16 thoughts on “A Meditation on Faith: Inbreeding

  1. rawgod

    Left this comment on Frank’s blog. Just thought you might like to read it, S’T. As i said, be careful what you desire…

    All of those things true to some extent, but you missed one thing. If a person want to be that way, even if they were brainwashed to begin with, who are we to say they cannot do as they are taught to choose? That is the thing about free will, everyone has it available, it is up to them to decide to use it. Not everyone wants to use it, they like having their thinking done by others. They like the sense of security–they do not know it is false. So what if they “are all made of ticky tacky, and they all look just the same”? It’s no skin off our noses. We’ve all been there, maybe not this incarnation, but certainly in previous ones. We had to find our own ways out, which we did. And which they will do, if not in this incarnation, in future ones. It is all part of life, all part of spiritual evolution.
    It is not our place to gloat and say, we are so much better than them. We have done away with religions, if not with gods. With philosophies that stem from religious belief. Or philosophies that tell us humans are the top of the food chain, the top of the spiritual ladder. The food chain is cyclic, if not circular. Who eats our bodies after they are planted in the ground? Are we really any better than an individual plankton. Ask yourself those questions, if you dare.
    So, sure, you are futher along your spiritual journey that 85% of the word’s HUMAN population. So what?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I’m so far behind responding to comments, but this one just dropped in. Not sure I follow your train of thought here, in fact I’m sure I don’t follow. I looked on Frank’s page but didn’t find it there – was looking for context.

      I’ve seen you make that same point before: that it doesn’t matter at all whether one takes that next step today, or in a thousand years, all will get there in time. My own awareness and understanding of life and how “individuals” who are always ever more complex groups to become a body, develop, tells me that there is something skewed with your view here. What about discernment?

      If there is a problem with the body, whether a human body, a national body or a global body, some parts of that body are there to straighten out the problem. The immune system doesn’t just say, hey don’t worry, die happy, you’ll figure out in 3 or 4 more incarnations that smoking is bad for you and destroys your lungs.

      Sometimes it becomes necessary to fight back. That can take many forms. Mine is to approach a problem with compassion. OK, it’s not necessarily aggressive, but if my compassion removes a victim from a predator, that predator will feel cheated. Do you see what I mean? I can’t just say to the victim, hey, don’t worry, let him beat you, rape you, torture you or starve you to death, it’s OK, he’ll learn not to do that in a few thousand years and a couple hundred incarnations.

      If nothing is done to create change my friend, change will simply not happen. Change comes from some sort of pressure, it’s not just “happy, happy, happy, we’re all wonderful, even those of you who are really nasty little bastards. Just go ahead and enjoy yourselves, we won’t intervene in your fun, you sick little shits and bullies. You’ll learn not to beat up on, or kill others eventually because the Universe, God, the Goddess, the Jolly Green Giant or the Great Pumpkin are so full of love, it will overcome all evil… given time. As for you victims, yeah it’s a bummer ride but try to enjoy it anyway, nothing is forever…!”

      Am I missing a critical piece of this puzzle?

      1. rawgod

        In my eyes you are missing a very critical part of the equation, the part about spiritual evolution. In no way am I saying do not fight for your life, though that is a decision you make without thinking about it many times every day. One of the cardinal rules of biological life, if biological life can have rules, is live as long as you can. Next comes propagate life as often and as many times as you can (Though that doesn’t always work for sentient beings, but then not doing it can prevent epidemics from occurring that might wipe out all the weak links in the chain of a species’ life. Nature works in wondrous ways.), they make choices other species might not be able to make. Three, Do your best to improve the state of your species. Most species that don’t improve don’t survive, though there any many that have survived by reaching the pinnacle of their evolutionary track.
        Humans are definitely nowhere near their biological pinnacle. Even worse, they are nowhere near their possible spiritual awareness level. I don’t think life can reach its spiritual pinnacle in this dimension, but I believe there is a spiritual level which will take you from this level to the next. My spirit. your mind, those are probably more semantically the same than different, but whatever word you want to use, as long aqs there is life, any kind of life, there is spirit, and spirit will prevail. Humans love to think they are the top of any heap, but they are replaceable. We are replaceable. But our spirits will live on, that is without doubt in my cosmology.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Semantically and pointlessly debating: spirit, by its very nature, or position within the cosmos, does not evolve. It provides life with all the energy needed to, well, be life. We, so far down the path of refraction of that original light can only surmise or forget and live in our little cocoons in which we can believe we know for sure. Some day, some smart guys will come across man’s theories on “evolution” and have a knowing chuckle – ‘Well, with what they had to work with, it would appear that way to them, at that time. They used to believe their world was the centre of the universe; the stars were pin-points of heavenly lights, their world was flat. Bit by bit they taught themselves and learned some, for them, very difficult truths, only to discover that their latest “truth” was but another analogy, or illusion.’
        A position I had to take in order to make sense of the cosmic reality I have become aware of: spirit is the life force – it does not change. Life is the process of moving energy into the cosmos and mind is the game changer.

      3. rawgod

        I can only restate words that have passed between us in the past, we must agree to disagree. Your cosmos has order. My cosmos was built on chaos. I prefer my cosmos, of course. It can go anywhere.

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Words, let’s play a bit with words and their uses, or definitions. Cosmos, standard interpretation is, synonymous with universe. That particular cosmos has serious limitations. Your cosmos is built on chaos, which must mean it is entropic and must terminate when it reaches its limits of absolute “order” or the ultimate state of absolute uniformity. Interestingly, although cosmos means order from chaos, from what I’ve read it is believed that the universe is also entropic and must end. Jumping from that to explanations from ‘the Teachers’ whom, not incidentally discovered a very long time ago that the universe is just that: a universe, and definitely not “the cosmos” and who talked of worlds existing outside the universe but very much in their cosmos. To them “the cosmos” is absolutely all that is; eternal and infinite in scope. Knowing this, and that it makes more sense to me than a man-awareness limited view, I can but conclude that “spirit” which is the source of life in all forms, exists throughout the cosmos. From that point of view spirit has no need to “evolve” or change: it just is since it encompasses/permeates all that is.
        An analogy that comes to mind here is a pot of boiling water. Spirit is the heat under the pot. The pot is life. The water is mind. The rising and exploding bubbles are manifestations from mind. All manifestations possess mind even if such minds (now plural) cannot understand or interact with one-another. All are held by life and all sustained by spirit even though the exploding bubbles exemplify chaos. It’s not chaos and it’s not evolution but a continuous change of state. As with all metaphors this imagery fails to express the complete picture but it helps me understand how I view life; how to engage it; how to draw ultimate purpose from it.

      5. rawgod

        Good analogy. S’T, but only that, an analogy. Meanwhile, I use the definition for cosmos that contains all, no matter where, no matter when, no matter how. Cosmos contains all life, and life contains all spirit being equal to both, and each other, Spirit=Life=Cosmos. BUT!
        You know there is a but coming, so I’ll get right to it:
        But, just because SLC = all there is, that does not make it ALL THERE CAN BE.
        In my opinion, you are locking yourself in a Solid State Cosmos, where everything already is, and therefore cannot change. My Cosmos is Open-Ended, there will always be more. Life, as we DO NOT know it here of earth, is never-ending as far as we can see, which is not very. We can go world, universe, cosmos, except that does not tell the entire story. World and universe are pretty much the same thing, size being the only difference. Both involve physical, biolgical, life. Between unuverse and cosmos there are things which have no words in English, and I know no other language. But there are other “levels,” possibly “other universes,” possibly other states of beingness, but there are other levels, and their number is “n+1” in mathematical terms, infinite in general terms, but you have to be able to hold infinity in your mind, and I don’t really think it is possible. Infinity is a word, yes, but on Earth it is only as word, one without understanding.
        But be that as it may, while matter is not self-changing, and certain species have completed self-changing (reach their evolutionary pinnacle, or at least a semblance of same) such as the cockroach and the crocodile and the shark, not to mention the many plants that have not changed for milliuons of years, plankton in particular which is neither plant nor animal, but somehow both, thus pre-dating both), most lifeforms are still evolving physically, though we in our short-sightedness (both meanings) cannot see those changes. But we know they are happening.
        And though I believe you do not agree with my theme of spiritual evolution, evolution is also affecting spirit, while spirit is affecting evolution.
        I think you were wondering the other day about more and more complex beings, and whether they are needed to allow spirits, or minds, room to grow, or sopmethiong like that. Look how computers are being evolved at breakneck speed right now. They used to be giant machines taking forever to do one calculation, but now computers are mini-micro-chips, making computations in milli-microseconds. Size does not necessarily matter, ability matters. If I asked how big is a brain, someone could tell me. If I( asked how big is a mind, no one can tell me. If I ask how big is a spirit, I can tell you. It is as small as an angstrom, but it is also large as the cosmos. Spirit=Life=Cosmos, however large the cosmos is at any given time, that big is life, and thjnat big is spirit. But also, life is a spark in a one-celled being, for all beings are alive, and all beings have spirit. An angstrom, the distance between the proton and the electron in an atom of hydrogen, is the smallest measurement known to man at present. That is how small a spirit can be.
        And life, the collective life that includes all living beings, is always changing, always becoming. If life is always changing, and spirit is always evolving, then the cosmos is also always changing.
        However you are using the word entropy, I cannot find it in a dictionary, at least not so I am able to understand you. You are telling me the cosmos “must terminate when it reaches its limits of absolute “order” or the ultimate state of absolute uniformity. That MIGHT be true in a Solid State Cosmos, which you believe. In my Open-Ended Cosmos there is no absolute order, or ultimate state of absolute uniformity, these limits can never be arrived at. Chaos cannot be ordered, or uniformed. You, S’T, appear to be locked into the reality that is seen from the Earth. I, on the other hand, live in a place where anything and everything is possible because nothing can ultimately be forced into order. As lo0ng as this is true we will not see eye-to-eye.
        But does it really matter that we cannot see eye-to-eye? Up to a certain point, our concepts of what needs to happen to see our visions of life on earth realized, we at least come to a common point. Granted, we get there by our own compasses, but we do meet. Isn’t that the most important parts of our being? My opinion is that it is.

      6. rawgod

        Damn, I hit the send button while proofreading. I hope my typos, spelling, and grammar aren’t too bad. My apologies.

    2. kertsen

      Indeed tradition and popularity give truth and meaning to millions of people. Football worship has reached much of the UK population and their faces look ecstatic as they jump for joy. As the great congregation sing so the joy arises in their hearts and gives truth and meaning to their efforts.
      When extreme poverty strikes truth and meaning mean nothing ; food becomes the predominate concern . For those boys trapped underground in the Thai cave escape will give them truth and meaning. When I lie on my death bed ( I hope I have bed) the warm hand that holds mine will give me truth and meaning.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        I think you’ve also stated some truisms here, Kertsen. There is personal truth and meaning, then there is truth and meaning. Only through the practice of compassion can an individual move from one to the other and know the difference.

      2. kertsen

        I have nothing against absolutes and some derive great satisfaction from believing in them , but that does not prove they are real . Not only that lots of different absolutes have been suggested rather like the scientific search for the theory of everything.
        Human nature is fickle but prides itself on consistency but we all know , change the circumstances and you change the person. We view the world from our own perspective and that changes all the time.

  2. Phil Huston

    Uh…um…I mean I get it. But this kind of goes in the duh-uh of the deep thoughts bin. I mean waking up and pondering this as if it were a eureka moment is like suddenly having awareness of a spoon. Since social order for “the greater good”, you know? Crank Hendrix’s “If Six Were Nine” once a week, or read something from the 1600’s rabblers. I know you like to point these things out, but this was at least a sophomoric, if not a plebeian recitation. If Jesus were alive today he’d ride a Harley MEMEs next? Where’s my deep thoughts from the alien priestess?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      My life-long and public interaction with people from the far left to far right, from atheists to fundamentalists; from grow it yourself to disciples of Ayn Rand is this: that the points made by Frank are for most, indeed subtle- they have no clue, and I think there is still a tiny little crack of opportunity on this capitalist and dying world to teach some values. Frank points out the obvious to some, the totally not obvious to the unwashed masses. Another who also points out what should be, but isn’t, obvious, is George Monbiot. There are thousands of these people throughout the planet, and guess what: they’ve always been considered annoyances and crazy, and they’ve always been right. Coincidence? Perhaps some of us enjoy beating our heads against that stone wall but what the hell, it’s our choice.

      1. Phil Huston

        Yes he has a valid point. Oversimplified and stereotyped. Calling out the “unwashed masses” is, in my book, bullshit. Rednecks, niggers, queers, beaners…staying on the pc side and pointing out the us v them of the unhappy plastic people is finger pointing. The heartbroken victims and survivors of “Stepford syndrome” deserve healing, not to be stereotyped as lost failures. Sure it pisses me off to gear how sad and bummed out they are, seeing it now in a 2mil house, when I saw the choice and made it long ago, paid the price and didn’t do it their way. But I can’t stay pissed off because pain is pain and all the, pardon my French, fucking name calling us v them, isn’t it sad they’re so stupid is just as fucked up and unenlightened as the feel good Jesus or Stepfordism or pick your Philosophy to agree with. Healing is enlightened. The rest is bullshit.
        Rant over.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hey Phil… (imagine a string of mining and logging swear words here, which I cannot bring myself to actually write, though I certainly could) what the “f**k”? Or am I so not getting your rant that I went up into it from the wrong end of its anatomy? First, I’m the one who used the word, “unwashed masses” – not the writer of this little piece of sharp observation. OK, let me set you straight on one thing: I’m not an elitist. I was born and raised in abject poverty and amongst the most red-neck of the red-neck poor, with some few exceptions. What I learned, what I have, I, as a member of said unwashed masses, chose to get for myself, and no one gave it to me. The poor do not inherit stuff, they either get it for themselves, or they don’t. Same with their education: it isn’t free, like it is for the rich, because we pay for theirs, they don’t pay for ours. You can be on welfare or what do you call it down there, green stamps, and still get yourself an education. So, I educated myself, and through grit, brain, brawn and a great deal of constructive anger at everything and everyone, I build a sort of a life. I could even have been rich if I hadn’t gotten sidetracked into working for social justice and seen my money flow out into causes and works… so I worked my ass off as a techie for 42.5 years for Coca Cola while having a real life on the side, the one that they couldn’t touch, or couldn’t see, or chose to ignore when they could have fired me, being a union shop steward much of that time, and being vocally anti-corporate. OK? I have a ‘right’ to call a spade a spade because I am a spade, get it? I agree totally with Frank Peter. It is us, the unwashed “fucking” masses who need to get our shit together, use our god-given brains and stop being such ass-hole supporters of the status quo that robs us, kills our children with drugs and bullets, takes the others and sends them “over seas” to protect narcotics-growing fields for the CIA and the Military-Industrial complex, or to bomb and shoot innocents in their own countries because, again, the fucking rich-but-never-rich-enough elites want their resources as well. We need to wake up that we are being treated as mushrooms, being kept in the dark and fed tons upon tons of pure bullshit, so that they can reap and rape us in the end. And yes, WE ARE THE ASSHOLES. We choose to follow and hanker after the rich, sniffing up their assholes hoping for something we can enjoy to fall out of there. WE ARE THE DUMMIES. WE ARE THE SHEEPLE. We’ve always been such, and I like to think we can actually correct that. I spent my entire life proving that it can be done. So? Rant away Phil, anyone can do that. But give me something real in those rants. By the way, what in hell is “Stepford syndrome”???

      3. Phil Huston

        Like I said. Stereotyping is bullshit. It’s right in there with name calling and if you want to reblog “Us is better than them” shit, go fo it. Fail to fing me in agreement. There was an episode of Bonanza 200 years ago where this poor female squatter shows up in Ben Cartwright’s dusty “front yard” with a whip (she pops it to add emphasis) and starts hollering “There’s a law for you-uns and a law for we-uns.” As long as it lights your pilot, you can quote all the cafeteria style down home feel good Jesus you want. I don’t like mandolin music, but I will defend a mandoloinist’s right to pick, as long as I can stay out of earshot. I said healing. Where you got off on whatever tangent you went on might be cured by a laxative.

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