#JusticeForNoura – Death Penalty Overturned

When I signed the petition against Noura’s death penalty, I thought she didn’t have a chance but I said to myself, out loud, “Yes, this can happen” and it did. One small step for man, one giant step for mankind?

The Human Lens


On May 9, I had raised my voice against the death sentence of the nineteen year old Sudanese teenager Noura Hussein that has garnered international attention from all corners of the world.

In today’s era, where the grave issue of marital rape is still being taken lightly, #JusticeForNoura emphasizes that the world at large needs to address the legalization of recognizing spousal rape as a crime, that currently isn’t either inside Noura’s native country Sudan and many others around the world.

Earlier this earlier in May Sudan’s Islamic court had convicted Noura Hussein for the murder of her husband Abdulrahman Mohamed Hammad that had raped her with the help of three other men. At 16, Noura Hussein was forced to marry Hammad who was already 32 at the time.

Such cases are a normality in most part of the developing world, especially in Muslim communities where discrepancies exist on the…

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3 thoughts on “#JusticeForNoura – Death Penalty Overturned

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Good share Sha’ Tara, I found ‘Human Lens’ recently. A very worthy blog for highlighting the injustices but also for pointing out the hard work being down by brave folk.

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  2. A writer from the East

    Sha’Tara and Roger thank you so very much for your support and motivation – with time passing it seems to be dwindling and even in my personal life there are people fed up of my focus on gender issues. So when I say thank you to you both it comes from my heart ❤


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You’re welcome. As to gender issues, and quote: ” even in my personal life there are people fed up of my focus on gender issues.” these happen to be the biggest issues in the world, and have been since inception of the patriarchy. If we resolved gender-based injustice the rest of our major issues would resolve themselves. Gender inequality remains at the top of man’s most serious problems. Those willing to think about major problems should see the need to engage this constantly. They should be able to see that without gender parity on all fronts, no solutions to any other problem can ever possibly succeed. That’s elementary.

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