades around my neck. At night
I sleep with a machine gun in my arms. My new lover,
he is very potent, walks his talk, gives me courage.

Your prostituted media posts pictures of me,
of before you burned my face and destroyed my life.
They call me “la terrorista de la jungla”
the woman terrorist of the jungle… but know this,
you who die at my hand and that of my comrades:
you made me what I am: the she-wolf deprived of her cubs.
congratulate yourselves!  While you die, think of the girls
you raped and tortured. Was it worth it? It better.

Like my hero, Che Guevarra, will you capture me
some day, torture me, kill me? Perhaps. But know this:
a fire that consumes the likes of you is sweeping this world,
from one end to the other, we rise, we rise:
we have learned this one thing, that though rising
may see us die, we are equally dead in your hands and arms.

No mas, no mas, no mas. La justicia nos llama y nos estamos

[transl: No more, no more, no more. Justice calls us and we are rising!]

15 thoughts on “Tu me Llamas “La Terrorista”

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hello Nick, Usually when I write in poetic-type free verse, I’m channelling. It’s something I’ve always done but it is very intense and it wipes me out… Who do I channel, or speak for? They are what I call “partials” or parts of me, but not just me. We share experiences and we “travel” through time, past and future. In this case, the experiences of “la terrorista” are hers, in a soon to be future time, but they are also mine as I was tortured to death in my own past life, having died at the hands of the SS in Paris in 1943. I was accused of being a member of the French Resistance (true) and of passing critical information on to the British (false!). My crime was mostly working to hide and provide escape for Jews and Gypsies out to the Chanel coast and on to England via fishing boats. I have also, long ago, experienced being incarcerated as a witch, having my child taken from me and also my lands, before I was mercifully hanged and not burned alive as was the custom. The “judges” were lenient in that I had save the life of a baron’s child with my herbal remedies. So, to answer you, in a way, it is based on my remembrances, and why the intensity of the feelings from the words used. As Shakespeare remarked, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


  1. rawgod

    I hope there is no known author, there should be no known author. These are the words of millions of women the whole world over, and they speak for all women everywhere who have experienced any kind of injustice. IT IS LEGION.
    “There is no vengeance like that of a woman!” May they all get their revenge on that race called humanity. This coming from a male…
    Where you found this piece, S’T, I do not know nor do I want to know. Thank you for giving it new life. I hope it is reblogged by every woman on WordPress, and then reblogged on every other blog site, and on every blogs it yet to come, until there is no more internet. .. U til there is no more violence… Until there is no more war…
    Does this mean till there are no more humans? I do hope not…


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Actually no, George. It means until there are no more pseudo-humans as exist here today. The “next generation” will by the true humans among whom you will find none of the evils we are reminded of daily. They will be alive, these people. I often get the impression your book is going in that direction, or at least some of the characters in it.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that wonderful and supportive comment, Jerry. You are correct: there is no actually known author. As I explained in another comment, the piece is a channelling, as are most of the works I write in this format. The “author” is indeed the millions upon millions of women who, aware or not (depending on the intensity of their abuse) have been victims of men, and sometimes of other women, certainly of misogynist systems. The thoughts and acts written here are those of a woman driven to, and beyond, the edge of sanity, into that dark side that is sweeping over this world and destroying it. An avenging angel for whom the fake values and “morality” of the System no longer hold any meaning. She is no longer running away, hiding or waiting for a deliverer whom she realizes will only materialize as another oppressor. ¡no mas, no mas! ¡Justicia, libertad o muerte!


  2. George F.

    Sha’Tara: if you have a minute, drop by my new post “He wants out.” Getting great comments and everything comes down soon so I can move on. Thanks.


  3. kertsen

    I can’t really read this sort of stuff it’s just too grim even in print let alone in reality. Merciless violence pushes us into revenge mode especially if we have rejected the Christian message of ‘ turn the other cheek ‘. In view of this bloody tale there is no other cheek to turn. I hope your not dwelling on these gruesome stories. I wonder what the Mennonites would make of it ? I expect they are far too busy to even switch on the computer.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment, Kertsen. Perhaps I can explain a little.

      First, usually, when I write in poetic free verse format, I’m channelling. I am writing someone else’s thoughts, feelings, experiences. Often these come from what we time slaves refer to as “the future”, a time we usually think of as not having happened yet and therefore not knowable. My own reality extends throughout time and even beyond. When my mind travels these pre, and post, times, it encounters “others” or other minds and often there is interaction between me and them.

      Hence this piece is a record of a future time given to me by a woman who exists “now” but in our future. That woman’s experiences, and her reaction to it and subsequent choices are hers, not mine though I certainly can understand her choices.

      This piece is also prophetic, since it is happening in our future, which means it is us, today, who are carving a history that directly leads to the events I mentioned. Mea culpa, mea culpa and all that. She says, you call me a terrorist, but I never was a terrorist. No, she was not, but we made her into one, a very good one. We did this; are doing this; by our current politics and our chosen interaction with the rest of the world. We of the dying West still maintain a powerful and oppressive military and para-military presence in much of the world. That presence translates as gross violations of human rights but we of the West accept this and continue to support Western domination and hegemony over much of the rest of the world despite knowing of the horrific consequences in destruction and loss of life such presence brings about. We are not horrified that our militaries kill women and children, capture and torture people trying to defend themselves from our aggressions – but we would be horrified that one woman, one mother, treated as the one in my “poem” describes, would seek revenge in the most powerful way available to her? We want her to show mercy to inhumane, unmerciful jack-booters who invade, loot, rape, torture and murder at will, but do not insist that our forces behave in humane ways? That’s beyond the lowest level of hypocrisy.

      As for the Mennonites, they are the most hypocritical of all. While some are willing to donate money and time to rebuild homes lost to natural causes, they are, for the most part, fully supportive of any and all military aggression, providing it has a “Christian” base, i.e., US (and cohorts) military aggression is fully justified whereas North Korean, Russian, Chinese is to be condemned. They are ardent supporters of Donald Trump. They believe Canada should be part of the USA. They are anti-union though most of them fully benefit from unionized jobs. They HATE all forms of socialism, though many of them live in communities that can only be called socialist! They would be appalled – are appalled – at “government interference” when a government takes it upon itself to provide relief to the poor, or in the case of MDS, to those who lost their homes or livelihood from natural disasters. They believe that any support should come strictly from the churches of Christendom, and if the government wants to contribute, it should give the money to the churches to be “properly” distributed. The politics behind MDS (for example, and I am aware of many other such groups) have to do with legitimizing the churches as the proper arbiters of how “the poor” should receive help. It’s a desire to return to “the good old days” when Church and Lords “took care” of their servants and serfs. After my just ended stint of volunteer labour with MDS (and I will continue to serve in that capacity since it serves my own ends) I have learned that many Mennonites are, at heart, fascists and some of them are simply put, Nazis. But then, if you scratch deep enough into most actively Christian denomination, you will always get the stain and stench of Nazism and/or Zionism under your fingernails. Not a single one of them follows any of the teachings of Jesus in the synoptic gospels. They like the gospel according to John because it is, for the most part, spiritualized malarkey and love the teachings of Paul of Tarsus because they lay the groundwork for a fully patriarchal, misogynist, “state” religion.



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